"Everything she did seemed to reawaken his sense of loss. But as a mother of kits, she could only think of what was best for the vulnerable newborns."
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"But today Lionblaze's kits become apprentices, and the happiness far outweighs the sadness."
Squirrelflight about Lionblaze's kits in Bramblestar's Storm, manga, page 1

Sorrelstripe is a dark brown she-cat.[2]

Sorrelstripe is a ThunderClan warrior who has served under Bramblestar's, the impostor's, Squirrelflight's, Lionblaze's, and Graystripe's leaderships in the lake territories. She was born as Sorrelkit to Cinderheart and Lionblaze, along with her siblings Fernkit and Hollykit. All three littermates were named after cats who fell in the Great Battle, Sorrelkit being named after her grandmother, Sorreltail. Sorrelkit was apprenticed to Brackenfur as Sorrelpaw, and later became a warrior named Sorrelstripe. Eventually, she and Dewnose became mates and she gave birth to two kits, Myrtlekit and Baykit. She also briefly fostered Finchkit and Flamekit for Sparkpelt while she recovered from her grief.


In the A Vision of Shadows arc

The Apprentice's Quest

"Wow, that's amazing! Good job, Sparkpaw."
―Sorrelstripe congratulating Sparkpaw on her first catch The Apprentice's Quest, page chapter 2
She is now a warrior named Sorrelstripe, and her mentor was Brackenfur. Before his apprentice ceremony, Alderkit wonders if he'll have to complete an assessment to become an apprentice, as he could remember Sorrelstripe and her littermates had been made warriors. Right before Alderkit and Sparkkit's apprentice ceremonies, Sorrelstripe is seen holding her head high due to her completing her own apprenticeship.
She is on a patrol with Ivypool and Birchfall, and Sorrelstripe congratulates Sparkpaw on her first catch. Later, Sorrelstripe is seen on patrol with Ivypool and Hollytuft. Cherryfall is injured, and she watches as Alderpaw treats her without the aid of Jayfeather or Leafpool. She supports Cherryfall, and helps her get back to camp safely. After Alderpaw returns from his journey, she is mentioned to be in a patrol with Cherryfall, Brackenfur, and Sparkpaw.

Shattered Sky

After Lionblaze and Cinderheart announce that they are expecting a second litter of kits, Sorrelstripe joins in the cheering and yowls of congratulation. Upon the arrival of Oakfur and Ratscar in ThunderClan, the cats are alerted by the joyful yowling of Sorrelstripe, who is mentioned to be on watch.

Darkest Night

Due to the rockslide that destroys ThunderClan's camp, Sorrelstripe has a cut in her leg. Alderheart, one of the medicine cats, looks after her, and rubs an ointment over the cut. Sorrelstripe winces, but otherwise reassures Alderheart that she is fine and her cut just stings from healing. Alderheart tells Sorrelstripe that it will heal within a few days, and Sorrelstripe limps away to rest in her nest.

River of Fire

Sorrelstripe's parents, Lionblaze and Cinderheart, have three new kits; Flykit, Snapkit, and Spotkit. Upon returning to ThunderClan, Twigpaw sees Sorrelstripe slide out of the warriors' den and pads towards the camp entrance. However, before Twigpaw can say anything, Sorrelstripe notices the she-cat, and exclaims that Twigpaw is in the camp. This causes the entirety of ThunderClan to rush towards Sorrelstripe in confusion, and discover that Twigpaw had indeed returned.
Alderheart announces that he needs help in moving Briarlight, which Sorrelstripe and Ambermoon offer to do, and the two she-cats go to fetch the brown she-cat. Upon returning with Briarlight on their shoulders, Alderheart instructs the she-cats to bring her to where ThunderClan sheltered during the Great Storm. Alderheart then notices that Sorrelstripe is staggering, and her eyes are fixed and glassy. The medicine cat worries that Sorrelstripe is sick, but realizes that the dark brown she-cat is probably just tired. After bringing Briarlight to Alderheart's desired location, Alderheart asks Ambermoon and Sorrelstripe if they are alright. Ambermoon cheerfully replies that they are fine, but Alderheart looks at Sorrelstripe. He deduces that although Sorrelstripe is quiet, she is definitely not sick. He then tells Ambermoon and Sorrelstripe that he'll let them know when it's safe to return.
Alderheart asks Twigpaw to inform Sorrelstripe and Ambermoon that it is all right to return. After checking up on Velvet, Cherryfall and Sorrelstripe approach Alderheart, and Sorrelstripe tells the dark ginger tom that she has a bellyache, and threw up in the tunnels. Alderheart realizes that Sorrelstripe has caught the sickness, and is about to tell her that she needs watermint, but is distracted as the rain gets heavier and starts to cause dens to collapse. After discovering Briarlight is sick, Alderheart, confused, wonders how Briarlight contracted the sickness, knowing that she had escaped it when she was in the tunnels with Sorrelstripe.
She becomes an aunt to Flipkit, Thriftkit and Bristlekit, who are the kits of her littermate Fernsong.

