"Your luck is going to run out if you go on tempting fate like this."
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"Yeah. A lot. But... I don't know. I want to enjoy being a warrior right now. I don't want to get serious. But I like being with Larksong, and I think he likes being with me. Do you think he likes being with me?"
— Sparkpelt admitting to Alderheart her feelings for Larksong in Darkest Night, page 200

Sparkpelt is a flame-colored[9] tabby she-cat[1] with bright[5] emerald[10]-green eyes.[11]

Sparkpelt is a ThunderClan warrior who has served under Bramblestar's, the impostor's, Squirrelflight's, Lionblaze's, and Graystripe's leaderships in the lake territories. She was born as Sparkkit to Bramblestar and Squirrelflight, along with her siblings Alderkit, Dandelionkit, and Juniperkit, though Dandelionkit and Juniperkit died soon after birth. She received her apprentice name of Sparkpaw with Cherryfall as her mentor. Along with Alderpaw, she went on a quest to find SkyClan, but the mission was ultimately unsuccessful.

Moons after, Sparkpaw earned her warrior name, Sparkpelt. As a warrior, she developed strong feelings against SkyClan returning to the lake, despite Alderheart's opposite opinions. She mentored Twigbranch, who returned to ThunderClan from SkyClan, and rigorously trained her apprentice. She eventually became Larksong's mate and gave birth to Finchkit, Flamekit, and Flickerkit. However, Flickerkit was stillborn and Larksong succumbed to illness just as Sparkpelt finished giving birth. The death of her mate and son, combined with her parents' fighting, sent Sparkpelt into a depression, but she soon recovered and was able to be a mother to her kits. Sparkpelt was later briefly exiled by Bramblestar's impostor along with several other cats, but returned under the leadership of Squirrelflight.


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A Vision of Shadows

"I know SkyClan has suffered much and lost many Clanmates. But why can't they return to their old home? [...] We managed without them before. Why do we need them now?"
―Sparkpelt about SkyClan at a Gathering Darkest Night, pages 35-36
Sparkkit is one of the surviving kits of Bramblestar and Squirrelflight, alongside her brother, Alderkit. She is apprenticed to Cherryfall and immediately demonstrates a natural ability for hunting. She is chosen to go on a journey to find the missing fifth Clan, SkyClan. They find Darktail's group, but soon realize they are not the true SkyClan. The mission is ultimately unsuccessful, and they return home. Moons after, Sparkpaw earns her warrior name after rescuing Twigkit and passing her assessment, becoming Sparkpelt.
When SkyClan returns to the lake, she questions SkyClan's legitimacy and place with the other Clans, an opinion is shared with many others around the lake. However, Sparkpelt continues to care for her brother, rescuing him from a dog, and escorting him on a herb-gathering mission to RiverClan's closed border. Despite her strong feelings towards SkyClan, Bramblestar gives Sparkpelt Twigpaw, who is defecting from SkyClan to return to ThunderClan, to mentor. Her frustrations towards SkyClan become apparent during Twigpaw's training, but she successfully teaches her apprentice to become a loyal ThunderClan warrior. She also develops feelings for Larksong, a fellow ThunderClan warrior.

The Broken Code

"Don't banish me too. I can't leave my Clan, and my kits are still only apprentices. They need me."
―Sparkpelt to Bramblestar The Silent Thaw, page 197
Sparkpelt grieves when Bramblestar dies, and unsuccessfully tries to encourage Squirrelflight, who was postponing receiving her nine lives and leader name, to go to the Moonpool, which results in Squirrelflight snapping at her daughter out of grief. After her kits become apprentices, Sparkpelt leaves a hunting patrol to search for Lionblaze, who had been temporarily banished. When Bramblestar's impostor learns of this, he sends her to the abandoned Twoleg nest to fetch catmint as a punishment, but Bristlefrost discovers that he had laid a trap there by luring dogs in an attempt to kill Sparkpelt. She narrowly escapes death and returns to ThunderClan. After she brings up Flipclaw's lack of genuine medicine cat knowledge to Bramblestar's impostor, he exiles her for her alleged disloyalty to him, and she leaves ThunderClan along with several other cats, but returns after the impostor is deposed.

Super Editions

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In Squirrelflight's Hope, Sparkpelt nervously reveals to her bickering parents that she is expecting kits, and often experiences cramps. Larksong accompanies her on patrols and vows to be the best father he can be. After Larksong collapses due to an illness, Sparkpelt stays at his side in the medicine cats' den and she catches the sickness as well. She gives birth to three kits, but one of them is stillborn, and Larksong nuzzles his kit before he dies. Sparkpelt falls into a depression and ignores her surviving kits until Squirrelflight, having returned from StarClan, reveals she saw Larksong and their kit, Flickerkit, happy together.

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Sparkpaw's apprentice ceremony
Bramblestar: From this day forward, this apprentice will be known as Sparkpaw. Cherryfall, you will be her mentor. I trust that you will share with her your dedication to your Clan, your quick mind, and your excellent hunting skills.
Everyone: Sparkpaw! Sparkpaw!
Reference: The Apprentice's Quest, page 11


Sparkpelt's parents are Squirrelflight and Bramblestar, and her brother is Alderheart. Her mate is Larksong, and Finchpaw, Flamepaw, and Flickerkit are their children. For more of Sparkpelt's family, click here!



