"I see your eye is much better, Flossie. That antibiotic ointment really did the trick, didn't it? So nice of the veterinarian to let me have some."
— Sol's Twoleg to Birdpaw in The Rescue, page 50

Sol's Twoleg is an elderly woman.[1]


In the SkyClan and the Stranger arc

The Rescue

Sol's Twoleg initially appears when she is seen feeding SkyClan warriors and apprentices. Leafstar discovers them after following them while they are meant to be hunting for the Clan. The Twoleg has apparently been feeding them for a while and has even given Birdpaw medicine to heal a cut over her eye. She tries to coax Leafstar over, but Leafstar and the other Clan cats leave.
Later, the Twoleg woman comes to SkyClan's camp, searching for the cats she once fed. While the Clan hides, one of Leafstar's kits falls from the nursery and Leafstar jumps out to retrieve it and is captured by the Twoleg woman. The Twoleg takes her to her home where Leafstar meets the woman's other kittypet, Harry.
The woman puts Leafstar in a basket, noting that she'll need to think of a name for the Clan cat and calling her "Miss Mama Cat" for the time being. She cares for Leafstar and her unnamed kits, and Harry tries to cheer Leafstar up by telling her that the Twoleg often gives him tuna.
When Leafstar's Clan arrives to try to rescue her, they scratch at the door until the Twoleg woman goes out to give them a bowl of milk. However, the rescue is foiled when the woman stops Billystorm from sneaking into the house. SkyClan comes again to rescue Leafstar. This time they succeed, with the help of Harry. The Twoleg tries to stop them and calls after the retreating cats, but they manage to escape.



"You're a lucky girl, aren't you, little miss mama cat?"
—Sol's Twoleg to Leafstar The Rescue, page 69

"Oh no you don't, you rascal! She needs some peace and quiet -- well, as much as those kits will give her."
—Sol's Twoleg stopping Billystorm from freeing Leafstar The Rescue, page 73

"Oh, come now, Leafstar. It's not all bad. Look, the Twoleg gave us tuna tonight. Have you had tuna before?"
—Harry trying to cheer up Leafstar about living with the Twoleg The Rescue, page 74

Notes and references

  1. Revealed in The Rescue, page 50
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