"We know what it cost you. Tree told us about Leafpool. We're sorry she died. Our kits owe her their lives. Sunrise does too. Moonlight will always be grateful."
— Snow to Squirrelflight in Squirrelflight's Hope, page 408

Snow is a big, snowy-white she-cat with blue eyes.[5][2][6]

Snow is a Sister under the leadership of Moonlight. She was initially hostile toward Squirrelflight and Leafstar when they were captured by the Sisters, but eventually developed respect for them. When Sunrise was badly injured in a border fight with two ShadowClan warriors, Snow, Hawk, and Tempest brought her to ThunderClan in hopes that their medicine cat could treat her. Snow later fought against the Clans in the battle that killed Moonlight. She stayed in SkyClan to help raise Moonlight’s orphaned kits until they were weaned. She then left the lake with the rest of the Sisters.


In the Super Editions

Squirrelflight's Hope

"Toms never want peace. We're better off without them."
—Snow showing her bias against toms Squirrelflight's Hope, page 408
When Squirrelflight and Leafstar are caught on the Sisters' territory, Snow, though not named, flicks her tail in response to a glance from Moonlight. Squirrelflight explains to Moonlight what she and Leafstar are doing, and the gray she-cat seems to calm down. Moonlight nods to Snow, and the young white she-cat pads to her leader’s side and sits down noiselessly. When Moonlight explains why they have to keep Leafstar and Squirrelflight prisoner, Snow affirms her decision, saying that once the Clans see something they like, they believe they have a right to it and will take it by force. She pads around the Clan cats, sniffing curiously. Leafstar growls at her, and Moonlight fiercely mews that Snow is their Sister, and that they should show respect. This is the first time that Snow’s name is mentioned. Snow stops and stares at Leafstar with a threat in her eyes, and Squirrelflight notices the muscles beneath her pelt. Leafstar holds her gaze, and Snow stalks back to Moonlight.
The Sisters disperse and begin sharing prey, the drama with the Clan cats having been settled. Snow eats a shrew beside Moonlight. As the clearing grows darker, Moonlight beckons Tempest and Snow and murmurs something to them. Tempest and Snow then head for Leafstar and Squirrelflight, and Tempest nods to a juniper bush and says that Moonlight has said that they will sleep there. Snow hangs back with narrowed eyes as Squirrelflight and Leafstar pad toward the juniper bush.
That night, when Leafstar tries to escape, Snow pins her down and growls that although she doesn’t like to start fights any more than Moonlight does, she is not afraid to finish them. She then lets go of Leafstar and backs away at the sight of Squirrelflight. Moonlight pads toward them and asks what happened, to which Snow responds that Leafstar tried to escape. Leafstar snorts and pads toward the den, and Snow glares after her, eyes glittering. Flurry and Sparrow step forward and tell Snow that they can guard so that she can get some sleep, but Snow ominously responds that she’ll finish what she started.
A few days later, Snow seems to have warmed up to the two Clan cats, and Squirrelflight thinks about how Snow had brought poppy seeds for Leafstar’s wound the previous night. Moonlight leads Squirrelflight to where the former’s birthing den is being built, and when Tempest says that they’ll need more vines, Moonlight tells Snow to take Creek and fetch more. Snow nods and heads out of camp with the ginger tom-kit. Later, Creek and Snow return with more vines and drop them beside the den. That night, Snow attends Grass and Stone’s farewell ceremony. She is the second Sister to come up to the two toms and nuzzle each one, behind only Moonlight. As Grass and Stone disappear, Tempest leans against Snow and sadly watches them go.
The next morning, Squirrelflight wakes to see Snow, Tempest, Furze, Sunrise, and Hawk hostilely facing Bramblestar, Thornclaw, Larksong, Hawkwing, Plumwillow, and Tree, and realizes that ThunderClan and SkyClan have come to rescue her and Leafstar. Leafstar begins to limp toward her warriors, but Snow blocks her way, saying that they aren’t allowed to leave yet. Leafstar says that the Clans have discovered their camp, and that there’s nothing left to hide. Snow agrees, but says that as long as they’re the Sisters' guests, the Clans have to respect the Sisters' boundaries. Squirrelflight is surprised and says that she thought the Sisters didn’t have boundaries, and Snow explains that when one of them is ready to kit, they have to mark out some sort of territory to protect the queen and her newborns.
