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In the Dawn of the Clans arc

Thunder Rising

Sparrow Fur is born to Tom and Turtle Tail along with her siblings, Owl Eyes and Pebble Heart.
Gray Wing feels the same connection with the kits as he did with Fluttering Bird and Jagged Peak, and thinks of them as perfect. Gray Wing then whispers to Turtle Tail that Sparrow Fur appeared like her, and remarks that she, along with her siblings, were fighters. When looking at Turtle Tail's kits, Sparrow Fur's fur is said to have dried and fluffed up, and tumbles over onto her back, waving her paws into the air. Turtle Tail suggests for one of them to coordinate Sparrow Fur, and Gray Wing rights her, as she tips over repeatedly, and lets out a loud series of squeaks. When she is upright, Sparrow Fur stumbles forward and flops down beside her mother, and her wails stop as she suckles.
A moon later, Sparrow Fur and her siblings tumble from their sleeping tunnel, and play with Jagged Peak. It is said that they are growing strong and active, and Turtle Tail keeps an eye on them. Turtle Tail then informs him of the names of her kits, and mentions that the tortoiseshell she-kit was named Sparrow Fur. The kit notes that Turtle Tail said they could go out on the moor, and butts her head against her mother's side, telling her that she groomed enough. As they go out, they charge up the slope, and halt up in amazement as they see the moor. Sparrow Fur inquires about the chance of going to the mountains, but Gray Wing declines.
Sparrow Fur and her siblings then run excitedly throughout the moor, chasing butterflies, and batting beetles in the grass. When Bumble asks to join the group, the kits, who listen with wide eyes, begin bouncing up and down with excitement. Sparrow Fur repeats Pebble Heart's assertion that Bumble come live with them, but Turtle Tail tells them to hush. When Bumble mentions Tom, Sparrow Fur butts Turtle Tail's leg, and asks about him. Turtle Tail tells her not to mind that, and sweeps her tail to gather all the kits.
When Gray Wing wakes up from sleeping, he sees Rainswept Flower with Sparrow Fur, Owl Eyes, and Pebble Heart standing around the dip's edge in a half circle, and gaze down at him, fur buffeted by brisk wind. Sparrow Fur asks if he was to live in their den, and the three kits then let out excited squeaks, launching themselves into the dip, and scramble and bury themselves into Gray Wing and Turtle Tail. Afterwards, Sparrow Fur and her siblings play at the bottom of their hollow, and they squeal in excitement as they leap on top of one another, and roll around in debris.
Sparrow Fur then races up the slope toward him, begging for Gray Wing to play with them, and skids to a halt in front of him. Gray Wing inquires of the actions in the game, and Sparrow Fur explains that Owl Eyes was a fox, looking over her shoulder to him as she bounces down the slope ahead of him. Sparrow Fur adds that they have to roll out of Owl Eyes' way when he attacks then, and Gray Wing thinks of it as a good training game. They then go to the bottom of the hollow, and Owl Eyes hurls himself at Sparrow Fur, but she waits at the last moment before she darts aside.
She then yowls in delight, and rolls over among the debris, but Gray Wing whirls to attack her, but is injured in the process. Sparrow Fur and her siblings crowd around him, eyes huge and anxious, and their bodies make it harder for Gray Wing to breathe. However, he decides not to bat them out of the way, and Turtle Tail informs them to get back, thrusting the kits back gently. Owl Eyes and Sparrow Fur then huddle closer to Gray Wing, touching their noses to his, and Sparrow Fur adds that they never had a father like him, and asks if he was just like a father to them. Owl Eyes and Sparrow Fur fix their gazes on Gray Wing, eyes full of hope and love, and Turtle Tail replies that he was. Cloud Spots then gestures the kits from Gray Wing, and Turtle Tail gathers and herds them up. Once Cloud Spots and Gray Wing are left alone, the former notes that it wasn't merely the kits who needed him.
The next day, Turtle Tail sleeps with her kits, and they sprawl over their mother's body. As Gray Wing goes out to hunt for Turtle Tail, he realizes that if he had not left the mountains, he would not have became the father of Sparrow Fur and her siblings, and if the cold season is easy as the last, Sparrow Fur and her siblings would grow up strong and healthy. However, the kits scamper up to him, and Gray Wing declines, prompting Sparrow Fur to beseech him with begging eyes. She adds that no kit was was too young to learn good hunting skills, and Gray Wing fixes her with a stern look, wondering where she picked it up.
Gray Wing informs the kits that they would cold, but to stay close together and with him, and to do what he says. Sparrow Fur and her siblings then nod vigorously, and follow Gray Wing onto the moor, excitement showing merely in their whisker twitches and eyes. Once Gray Wing locates a hare, he informs the kits to look at it, and they stare in his tail's direction. Pebble Heart points out it was a kit, and Sparrow Fur inquires if its parents would be bothered if it didn't come home. Gray Wing explains to the kits that they needed to hunt to survive, recalling Fluttering Bird's death. Sparrow Fur and her siblings then share uncertain glances, before Gray Wing shows them how to hunt.
He inquires to the kits why it was considered good for the breeze to blow their way, and Sparrow Fur responds brightly that they could scent the hare, but not the other way around. Gray Wing remarks that she was right, and Sparrow Fur puffs out her chest proudly. However, once Gray Wing successfully does so, his lungs act up, and the kits gather around him, letting out anxious squeaks, and their bodies press against him. One of them inquires if he was ill once more, and another yowls with pain. Gray Wing apologizes, and the kits look at each other. Sparrow Fur and her siblings assist Gray Wing carrying the hare to camp, and once they arrive, Gray Wing remarks to Turtle Tail that her kits did well on their first hunt. Sparrow Fur then explodes into speech, explaining the events prior.
Turtle Tail orders her kits to carry the hare to the center of camp, and Jagged Peak offers to assist them. Sparrow Fur and her siblings then drag the hare away, and Turtle Tail notes that Gray Wing couldn't teach his kits—or good as his own—to hunt without a problem, and inquires why he pushed him aside. Once Gray Wing explains, Turtle Tail replies that she didn't want to hear about him pushing the kits away. When Gray Wing calls for a summons, Sparrow Fur leaps on top of Owl Eyes, claiming she would get him, and Turtle Tail separates them. When Moon Shadow dies, Owl Eyes and Sparrow Fur scamper up to join Pebble Heart, and Gray Wing informs them that Jagged Peak would look after them for the time being. Sparrow Fur claims that he knew great games, and Gray Wing adds that they didn't need to see Moon Shadow's burial. Once he leads the kits to Jagged Peak, they bounce around them as he leads them across the camp.
Once he returns, Owl Eyes is said to go missing, and Jagged Peak explains that he was helping Sparrow Fur and Pebble Heart when he had left. Gray Wing informs him that he had to watch all three kits, and the kits stand close together tail-lengths down the slope, eyes wide and frightened. Gray Wing inquires if the kits knew about his disappearance, and Sparrow Fur scuffles her forepaws in the soil, head lowered. Turtle Tail asks if she knew anything, and Sparrow Fur reluctantly admits that Owl Eyes claimed he was going to catch a hare. Gray Wing asks why she didn't tell Jagged Peak, and Sparrow Fur flinches away, replying that she didn't believe he meant it, and thought he was boasting. She adds that she didn't know he would perform such action, and Gray Wing decides to go find him. Once they do, Sparrow Fur and Pebble Heart rush up to their sibling, burying their noses in his fur.

