"I hope they're okay. I heard there's been flooding over there. It'd be a shame if they got caught in it."
— Spider about SkyClan in The Raging Storm, page 266

Spider is a black tom.[2]


In the A Vision of Shadows arc

The Raging Storm

Twigbranch sees a shadow in the heather after arguing with Finleap, while on a patrol to bring SkyClan back to the lake. A strange black tom calls out a greeting to them, pelt wet and ears flat against the wind of the storm. Finleap warily asks who he is, and the cat responds that his name is Spider and he lives in the area, unfazed by Finleap's aggressive tone. He says that he does live alone when Finleap asks. The ThunderClan warrior also asks Spider why he isn't hiding from the storm; the black tom replies that he was until he smelled cat scent, inquiring if there are others with them.
Nodding, Twigbranch informs him that they left the others back at the cave they're sheltering in, to which Spider says he thought as much, sitting down and hunching his shoulders against the weather. He mews that he normally doesn't have much company up there, and it's odd how they should show up after another large group. Finleap eagerly requests to know if the other cats were SkyClan, and Spider thinks on it for a moment before confirming that that is what they called themselves. Twigbranch asks to know how long it had been; the loner vaguely responds that they passed through the previous day and were headed towards a stretch of moorland, also hoping they're okay because he had heard there'd been flooding there. Finleap starts to go back to the cave, saying they have to tell the others. Twigbranch follows, calling a thanks to the loner as she follows him. The loner calls back that he's happy to help before vanishing back into the heather.
When the patrol of Clan cats does find SkyClan, Violetshine asks how they knew which way to go. Her sister says that a loner had seen them, and Violetshine exclaims the loner's name as she appears to remember him.


"I don't usually have much company up here. It's weird you should show up so soon after the other group."
—Spider to Twigbranch and Finleap The Raging Storm, page 266

Twigbranch: "Thanks, Spider!"
Spider: "Happy to help!"
—Spider and Twigbranch The Raging Storm, page 266

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