"How could you? That was my daughter—the daughter I thought was dead! And you've driven her out to have her kits in the forest!"
— Snowbird to Leafstar about Yarrowleaf in River of Fire, page 92

Snowbird is a sleek, lithe, well-muscled,[12] pure white she-cat[1] with green eyes.[12] One of her paws has a limp.[13]

Snowbird is a ShadowClan warrior that has served under Blackstar's, Rowanstar's, and Tigerstar's leaderships in the lake territories. Snowbird and her mate, Scorchfur, had three litters of kits with the first consisting of Cloverfoot, Berryheart, and Buster. During the battle against the Dark Forest, Snowbird defended her brother, Ratscar, against Shredtail, and after surviving the battle, she had a second litter, Yarrowleaf, Beenose, and Bluebellkit. She mentored Lioneye, and when ShadowClan was taken over by Darktail, she stayed and joined the Kin where she had her third litter, Frondwhisker, Conefoot, and Gullswoop. She escaped to ThunderClan with several others and joined SkyClan once ShadowClan was annexed. She rejoined ShadowClan once Tigerstar became leader, and mentored his daughter, Pouncestep. After slipping and breaking her paw while on a patrol, Snowbird gained a permanent limp.


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Power of Three

She is a ShadowClan queen expecting kits, and helps look after Tigerkit, Dawnkit, and Flamekit when Tawnypelt goes to visit the Tribe of Rushing Water. At some point, she gives birth to two she-cats and a tom and goes back to her warrior duties.

Omen of the Stars

"The warrior code is more important than any cat’s life!"
—Snowbird to Redwillow during the Great Battle The Last Hope, page 280
Snowbird participates in the battle of the border against ThunderClan, and expresses worry that ShadowClan will have to stand alone in the upcoming fight with the Dark Forest. During the Great Battle, she fights with ShadowClan and defends her brother, Ratscar, from Shredtail. She survives the battle afterwards and helps her Clan rebuild.

A Vision of Shadows

Snowbird: "Beepaw! You mustn't speak about your elders like that."
Beepaw: "Why not? You taught us that ShadowClan cats can say what they like."
Snowbird: "Where has all this come from?"
Beepaw: "If you ever listened instead of just talking, you'd know."
—Snowbird and Beepaw when the apprentices rebel Thunder and Shadow, page chapter 8
Snowbird's first litter are now warriors and her second are now apprentices. She helps Grassheart with her kitting, and when her granddaughter, Needlepaw, rebels against Rowanstar, she is surprised when Yarrowpaw and Beepaw agree with her. Needlepaw leaves to join Darktail, and soon after, Berryheart, Cloverfoot, and Beepaw join them, leaving only Yarrowpaw and Rippletail in ShadowClan. She is given Lionpaw as an apprentice, though she falls sick with yellowcough and cannot mentor her, but Puddleshine is able to acquire lungwort and save Snowbird's life. When Darktail comes and usurps ShadowClan from Rowanstar, she stays with the rogue and becomes a member of the Kin. Throughout the Kin's ruling, several of her kits go missing, such as Rippletail defecting to become a kittypet, and Beenose dies.
She and Scorchfur have a third litter, Frondkit, Gullkit, and Conekit, but Scorchfur is struggling to find enough food for them, as Darktail punishes him for taking more prey. She later escapes to ThunderClan with her kits and befriends Cinderheart and Blossomfall. After the Kin is driven out, she rejoins ShadowClan, but due to the lack of cats, joins SkyClan with the rest of ShadowClan. Snowbird is livid when Leafstar turns away Sleekwhisker and the heavily pregnant Yarrowleaf—her only confirmed living kit from her previous litters at the moment—and schemes behind her new leader's back to harbor them in ShadowClan's old camp. Yarrowleaf gives birth to Snowbird's grandkits, Flaxkit and Hopkit. Snowbird later witnesses Tigerheart's resurrection as leader and reunites with Cloverfoot and Berryheart, and her grandkits, Spirekit, Hollowkit, and Sunkit. Snowbird helps her Clan reestablish their place at the lake, going with Scorchfur and Juniperclaw to destroy SkyClan's dens. When Cloverfoot is announced deputy at a Gathering, she happily cheers her daughter's name.

The Broken Code

"That's right! We need to know more before we do this."
—Snowbird agreeing with Oakfur when Tigerstar opts to close ShadowClan's borders Lost Stars, page 279
Her third litter are now warriors. When Tigerstar decides to close ShadowClan's borders, Snowbird agrees with both Oakfur and Tawnypelt that ShadowClan should get more information from the other Clans before they act on Tigerstar's decision. While out on patrol, she slips and breaks her paw. While Shadowsight is able to heal it, the she-cat is given a permanent limp.

Super Editions

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In Bramblestar's Storm, she is noted to have given birth to three she-cats at a Gathering the kits consisting of Yarrowleaf, Beenose and Bluebellkit. However, Bluebellkit unfortunately dies.
In Tigerheart's Shadow, due to the lack of cats within ShadowClan, she has to leave the nursery and help out on patrols, though she doesn't appear bothered by it. She grows frustrated with Rowanstar's poor leadership and turns to Tigerheart for leadership instead.


Interesting facts

  • So far, Snowbird has had more kits than any other cat in the series, with a total of nine.[14][15][16]


  • Snowbird was said to have two kits instead of her newest three.[5]

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"Ratscar's my littermate! He'd never betray his Clan."
—Snowbird after Shredtail reveals Ratscar as a traitor The Last Hope, page 279

Snowbird: "The warrior code is more important than any cat’s life! I’m going to kill you."
Blackstar: "Stop, Snowbird."
Snowbird: "But he’s a traitor!"
—Snowbird to Redwillow The Last Hope, page 280

"Go easy on him, Scorchfur. Puddleshine has been a lifesaver. More would have died without him."
—Snowbird to Scorchfur Thunder and Shadow, page chapter 22

Snowbird: "Can you fix it?"
Puddleshine: "The splints will help straighten it, but I don't want to set the bone until the poppy seeds have started working. I'm afraid it will hurt."
Snowbird: "I don't care. Just fix it. I don't want to have a limp."
—Snowbird about her broken paw The Silent Thaw, page 75

"Snowbird had returned to her nest in the warriors' den. Her paw was still swathed in comfrey, but she'd grown gloomy in the medicine den by herself as it became increasingly clear that, although the bones were healing, her paw would never be as strong and straight as it had been, and she'd always have a limp."
—Narrator about Snowbird's injury The Silent Thaw, page 288

"Come on, then, […] You two finish the patrol. I'll take these waifs and strays to Tigerstar. StarClan knows how many more cats we're supposed to take in to our territory."
—Snowbird to the ThunderClan cats Veil of Shadows, page 32

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