The First Battle

When Gray Wing is talking to Stoneteller, he thinks of Sparrow Fur and her siblings sleeping next to him, and his love for them.
During the discussion of whether the moor cats should attack first or not, she and her siblings are playing on the edge of the clearing. Sparrow Fur calls she will be the mouse the time before her siblings burst through the bush. She complains that’s unfair and she didn’t get the chance to hide. Her siblings discuss playing Jump the Bird when Gray Wing tells them to stay out of the way. Sparrow Fur’s eyes light up excitedly as she suggests going back under the brambles and see how far they can climb in the branches. When Gray Wing suggests cats hunting for prey, Sparrow Fur asks if it's time to eat, but her mother reassures her soon. After being turned away a few times to see Thunder, she and her littermates surround Thunder and start asking the young tom lots of questions.
As Gray Wing hops on the rock to speak, Sparrow Fur runs to her mother's side and Turtle Tail tells them cats can't hunt for themselves are not old enough to hear everything. Sparrow Fur counters by telling her she caught a butterfly yesterday but when she tells them to go play; she stalks away with her brothers following.
Later, Sparrow Fur leaps into her parents' nest and announces she is sleeping closest to Gray Wing that night. Sparrow Fur asks confusingly what Turtle’s Tail angry about, but is quickly reassures and goes back to eating. She wiggles when Owl Eyes stands on her tail but is hushed by her mother.
The next day, Jagged Peak is teaching Sparrow Fur to attack a still warm rabbit. Sparrow Fur gives a hiss; she leaps and lands on the rabbit, her claws sinking deep into its fur. She bites into the back of the neck, and tries to shake it between her jaws. Thunder and Jagged Peak have an argument and Sparrow Fur points out they have to learn how to fight. She begs the two older toms to not fight over them. With shoulder drooping, she pads away. Jagged Peak then points out Sparrow Fur and Owl Eyes chasing after Pebble Heart, saying they belonged on the moor.
When Wind Runner and Gorse Fur tell Gray Wing they are expecting kits, he thinks of Sparrow Fur and her brothers. As he jumps onto the rock to announce this news, he spots Sparrow Fur with Turtle Tail and her other kits in the clearing.
The next day, after Thunder talks to Clear Sky, he runs across Sparrow Fur’s father, Tom, and he asks how the kits and Turtle Tail were. While that was happening, Sparrow Fur complains that she didn't get a long enough badger ride, and Owl Eyes got a ride around the hollow twice. Turtle Tail hushes her and tells her to go play with Jagged Peak and Owl Eyes. When Jagged Peak playfully pretends to start squashing Owl Eyes, Sparrow Fur gasps she will save him. When Thunder tells Gray Wing about his meeting with the kittypet, Gray Wing sees Owl Eyes and Sparrow Fur trying to out-pounce each other in the grass, and he decides that they would never meet their father.
After getting a nick on the ear and some other injuries in a scuffle with the moor cats, Tom asks where his kits were. Gray Wing accidentally gives away their location in the hollow. Turtle Tail tries to cover him, but when Tom asks if they would like to meet him, she gives away how much she truly loved them.
She and her siblings blink sleepily when Turtle Tail and the other adult cats rush around during Wind Runner's kitting. Sparrow Fur agrees to help keep an eye on Gray Wing because of his wheezing fits while the others check on Wind Runner. After the kitting, Turtle Tail suddenly pricks her ears, saying she couldn't hear a Sparrow Fur and her other kits. The whole camp begins looking for them.
Clear Sky comes across Tom and the kits. Sparrow Fur is watching Clear Sky with eyes wide and scared. When asked by Thunder and Lightning Tail, he denies ever seeing them, and the two continue to search for them.
When they find Tom, Thunder hears Sparrow Fur complaining she is hungry, and asks if they are going hunting soon. Tom answers that they don't have to catch it. Sparrow Fur gets confused and asks why. Tom tells them to hide when he hears his Housefolk coming, and Sparrow Fur boasts he'll never find her as she races for the entrance. Tom calls her back to stay in the den. She asks why she can't go out and Tom tells her because he says so. He tells her to just hide inside the den and quickly. Sparrow Fur gazes quickly around before sliding behind a tall slice of wood. After the housefolk leaves, Sparrow Fur exclaims Tom was so brave, he didn’t even look scared. When Thunder and Lightning Tail appears, she exclaims Thunder and River Ripple has come too. She complains that Turtle Tail promised her that she could see Wind Runner’s kits.
Lightning Tail tells Sparrow Fur what a shame it is she'll never learn how to pluck a lapwing from the sky. Sparrow Fur blinked and tells him Tom promises to teach the kits how to hunt. Thunder tells Sparrow Fur that the Twolegs could give names like Tom's, and she'll be called She-kit instead of Sparrow Fur, causing Sparrow Fur to state she likes her name. Sparrow Fur turns to Tom and says they are saying good-bye to Thunder and Lightning Tail. She asks what Lightning Tail is doing as he weaves around the Twoleg's legs, and when the Twoleg pets Lightning Tail, Sparrow Fur said crossly she doesn't want the Twoleg touching her. When Tom lashes out at Lightning Tail, Sparrow Fur asks why Tom is being so mean, and Thunder replies that perhaps he doesn't want to share his Twolegs.
When Thunder asks if the kits want to go home, Sparrow Fur bounds to him, saying she does. She and her siblings race into the camp, calling for Turtle Tail. When they find out she died, Sparrow Fur demands why they were brought back, as they took them away from their father when they knew their mother died. She joins her brothers, curling up at Gray Wing's belly, but before drifting to sleep, Pebble Heart tells Gray Wing that they belonged on the moor in a tone of absolute certainty.
The next morning, Sparrow Fur and her siblings are preparing for Emberkit's burial. During the burial, Sparrow Fur wails that Emberkit is too young to be dead.
Sparrow Fur washes her ear distractedly as Gray Wing paces. Thunder is saddened to see Sparrow Fur not even lift her head as one of Wind Runner's kits meows. Before he leaves, Gray Wing says goodbye to the kits and Sparrow Fur mews that she is going to meet Clear Sky, the meanest cat ever.

