"One Eye killed my father. I'm doing this for Tom. I'll lure One Eye onto the moor."
— Sparrow Fur planning to get revenge for Tom's death in The Blazing Star, page 237

Sparrow Fur is a tortoiseshell[2] and white[7] she-cat[2] with green eyes.[8]

Sparrow Fur was the first deputy of SkyClan, born to Turtle Tail and Tom along with Pebble Heart and Owl Eyes. She grew up on the moor raised by her adopted father, Gray Wing, but left to find Tom when he joined Clear Sky's camp. He died saving her from One Eye, and afterwards Sparrow Fur remained loyal to Clear Sky, fighting in numerous battles and becoming his deputy.


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Dawn of the Clans

"She's just like her mother. Determined to the last..."
—Clear Sky about Sparrow Fur The Blazing Star, page 87
Sparrow Fur and her siblings are born to Turtle Tail after she rejoins Tall Shadow's group, previously being a kittypet with their father, Tom. The kits are watched over by their adopted father, Gray Wing; however, they are taken away by Tom, who wishes for them to join him as kittypets. Before the three are rescued, Turtle Tail is killed on the Thunderpath. Sparrow Fur is furious for being taken away from her father when her mother was dead.
When she learns that Tom is living in Clear Sky's camp, Sparrow Fur leaves to find him. However, the kit is confronted by One Eye. They battle, and Sparrow Fur is almost killed, only surviving when Tom arrives and instead is killed. One Eye later returns and imprisons Sparrow Fur, but she is rescued and escapes with Clear Sky. She insists on being the one to lure One Eye into their trap, succeeding and bringing the villain down. Upon returning to the forest, she attacks Snake when he tries to betray Clear Sky.
She chooses to remain in the forest when the spirit-cats order the group to separate, but is now joined by Owl Eyes. However, their reunion does not last long, as Owl Eyes follows Thunder when he defects from Clear Sky to form a new group. When Star Flower is kidnapped by Slash, Sparrow Fur insists on fighting for her, and later helps rescue Black Ear. As he dies, Gray Wing names Clear Sky's group SkyClan.

Super Editions

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In Moth Flight's Vision, Sparrow Fur refuses Moth Flight access to SkyClan to train Acorn Fur as a medicine cat on Clear Sky's orders, though Moth Flight observes that she doubts her leader's decision. When Clear Sky's son, Tiny Branch, is bitten by a fox, Sparrow Fur seeks help from the other Clans. Later, she participates in a battle with WindClan.


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In Thunderstar's Echo, Sparrow Fur has become deputy of SkyClan, noted as being trusted by her leader and respected by her Clan.

Detailed description

Sparrow Fur is a sleek,[9] tortoiseshell she-cat[2] with white paws,[7] a white belly,[10] a splotchy tail,[11] and green eyes.[8]


Interesting facts

  • Sparrow Fur is mentioned to look just like Turtle Tail,[12] and has the same markings as Turtle Tail's tortoiseshell fur.[13]
  • She has kittypet blood via Tom.[14]


  • She was mistakenly called brown.[15]
  • She was mistakenly described with amber eyes.[16][17]
  • She was mistakenly called a tom.[18]

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"Please! No kit is too young to learn good hunting skills."
—Sparrow Fur to Gray Wing Thunder Rising, page 212

Turtle Tail: "Sparrow Fur! If you know anything, you have to tell us!"
Sparrow Fur: "Owl Eyes said he was going out to hunt a hare."
Turtle Tail: "A hare! He's not big enough to tackle a hare. And on his own!"
Gray Wing: "And there are dogs on the moor. Why didn't you tell Jagged Peak?"
Sparrow Fur: "Because I didn't think he meant it! I thought he was just boasting. I never believed he would be flea-brained enough to actually do it."
—Sparrow Fur explaining Owl Eyes's whereabouts Thunder Rising, page 232

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Sparrow Fur: "Why do all the cats think that Tom is our enemy?"
Gray Wing: "Well..."
Owl Eyes: "He's our father! And if they don't want him around, then maybe they don't want us, either."
Gray Wing: "There's no need to worry about that. All three of you have a lot to contribute to our group. It doesn't matter what your father did."
Sparrow Fur: "But we don't know what he did. [...] One day, I'm going to find him, and learn the truth for myself."
—Turtle Tail's kits asking about why everyone hates Tom The Blazing Star, pages 57-58

Sparrow Fur: "You can't keep me from seeing my father. I'm not leaving until he comes back!"
One Eye: "Either you can leave or you can fight me. Prove you're serious by taking me down — if you can — and you can stay."
Sparrow Fur: "I'm a very good fighter! I fight with my brothers all the time."
One Eye: "I'm no kin of yours. Whether you survive this fight is no concern of mine. So will you leave? Or fight?"
Sparrow Fur: "All right. If I have to prove how much I need to see my father, I will fight you."
—One Eye and Sparrow Fur The Blazing Star, pages 85-86

Sparrow Fur: "I'd rather stay here for now."
Clear Sky: "Don't you want to be with your brothers and your own group?"
Sparrow Fur: "It would be nice to see them, but I like it here. I think I'm just fine where I am."
—Sparrow Fur refusing to go back to the moor group The Blazing Star, page 113

"Turtle Tail would be proud of [her kits]. Sparrow Fur and Owl Eyes had matured over the moons from feisty kits to brave, trustworthy cats."
—Gray Wing's thoughts Path of Stars, page 303

"What I want doesn't matter. Clear Sky is my leader. I follow his orders."
—Sparrow Fur to Moth Flight Moth Flight's Vision, page 337

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