"No one dictates to ShadowClan!"
— Sparrowtail at a Gathering in The Raging Storm, chapter 6

Sparrowtail is a large,[1] brown[2] tabby tom.[1]

He is born as Sparrowkit to the ShadowClan queen Kinkfur, and has two sisters, Mistkit and Dewkit. Years later, he is shown as a warrior with the name of Sparrowtail, along with Mistcloud. He is also the father of Needlepaw, and the mate of Berryheart. However, his mother Kinkfur dies due to yellowcough, and he grieves for her along with Mistcloud and Ratscar, who was a close friend of his mother's.

When Needlepaw instigates a rebellion against Rowanstar, he is surprised at his daughter's actions, and is ultimately heartbroken when she leaves with Juniperpaw and Sleekpaw. Shortly after, Berryheart leaves with two of her siblings, and Sparrowtail agrees with the majority of the ShadowClan cats that Rowanstar is not a strong leader, and stays with the majority of ShadowClan when Darktail takes over, merging the cats to become The Kin. However, like the majority of the ex-ShadowClan cats, he grows to regret his betrayal after seeing Darktail's true nature, and successfully escapes and reunites with Berryheart. He solemnly informs his mate that Needletail is being held prisoner by Darktail, and the two mates are reunited with Cloverfoot and Slatefur.

The four are eventually discovered by Tigerheart and Spire in an abandoned Twoleg nest, and Berryheart revealed to expected hers and Sparrowtail's second litter of kits. The four join up with Tigerheart's patrol, and Sparrowtail soon becomes the father to Spirekit, Hollowkit, and Sunkit. He witnesses Tigerheart's death, and, along with Slatefur, carry Tigerheart's body back to ShadowClan. He is present during Tigerheart's resurrection as Tigerstar, and rejoins ShadowClan with the rest of his Clan. Following the reunification of his Clan, Tigerstar appoints Sparrowtail the mentor of Cinnamonpaw.


In the Super Editions

Tigerheart's Shadow

While jorneying back to the Clans, Tigerheart comes across Berryheart and Slatefur He is shocked at first, realizing that Berryheart is expecting, guessing Sparrowtail must be with them, and it's revealed when they say he's out hunting with Cloverfoot.
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In the Omen of the Stars arc

Night Whispers

Sparrowkit, Mistkit, and Dewkit are the kits of Kinkfur, a ShadowClan queen. When Ivypaw is in ShadowClan, he and his sisters come out of the nursery to play. Then he asks Ivypaw if she can fly, to which she tells him all ThunderClan cats could fly. Ivypaw then snarls in his face, scaring him and his siblings away. Later, Ivypaw attempts to apologize to the kits, and Sparrowkit tells her that she doesn't scare him, while his sisters hide by their mother.
As Flametail announces that a great battle will be coming after he receives a vision, Sparrowkit and his siblings are seen being swept close to their mother.
When Flametail walks to the nursery to tend to Mistkit, who lost her voice, Sparrowkit and Dewkit are playing moss-ball. Sparrowkit knocks Dewkit into Flametail in the process. When Mistkit takes her herbs, Sparrowkit asks if he has to have herbs, and Flametail warns him that if he got near her he would have to eat herbs as well. Sparrowkit is left mewing in disgust.

In the A Vision of Shadows arc

The Apprentice's Quest

Sparrowtail does not formally appear in The Apprentice's Quest, but is listed in the allegiances.