A few days later, Squirrelflight has returned to ThunderClan and is on a hunting patrol with Larksong, Sparkpelt, Blossomfall, and Mousewhisker when she finds Snow on ThunderClan territory. Panic shows in Snow’s blue eyes as she meets Squirrelflight's gaze, and Squirrelflight explains to the rest of her patrol that Snow is a Sister. Mousewhisker snarls at Snow, saying she shouldn’t be here, and Blossomfall flattens her ears. Sparkpelt blinks in surprise and asks why she’s here, and Blossomfall growls that she’s trespassing. Squirrelflight gently asks Snow why she’s here, and Snow says that she was looking for her and that they need a medicine cat to help Sunrise, who is badly wounded. Squirrelflight tenses and asks if it’s bad, and Snow, her gaze fixed on Squirrelflight, asks if a medicine cat can come see Sunrise as she is not far away. Squirrelflight shifts her paws uneasily, saying that she’s not sure what she can do. Snow says that their medicine cat will know.
Squirrelflight hesitates, until Larksong says that they can just take a quick look and see if it’s not as bad as Snow said and if they can fix her up themselves. Squirrelflight flicks her tail and tells Snow to take them to Sunrise so that they can see if she needs a medicine cat. Snow leads the way through the forest and stops on the other side of a juniper bush. Tempest, Sunrise, and Hawk appear, and Squirrelflight realizes that they can’t treat Sunrise on their own. She tells Snow and the rest of the Sisters that they’ll carry Sunrise back to camp and that they can go home. Snow stiffens and says that they aren’t leaving her. She mews that they have to make sure their campmate is okay, and reminds them that the Clans aren’t exactly friendly. Larksong, Mousewhisker, Hawk, and Tempest begin to carry Sunrise to the camp. Snow falls in beside Squirrelflight. She blinks gratefully at the ThunderClan deputy, saying that she didn’t know if they would help, but that she had to do something. Squirrelflight asks Snow what she was doing so close to Clan territory, and Snow’s eyes darken as she says that ThunderClan isn’t the only Clan interested in the Sisters' territory.
Snow explains how they found Clan scent on their side of the border, and when Moonlight noticed that it was a different Clan scent than ThunderClan’s, she sent Sunrise, Hawk, Snow and Tempest to investigate. Sparkpelt asks if they know what scent it was, and Snow shrugs and says that all Clan cats smell the same to her and that they fallowed the scent to the pine trees that border ThunderClan territory. Sparkpelt asks if Sunrise got hurt fighting ShadowClan, and Snow says that they followed two toms into the territory, stopped them and asked what they were doing there, and were attacked. Snow mews with obvious satisfaction that they hurt the two toms pretty good, but that Stonewing managed to slice open Sunrise before they ran. Rosepetal and Bristlepaw appear and ask what’s going on, and Snow explains that they’re the Sisters.
Later, when Sunrise has been brought to the ThunderClan territory but isn’t being treated properly, Sunrise stirs and tries to lift her head. Snow creeps closer to her campmate and whispers to her to keep still so she won’t reopen the wound. Bramblestar glares at her and tells her to get back with the others, and Snow flattens her ears as she backs away. She watches from the edge of the clearing as Leafpool says that Sunrise needs marigold to stop an infection. Snow asks why they won’t do anything to help Sunrise, and Leafpool whispers that she has to obey Bramblestar. Snow frustratedly asks why they can’t think for themselves and need to ask dead cats and then take orders from a tom. Thornclaw glares at Snow and hisses at her to stop talking.
On the night after the Gathering, Squirrelflight sticks her head through the entrance to the elders' den and asks Snow if she’s awake. Snow lifts her head and, blinking sleepily, asks what happened. Squirrelflight explains to the Sisters that they have to leave tonight, then leaves and goes to the medicine den to check on Sunrise. She explains to Leafpool that she’s warned Snow, and as she speaks, Snow enters the den with Tempest and Hawk at her heels. Snow asks Leafpool if Sunrise is well enough to travel, to which Leafpool responds that she’ll have to be if ShadowClan is threatening war. Snow dips her head to Leafpool and thanks her, saying that without her, Sunrise would’ve died. Tempest asks why Sunrise getting hurt in a border fight is any reason to start a war, and Squirrelflight explains that tensions are high because of the new borders and the fact that Strikestone's hearing was permanently damaged in the skirmish. Snow lifts her head and firmly says that the Sisters were defending themselves.
Bramblestar pushes his way into the den and asks if they’re ready, to which Snow nods. He nods to Snow and tells her to try not to be seen and stay away from ShadowClan’s borders. Squirrelflight says that she’s going to escort them, and Bramblestar grudgingly lets her. Snow observes that he didn’t seem pleased with the idea. Leafpool nudges Sunrise to her paws, and Tempest and Hawk hurry to support her on either side and escort her to the entrance. Snow picks up the herbs and follows them out.
