"He never wanted to play with us. I don't think he liked us very much."
Sol describing him and his siblings' relationship with their father in Beyond the Code, page 57

Sol's Father is a lighter colored tom with a paler muzzle.[1]


In the SkyClan and the Stranger arc

Beyond the Code

The tom is first spoken of when his son, Sol, is recalling his kithood to his Clan leader, Leafstar.
He is a loner, never named throughout the flashback. He fathered a litter of kits with a she-cat named Cinders. He rarely came to visit his family, and even more infrequently brought them food. He never played, or interacted much, with his kits, and is thought by Sol to have not liked them. He also suspects his father rarely came around because Cinders was a very negative cat to be around, and complained a lot.
Sol's father is standing on a pile of tires when he first appears in the flashback. Cinders is antagonizing him for being gone for so long and only bringing them a "pathetic, sour" shrew to eat. She declares that it's useless and they couldn't eat it, and demands to know what kind of father treats his kits so poorly. As he walks away, Cinders tells her kits that cats used to be good, noble, and treated each other well, unlike their father.
During a rainstorm, Cinders and her kits hide under a pile of logs, and spend the night there. Their father shows up after the rain has stopped; the kits are excited to see him at first, showing they did feel some affection for their father despite his neglect. Cinders is less enthusiastic about his appearance, dryly remarking that she isn't surprised he hasn't brought them any food. He proceeds to tell Cinders that he has a new mate, a she-cat who doesn't complain as much, and they are leaving to find better hunting territory. Cinders is very upset with him, and shouts at him about how he had fathered her kits and is now abandoning them to die. He only bids her a goodbye, and walks away, never to be seen again.




Unnamed she-cat:[2] Status unknown
Cinders (formerly):[1] Living (As of Beyond the Code)


Sol:[3] Living (As of The Forgotten Warrior)


Three unnamed kits:[3] Status unknown


Cinders ♀Unnamed ♂Unnamed ♀
Sol ♂UnnamedUnnamedUnnamed

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


"Cinders wasn't...well, she wasn't very nice to be around, I don't think. She...complained. A lot. Maybe that's why our father rarely came by. Rarely brought us any food."
—Sol speaking about his childhood Beyond the Code, page 57

"...first time I've seen you in moons, and all you bring us is this one pitiful shrew? It's too sour to eat! It's useless! Just like you! What kind of a father treats his kits this way?"
—Cinders shouting at Sol's father Beyond the Code, page 57

"Cinders...I'm going away. I've met another who doesn't complain all the time. She and I are going someplace else. Somewhere with more prey."
—Sol's father announcing his departure Beyond the Code, page 62

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