"You actually want to live with these violent ruffians?"
— Smudge to Firestar in Firestar's Quest, page 71

Smudge is a plump black-and-white[1] tom with amber eyes.[3]

Smudge is a kittypet, the former neighbor of Firestar when he lived as a kittypet named Rusty. The two were close friends as kittens, and though Rusty's departure to join ThunderClan left Smudge saddened, he ultimately accepted his friend's decision. Despite their different paths, Smudge and Firestar remained on friendly terms whenever crossing paths.


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The Prophecies Begin

"Please don't go Rusty. I might never see you again."
—Smudge to Rusty Into the Wild, page 27
When Rusty expresses interest in venturing into the woods, Smudge warns him about the wild cats who live there, and begs him to stay when Rusty decides to join them. Moons later, he is ambushed by Rusty, now called Firepaw, though Firepaw does not recognize him as Smudge's scent had been altered by the cutter. Their encounter causes Bluestar to doubt Firepaw's loyalty to ThunderClan, but Firepaw insists that the life of a kittypet is behind him, and his meeting with Smudge had made him grateful for his new life.

Super Editions

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"I... I think, that is, I'm afraid I might have to come and live in the forest with you."
—Smudge to Firestar Firestar's Quest, page 72
In Firestar's Quest, Smudge begins having strange dreams of Clan cats, and seeks Firestar out for help, worrying that because Firestar had strange dreams before becoming a Clan cat, it meant he would have to become one too. It is revealed that Smudge's garden was the site of the ancient SkyClan camp, prompting Firestar to go on a journey to find them.

Detailed description

Smudge is a soft,[2] and thick-furred[4] plump black-and-white[1] tom[3] with black shoulders,[2] a narrow face,[5] amber eyes,[3] a white tail-tip,[6] and a black nose.[3]



  • He is still listed as a kitten in the allegiances of Tigerclaw's Fury.[7]

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"You're not going into the woods, are you?"
—Smudge to Rusty Into the Wild, page 10

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Rusty: "They asked me to join their Clan. They did!"
Smudge: "Why would they do that?"
Rusty: "I don't know. I think they need extra paws in their Clan."
Smudge: "Sounds a bit odd to me. I wouldn't trust them if I were you."
Rusty: "But I do trust them, and I've made up my mind. I'm going to join them."
Smudge: "Please don't go Rusty. I might never see you again."
Rusty: "Don't worry. My housefolk will get another cat. You'll get on with him fine. You get along with everyone!"
Smudge: "But it won't be the same!"
—Rusty telling Smudge that he is going to join ThunderClan Into the Wild, page 27

"When I saw Smudge today—that’s the house cat Tigerclaw saw me talking with—I saw what life would have been like if I had stayed with the Twolegs. I felt happy that I had not stayed. I was proud I left. Meeting Smudge made me certain I made the right decision. I could never have been satisfied with the soft life of a kittypet."
—Firepaw defending his encounter with Smudge to Bluestar Into the Wild, page chapter 11

Firestar: "It's good to see you again, Smudge. Why did you come so far into the forest? You know it's dangerous for you. Well?"
Smudge: "I... I think, that is, I'm afraid I might have to come and live in the forest with you."
Firestar: "Great StarClan! What's happened? It's not BloodClan, is it?"
Smudge: "Who?"
Firestar: "Never mind. Your Twolegs, then -- they haven't thrown you out, have they?"
Smudge: "No! My housefolk have always been very good to me. It's just... well, I've been having dreams, and I remember you told me that you had dreams before you went to join the forest cats. I thought my dreams must mean I'd have to leave my housefolk."
Firestar: "I wouldn't worry. Dreams have many meanings, and sometimes a dream is just a dream. I'm sure you won't have to eat bones just yet."
—Firestar and Smudge after Firestar rescues him from a ThunderClan patrol Firestar's Quest, pages 72-73

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