Once the group is in the forest, Snow quietly falls in beside Squirrelflight with the herbs in her jaws, and stays close as Squirrelflight leads them in the direction of the abandoned Twolegplace. At the edge of Clan territory, Squirrelflight lets Snow take the lead. The Sisters soon arrive at their camp, and are greeted by all their campmates. Snow drops the bundle of herbs beside Sunrise and explains that Squirrelflight’s campmates gave them herbs to treat her. Moonlight hurries across the clearing and stops beside Snow, saying that she’s glad they’re safe. Moonlight talks to Squirrelflight and mentions how some dead cats stay instead of making the journey to the sky like the Clan’s ancestors. Squirrelflight is confused, and Snow asks if she can see them.
Days later, Squirrelflight visits the Sisters with Ivypool, Twigbranch, and Finleap to ask about the sickness that has infected Larksong and Sparkpelt. She asks for Moonlight, and Snow answers, asking if it’s Squirrelflight. Squirrelflight enters the clearing and sees a heavily pregnant Moonlight hanging back with Snow and Tempest. Squirrelflight warns the she-cats to be careful about what they catch as the sickness seems to be spread by prey, and Snow points out that the Sisters don’t hunt on ThunderClan forest. Leafpool explains the symptoms of the disease, and Moonlight exchanges a glance with Snow. Squirrelflight asks if they know about the illness, and Snow explains that they thought it was strange that ThunderClan let meadow saffron grow in their forest.
After Larksong’s death, Squirrelflight once again visits the Sisters with Leafpool, Blossomfall, and Cherryfall to ask them what meadow saffron looks like. Flurry and Snow appear from behind a dogwood, blinking at the ThunderClan patrol. When Squirrelflight tells them about how Flickerkit died, Moonlight offers to perform a ceremony for him. Snow, Moonlight, Tempest, Flurry, Furze and the rest of the Sisters stand around where Moonlight buried the flowers and chant ‘safe journey, kit’, getting louder and louder with each repetition until their cries split the air around the valley. When they are finished, Squirrelflight asks the Sisters if they saw Flickerkit. Tempest nods and describes the kit’s pelt, and Snow, looking puzzled, adds that a black tom was with him. She asks Squirrelflight if she knows who he was, and Squirrelflight explains that it was the kit’s father.
After another Gathering, Squirrelflight travels with Tree and Leafstar to the Sisters' camp to try and negotiate with the rogue she-cats. They reach the camp at sunrise and meet Snow at the camp entrance. Snow asks Squirrelflight what she is doing there, and Squirrelflight eagerly asks if Moonlight has had her kits. Snow says that she has not. She notices Tree and asks why they need to know, and Leafstar says it’s important. Snow says that Moonlight is close to kitting and has moved to the birthing den. When Leafstar asks if they can see her, Snow bristles and, with a glare at Tree, asks if they expect her to let a grown tom into their camp. Surprised by the white she-cat's hostility, Squirrelflight reminds Snow that Tree is her kin, to which Tree snaps that the Sisters don't believe in male kin. Leafstar warns Tree to hold his tongue, reminding him that he is their negotiator. Tree apologizes and stiffly meets Snow’s gaze, saying that he must speak with Moonlight. Snow hesitates before heading through the ferns and telling the Clan cats to follow her. In the camp, Snow slides into the birthing den, and emerges a few moments later saying that Moonlight will see them. She wrinkles her nose at Tree and adds that she’ll see him as well.
After the impromptu meeting with the Clan leaders ends in disaster, Squirrelflight and Leafpool go to warn the Sisters of the Clans’ decision to make them leave. They burst into the camp and see Snow hurrying into the birthing den, from which wails are emanating. Snow stops and stares at the Clan cats, asking why they’re here. Squirrelflight ignores the question and asks if Moonlight’s okay, and Snow replies that she’s kitting. Leafpool hurries forward and tells Snow to take her to the gray she-cat, but Snow protests that she’s kitting. Leafpool reminds her that she’s a medicine cat, but Snow says that Tempest and Hawk are in there and that they know what to do. A screech sounds from inside the den, and Leafpool says that it sounds like they need help and pushes past Snow into the den. Squirrelflight blinks at Snow and says that Leafpool has delivered countless kits in ThunderClan and knows what to do. Snow says that she hopes so, and explains that Moonlight has been kitting since sundown and has had one kit, but that the rest are stuck, possibly because they’re too big because Moonlight was overdue.
At this news, Squirrelflight darts into the den after Leafpool, and Snow squeezes in behind her. Squirrelflight tells Leafpool that Snow says a kit is stuck, and Leafpool says that she knows. Leafpool asks about ragweed, and Snow says that she knows ragweed. She tells Snow to find as much as she can, but some back quickly before Moonlight exhausts herself. Squirrelflight ducks out of den, and Hawk and Snow push past her and race out of camp. Squirrelflight follows Snow’s white tail to the top of the hillside and onto a stretch of grass. The white she-cat stops while Hawk races down the hill ahead of them. Snow tells Squirrelflight that Hawk is fetching raspberry leaves, and says that ragweed is this way as she leads the way downhill to a shallow stream. She wades in and hops out on the other side, then stops beside a swath of tall yellow flowers, Squirrelflight following.
