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Snowfur and her sister love her mother, and Moonflower cares for them. When she is killed by Hawkheart during a battle with WindClan, Snowpaw and Bluepaw are devastated, and mourn for Moonflower.[1]


Snowfur and Bluefur are close as sisters, and support each other, even though Bluefur disapproves of Snowfur’s relationship with Thistleclaw. After Snowfur is killed on the Thunderpath shortly after giving birth to her kit, Bluefur raises the kit in her sister’s stead, and protects him from his father’s violent influence.[1]


Snowfur sees past Thistleclaw’s violent nature, and loves him despite his aggressiveness. They become mates and have a kit together, but Snowfur dies shortly afterward.[1]


Snowfur loves her kit, and watches over him from StarClan after her untimely death.[1]


Snowfur seems to love Mosskit. She volunteers to guide and care for the kit on his way to StarClan, and shows gentle affection towards her sister's daughter.[2]

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