The Blazing Star

Sparrow Fur continues to grow up with her littermates in the moor camp. When Thunder is instructing Mouse Ear and Mud Paws on how to use the rabbit burrows while hunting, Sparrow Fur and her brother Owl Eyes race over, the two kits eager to join in the training session, and the tortoiseshell barrels straight into Mouse Ear. The big tabby tom turns on her, growling at Sparrow Fur to get off his paws. Eyes glittering, the tortoiseshell gives him a teasing nip before bounding away. Mouse Ear takes a swipe towards the mischievous kit, but his claws are sheathed and barely graze her fur. Thunder, annoyed with the interruption, gives Sparrow Fur a hard stare and reminds her that he is conducting a training session, not a wrestling match, before resuming his lesson.
When Thunder returns to camp after a patrol, he sees Sparrow Fur playing moss-ball with her brothers, with Tall Shadow keeping a close eye on the three kits. After hearing the patrol's report, Tall Shadow calls a meeting, and Thunder and Mouse Ear collect Turtle Tail's three kits and head into camp, finding a place to sit near the rock Tall Shadow is addressing them from. The black she-cat explains to the listening cats that Clear Sky has taken in two dangerous cats: a vicious rogue called One Eye, and Tom. At this, Sparrow Fur and Owl Eyes exchange gazes of distress, Sparrow Fur saying that even though she doesn't know if her father is dangerous, she is sure he isn't evil. The two are curious about their father, so the they head over to ask Gray Wing about him, Sparrow Fur questioning him why every cat is so against Tom. Gray Wing tells his adoptive kits that it doesn't matter what their father did, they will still be accepted by the group. Sparrow Fur protests that she doesn't know what her father did, and mutters under her breath that one day, she will go find Tom and find out the truth about him.
Sparrow Fur, with Jagged Peak's permission, journeys to the forest to see Tom. She reaches Clear Sky's territory as One Eye is leading a training session in a clearing. The little tortoiseshell pads confidently pads into the clearing, asking for her father, who is absent from the training session. One Eye leads to confront the kit, pushing his paws into her forehead without warning. Sparrow Fur objects that he doesn't have to use his claws, because as Tom's daughter, she is not his enemy. One Eye sneers that if she loves her father so much, she should come live in Clear Sky's camp, because until she does, she can't be one of them.
Angrily, Sparrow Fur hisses that One Eye cannot prevent her from staying, and that she is going to see her father before she goes. One Eye challenges her to fight him, and that if she is serious about seeing her father she has to take him down first — if she can. Sparrow Fur says that she is a good fighter, and that she battles her brothers all the time. One Eye points out that he is not her kin, and that he wouldn't care if she didn't survive the fight. Sparrow Fur is uncertain as to whether to take on a rogue, but finally decides that she will if that is what it takes to be able to see her father. Clear Sky, believing One Eye is just going to teach the kit a lesson, approves the fight.
Sparrow Fur launches herself at One Eye, getting a few strikes in at his ears, but the mangy tom rakes his claws across her shoulder. She collapses, blood welling from the wound her opponent opened up. She manages to stagger to her paws, clearly in pain, but determined to see her father, she hurls herself at the rogue again, sinking her claws and teeth into his back and neck, and swiping at his eye. One Eye throws her off with ease, pinning her to the ground and swiping mercilessly at the kit's white belly as Sparrow Fur feebly, with no success, tries to bat her attacker away with her paws. One Eye is about to deal the killing blow when Tom arrives and intervenes. The copper-colored tom saves his kit's life by knocking One Eye away and battling him instead, but Tom is eventually killed in the fight.
Clear Sky rushes down to the unconscious kit, horrified as he sees how badly he allowed One Eye to wound her. The gray tom orders his campmates to bring cobwebs and he presses them to her wounds. Gradually, the bleeding slows and her breathing becomes more steady and regular. Thorn and Leaf gently pick the tortoiseshell cat up, careful not to dislodge the cobwebs covering her wounds, and carry Sparrow Fur back to camp, while Acorn Fur rushes ahead to have Petal prepare a nest for her.
After driving One Eye from his camp for injuring Sparrow Fur and killing her father, Clear Sky rushes to inform Gray Wing and Tall Shadow's cats of the incident. Gray Wing goes to see his adoptive kit and to have her brought back to the moor. When he arrives, he sees that Sparrow Fur is in her nest in a sheltered spot under an oak tree, eating a mouse. Her scratches are still visible, and one wound is still covered in cobwebs, but her eyes are bright. She struggles to her paws when she sees Gray Wing, and Petal urges her to stay still because of her injuries. Meanwhile, Quick Water treats her wounds with marigold, and Birch brings her wet moss to drink from. The ginger kit tells Gray Wing that he and Alder enjoyed having another kit in camp.
