Snakerocks is a rock pile in ThunderClan terrtitory in the forest.[2] It is used as a hunting ground, but, cats must be careful to not be bitten by adders that call the rocks home.[3]


Snakerocks is located in the forest territory of ThunderClan. It is east of ThunderClan camp, past the Great Sycamore. To the north of it lies the Thunderpath that borders ShadowClan territory.[2] There is a leafy bank that spills onto the top of these rocks.[4]
Snakerocks is a steep,[5] tumbled pile[6] of smoothed,[7] sand-colored,[8] rocks. It is quite a large area, as it is able to provide shelter to animals larger than cats, such as dogs.[9] The rocks are a good place to find chervil and yarrow, but, serve as a dangerous site due to the adders that are found more commonly. It is unsafe for untrained apprentices to venture to Snakerocks alone due to the adders.[3]
Despite being used as a hunting ground, Snakerocks attracts little prey outside of adders due to the snakes. The adders often hide in the crevices of the rocks.[10] Foxes have also been known to hang around Snakerocks at times too.[11] To avoid the adders, ThunderClan cats usually hunt during leaf-bare, when it is too cold for the snakes.[6]

Known deaths

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The following information is from sources considered non-canon or retconned.

  • In Secrets of the Clans, a 2007 field guide, the legend, "How Snakes Came to the Forest", details the encounter between Mouthclaw and a LionClan warrior named Sunpelt fought. The brave warrior tires the great snake out to the point where she begs for him to spare her life and in a deal, agrees to shrink to the size of a cat's tail. The great snake goes up in a cloud of dust and becomes a thousand smaller snakes. Sunpelt is both scolded and praised for his actions, as because of him, no more warriors would be eaten by snakes.[14]

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