"I'm leaving the food for the young ones. They need their strength for hunting."
— Snow Hare in The Sun Trail, page 12

Snow Hare is a white she-cat.[1]


In the Dawn of the Clans arc

The Sun Trail

Stoneteller murmurs to Snow Hare, who is stretched out and washing her belly in a sleeping hollow. She says that there was still a bit of the hawk, and recommends that she should eat something. Snow Hare pauses in her tongue-strokes, and declines, stating that that she is leaving food for the young ones. She adds that they needed their strength for hunting. Stoneteller replies that she has earned her food many times over, bending over and touching the elder's ear with her nose.
When Silver Frost suggests that Stoneteller would appoint Shaded Moss as her successor, Snow Hare agrees, stating that it was about time that Stoneteller appointed some cat. She adds that it was all what they've expected for moons. After Cloud Spots warns the other cats not to eat too much, Snow Hare snorts in laughter, stating that that was a problem she would like to have. She then tells Tall Shadow that she was always good at creeping around, adding that she would be able to sneak up on her prey while it was asleep. Tall Shadow then gives her chest fur a compliment lick, saying that she just might do that.
Snow Hare pads up to Jagged Peak, dipping her head, and offers to show him a new game. She then tells him to catch a stone, and swipes a flat pebble across the cave floor with her paw. After Jagged Peak pelts after it, his mother, Quiet Rain thanks her, saying that she couldn't let him go out while there was deep snow on the ground. When the tribe has a vote for those staying or leaving, she and Misty Water vote for the traveling cats to stay at the cave.
Gray Wing later asks Misty Water to help him find Jagged Peak, and Snow Hare pushes herself between the two cats. She states that Misty Water was too old, and that her eyesight was failing. However, Gray Wing gently nudges her aside and explains that Broken Feather told him many times that Misty Water was the best scent tracker he had ever known.

The First Battle

Snow Hare shares tongues with Twisted Branch at the cavern's edge. Gray Wing calls their names, and pads toward them, only to be stopped by Dewy Leaf's kits.

A Forest Divided

Although Snow Hare doesn't formally appear, when Gray Wing dreams of the Tribe, he realizes that it's empty. Then Gray Wing starts to feel guilty for leaving her and her Tribemates behind.



  • She has mistakenly been called Stone Hare.[3]



Cloud Spots: "If we eat too much we'll get too fat to hunt, and then where will we be?"
Snow Hare: "That's a problem I'd like to have!"
—Cloud Spots and Snow Hare's remarks about prey in the new territory The Sun Trail, page 18

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