"Make sure your claws are all the way out...And aim for the throat. That'll put the other cat down for good. Here, practice on these dead mice. I'll tell you if you're doing it right."
— Snapper to Snowflake, Icicle, Sniff, and Cloudy in Shattered Peace, page 32

Snapper is a long-furred,[4] brown, black, and white tom with yellow eyes.[5] He has three scars across his chest and two on the top of his head,[5] and nicks in his ears.[6]


In the Ravenpaw's Path arc

Shattered Peace

Snapper, Tess, and Pounce are a part of Willie's group that travels to Ravenpaw and Barley's barn before Minty has her kits.
While eavesdropping on Snapper playing with the kits, Barley becomes suspicious of him after learning that he was teaching the kits deathblows and giving them mice to practice on. Soon after, he is seen talking to Willie. While Barley listens in on another of his conversations, he is seen asking when they'll get their own territory like he promised, but Willie just says he has to remember who's in charge and to do as he says, assuring him he will get his territory. Snapper complies and agrees that Willie is in charge.
When Willie and his group leaves, the kits complain and ask if they can stay. Snapper is seen harshly telling them to listen to their father and come along.
Later on, Barley and Ravenpaw find Willie's group, including Snapper, in the loft. The four attack the chickens, stealing some chicks and getting away. When the male Twoleg chases Ravenpaw and Barley out, they then find the group sheltering in the bushes, and fight them over the territory. While fighting Barley, Snapper mocks him by saying that Willie's kits fight better than him. It is revealed that he, along with the rest of the group, is from BloodClan. The group defeats Barley and Ravenpaw, claiming the territory as theirs.  

A Clan in Need

Snapper appears in a flashback, where Ravenpaw tells Firestar about the rogues that are taking over Barley and Ravenpaw's farm.

The Heart of a Warrior

Snapper still lives at the barn with Willie while Ravenpaw and Barley stay at the ThunderClan camp. After doing ThunderClan a favor by fighting the BloodClan cats, they are ready to return to what was rightfully theirs.
Firestar brings Graystripe, Cloudtail, Brightheart, Brackenfur, and Brambleclaw to help get the barn back. Ravenpaw spots Snapper in the farmyard and tells Firestar about him. Finally, ThunderClan attacks, but the noise alerts the Twoleg, who scatters the cats.
Later, during the second attack, the BloodClan cats are driven out of the barn and surrounded. However, Snapper and Pounce bring backup from the rest of BloodClan, now under the command of Ice and Snake. The ThunderClan cats are outnumbered until the dogs break free and chase out the cats, including Snapper, who runs off.

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Snapper: "I thought you had a plan, boss, that's all I'm saying."
Willie: "I do have a plan. But you have to be patient."
Snapper: "I want our own territory, like you promised—remember?"
Willie: "And you'll get it! Remember who's in charge here! You do what I say, and we'll come out of this just fine."
—Barley listening in on Snapper and Willie's conversation Shattered Peace, page 34

"Willie promised us a new home. Heh. Never should've doubted him."
―Snapper to Barley and Ravenpaw Shattered Peace, page 72

"Willie's kits fight better'n you do."
―Snapper to Barley while fighting him Shattered Peace, page 75

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