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Sparkpelt is an energetic, confident, and eager she-cat. She is skilled in hunting and fighting, and is very opinionated.[1]


Squirrelflight and Bramblestar

Sparkpelt loves her parents, and they are proud of her for her hunting and fighting skills.[2]


Sparkpelt and Alderheart have a good relationship as siblings. Although Sparkpelt does not really understand all of Aldherheart’s worries, she finds him endearing and enjoys spending time with him. She supports him, and is willing to go on the quest to find SkyClan with him. Even though they have differing opinions sometimes, Sparkpelt will always love Alderheart.[1]


Sparkpelt and Larksong truly love each other as mates. Larksong is sweet and caring, and Sparkpelt relies on him for comfort and support. When Larksong becomes seriously sick, Sparkpelt is very worried, but is determined that he will survive.[3] However, shortly after their kits are born, Larksong succumbs to the illness. Sparkpelt is almost completely destroyed, and goes into such a deep depression that she neglects her kits and lies numb in the nursery all day. Eventually though, after some encouraging, and a message from Larksong in StarClan given to her by Squirrelflight, Sparkpelt realizes that she has to be there for her kits. She will always miss Larksong, but she is trying to find happiness in caring for her kits, as that is what Larksong would want.[3]

Finchpaw, Flamepaw, and Flickerkit

Because of the fact that Larksong died right after he met the kits and that one of the kits - Flickerkit - was born stillborn, Sparkpelt was not there for her kits in their early days as she was extremely depressed. The kits were instead raised by Sorrelstripe, and some queens, namely Daisy, begin to worry that the kits wouldn’t even recognize Sparkpelt as their mother. After a message from Larksong carried by Squirrelflight after she returns from StarClan, Sparkpelt realizes that Larksong would want her to take care of their kits.[3]


When Twigpaw returns to ThunderClan, she is given Sparkpelt as her mentor. Sparkpelt does not think too highly of Twigpaw switching Clans so much, and trains her apprentice harshly. She makes her start from the beginning in her training, and Twigpaw is fed up as she has already been through two apprenticeships. Twigpaw even complains to Bramblestar about Sparkpelt’s training methods.[4]

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