"How dare a WindClan cat judge RiverClan after what Onestar did! Cats died when he closed WindClan's borders. He deprived them of herbs that could save them, all because he couldn't face the fact that he'd fathered Darktail."
— Sneezecloud about Onestar in Darkest Night, page 121

Sneezecloud is a gray-and-white tom.[4]

Sneezecloud is a RiverClan warrior under Mistystar's leadership in the lake territories. Sneezekit and his brother, Mallowkit, were born to Graymist. As an apprentice, Sneezepaw was mentored by Otterheart, and he later earned his warrior name, Sneezecloud. He became mates with Havenpelt and sired Fogkit and Splashkit with her. He participated in a secret meeting questioning Bramblestar's behavior towards the codebreakers.


In the Power of Three arc

Dark River

Sneezekit: "Graymist! Graymist!"
Swallowtail: "Sneezekit! What are you doing away from your mother?"
—Swallowtail worried about Sneezekit, who wandered away from Graymist Dark River, page 134
Sneezekit and his brother, Mallowkit, are the two young kits of Graymist, a RiverClan queen. When Hollypaw and Lionpaw arrive on the island for a Gathering, he had become separated from his mother, and wandered the island looking for her. Swallowtail, who had been keeping an eye on Mallowkit, notices Sneezekit looking for his mother, and snatches him up, taking him to safety.
During Hollypaw's stay with RiverClan on the island, Sneezekit is seen with his mother and brother, who were heading down to the shore of the island to get a drink from the water.

Long Shadows

Sneezekit becomes an apprentice, Sneezepaw, along with his brother, Mallowpaw. His mentor is Otterheart.

In the Omen of the Stars arc

The Fourth Apprentice

"They all looked thin and exhausted, but their eyes glittered with hostility and their fur was bristling as if they would leap into battle for a couple of mousetails."
―Narrator about Sneezepaw, Reedwhisker, and Otterheart The Fourth Apprentice, page 19
His brother has become a warrior named Mallownose. Sneezepaw goes on a patrol around the lake that consists of himself, Reedwhisker, Graymist, and his mentor, Otterheart. They confront Cloudtail and his patrol from ThunderClan, who are there to fetch water from the lake, which has dried up from a drought. Although initially showing distrust, Reedwhisker allows Cloudtail and the other ThunderClan cats, Berrynose and Lionblaze, to pass their patrol and obtain water from the lake.

In the A Vision of Shadows arc

The Apprentice's Quest

He is now a warrior named Sneezecloud.

Darkest Night

Sneezecloud is part of a border patrol consisting of himself, Duskfur, and Shimmerpelt. The RiverClan cats confront Jayfeather, Alderheart, Puddleshine, and Kestrelflight, who claim that they need to speak to Mistystar, Mothwing, and Willowshine. The medicine cats tell RiverClan's patrol that they need to deliver a prophecy sent from StarClan to RiverClan's leader and medicine cats. Shimmerpelt tells them that the border surrounding RiverClan is closed, but when Jayfeather asks if it is closed to StarClan too, Sneezecloud looks past the medicine cats, noting that he doesn't see any StarClan cats behind them.
The medicine cats continue to try to convince RiverClan warriors to let them see Mistystar, but without success. Jayfeather states that they must share StarClan's news, but Sneezecloud shows his teeth and answers that if it is important, they will let RiverClan know. Kestrelflight points out that StarClan may have only wanted to share with cats behaving like a real Clan, and Sneezecloud angrily asks how a WindClan cat dare judge RiverClan after cats suffered from Onestar closing his border, all because he couldn't face the fact that he fathered Darktail. Kestrelflight answers that it has nothing to do with Onestar, who is now dead.

In The Broken Code arc

Lost Stars

He and Havenpelt have become mates, and he is now the father to Splashkit and Fogkit.

The Silent Thaw

"Bramblestar has only been trying to make sure the Clans follow StarClan's message about the codebreakers. It's going to be hard convincing every cat that he's an impostor when StarClan's on his side."
―Sneezecloud about Bramblestar The Silent Thaw, page 239
His kits are now apprentices. He and Dappletuft appear at a secret meeting of cats concerned about Bramblestar's behavior. Sneezecloud is critical against Bramblestar's wishes to punish the codebreakers. He agrees to overthrow Bramblestar and is surprised to learn that he is an impostor. However, he questions if they'll gain enough support though Stemleaf insists they will.
At a Gathering, Rootpaw spots Sneezecloud and Bristlefrost. When Bramblestar's impostor adamantly insists punishments for the codebreakers, Sneezecloud and others from the meeting shrink away in fear.

In the Novellas

Spotfur's Rebellion

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Graymist:[5] Living (As of The Last Hope)


Mallownose:[5] Living (As of The Place of No Stars)


Havenpelt:[6] Living (As of The Place of No Stars)


Fogpaw:[6] Living (As of The Place of No Stars)


Splashpaw:[6] Living (As of The Place of No Stars)


Brackenpelt:[blog 1] Living (As of The Place of No Stars)


Jayclaw:[blog 1] Living (As of The Place of No Stars)
Owlnose:[blog 1] Living (As of The Place of No Stars)


Graymist ♀
Havenpelt ♀Sneezecloud ♂Mallownose ♂Petalfur ♀
Fogpaw ♀Splashpaw ♂Jayclaw ♂Owlnose ♂Brackenpelt ♀

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown



Interesting facts

Author statements

  • Authors have said he was named Sneezekit because he either caught a cold soon after he was born, or had an allergy to moss.[10]


  • He was first described as a tortoiseshell tom;[5] however, this description is later changed to his current gray-and-white coloring.[4]


Sneezecloud: "If it's important, they'll let us know."
Kestrelflight: "Perhaps they only want to share with cats who behave like a real Clan."
Sneezecloud: "How dare a WindClan cat judge RiverClan after what Onestar did! Cats died when he closed WindClan's borders. He deprived them of herbs that could save them, all because he couldn't face the fact that he'd fathered Darktail."
—Sneezecloud and Kestrelflight Darkest Night, page chapter 8

"We're meant to support one another through good times and bad."
―Sneezecloud at the secret meeting The Silent Thaw, page 225

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