"Their father left when the dogs started to become a problem. I wanted them to be Sol's. I know the other cats say he betrayed us, but we were the ones who decided to fight the dogs. Sol didn't force us to do anything."
— Speckle to Hollyleaf in Sunrise, page 137

Speckle is a flecked brown she-cat.[1]


In the Power of Three arc


Speckle is a cat that lives with a group of loners who were once led by Sol. When Jingo first introduces her, she just twitches her ears cautiously, as if she's afraid the Clan cats will harm her kits. When the Clan cats ask about Sol, Pod says he was one of the first to join and that Speckle and Fritz came with him when he was gathering cats to live together. Speckle's four kits leave their mother's side, and scramble down one after the other. Speckle watches them nervously as the biggest of the four, a tom, flecked brown like his mother, bounces up to Brambleclaw.
Later, when they are discussing Sol, she mentions that Sol only wanted to keep them safe. Pod disagrees by saying he just wanted to make them do his work. She replies by saying that it's not fair, that they're safer where they are, instead of hiding in the bushes. She also says that Sol told them what to do if adult Twolegs came; to hide in a dark space right at the top of the nest, with a pointed roof. Fritz mentions that they did come once or twice and they all hid. She proudly adds that the Twolegs never found them. The conversation is ended when Twoleg kits are seen coming. Speckle shelters on the soft boulder and circles her kits protectively with her legs and tail.
When Brambleclaw asks if they had seen Sol, Speckle looks wistful, like she had better memories of him. Speckle jumps down from the soft boulder to join the Clan cats and her kits follow her. She picks a mouse for them and they squabble happily over it. Speckle's kits, as well as Lionblaze and Hollyleaf, begin playing with a leaf, and Lionblaze comments on how they are fine kits and that they will grow up to be strong cats. Speckle says she hopes so and defends Sol by saying he'd never get his paws dirty, signaling that she does not think Sol killed Ashfur. Hollyleaf asks whether Sol is the father of the kits but Speckle says the father left when the dogs became a problem. But she told them that she wanted them to be Sol's kits. She is shown to be deeply in love with Sol and if he ever returned she would be very glad to see him.

In the Novellas

Hollyleaf's Story

Speckle does not formally appear in Hollyleaf's Story, but is listed in the allegiances.

Character pixels

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Unnamed tom (formerly):[3] Status unknown


Frisk:[2] Living (As of Sunrise)


Three unnamed kits:[2] Living, (As of Sunrise)


Unnamed ♂Speckle ♀
Frisk ♂Three kits

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


Pod: "More likely he wanted us to do things for him. Lazy lump."
Speckle: "That's not fair! We're safer here than wandering about in the open, sleeping under bushes."
—Speckle countering Pod Sunrise, page 128

"If Sol came back, I'd be very glad to see him."
—Speckle to Lionblaze while grooming Frisk Sunrise, page 138

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