"Our kits stay in the cave until they become to-bes. It's dangerous out on the mountain, especially during frozen-water.
— Snow to Dovewing about Shadowkit in Tawnypelt's Clan, page 160

Snow Falling on Stones, more commonly known as Snow, is a white she-cat.[1]


In the Omen of the Stars arc

Sign of the Moon

Snow is seen with the other to-bes, Dark and Rain. When Dovewing doesn't understand how Tribe cats can catch eagles, Dark tries to demonstrate how prey-hunters work. Dark tells Snow to be an eagle while he and Rain hunt her. She accepts, and goes on one of the ledges in the cave. Once she leaps down, Dark and Rain bundle her. She protests, saying that they pounce too hard. Night scolds them, so they go and get some prey to eat. Soon after, when everyone is going to sleep, Jayfeather hears Dark indignantly hissing at Snow to get her paw out of his ear, threatening to scratch her.

In the Novellas

Tawnypelt's Clan

Snow is now a cave-guard and meets Tawnypelt, Dovewing, and Shadowkit while on a border patrol with Moss, Night, and Breeze. Dovewing recognizes Snow, and Snow introduces the Clan cats to Breeze. She indirectly questions why Shadowkit was with them, and Dovewing replies they need to speak with Stoneteller. Snow evacuates the cave with the rest of the Tribe and thanks Shadowkit for saving them.

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Dark: "Here—Rain, Snow! Snow, you be an eagle."
Snow: "Okay."
—Dark to Snow Sign of the Moon, page 150

"At that moment, Snow dived off her ledge onto the cave floor below. Instantly Dark and Rain pounced in unison, bundling on top of her and slapping her to the ground with their paws when she tried to get up."
—Narrator about training Sign of the Moon, page 150

"What are you doing? You to-bes! This is the time for eating, not for playing."
—Night to Snow, Dark, and Rain Sign of the Moon, page 150

"Hey, not so hard!"
—Snow to Dark and Rain during their hunting demonstration Sign of the Moon, page 150

"This is Dovewing. She comes from the Clans, far away in the flatlands. She's a friend to the Tribe."
—Snow to Breeze Tawnypelt's Clan, page 159

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