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"... And this is Sorreltail. She hid her wounds because she wanted to take care of her kits, but she died just when we thought we had won. She was the bravest of all."
Dewpaw explaining Sorreltail's mark on the Stick of the Fallen in Bramblestar's Storm, page 18

Sorreltail is a sturdy,[12] slender, dappled,[13] tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat with amber eyes,[7] a soft tail,[14] and a white chest and paws.[15]

Sorreltail was a ThunderClan warrior under Firestar's leadership in the forest and the lake territories. She was born as Sorrelkit to Willowpelt and Whitestorm along with her brothers, Rainkit and Sootkit. As a kit, she followed Darkstripe when he snuck out of ThunderClan's camp to speak with Blackfoot of ShadowClan. To keep her quiet, he tricked Sorrelkit into eating deathberries, resulting in the young kit being close to death. Due to the hard work of Cinderpelt, she was able to survive and tell ThunderClan what Darkstripe had done. She later became an apprentice named Sorrelpaw and was given Sandstorm as a mentor. When Sandstorm left with Firestar on a journey, Dustpelt became her temporary mentor.

Her warrior ceremony was held back after she was injured by a monster, however she recovered eventually and was renamed to Sorreltail. She and Brackenfur became mates, and during her kitting, badgers attacked ThunderClan's camp, and her brother Sootfur was killed and Cinderpelt died while helping her. She gave birth to Poppykit, Molekit, Honeykit, and Cinderkit. She and Brackenfur later had a second litter, Lilykit and Seedkit. During the Great Battle she defended the nursery, but died of her wounds. She joined StarClan and was present at the leadership ceremony of Bramblestar.


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The Prophecies Begin

"They're good. Especially that little Sorrelkit. If you asked me to mentor her, I wouldn't say no."
―Sandstorm to Firestar about Sorrelkit The Darkest Hour, page 135
Sorrelkit is born to Whitestorm and Willowpelt, along with her two brothers Sootkit and Rainkit. Sorrelkit follows Darkstripe out of camp and witnesses him secretly converse with ShadowClan's deputy, Blackfoot. When Darkstripe discovers this, he feeds her deathberries to prevent her from telling anyone. Sorrelkit is cared for by ThunderClan's medicine cat, Cinderpelt, and once she regains some strength, she tells Firestar what happened, which results in Darkstripe's exile. After Sorrelkit's recovery, Sandstorm takes a liking to Sorrelkit and her brothers, and teaches them some basic offense moves. The trio of kits argue about who their mentors will be, although Firestar promises Sorrelkit to Sandstorm when she becomes of age.

The New Prophecy

"Oh yes! In case WindClan accidentally stray into our territory, yes? Just let them try!"
―Sorreltail to Leafpaw when she asks her to accompany her to the RiverClan border Midnight (book), page 210
Sorrelpaw is now an apprentice with Sandstorm as her mentor. Due to being injured by a monster, her warrior ceremony was pushed back while her brothers received their full names. Sorrelpaw tackles Brambleclaw and reveals her ceremony will be happening that day, and is later given the name Sorreltail. She is a good friend of Leafpaw and often accompanies her on adventures, joining her to gather herbs, traveling to WindClan territory, and investigating the Twolegs who are tearing the forest apart. Leafpaw is trapped by the Twolegs and Sorreltail fails to save her, which makes her feel very guilty, and she later helps free Leafpaw and the other cats who were trapped. Sorreltail travels with the rest of the four Clans on the Great Journey and settles in ThunderClan's new camp beside the lake. She becomes Brackenfur's mate and is soon expecting his kits. Sorreltail gives birth while badgers attack ThunderClan's camp, and Cinderpelt dies protecting her. The parents name their kits Molekit, Poppykit, Honeykit, and Cinderkit, after Cinderpelt.

Power of Three

"I don't know how you did it, but I know you helped Poppypaw survive the night. Thank you."
―Sorreltail thanking Jaypaw for saving her daughter The Sight, page 323
Sorreltail's kits are now apprentices, and it is revealed that her only son Molepaw passed from greencough. Poppypaw is extremely ill from the sickness, and Jaypaw promises Sorreltail he won't let her die. After Poppypaw recovers, Sorreltail is very grateful and thanks Jaypaw. Cinderpaw later falls from the Sky Oak and breaks her leg, and Sorreltail is shown to be frantic over her injury and offers to stay with her. When Squirrelflight is traveling to the mountains to assist the Tribe, Sorreltail becomes Foxpaw's temporary mentor. During Honeypaw and Poppypaw's warrior ceremony, Sorreltail thinks how her son should be there too. Her daughter Honeyfern dies after saving Briarkit from being bitten by a snake. Sorreltail grieves and sits vigil for her with the rest of her family.

Omen of the Stars

"No one will hurt ThunderClan's kits."
―Sorreltail before the Great Battle The Last Hope, page 236
Sorreltail spends a lot of time with her mate, Brackenfur, and the pair become grandparents to Poppyfrost and Berrynose's litter, Cherrykit and Molekit. Some time later, Sorreltail learns that she is expecting Brackenfur's second litter of kits, although her age makes carrying this litter difficult. She experiences an early birth by the lake, and due to the stiffness she felt in her body, the birth is made a lot more painful and exhausting, endangering the lives of Sorreltail and her new children. With the help of Leafpool, Sorreltail is able to pull through and has two new daughters. They are soon taken back to camp to rest, and the two newborns are given the names Lilykit and Seedkit. During the Great Battle, Sorreltail is sent on a patrol to help ShadowClan fight against the Dark Forest. When they return to camp, she battles with Darkstripe, and after he flees, she goes to her kits, telling them that it is safe to come out.