Clear Sky tells the young tortoiseshell that it is time for her to go home, and that her brothers are waiting for her. Sparrow Fur, with a glance at her new friend Birch, tells the group leader that she would like to stay with his cats. She then shifts in her nest, letting out a small mewl of pain as the movement hurts her, and Birch moves the most and ferns to make her nest more comfortable. Sparrow Fur yawns, looking exhausted. Gray Wing realizes that the kit is not well enough to travel, and seeing how well she is being treated in Clear Sky's camp, entrusts her to the care of his brother's cats.
Sparrow Fur continues to recover in Clear Sky's camp, but when the leader returns from a meeting at the Four Trees, he is confronted by One Eye. The mangy tom has returned to his camp, and Clear Sky realizes that Sparrow Fur has gone missing. The light gray leader sees that One Eye has trapped her inside a hollow tree with twigs and branches wedged into a solid barrier to prevent her from escaping. The little she-cat mewls for Clear Sky to help her. One Eye, with the help of his rogues, banished Clear Sky from his own camp, and as he leaves, he sees Sparrow Fur, still imprisoned in the hollow tree, and realizes he can't leave her to face One Eye's torture. Clear Sky, acting defeated, walks out of the circle of rogues, but then dives suddenly forward, tearing away the branches of the barrier and opening a gap. Sparrow Fur leaps through it, and Clear Sky thrusts her in front of him as the two rogues turn on the two.
Clear Sky and Sparrow Fur flee the forest, Clear Sky leading her along a tangled path to try to escape the rogues that pursue them. The two finally burst out of the forest, panting, and Clear Sky looks back at the kit. Sparrow Fur meets his gaze with troubled eyes, and asks him what they are going to do. They decide to return to the moor camp, and when they arrive, Cloud Spots looks the tortoiseshell kit over, deciding upon examination that her wounds look fine and are healing. The black-and-white tom thanks Clear Sky for caring for her, but then adds that it is better that she is back in her rightful home. Sparrow Fur defends the gray tom that he was good to her while she was with his group, and that he rescued her from One Eye's trap. She continues to recuperate now that she is back in Tall Shadow's Camp, and her wounds are watched over carefully by brother Pebble Heart.
Sparrow Fur and Owl Eyes participate in the battle against One Eye, hiding in a thorn tree to try to ambush the rogue. After Gray Wing's initial plan to defeat One Eye fails and Clear Sky is attacked by him and his rogues, he comes up with a new one: to have someone lure One Eye to the thorn tree so that the other cats can leap on him from above. Sparrow Fur declares that she will be the cat to lure the mangy tom, as he hates her almost as much as he does Clear Sky. Dappled Pelt argues that she's only a kit, to which Sparrow Fur objects that he killed Tom, and that she was doing this to avenge her father's death. No cat argues anymore, and the tortoiseshell out onto a branch and calls out to One Eye, taunting him that he was stupid to let her escape with Clear Sky and that he should come over and finish the fight. One Eye and his rogues swarm towards the thorn tree, and One Eye calls up to Sparrow Fur, telling her that if she wants a fight, she will have one she won't forget — because she'll be dead. The tortoiseshell calls him a flea-pelt and leaps up to a higher branch. One Eye cranes his neck to see her, and as he does he is blinded by the sun, allowing Gray Wing and the other cats in the tree to ambush him and his followers.
After the conclusion of the battle and One Eye's death, Clear Sky returns to his forest camp, and Sparrow Fur as well as Cloud Spots and Shattered Ice accompany him. Sparrow Fur heads out into the forest to collect tansy, and doesn't return for a while, much to the concern of Clear Sky, who worries for her safety because even though One Eye's cats were defeated, there could still be rogues lurking around. However, as he decides to search for her, he is interrupted as his campmates arrive. Most are pleased to see Clear Sky, but Snake is furious with him for allowing One Eye to take over, and prepares to attack the newly reinstated leader. Before either cat can move, there is a wild screech, and Sparrow Fur arrives back in the clearing, hurling herself at Snake. She tackles the tom, who is twice her size, and seeing the kit's bravery, Clear Sky's other cats rush to fight Snake as well, Nettle declaring that they can't let a kit fight for their leader. Defeated by Clear Sky's group, Snake is exiled, and afterwards Clear Sky licks Sparrow Fur's ears, proclaiming that she is both the bravest and the most flea-brained kit ever, and thanks her for what she has done.

