"No one dictates to ShadowClan!"
— Sparrowtail at a Gathering in The Raging Storm, page 80

Sparrowtail is a large, brown tabby tom.[2]

Sparrowtail is a ShadowClan warrior under the leaderships of Rowanstar and Tigerstar in the lake territories. He was born as Sparrowkit to Kinkfur along with Mistcloud and Dewkit, and as a warrior, Sparrowtail became mates with Berryheart, fathering Needletail. When rebellion arose in ShadowClan, Sparrowtail criticized Rowanstar's leadership and joined the Kin. However, he escaped with Berryheart to an abandoned Twoleg nest, where they were found by Tigerheart. Before reaching ShadowClan, their second litter was born: Spireclaw, Sunbeam, and Hollowspring. Upon his return, Sparrowtail mentored Cinnamontail.


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Omen of the Stars

Sparrowkit: "Hey, Thundercat! Can you fly?"
Ivypaw: "Fly?"
Sparrowkit: "The warriors said you flew down from the trees in the battle."
Ivypaw: "Oh yes. All ThunderClan cats can fly."
—Sparrowkit to Ivypaw Night Whispers, page 244
Sparrowkit is the son of Kinkfur, and has two sisters: Mistkit and Dewkit. He enjoys himself and teases Ivypaw when she is kept prisoner in ShadowClan's camp.

A Vision of Shadows

"Mistcloud and Sparrowtail had hardly hunted since Kinkfur’s death. Violetpaw had heard them muttering about Crowfrost, even as he lay dying, blaming him for letting Twigpaw go."
—Sparrowtail and Mistcloud during the Yellowcough Plague Thunder and Shadow, page 334
Now a warrior with the name Sparrowtail, he has become mates with Berryheart and has a daughter, Needlepaw. When Needlepaw starts a rebellion among the apprentices, Sparrowtail is surprised; both she and Berryheart eventually leave to join Darktail. When Kinkfur dies of yellowcough, he and Mistcloud grieve for her. He agrees that Rowanstar isn't a strong leader, opting to join Darktail when he takes over ShadowClan. However, he realizes Darktail's true nature and escapes the Kin, reuniting with Berryheart, though Needletail is killed. After being presumed dead, he reappears with Tigerheart's patrol, rejoining ShadowClan and receiving Cinnamonpaw as an apprentice.

Super Editions

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Warning: Rippletail's appearances in Tigerheart's Shadow are a mistake as confirmed by Kate Cary and further installments in the canon. Slatefur was meant to be in the patrol traveling with Tigerheart.
"So now Darktail has Needletail held prisoner. There's no way to get to her. There are too many rogues. Berryheart, we need to get away. Far away. The camp's going to pieces. It's not safe to be this close."
—Sparrowtail to Berryheart Tigerheart's Shadow, page manga page 1
In Tigerheart's Shadow, Tigerheart, Dovewing and Spire find Sparrowtail, Cloverfoot, Rippletail and Berryheart hiding in an old Twoleg nest, Berryheart being pregnant with Sparrowtail's kits. While Tigerheart initially believes them to be traitors, he realizes his hypocrisy and offers them a place back in ShadowClan. Berryheart eventually gives birth to Sunkit, Spirekit, and Hollowkit. As the patrol continues to the lake, Tigerheart is killed, and Sparrowtail helps carry his corpse back to the Moonpool, where Tigerheart is revived and reunites ShadowClan.

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Sparrowkit: "Come on, Dewkit!"
Dewkit: "What?"
Sparrowkit: "Race you to the dirtplace!"
Dewkit: "That's cheating, Sparrowkit!"
—Sparrowkit and Dewkit Night Whispers, page 241

Sparrowtail: "What if that weird tom has got it all wrong?"
Rippletail: "I don’t like the way he talks to himself. He stares into space and mumbles as though someone’s listening. I’ve never seen a medicine cat act that...crazy."
Sparrowtail: "I don’t think Spire’s crazy, but I don’t think he knows where he’s going, either. That stream he made us cross yesterday was dangerous. Berryheart nearly fell off the log. The water would have swept her into rocks."
Rippletail: "He could be leading us anywhere."
Sparrowtail: "What if we never find our way back to ShadowClan? The kits are due soon. What if Berryheart kits before we get home?"
—Rippletail and Sparrowtail about Spire Tigerheart's Shadow, page chapter 31

"Good job! I always believed in you, you know."
—Sparrowtail to Shadowpaw Lost Stars, page 258

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