Snow and Squirrelflight reach down and tear out mouthfuls of flowers, heaping them on the ground. Snow asks Squirrelflight how much they need, and Squirrelflight responds that they’ve gathered enough. Squirrelflight picks up a clump and races all the way back to the birthing den, where she drops the ragweed beside Moonlight. Leafpool pushes it toward the birthing queen as Snow bursts into the den and drops more of the herb beside the medicine cat. Leafpool tells Snow that Moonlight needs to swallow it, and Snow nods curtly and bends down beside Moonlight’s head to tell her to eat it. Moonlight fearfully looks at Snow, then laps the herb out of Leafpool’s paw.
A little while later, Moonlight finally births the second kit, but Snow looks desperately at the lifeless scrap of fur and says it’s not breathing. However, Leafpool manages to save the kit, and then the last kit, a tom, quickly follows. Squirrelflight purrs and looks happily at Snow, but freezes. Snow is stiff, and she stares toward the den entrance with ears pricked. The battle patrol has arrived. Squirrelflight pokes her head outside the den and sees the Sisters lined up across from the Clan leaders, ready to protect Moonlight. She goes back in the birthing den and tells Moonlight that she has to leave, but Snow says that surely the Clans won’t hurt a cat who’s just kitted. Squirrelflight says that Tigerstar wants his land back now and that the Sisters need to find somewhere safe to hide. Tempest glances at Snow and mentions the cave, but Snow’s gaze hardens as she says that they can’t let the Clans drive them away without a fight. Squirrelflight snarls that they need to get Moonlight somewhere safe before they think about fighting. Snow holds her gaze for a moment, then relents and helps her open up a hole in the back of the birthing den. Squirrelflight tells Leafpool that she’s going to try and talk to the leaders, and that Leafpool needs to help Snow and Tempest carry the kits.
Days later, after Squirrelflight has returned from StarClan having recovered from her injuries from the cave-in, she visits the SkyClan camp to see the Sisters and learns that Moonlight has died and Snow and Tempest are taking care of her kits. Snow is seen outside the nursery, curled around two gray kits. Squirrelflight crosses the camp to the two Sisters, and Snow looks up at her with shining eyes. The fluffy gray kits clamber over her flank and charge away, flinging themselves into the the bedding that Violetshine was dragging out of the nursery. Snow warns them not to make a nuisance of themselves. The third kit ducks away from Tempest to join his littermates, and Tempest affectionately says that he’s going to be trouble. Snow jokes that he’s a tom.
Snow nods to Squirrelflight, saying that she’s glad to see she’s doing well. Squirrelflight feels a surge of fondness for the white she-cat and remarks that Moonlight’s kits look happy. Snow says that they are, and that it’s good of Violetshine to feed them. Squirrelflight mews that she’s sorry about what happened to Moonlight, and Snow says that she died honorably defending her kits, and that they can still see her besides. Squirrelflight remembers that the Sisters can see the dead, and asks Snow if they talk to her. Snow says that she does, and that Moonlight wanted her to thank Squirrelflight for saving her kits from the landslide and trying to save the Sisters from the Clans. Tempest mews that now that the Clans have their land, maybe they’ll be peace. Snow snorts that toms never want peace. Squirrelflight defends Bramblestar, and Tempest tells Squirrelflight that at least she stood up for the Sisters. Snow adds that she did even though she was outnumbered and it cost her very much, and that Tree told them about Leafpool and that they’re sorry she died. She goes on, saying that the kits and Sunrise owe Leafpool their lives, and that Moonlight will always be grateful.
Squirrelflight asks where they’ll go, and Snow says that Moonlight said they should head across the lake and beyond the moor. Squirrelflight asks if Moonlight will travel with them, and Snow says that she will until the kits are grown. Squirrelflight asks where Moonlight will go after that, and Snow shrugs, saying who knows. Her gaze flirts past Squirrelflight to an approaching Tree, who greets Squirrelflight as he reaches them. Squirrelflight asks Tree to escort her to the border, and when he agrees, she turns back to Snow and Tempest and dips her head to them, wishing them safe travel. Snow thanks Squirrelflight for everything she did, and tells her that they named the kits Squirrel, Leaf, and Moon. Snow stays in the SkyClan camp until the kits are weaned, then leaves with the rest of the Sisters and hasn’t been seen since.