A Forest Divided

When Holly is scolding Eagle Feather, Dew Nose, and Storm Pelt for playing out in the cold and ordering them back into her den, Sparrow Fur emerges from the arching broom at the far end of the camp. She pads over, telling Holly to let her kits play, because they might not have another chance to have fun for days since there is about to be a heavy snowstorm. Sparrow Fur advises the kits' father, Jagged Peak, to shelter in the arching broom with his kits. Jagged Peak and Holly later take this advice and decide to build a nest for themselves and their kits there. As Gray Wing watches the young tortoiseshell lead the other cats over to the broom, he remarks proudly that she is just like her mother.
When the cats of Tall Shadow's camp decide to cast stones to determine where each cat will live, Sparrow Fur emerges from the snowy grass at the edge of the clearing with her brother Owl Eyes, the two having just woken up. Dappled Pelt explains to them what is going on, and Sparrow Fur, surprised, wonders why they had decided to do this now. Thunder informs her that he and the other leaders had received a dream from the spirit-cats telling them that the groups had to grow and spread like the Blazing Star. Rolling her eyes, Sparrow Fur points out that they had learned of that message ages ago. Thunder explains that the spirit-cats had urged them to hurry up. Sparrow Fur queries as to why they were told to do so, to which Thunder replies that he does not know.
When it is time to cast stones, Sparrow Fur weaves excitedly beside her two brothers, asking if she can choose wherever she wants. Gray Wing answers that she can, as the spirit-cats told them to follow their hearts. Sparrow Fur, deciding she wants to move to the forest with Clear Sky, puts her stone in that pile. Gray Wing, staring at her, asks her if she's certain. Sparrow Fur responds that she likes it there, thinking of her previous stay with that group when she was injured. The tortoiseshell insists that she wants to move to the forest, adding that she likes the trees and that she's always wanted to taste squirrel, although her voice trails away as she sees the grief in her adoptive father's eyes. Owl Eyes elects to join her in the forest, although Pebble Heart and Gray Wing choose to go to the pine forest.
As the cats prepare to leave for their new homes, Gray Wing goes to bid farewell to Sparrow Fur and Owl Eyes. The dark gray tom comments that they look excited, realizing later that his tone made it sound like an accusation and adding that it is good that they are happy because it means that they made the right choice. Anxious, Sparrow Fur assures him that she and Owl Eyes didn't mean to hurt him, to which Gray Wing reassures them that he is not hurt. Gray Wing notices that his two adoptive kits look very grown up, seeing that their kitten fluff is gone, their pelts are sleek, and that they have delicate muscles beneath their fur. He also notes how Sparrow Fur has the same tortoiseshell markings as her mother, and asks if they will still remember Turtle Tail in their new home. Sparrow Fur exclaims that they certainly will, and that they will never forget her. Gray Wing licks her fur, and tells her and her brother that he is proud of them, and that Turtle Tail would be as well. He reminds them that they can always come to him if they need help.
At that moment, Lightning Tail calls to the brother and sister that it is time for them to go. Uncertain, Sparrow Fur asks if they should wait for their new leader, Clear Sky. The light gray tom replies to them that he'll catch up, and the three charge out of camp through the gorse barrier, heading for their new home, with Clear Sky following them a few moments later.
Later, Gray Wing sadly recalls his adoptive kits Sparrow Fur and Owl Eyes now that they have gone away to the forest, and thinks that Pebble Heart must miss his littermates as well. It is noted that even though Turtle Tail's kits are almost full grown, Gray Wing will always love them as their father.
Meanwhile, Sparrow Fur and Owl Eyes settle in to their new woodland home, and Acorn Fur gives them a training session on how to hunt in the forest. The chestnut brown she-cat is busy having Owl Eyes attempt to pounce on a dead mouse from the other side of the clearing, but he cannot leap accurately. The young gray tom crouches down to try again, anxiously fixing his eyes on his target. Pacing impatiently, Sparrow Fur tells her brother to hurry up. Acorn Fur chides her, telling her to stay still so that Owl Eyes can concentrate. The tortoiseshell protests that she wants a turn, to which Acorn Fur reminds her that the mouse isn't going anywhere. Sparrow Fur argues that the mouse will be all shredded by the time she gets to pounce on it, but is told that Owl Eyes needs to practice on it. Owl Eyes gets distracted by a leaf falling, and his sister once again complains about how long it is taking.
Acorn Fur tells the young tortoiseshell to see how many scents she can count as she waits, but Clear Sky, who is watching the session, objects that counting scents is for kits, and instead sends her off to catch prey in the forest. Sparrow Fur is excited, and dashes off to do so. Alarmed, Acorn Fur exclaims that Sparrow Fur doesn't know anything about the forest and its dangers, so she and Owl Eyes go with her to her hunt.
Sparrow Fur catches a small shrew while hunting. She and Owl Eyes pick through the fresh-kill pile in Clear Sky's camp, she paws a mouse from the top and lifts out shrew, holding it out to her Clanmates. Cloud Spots pads across the clearing to the fresh-kill pile, and asks what is fresh. Sparrow Fur tells him that the shrew is. The black-and-white tom asks whether the tortoiseshell caught it. Owl Eyes, snorting, says that Cloud Spots knows she did, as she's been bragging about how she caught it since they got back. Licking his lips, Cloud Spots tells the she-cat that he loves shrew. Owl Eyes offers him the starling that he caught, but Sparrow Fur, glaring at her brother, says that the black-and-white tom wants her prey, not his.
A few days later, Clear Sky selects Sparrow Fur for one of the hunting patrols, but not Owl Eyes. Owl Eyes sulks about it in camp, and says that he would hunt better than his sister, as it is raining and Sparrow Fur doesn't like getting her paws wet. In the afternoon, after Sparrow Fur has returned to camp, she lies sleepily with her brother Owl Eyes at the edge of the clearing. When Birch and Alder are asking Acorn Fur questions about life on the moor and tunneling, the tortoiseshell puts in that she never got to hunt in the tunnels because she was too young. That night, Thunder, Leaf, and several other cats get into an argument because Clear Sky won't let everyone hunt, and Thunder decides that he will leave and form his own group. Owl Eyes wants to go with him, and he asks Sparrow Fur if she is coming. Looking confused, Sparrow Fur stares at her brother for a moment, but then declares that she is standing by her decision to come with Clear Sky and that she is not coming with him and the rest of Thunder's group.
Sparrow Fur remains with Clear Sky’s group, and when Thunder returns to inform his father about Quiet Rain's arrival, pads from the shadows in the clearing with Nettle and Quick Water. She asks the orange tom how her brother Owl Eyes is doing, and Thunder replies that he is fine, and that he was left guarding his new camp.

