"It would be fun! Maybe the brown animals are dogs—do you think so? Or giant rabbits!"
— Snowdrop in The Fourth Apprentice, page 186

Snowdrop is a small, pure white she-cat[2] with green eyes.[1]


In the Omen of the Stars arc

The Fourth Apprentice

When the journeying cats are about to hunt two rabbits enclosed in a cage for prey, Snowdrop and her friends, Seville and Jigsaw, stop them. They tell them about a kittypet who hunted his housefolk's rabbit, and that he was taken to the Cutter, and was never the same again.
When Lionblaze starts to hunt, Snowdrop scares off a squirrel, but explains that it was an accident and she only wanted to see how he hunts. She says that she could never eat animals for food, because she finds eating fur and bones gross, but she is still interested in the ways of the Clan cats. She seems to be the most curious and friendliest of the three kittypets. She is also seen to be a bit clueless as she guessed that the animals might be giant rabbits or dogs, and was oblivious to Lionblaze's anger when she scared off two squirrels he had been hunting with her loud stalking.
Later, Lionblaze and Dovepaw go back to find her, Seville, and Jigsaw, and ask them to help dismantle the beavers' dam because they didn't have enough warriors to do it themselves without fighting the beavers. The cats all agree, but only when they are told that they will not have to fight. They seem to be brave, but they are still not as tough as Clan cats. When they reach the stream, the warriors offer them fresh kill, but Snowdrop declines, as she is still disgusted by it. She bravely helps the warriors dismantle the dam, and with her and her friends' help, the warriors are able to break the dam and free the water. Lionblaze spots Woody and the kittypets gaping at him from halfway up the slope as he's swept away by a wall of water.



"Are you hunting that squirrel? Can I watch? I'll be quiet."
—Snowdrop to Lionblaze The Fourth Apprentice, page 184

"Every cat around here knows about the tom who hunted his housefolk's rabbit."
—Snowdrop to the Clan cats The Fourth Apprentice, page 181

"With fur and everything? No way!"
—Snowdrop to Lionblaze when he offers her a bite of squirrel The Fourth Apprentice, page 186

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