"We thought you were our leaders."
— Snipe to Snake and Ice in A Clan in Need, page 84

Snipe is a big,[1] brown-and-black tom with torn ears, yellow eyes[2] a short tail,[1] and a gray[3] collar studded with teeth and claws.[4]

In A Clan in Need, Snipe is part of the remnants of BloodClan, and participates in a raid that attacks a ThunderClan hunting patrol. He thanks the Clan cats for catching their food for them, and he and the other rogues attack. In the middle of the clash he recognizes Barley, so Snipe calls out to his former compatriot, but he is intentionally ignored. When the second ThunderClan patrol comes, Snipe yowls that they got what they were after, and calls for a retreat. With the stolen prey in their possession and the rest ruined, Snipe and his group flee over the fence from the large group of ThunderClan cats, their mission having been successful.

After another attack that leaves Sorrelpaw badly injured, Barley agrees to talk to Firestar about his knowledge of BloodClan. Firestar summons all the other warriors in the night and Barley starts to talk, informing them that while those cats were BloodClan cats, they were also some of Scourge's closest advisors. Barley explains to the group that the leader of the thieving patrol is Snipe, a member of BloodClan and formerly one of Scourge's closest guards.

Mitzi, a friend of Violet's, agrees to lead Ravenpaw and Barley to the rogue cats. As they observe the place where the rogues live, Snipe is seen as one of the cats on guard, scratching at his fleas.

Snipe attempts to defend his leaders, Snake and Ice, from the patrol of ThunderClan warriors that come for revenge in the night. The Clan cats back the beaten rogues into a corner, causing Ice and Snake turn the blame on their followers in an attempt to receive mercy from ThunderClan. Snipe is outraged and leads the rest of the rogues in driving out BloodClan's former duo of leaders, chasing them from their home.

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"Thanks for catching all this, BlunderClan! We'll take it off your paws now!"
—Snipe while ambushing a ThunderClan patrol A Clan in Need, page 38

"Back! Back now! We got what we came for!"
—Snipe order his ambush patrol to leave after a second ThunderClan patrol arrives A Clan in Need, page 40

"Cats on guard outside...It's him. Snipe."
—Barley about Snipe A Clan in Need, page 61

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