In The Broken Code arc

Lost Stars

Sorrelstripe is seen laying outside the nursery with Daisy and Sparkpelt during Bristlepaw's warrior ceremony while their kits play around them. Stemleaf gazes at Sorrelstripe and Sparkpelt guiltily after rejecting Bristlefrost. Sorrelstripe feasts on Bristlefrost's rabbit along with the other queens and elders. She is also shown watching over Sparkpelt's kits as she tries to convince Squirrelflight to get her nine lives.

The Silent Thaw

Her kits are now apprentices, Baypaw and Myrtlepaw, and Sorrelstripe has returned to her warrior duties.

Veil of Shadows

Sorrelstripe is mentioned by Berrynose trying to report to Bramblestar, but, is cut off by the tom and told to deal with it himself. She is later summoned by Berrynose alongside Dewnose and Snaptooth to help Bramblestar when he is ambushed by the rebels.

Darkness Within

When Thornclaw challenges Lionblaze about ThunderClan's leadership, Sorrelstripe and Dewnose look on worriedly. When Bristlefrost questions if Thornclaw is acting out because he wishes he was acting deputy, Thornclaw denies it, and Sorrelstripe snorts in disbelief.

In the Super Editions

Bramblestar's Storm

In the comic, Squirrelflight looks on proudly as Lionblaze's kit, Sorrelkit, becomes an apprentice. After the ceremony, Bramblestar remarks that she was named after Sorreltail, who died fighting the Dark Forest. The next day Squirrelflight and Bramblestar, along with the apprentices and their mentors, start battle training. The apprentices are excited that the Clan leader and deputy are training with them. Squirrelflight loses her balance and the apprentices are worried about her. She tells them she's fine and uses her fall as an example that anyone can make mistakes.

Squirrelflight's Hope

She has given birth to Dewnose's kits, Baykit and Myrtlekit. When Larksong and Flickerkit die, Sparkpelt is unable to look after Flamekit and Finchkit, and Sorrelstripe nurses them. She exhausts herself from nursing all four kits and Daisy assists her caring for Sparkpelt's kits when Sorrelstripe recovers. Despite her Clanmates' encouragement, Sparkpelt is unable to come out of her depression, leaving Sorrelstripe strained to look after the kits. When Squirrelflight's spirit walks in ThunderClan's camp, she spots Sorrelstripe outside with her kits. Eventually, Sparkpelt recovers enough to care for her kits.

Graystripe's Vow

When Thornclaw and Lionblaze argue about Squirrelflight's leadership, Sorrelstripe and other warriors stand in a ragged circle around them to watch.

In the Novellas

Spotfur's Rebellion

Coming Soon

Daisy's Kin

Smoky comes to ThunderClan requesting the help of a medicine cat, stating that Coriander is kitting now, but no kits are coming. Daisy states that she will go help, asking Squirrelflight to send a patrol. She specially requests sending Mousewhisker and Sorrelstripe, stating that the she-cat had kitted recently and would have experience. They arrive at the horseplace to find Coriander struggling. Sorrelstripe offers advice, stating that biting down on a stick helped her own kitting a lot. Alderheart states that water would help the kitting queen, so Sorrelstripe fetches some. Unofortunately, Coriander dies during her kitting, leaving the kits without milk.
Sorrelstripe goes back to ThunderClan and returns to warrior duty, while Smoky, Mousewhisker, and Daisy transfer the former's kits to the Sisters upon finding Snow who tells them that Sunshine has milk for the kits. Later, Sorrelstripe and others come to visit Daisy, who had returned to the horseplace, asking if she would come home to ThunderClan. Coriander and Little Daisy greet Sorrelstripe, who comments that the kits had grown a lot since she saw them last. When Daisy returns to ThunderClan, Sorrelstripe is thrilled, among others.

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Sorrelstripe's parents are Cinderheart and Lionblaze, and her littermates are Fernsong and Hollytuft. She is mates with Dewnose and is the mother of Baypaw and Myrtlepaw. For more of Sorrelstripe's family, click here!



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