Social media is a tool used by two of the ErinsVictoria Holmes and Kate Cary—authors of the Warriors series, to connect and socialise with fans.[1]

Kate Cary's Blog


Kate Cary's BlogClan
Website Link: [1]
Website Abbreviation: BC
Website Category: Author's website
Description: Kate Cary's blog about Warriors

BlogClan is a blog led by Cakestar (Kate), with Jayfrost as deputy, solely fixed on the Warriors series.[1] It enables fans of the series to write blogs of their own and post articles,[2] discuss Warriors, create polls,[3] and write fan fiction.[4] BlogClan has spoiler pages for newly released books where they can be discussed, and where Kate occasionally reveals new information on the cats and Clans.[5] It also has taverns to comment on things outside of Warriors,[6] holds Gatherings, has an allegiances list of members,[7] a live chat to talk with friends,[8] as well as staff members to help new users navigate the blog and help solve problems.[1]

BlogClan has a fanfiction project known as Trailing Stars, written by members of BlogClan.[9] If one of the people writing becomes inactive, another member who is in The Writer's Jar takes their place and writes the chapter instead.[10] It has an Ask Jaysnow page, where you can ask questions about the series and Jaysnow will answer them.[11] BlogClan also has its own Flickr page for fan art.[12]

Kate Cary's Twitter


Website Link: [2]
Website Abbreviation: Unknown
Website Category: Author's website
Description: Kate Cary's Twitter

Kate uses Twitter to post updates and comments, mostly focusing on Warriors.[13]

Kate Cary's Facebook


Kate Cary's Facebook
Website Link: [3]
Website Abbreviation: Unknown
Website Category: Author's website
Description: Kate Cary's Facebook

Kate uses Facebook to connect with fans and answer questions about the series. She posts comments and updates on her Facebook, though she is more active on her blog, BlogClan.[14]

Vicky Holmes' Facebook


Victoria Holmes' Facebook
Website Link: [4]
Website Abbreviation: Vicky's Facebook
Website Category: Author's website
Description: Vicky Holmes' Facebook

Vicky uses Facebook to connect with fans and used to answer questions about the series in the comments on her Facebook page, as well as posting updates, although she does not often answer Warriors-related questions anymore. Currently, she still posts comments on events and updates on her life.[15]

Warriors Official Instagram


Warrior Cats Official Instagram
Website Link: [5]
Website Abbreviation: Official Instagram
Website Category: Unknown
Description: Official Instagram

The Official Instagram features Warriors and other Erin Hunter content, from audio books, new releases, and occasional updates from the Official website, along with featuring fanart from artists of the community.[16]

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