Thunder and Shadow

When Twigpaw is taken hostage at ShadowClan camp, she zigzags between Sparrowtail and Mistcloud to escape. He lines up beside Scorchfur, Mistcloud and Rippletail with Lionpaw and Birchpaw joining him. Twigpaw leaves in the end.
Sparrowtail's mother, Kinkfur, dies due to yellowcough. He, Mistcloud and Ratscar gather pinecones and primrose and lay them around Kinkfur’s body. Sparrowtail and Mistcloud then grieve for their mother, leaning close and touching their noses to her pelt for the last time. Later on, Violetpaw notes that Sparrowtail and Mistcloud have barely hunted since their mother’s death. They blame Crowfrost for letting Twigpaw go, since they held her as a bargain so ThunderClan would retrieve the life-saving herb from WindClan. They think that if they successfully convinced ThunderClan to get the herb, they would have got it sooner and not lost Crowfrost to the sickness. Sparrowtail is later seen with Mistcloud, sitting on a flat rock with eyes half closed. Tigerheart, the new deputy, assigns Sparrowtail as part of the patrol to hunt near the lake.
Later on, Rowanstar names Sparrowtail as one of the cats to go to the Gathering. The ShadowClan leader repeats Sparrowtail's name, apparently unaware his name was called, as he hasn't moved to join the Gathering. Scorchfur refuses to go to the Gathering due to the Clans not helping them fight the sickness. Sparrowtail agrees with him, padding over to join the tom. ShadowClan is soon taken over by Darktail and his rogues, and Sparrowtail remains behind with most of the Clan instead of going with Rowanstar to ThunderClan.

Shattered Sky

When the Kin gather at a small Thunderpath that separates their territory from RiverClan's, Violetpaw looks around at all the cats, noting that almost all of the Kin were there, both the former ShadowClan cats and the rogues. She lists off the cats present in her mind, noting Sparrowtail among them, thinking the line of cats seemed endless.

Darkest Night

His name is mentioned by Rowanstar, who reports him missing at a Gathering along with many of Sparrowtail's Clanmates.

River of Fire

Sparrowtail is part of Tigerheart's patrol back to ShadowClan, and he is seen by Violetshine, who gasps in shock that he, along with Berryheart, Cloverfoot, and Slatefur are alive. Upon speaking to Berryheart, the queen introduces Violetshine to hers and Sparrowtail's litter of kits.
Violetshine explains to the returning cats that ShadowClan doesn't have a leader, which prompts Sparrowtail to ask what she means, and demands to know what happened to Rowanstar.
He is present in cheering Tigerstar's new name, along with the rest of his Clanmates. He then rejoins the newly reformed ShadowClan, along with the rest of the patrol and the other former ShadowClan cats.

The Raging Storm

Tigerstar has given Sparrowtail his first apprentice, Cinnamonpaw.
He is present at the gathering when Tigerstar announces ShadowClan's proper reformation, and when Juniperclaw's new promotion to deputy is questioned, Strikestone yowls that ShadowClan makes its own decisions, and Sparrowtail follows after him, yowling that nobody dictates for ShadowClan. Tigerstar nods to Sparrowtail before addressing the Clans that ShadowClan is born again, and past mistakes are forgotten, for which Sparrowtail and the ShadowClan cats yowl in agreement.
He is part of the patrol sent to retrieve Puddleshine from ThunderClan, along with Tigerstar and Juniperclaw. Tigerstar demands that his medicine cat be returned to his Clan, and Alderheart tries to persuade Tigerstar that Puddleshine is too weak to walk. Tigerstar snorts that Juniperclaw and Sparrowtail can carry him. Eventually, Puddleshine is picked up and carried by Juniperclaw and Sparrowtail, accompanied by Alderheart and Tigerstar. The two toms carry their medicine cat back to ShadowClan, and Sparrowtail goes off to continue warrior duties while Alderheart watches over Puddleshine.

