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This page contains Moonlight's personality and relationships. It contains conjecture due to being based off of general novel themes, and all statements must be sourced.

Personality and traits

Snow appears to be the most aggressive of the Sisters. She is particularly mistrustful of strangers, as shown by her initial hostile attitude toward Squirrelflight and Leafstar.[1] Though by no means cruel or vicious, she is perfectly willing to fight and even hurt others if she deems it necessary, as shown by her wounding Leafstar when the latter attempted to escape the Sisters' camp,[1] and her satisfaction at Strikestone's maiming.[2]
Out of all the Sisters, Snow is the most openly prejudiced against toms, notably resenting Bramblestar and Thornclaw simply for being toms and holding a position of authority in ThunderClan.[3] She even initially refused to let Tree into the Sister's camp simply because he was a tom.[4]
However, Snow has a softer and more compassionate side, as she cares deeply for her fellow Sisters and is kind to kits whether they are toms or she-cats.[5] She also eventually warms up to Squirrelflight, developing a good measure of respect for her.[6][5]



Snow deeply respects and cares for Moonlight, who returns her sentiments. She is deeply saddened by her leader's death.[5]


Snow is initially suspicious and hostile towards Squirrelflight when she and Leafstar are taken prisoner by the Sisters.[1] However, she eventually warms up to her, developing a good measure of respect for her and later thanking her for saving Moonlight's kits.[6][5] Squirrelflight also develops a fondness for Snow, though she partially disagrees with her opinion on toms.[5]


Even though he is her kin, Snow despises Tree for being a tom, initially refusing to let him into the Sisters' camp simply because of his gender and expressing palpable disgust at his presence. Tree also seems to hold Snow in contempt.[7]
Despite her dislike for him, Snow trusted Tree enough to believe him about Leafpool's sacrifice.[5]

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