"They’re Flurry and Sparrow. Hawk’s their mother."
Moonlight introducing Flurry and Sparrow in Squirrelflight's Hope, chapter 4

Sparrow is a long-furred,[5] well-muscled and broad-shouldered,[6] ginger-and-white she-cat[2] with wide paws.[7][6]

Sparrow is a Sister. She and her sister, Flurry, were born to Hawk, and their leader was Moonlight while the Sisters were living beside the Clans. Sparrow and many other Sisters developed respect for Squirrelflight and Leafstar when the Clan cats were held prisoner in the Sister’s camp for a short while. Sparrow later fought against the Clans in a battle that killed Moonlight, and left the lake territories with the remaining Sisters and Moonlight’s kits sometime after.


In the Super Editions

Squirrelflight's Hope

Sparrow and Flurry are introduced to Squirrelflight and Leafstar while they are stuck in the Sisters' camp, explaining that Hawk is their mother. As the Clan cats eat the food they're given, the Sisters in the camp glance at them surreptitiously, though Sparrow and her sister simply gaze with open curiousity, making Squirrelflight compare them to apprentices.
In the night, Leafstar tries to escape only to be caught by Snow. The commotion wakes the cats up, and Sparrow and Flurry hurry out of their dens to see what's going on. Flurry offers for her and Sparrow to guard the Clan cats instead, while Sparrow presses against Snow, saying they'll do it so she can get some sleep, but Snow refuses their offer.
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In the Novellas

Tree's Roots

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Hawk:[2] Living (As of Squirrelflight's Hope)


Flurry:[2] Living (As of Squirrelflight's Hope)


Snail:[8] Living (As of Tree's Roots)
Chestnut:[8] Living (As of Tree's Roots)
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Snow:[6] Living (As of Squirrelflight's Hope)
Tempest:[6] Living (As of Squirrelflight's Hope)
Stone:[6] Living (As of Squirrelflight's Hope)
Grass:[6] Living (As of Squirrelflight's Hope)
Moonlight:[6] Deceased, verified ghost
Ice:[9] Living (As of Tree's Roots)
Tree:[10] Living (As of Graystripe's Vow)
Squirrel:[11] Living (As of (Squirrelflight's Hope)
Leaf:[11] Living (As of Squirrelflight's Hope)
Moon:[11] Living (As of Squirrelflight's Hope)
Needleclaw:[12] Living (As of Graystripe's Vow)
Rootspring:[12] Living (As of Graystripe's Vow)
Furze:[6] Living (As of Squirrelflight's Hope)
Creek:[6] Living (As of Squirrelflight's Hope)
Sunrise:[6] Living (As of Squirrelflight's Hope)
Haze:[9] Deceased, verified ghost
Petal:[9] Living (As of Tree's Roots)
Stream:[9] Deceased, verified ghost
Mud:[9] Living (As of Tree's Roots)
Spider:[13] Status unknown
Cloud:[14] Status unknown
Moonlight's unnamed kits:[13] Status unknown
Moonlight's unnamed sons:[13] Status unknown


Unnamed ♂Hawk ♀Unnamed ♂
Flurry ♀Sparrow ♀Chestnut ♂Snail ♂

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


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