"Get up. It's your turn. And this time, don't cheat."
Thistleclaw scolding Sparrowfeather in Night Whispers, page 82

Sparrowfeather is a small, mottled[1] brown[3] tabby[4] she-cat with a battered muzzle.[1]


In the Omen of the Stars arc

Night Whispers

Thistleclaw: "I told you to knock him off. Not drag him. You cheated."
Sparrowfeather: "Sorry."
—Thistleclaw to Sparrowfeather Night Whispers, page 82
Sparrowfeather is a Place of No Stars resident. During a meeting there, Hawkfrost points her out to his Dark Forest apprentice, Ivypaw. When a training session begins with Shredtail on top of the black-and-white rock, Sparrowfeather is the first to attack, dealing a heavy blow to his face that draws blood. Near the end of the training session, Sparrowfeather yanks Shredtail off of the rock by his hind legs as he tries to cling on. Thistleclaw is angered by this and knocks her off her paws. He claims that she is cheating because he ordered her to knock Shredtail off the rock, not drag him. Sparrowfeather apologizes weakly, then takes her place on the rock when Thistleclaw tells her that it's her turn to replace Shredtail. Ivypaw realizes that she has not seen Sparrowfeather since the session.

The Last Hope

As Dovewing looks for Cloudtail during the battle between the Dark Forest and the Clans, Darkstripe tells her that it is bad luck for her, as Sparrowfeather is finishing him off. Dovewing fights Darkstripe as Sparrowfeather swipes at Dovewing, then leaps on top of her. The she-cat's claws rip free from Dovewing's back when another cat tells them to leave Dovewing and Cloudtail, saying that they will bleed to death. The two Dark Forest warriors then join the attack on ThunderClan's camp.

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  • Sparrowfeather is mistakenly called a tom throughout the entirety of her appearance in The Last Hope.[5]

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