Path of Stars

When Clear Sky returns to camp the morning after Star Flower's capture, he finds his campmates staring at him uneasily, having been informed by Quick Water of what happened. Sparrow Fur and Nettle circle the clearing, narrowing their eyes as their leader pads into the center of the camp. Quick Water declares that Star Flower has gone back to her true friends, to which Clear Sky protests that his mate was kidnapped by the rogues. Sparrow Fur sits between Acorn Fur and Blossom, tail twitching, and objects that Quick Water said that one of the rogues used to be the golden she-cat's mate. Clear Sky refutes this statement, saying that Slash was not her mate, and that he only knew her through her father One Eye. He explains that Slash and his rogues had taken Star Flower by force. Sparrow Fur questions if he could have stopped them, but Clear Sky argues that he could not do so on his own, up against three rogues. Sparrow Fur realizes that they need to rescue Star Flower from the rogues, proclaiming that they need to defend what is theirs, and the tortoiseshell agrees to accompany Clear Sky when he goes to ask the other group leaders to agree to meet Slash at the half-moon and to give up a share of their prey.
Clear Sky, with his patrol of Sparrow Fur, Acorn Fur, and Alder, arrives at Thunder's camp. Clear Sky and his three campmates appeal to Thunder for help, Sparrow Fur putting in that there could be many rogues guarding Star Flower, as Slash had said there could be more than they could imagine. Upon learning that saving the queen might mean giving up his own cats' prey, Thunder refuses to meet with the tabby rogue, stating that he cannot sacrifice his own campmates' well-being for Star Flower's sake. Clear Sky stares at his son in disbelief, but Sparrow Fur reminds him comfortingly that the other leaders might help. She assures him that River Ripple would be happy to give up a share of his prey, as the river is always full of fish. Clear Sky agrees, and he and his patrol leave to go speak with the other leaders.
After Star Flower's rescue, Clear Sky goes hunting in the forest with Sparrow Fur, although the two do not have much luck, catching only a scrawny rabbit for an entire morning's worth of hunting. Sparrow Fur sniffs underneath some brambles, but can only smell rotting leaves. She sits up, unhooking a thorn from her fur, and comments that they should have brought Blossom and Acorn Fur with them. Clear Sky reminds her that more hunters scarce off prey, to which Sparrow Fur pointedly asks what prey he is talking about. Suddenly, Sparrow Fur spots a fat squirrel, and she and Clear Sky begin to stalk it, each approaching from a different side. The tortoiseshell she-cat steps on a twig, which snaps beneath her, frightening the squirrel. It begins to flee, and Sparrow Fur chases the squirrel towards Clear Sky, who is able to make the kill. The young tortoiseshell praises her leader's catch, and he lets her carry it back to camp.
Sparrow Fur and Clear Sky head back towards where they had buried the rabbit, but the two discover that it isn't there. Sparrow Fur wonders if a fox could have stolen it, but at that moment, a sneering voice asks if they are looking for something. Slash emerges into the clearing with three of his rogues–Beetle, Splinter, and Snake–at his side. The brown tabby rogue eyes the squirrel they have caught, and the tortoiseshell hisses that they caught it for their campmates, not for Slash's rogues. Slash orders Sparrow Fur to give up the squirrel that it is at her paws, and the young she-cat lifts her chin defiantly. Clear Sky tells her to let Slash take the prey, and gives the squirrel to the tabby rogue, telling him that it should be enough to fill his belly until he and his cats learn to hunt for themselves. Furious at the gray tom's insult, Slash lashes out with a paw towards him.
Sparrow Fur lunges towards Slash to defend her leader, catching him on the shoulder with her paw. She unbalances the rogue cat and then rakes her claws across his muzzle. Snake darts forward, slashing at the tortoiseshell's tail, and as she twists to face him, Slash is able to drag her on to her side. He then begins to claw her, but Clear Sky offers the rogue leader the squirrel if he stops the fight. Slash decides to accept this offer, and lets Sparrow Fur up. She growls furiously at Slash, but Clear Sky tells her it's not worth the fight. She looks at her leader, dismayed, and protests that they have taken everything they caught. With the rogues gone, Clear Sky leads the injured Sparrow Fur back to camp and thanks her for defending him against Slash, noting that it was not the first time the feisty she-cat had stood up for him.
Sparrow Fur, along with Clear Sky's other cats, attends the meeting in which Slash's former rogues are welcomed into the groups. When Slash arrives and hints that he plans to harm Slate and her kits, Sparrow Fur, as well as her littermates Owl Eyes and Pebble Heart, offers to stay and help defend Gray Wing's mate and kits. She rushes back to Wind Runner's camp with the rest of the cats, but when they arrive, they discover that they are too late: Slash's cats have already stolen Black Ear, one of Gray Wing and Slate's kits. Sparrow Fur is sent out with Thunder and Owl Eyes to search for Black Ear in the pine forest.