Super Editions

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In Firestar's Quest, Sorrelpaw and her brothers are devastated after Willowpelt is killed by a badger. Being newly apprenticed, they stay in the nursery with the queens while they recover from their grief. Sorrelpaw is given Dustpelt as her temporary mentor while Sandstorm travels with Firestar on his journey.
In Bramblestar's Storm, Dewpaw recites Sorreltail's name on the stick of the fallen, and she is said to be the bravest out of all the fallen cats for hiding her wounds for the sake of her kits. When Lilypaw is made a warrior, Bramblestar gives her the name Lilyheart in recognition of her courage and because Sorreltail and Seedpaw would live forever in her heart. In the manga at the end of the book, her granddaughter Sorrelpaw is named after her.


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In Dovewing's Silence, Brackenfur and Dovewing discover that Sorreltail has died from the wounds she got in the battle against the Dark Forest. They find her in the nursery with Lilykit and Seedkit in a pool of blood, and the Clan is surprised, as Sorreltail never told anyone she was hurt. She never did because she just wanted to be with her kits.

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Sorreltail's parents are Willowpelt and Whitestorm, and her littermates are Sootfur and Rainwhisker. Her mate is Brackenfur, and together they had Honeyfern, Cinderheart, Poppyfrost, Lilyheart, Seedpaw and Molepaw. For more of Sorreltail's family, click here!



Interesting facts

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  • Even though she became a warrior in Midnight,[8] she is still listed as an apprentice in the allegiances of Moonrise.[20]
  • She and her siblings are mistakenly mentioned as Willowpelt’s first litter.[21]


Firestar: "I'm glad to see you awake, Sorrelkit. Can you tell me what happened to you?"
Sorrelkit: "Sootkit and Rainkit were asleep in the nursery, but I wasn't sleepy. My mother wasn't watching, so I went to play in the ravine. I wanted to catch a mouse. And then I saw Darkstripe."
Firestar: "Go on."
Sorrelkit: "He was coming up the ravine by himself. I knew he should have Brackenfur with him, and I...I wondered where he was going. I followed him-I remembered the time he took Bramblepaw and Tawnypaw out of the camp, and I thought I might have an adventure like that, too. I followed him a long way. I'd never been so far from the camp. I hid from Darkstripe too-he didn't know I was there. And then he met another cat- a cat I'd never seen before."
Firestar: "What other cat? What did it look like? What scent did it have?"
Sorrelkit: "I didn't recognize the scent. But it was yucky. He was a big white cat- bigger than you, Firestar. And he had black paws."
Firestar: "Blackfoot! Tigerstar's deputy. That was ShadowClan scent you smelled, Sorrelkit."
Sandstorm: "And what's Darkstripe doing, meeting the ShadowClan deputy on our territory? That's what I'd like to know."
Firestar: "So what happened then?"
Sorrelkit: "I got scared. I ran back to camp, but I think Darkstripe must have heard me, because he caught up with me in the ravine. I thought he would be angry with me because I spied on him, but he told me how clever I was. He gave me some red berries for a special treat. They looked tasty, but when I ate them I started to feel really ill....And I don't remember anything else, except waking up here."
—Sorrelkit telling Firestar about Darkstripe feeding her deathberries The Darkest Hour, pages 111-113

"Sorreltail, if any cat can look after herself, it's you."
―Brackenfur to Sorreltail Starlight, page 260

Sorreltail: "Leafpool, whatever are you doing under there?"
Leafpool: "Looking for berries."
Sorreltail: "Holly berries? I thought they were poisonous."
Leafpool: "Yes, they are. I was...er...looking for different berries."
Sorreltail: "There's something I have to tell you, I think."
Leafpool: "There are good herbs around here. I always come here when-"
Sorreltail: "Leafpool, what are you meowing about? I'm expecting kits!"
—Sorreltail to Leafpool about she was expecting kits Twilight, page 50

"Loyalty is proved by what we do, not where we come from!"
―Sorreltail yowling about loyalty after Firestar's speech The Sight, page 222

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Poppypaw: "I can't swallow."
Jaypaw: "You must try."
Sorreltail: "She's worse, isn't she?"
Jaypaw: "Leafpool's gone to WindClan to ask for catmint."
Sorreltail: "But will Poppypaw survive until she returns?"
—Poppypaw, Jaypaw, and Sorreltail The Sight, page 318

Dustpelt: "The Clan will eat well today. Let's go."
Sorreltail: "You should see Leafpool as soon as you get back."
Dustpelt: "I'm fine."
Sorreltail: "You are not fine, and you will see Leafpool."
Dustpelt: "All right, no need to be so bossy."
—Sorreltail convincing Dustpelt to go see Leafpool after he starts coughing painfully Long Shadows, page 136

Sorreltail: "But all the same, we can't be sure that a WindClan cat-"
Spiderleg: "Ashfur died on the WindClan border. What more do you want?"
Sorreltail: "I want a bit more evidence than where his body was found before I start blaming any cat."
—Sorreltail backing up WindClan when Spiderleg is convinced they are murderers Sunrise, page 12

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