In the Novellas

Tree's Roots

She is first seen talking quietly with Haze and Moonlight by Moonlight's den.
Two days after the storm, Sunrise is huddled close to Snow, their tails entwined. Moonlight brushes her tail comfortingly down Snow's back, and tells her that they will sing for Haze, though unnamed, because their sisters are never really lost.
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Detailed description

Snow is a big,[2] long-furred,[7] sleek,[5] well-muscled and broad-shouldered,[5] snowy-white she-cat with wide paws and blue eyes.[5][2][6]

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"She's protective of her campmates, that's all. And she doesn't trust strangers."
—Tempest about Snow Squirrelflight's Hope, page 71
Snow appears to be the most aggressive of the Sisters. She is particularly mistrustful of strangers, as shown by her initial hostile attitude toward Squirrelflight and Leafstar.[8] Though by no means cruel or vicious, she is perfectly willing to fight and even hurt others if she deems it necessary, as shown by her wounding Leafstar when the latter attempted to escape the Sisters' camp,[8] and her satisfaction at Strikestone's maiming.[9]
Out of all the Sisters, Snow is the most openly prejudiced against toms, notably resenting Bramblestar and Thornclaw simply for being toms and holding a position of authority in ThunderClan.[10] She even initially refused to let Tree into the Sister's camp simply because he was a tom.[11] However, Snow has a softer and more compassionate side, as she cares deeply for her fellow Sisters and is kind to kits whether they are toms or she-cats.[12] She also eventually warms up to Squirrelflight, developing a good measure of respect for her.[13][12]



"I don't like to start fights any more than Moonlight, but I'm more than willing to finish them."
—Snow threatening Leafstar Squirrelflight's Hope, page 73
Snow deeply respects and cares for Moonlight, who returns her sentiments. She is deeply saddened by her leader's death.[12]


Snow is initially suspicious and hostile towards Squirrelflight when she and Leafstar are taken prisoner by the Sisters.[8] However, she eventually warms up to her, developing a good measure of respect for her and later thanking her for saving Moonlight's kits.[13][12] Squirrelflight also develops a fondness for Snow, though she partially disagrees with her opinion on toms.[12]


Even though he is her kin, Snow despises Tree for being a tom, initially refusing to let him into the Sisters' camp simply because of his gender and expressing palpable disgust at his presence. Tree also seems to hold Snow in contempt.[14] Despite her dislike for him, Snow trusted Tree enough to believe him about Leafpool's sacrifice.[12]




Haze:[4] Deceased, verified ghost
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Tempest:[5] Living (As of Squirrelflight's Hope)
Stone:[5] Living (As of Squirrelflight's Hope)
Grass:[5] Living (As of Squirrelflight's Hope)
Moonlight:[5] Deceased, verified ghost
Ice:[15] Living (As of Tree's Roots)
Sunrise:[5] Living (As of Squirrelflight's Hope)
Tree:[16] Living (As of Graystripe's Vow)
Squirrel:[17] Living (As of (Squirrelflight's Hope)
Leaf:[17] Living (As of Squirrelflight's Hope)
Moon:[17] Living (As of Squirrelflight's Hope)
Needleclaw:[18] Living (As of Graystripe's Vow)
Rootspring:[18] Living (As of Graystripe's Vow)
Furze:[5] Living (As of Squirrelflight's Hope)
Creek:[5] Living (As of Squirrelflight's Hope)
Flurry:[5] Living (As of Squirrelflight's Hope)
Sparrow:[5] Living (As of Squirrelflight's Hope)
Hawk:[5] Living (As of Squirrelflight's Hope)
Mud:[19] Living (As of Tree's Roots)
Spider:[4] Status unknown
Cloud:[20] Status unknown
Stream:[19] Deceased, verified ghost
Petal:[19] Living (As of Tree's Roots)
Snail:[19] Living (As of Tree's Roots)
Chestnut:[15] Living (As of Tree's Roots)
Moonlight's unnamed kits:[4] Status unknown
Moonlight's unnamed sons:[4] Status unknown


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