Thunder leads her and her brother out of the camp, and the three race across the moor. Thunder asks the tortoiseshell she-cat if she has found any tracks in the snow, and Owl Eyes finds pawprints. The three cats stop and examine the tracks, determining that one cat has split up from the rest of rogues. Sparrow Fur concludes that Slash's cats must have stolen Black Ear before they came to the meeting, and that one cat must have stayed with the black-and-white to guard him, Slash planning to come back for the kit and his guard afterwards. Sparrow Fur and Thunder, remembering that Swallow was absent from the meeting, realize that the orange tabby rogue must have been the one to stay with Black Ear. The patrol begins to run again, following the single set of tracks.
The trail leads them to a gap between two boulders of a rocky outcrop. Sparrow Fur dives into the cave to see if Swallow had taken Black Ear here, and her two companions follow her in. After sniffing around, the tortoiseshell she-cat concludes that although the black-and-white kit and his captor are no longer there, they must have been recently, as she can smell their scents. The three cats prepare to leave the cave, but suddenly they hear a growl, and realize that a fox is waiting for them outside. Sparrow Fur's pelt bristles, and she and her brother are pushed back further into the cave by Thunder. Thunder, knowing that they need to get out of the cave now and cannot wait out the fox, makes a plan to defeat it.
He charges at the fox, driving it away from the entrance, and Sparrow Fur and Owl Eyes rush past him to attack the animal as well. The tortoiseshell she-cat leaps onto the fox's back, grabbing on to its shoulders and raking out its fur with her hind claws. Clear Sky shows up and joins the fight, leaping and slamming his paws into the fox's neck. It staggers, and Sparrow Fur further helps unbalance it by dragging at its pelt. Together, the four cats are able to drive the fox away.
Clear Sky joins their patrol in their search for Black Ear, and the four continue to follow the trail down a steep slope, Sparrow Fur running so quickly that her paws barely make a dent in the snow. The she-cat dashes between some bushes, following her brother Owl Eyes. She realizes that the trail of the rogues leads down the slope, towards the pines. Thunder exclaims that they'll have to cross the Thunderpath, to which Sparrow Fur hopefully points out that they might not, and they might instead choose to hide out in the dark woods on the near side of the Thunderpath. The patrol rushes down the slope to find Slash and his group of rogues are about to cross the Thunderpath. Sparrow Fur comments that they can't attack them here, as it's too dangerous to do so next to the Thunderpath, and that they'll have to wait for them to cross and then follow them. Slash and his rogues dart out across the path, with Swallow still carrying Black Ear. The orange tabby rogue slips in some slush in the middle of the path, and when she sees a monster racing closer to her, she runs off the Thunderpath, abandoning Black Ear in the middle with a monster barreling towards him.
Clear Sky leaps out onto the Thunderpath, grabbing the tom-kit and pulling him out of the monster's path just in time. Thunder, Sparrow Fur, and Owl Eyes crowd around the light gray tom and the kit he saved, stunned. Sparrow Fur cries that the monster had missed them by a whisker. Looking at Black Ear, she decides that the first thing that need to do is get the small kit warm and dry, and that they should take him to Tall Shadow's camp, which is the closest. The tortoiseshell picks him up, but Black Ear protests that his scruff hurts. Thunder offers to carry him on his back instead, so Sparrow Fur lifts him gently onto the big orange tom's back.
Sparrow Fur notices that Clear Sky's tail was injured by the monster while he was saving Black Ear. She decides to the return to Wind Runner's camp while the other three take Black Ear to the Tall Shadow's camp. She says that she'll inform Gray Wing and Slate that their son is all right, and fetch Pebble Heart so that he can take a look at her leader's wounded tail. She adds that she'll bring Slate back to see him if she has recovered from the injuries she sustained fighting Slash's cats when they attacked the camp and stole her kit. Black Ear asks if she will bring his father as well, and Sparrow Fur exchanges an anxious glance with Thunder at the mention of Gray Wing, not wanting to let the kit know how ill the tom is. The she-cat turns away and sets off for the moor camp.
As Gray Wing's kin come to visit him as he dies, he thinks that his two adoptive kits, Sparrow Fur and Owl Eyes, should be with him as well. He notes how they had helped rescue his son Black Ear, and thinks that their mother Turtle Tail would be proud of them. He reflects upon how the two had grown over the moons from feisty kits to brave, trustworthy cats.