Interesting facts

Author statements

  • Kate said that she liked Alderheart better than Sparkpelt because although Sparkpelt is 'adorably cheery', she prefers a worrier.[blog 2]
  • Kate suggested the name Sparkfire for Sparkpaw's warrior name, but HarperCollins rejected the idea.[blog 3] Kate stated that Sparkpaw's warrior name would not be 'Sparkplug' either.[blog 4]
    • This is later printed as a sort of "easter egg", where Graystripe thought that Sparkfire would've been a nice warrior name to remember Firestar by.[5]
  • Kate says that Sparkpelt feels comfortable in her own skin, and she has no need to feel pressured to live up to Firestar's legacy.[blog 5]
  • Kate believes Sparkpelt to be short-furred.[blog 6]


Sparkpaw: "Huh, Thunderpaths! Purdy told me all about them. They're no big deal."
Sandstorm: "No big deal? Are you mouse-brained? Cats have died on Thunderpaths."
—Sparkpaw and Sandstorm arguing over their travel route The Apprentice's Quest, page 122

Sparkpaw: "In the Clans, we bring all the prey back to camp and make a fresh-kill pile. Some cat will take food to elders and nursing queens, and to any cats who are sick, and then the warriors and apprentices are allowed to help themselves. We don't fight like that.... It's only fair. You must've eaten like that in the past, since you're warriors too, and you're supposed to follow the warrior code."
Darktail: "We have developed our own code. After we left the other Clans, SkyClan realized our members were becoming weak, and we decided to make up some new rules. SkyClan rules reward the strong and aggressive—the cats who will best defend the Clan."
Sparkpaw: "Then why do you even bother living in a Clan? It's rogues who are out for themselves!"
—Sparkpaw questioning Darktail on his actions The Apprentice's Quest, page 204

"I know SkyClan has suffered much and lost many Clanmates. But why can't they return to their old home? Darktail is gone now, and so are his rogues. SkyClan's old home is safe again. I'm sure they were happy there once. They can be happy there again. We managed without them before. Why do we need them now? If they stay beside the lake, who is going to give up territory to give them a new home?"
―Sparkpelt about SkyClan at a Gathering Darkest Night, pages 35-36

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Alderheart: "You didn't care how I felt about SkyClan. Or that I've been worried about the prophecy or that it might be embarrassing to need saving from a kittypet! You're always so sure of yourself—you act like everything you do is okay, and sometimes it's not okay!"
Sparkpelt: "I know you wanted SkyClan to stay. But that doesn't mean I had to agree. I can have my own opinion. And of course I care that you're worried. But you're right. I guess I've been too caught up with Larksong to take the time to talk to you about stuff that's important. And I'm sorry I saved you from that fat kittypet... I'm not sorry exactly. I wasn't going to let you get your fur ripped off. But I trained as a warrior and you trained as a medicine cat. But if I was bleeding to death right now, you'd save me, wouldn't you? Because that's what you do. You save cats. I hunt and fight."
Alderheart: "I'm sorry. I know I'm being oversensitive. And you are allowed to have your own opinions. Even if they're wrong."
Sparkpelt: "I'm glad you're sensitive. It makes you a great brother."
—Sparkpelt and Alderheart Darkest Night, pages 197-199

Alderheart: "Tell me about Larksong. Do you really like him?"
Sparkpelt: "Yeah. A lot. But... I don't know. I want to enjoy being a warrior right now. I don't want to get serious. But I like being with Larksong, and I think he likes being with me. Do you think he likes being with me?"
Alderheart: "Why wouldn't he? You're funny and smart and a great warrior."
—Sparkpelt and Alderheart Darkest Night, page 200

"Yes, you must go. You can't truly become our leader until you receive your nine lives."
―Sparkpelt trying to urge Squirrelflight to go to the Moonpool Lost Stars, page 248

Bramblestar: "You disappeared during your hunting patrol yesterday. Where did you go?"
Sparkpelt: "I was hunting. I wanted to check the territory near the border. We hadn't hunted there for a while."
Bramblestar: "Why didn't the rest of the patrol go with you?"
Sparkpelt: "I don't know. I didn't ask. I didn't realize I had to ask. I've hunted alone before. We all have."
Bramblestar: "But things are different now. StarClan is angry. We have to be careful what we do. We must stay with our Clanmates."
Sparkpelt: "How will that make StarClan happy?"
Bramblestar: "It will make me happy. And while StarClan is silent, I'm their voice in the forest. They gave me nine lives. I think they must trust me to care for my Clan, don't you? Or do you think you know better than StarClan?"
Sparkpelt: "Of course I don't!"
Bramblestar: "Where did you go?"
Sparkpelt: "I was hunting!"
—Sparkpelt and Bramblestar's impostor The Silent Thaw, pages 194-195

Sparkpelt: "I went to look for Lionblaze, okay? Has StarClan made a rule against caring about our Clanmates now?"
Bramblestar: "How dare you! I banished Lionblaze. You had no business going after him."
Sparkpelt: "I didn't go after him. The quarter moon was up two days ago, and he's still not back yet. I went to see if he might be on his way home."
Squirrelflight: "She only went to check on a Clanmate."
Bramblestar: "This has nothing to do with you. Keep your whiskers out of it."
Squirrelflight: "She's my kit!"
Bramblestar: "She's a ThunderClan warrior and she broke the rules!"
Squirrelflight: "What rules?"
—Sparkpelt admitting the truth and Bramblestar and Squirrelflight arguing The Silent Thaw, page 196

"The dogs that attacked her weren't there by accident. Bramblestar sent Sparkpelt to see. She was attacked by dogs while she was looking for it. I went to investigate and found that some cat had been storing fresh-kill inside the old den. I think it was Bramblestar. I think he'd been luring dogs there for days before he sent Sparkpelt to fetch the catmint."
―Bristlefrost about Sparkpelt The Silent Thaw, pages 237-238

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