Personality and traits

Sparrowtail is a large,[1] brown[2] tabby tom.[1]

When he was a kit, Sparrowtail was mischievous and happily played with his sisters, and also annoyed the then-captive Ivypaw. However, upon becoming a Warrior, he matured, becoming a loyal ShadowClan warrior. Unfortunately, his daughter Needlepaw rebels against Rowanstar and he loses her to Darktail's group, and soon afterwards, his mate Berryheart, leaving Sparrowtail alone in ShadowClan. Shortly after this, his mother Kinkfur dies due to yellowcough, and he grieves heavily for her with Mistcloud, showing Sparrowtail is capable of grief and emotion. He later agrees with the majority of ShadowClan that Rowanstar is not a strong leader, willingly merging with The Kin, showing his mistrust and dislike of Rowanstar, although this may also be due to his mate and daughter already being part of Darktail's rogues. However, like his mate and daughter, he soon grows to regret his choice to not follow Rowanstar to ThunderClan, showing that his true loyalty lay with Clan life. He meets up with Berryheart, Slatefur and Cloverfoot, and begins a forming a better relationship with the latter two.

When he is encountered by Tigerheart, it is apparent that Sparrowtail, along with his fellow three loners, deeply regret their choice to leave the lake, and not follow Rowanstar. Sparrowtail is also the father of Berryheart's newest litter, and sticks close to Berryheart throughout the cats' journey, showing his love and care for her. He and Slatefur in particular show a distrust of Spire, although he is saddened when the tom dies saving Pouncekit. During the journey back to ShadowClan, he mends his relationship with Tigerheart and becomes the father to Hollowkit, Sunkit and Spirekit, and shows a fatherly love by playing with them and watching over them. When Tigerheart is severely injured saving Hollowkit, Sparrowtail is shocked, but grateful at Tigerheart's actions, and helps carry his body back to ShadowClan, alongside Slatefur, showing that Sparrowtail at the very least cares for Tigerheart, enough to the point of carrying his corpse back to Clan territory rather then leaving it for a burial.

When ShadowClan is reformed under Tigerheart, now Tigerstar, Sparrowtail is given Cinnamonpaw as his first apprentice, suggesting he is mentor material, and proves his loyalty to Tigerstar and ShadowClan by voicing his support for two, showing his loyalty to ShadowClan undoubted.

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Berryheart:[7] Living (As of The Raging Storm)


Needletail:[7] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Sunkit:[8] Living (As of The Raging Storm)


Hollowkit:[8] Living (As of The Raging Storm)
Spirekit:[8] Living (As of The Raging Storm)


Kinkfur:[9] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Dewkit:[1] Deceased, residence unknown
Mistcloud:[1] Deceased, verified StarClan member


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    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


Sparrowkit: "Come on, Dewkit!"
Dewkit: "What?"
Sparrowkit: "Race you to the dirtplace!"
Dewkit: "That's cheating, Sparrowkit!"
—Sparrowkit and Dewkit Night Whispers, page 241

Sparrowkit: "Hey, Thundercat! Can you fly?"
Ivypaw: "Fly?"
Sparrowkit: "The warriors said you flew down from the trees in the battle."
Ivypaw: "Oh yes. All ThunderClan cats can fly."
—Sparrowkit to Ivypaw Night Whispers, page 244

Sparrowkit: "Does she have to eat herbs?"
Flametail: "Don't go near her, or you'll have to eat herbs, too."
—Sparrowkit asking Flametail about Mistkit Night Whispers, page 276

Sparrowtail: "What if that weird tom has got it all wrong?"
Slatefur: "I don’t like the way he talks to himself. He stares into space and mumbles as though someone’s listening. I’ve never seen a medicine cat act that...crazy."
Sparrowtail: "I don’t think Spire’s crazy, but I don’t think he knows where he’s going, either. That stream he made us cross yesterday was dangerous. Berryheart nearly fell off the log. The water would have swept her into rocks."
Slatefur: "He could be leading us anywhere."
Sparrowtail: "What if we never find our way back to ShadowClan? The kits are due soon. What if Berryheart kits before we get home?"
—Slatefur and Sparrowtail about Spire Tigerheart's Shadow, page chapter 31

"So now Darktail has Needletail held prisoner. There's no way to get to her. There are too many rogues. Berryheart, we need to get away. Far away. The camp's going to pieces. It's not safe to be this close."
—Sparrowtail to Berryheart Tigerheart's Shadow, page manga page 1

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