In the Super Editions

Moth Flight's Vision

Sparrow Fur is an ancient SkyClan cat, under the leadership of Clear Sky. When the SkyClan medicine cat Micah dies, she is the one to deliver the news to ShadowClan.
Moons later, when Moth Flight travels to SkyClan territory to help train their new medicine cat, Acorn Fur, Sparrow Fur confronts her, glaring at her with hackles raised. Suspicious, the tortoiseshell asks her what she is doing on SkyClan's land. The white she-cat growls that she can go where she pleases because she is a medicine cat. Sparrow Fur retorts that it doesn't matter who she is, because no one is allowed in the forest without Clear Sky's permission. Moth Flight explains that she has come to train Acorn Fur, but the tortoiseshell snaps that the medicine cat is in camp, taking care of her Clanmates like she is supposed to be. The WindClan medicine cat protests that she hasn't finished training Acorn Fur yet, but Sparrow Fur answers that she has all the training she is going to get. Moth Flight asks her if she wants the chestnut brown she-cat to be the best medicine cat she can be. Sparrow Fur snarls that what she wants doesn't matter. She adds that Clear Sky is her leader, so she follows his orders, which are not to let any cat–especially not a WindClan cat–trespass on SkyClan territory.
Furious, Moth Flight growls that she is not here to hunt and that she is going to train Acorn Fur like StarClan asked her to. She tries to push past the SkyClan cat, but Sparrow Fur bars her way. Anxious, the tortoiseshell tells the white she-cat that she has to leave, because Clear Sky will rip Moth Flight to shreds if the medicine cat shows up in camp, and then would rip her to shreds as well for allowing Moth Flight to do so. Sparrow Fur comments that Clear Sky is angry for Acorn Fur for sneaking to WindClan, because it is hard to prove SkyClan is not trespassing when the chestnut brown she-cat trails their scent all over the moor. The tortoiseshell growls that they haven't been hunting on enemy territory, and that SkyClan cats–unlike WindClan cats–don't hunt on other Clans' land. She adds that they found Jagged Peak's fur caught in a bramble on their territory this morning and fresh-kill blood right near it.
Moth Flight gives up on trying to get to Acorn Fur and lets the tortoiseshell she-cat lead her back to the border. However, the WindClan medicine cat protests that something might happen to Acorn Fur and that SkyClan might need her help. Sparrow Fur argues that nothing is going to happen to her as long as she stops training with Moth Flight. The WindClan medicine cat growls that it is the dumbest decision ever. Sparrow Fur flicks her tail and points to the moor, telling Moth Flight to just go home, although there is doubt in her gaze. The white she-cat remarks that Sparrow Fur knows that Clear Sky is making the wrong choice, but the tortoiseshell looks away, reminding Moth Flight that the light gray tom is her leader before she stalks away.
A few days afterwards, at the next Gathering, SkyClan fails to show up on time, and as the meeting continues without his Clan, Sparrow Fur interrupts the Gathering, rushing down into the hollow with the Four Trees, and calling for help from the other Clans. She explains that one of Clear Sky's kits, Tiny Branch, had been bitten by a fox. She tells the assembled cats that the little tom was seriously wounded, and is unconscious. Trembling, Sparrow Fur adds that Acorn Fur is unable to stop the bleeding. Moth Flight and the three other medicine cats agree to help and are led to the camp by Sparrow Fur. However, in spite of their efforts, the four have come too late to save Tiny Branch, and Moth Flight mumbles that she wishes she could have come straight away. Clear Sky asks her why they did not, and Sparrow Fur explains that Wind Runner, angry over the prey they had stolen, had tried to prevent the medicine cats from coming to Tiny Branch's aid, saying that SkyClan was on its own.
Sparrow Fur participates in the battle between WindClan and SkyClan, fighting against Swift Minnow. She knocks the gray-and-white she-cat's paws out from under her and leaps onto her back. The two she-cat wrestle on the ground and Moth Flight has to dodge as they roll towards her. Sparrow Fur eventually pins Swift Minnow to the ground and the WindClan cat's whiskers drip with blood as she struggles beneath the tortoiseshell. Sparrow Fur presses Swift Minnow's muzzle into the earth, at which point Moth Flight, seeing that the gray-and-white she-cat is injured, tries to stop the two cats from fighting, but is prevented from doing so by Red Claw.

In the Novellas

Thunderstar's Echo

Sparrow Fur becomes the deputy of SkyClan under Skystar.
When Thunderstar, Lightning Tail, and Owl Eyes are reminiscing about their past adventures, Lightning Tail mentions to Snail Shell and Apple Blossom how he and Thunderstar went to rescue Sparrow Fur and her siblings from Twolegplace when they were the two young cats' age. Owl Eyes also recalls how he and Sparrow Fur fought in the battle to drive out One Eye.
Sparrow Fur later attends a Gathering with her Clan. When Thunderstar is trying select his new deputy at a Gathering, he looks around the clearing and spots Sparrow Fur, Night, Gorse Fur, and Sun Shadow, the other Clans' deputies. Thunderstar notes that she and the three others are entirely trusted by their leaders and respected by their Clans.

Shadowstar's Life

Sparrow Fur greets Pebble Heart, her brother, with a nod, as she sharpens her claws on the trunk of a birch tree. When Shadowstar accuses Quick Water of attacking her and being responsible for almost killing her, Sparrow Fur comes to Quick Water's defense, yowling that Shadowstar is a liar.

In the Field Guides

The Ultimate Guide

On Turtle Tail's page, it mentions that Turtle Tail became pregnant with Tom's kits. When Bumble tells her that the Twolegs will take away her kits after they are born, Turtle Tail returns to the moor, and Gray Wing becomes the father of Pebble Heart, Owl Eyes, and Sparrow Fur.
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