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"Kits are a precious gift, Spiderleg...You should take every chance you can to be a good father. It's even better than being a mentor."
Leafpool to Spiderleg about his kits in Long Shadows, page 235

Spiderleg is a lithe,[10] long-limbed, black tom with a brown underbelly, and amber eyes.[5] He has a long tail,[11] glossy fur,[12] and a muzzle flecked with gray.[13]

Spiderleg was a ThunderClan warrior under Firestar's and Bramblestar's leaderships in the lake territories. He was born to Dustpelt and Ferncloud as Spiderkit with his brother Shrewkit. He became Spiderpaw and was mentored by Mousefur. Before the Great Journey, his siblings Hollykit, Larchkit, and Shrewpaw perished, which greatly upset him and his parents. After the journey, he was one of the first cats to become a warrior at the lake, named Spiderleg. He went on to mentor Mousewhisker and father Daisy's kits, Toadkit and Rosekit; however, he was distant towards them, revealing that he never intended to have kits. After recovering from greencough and pushed by Leafpool's advice, he started to spend more time with them.

He fought in the Great Battle where he faced against Thistleclaw and lost his mother, and soon afterwards, his youngest siblings, Foxleap and Icecloud. He was given his second apprentice of Ambermoon, and after a fight with badgers, he lost his father, and was notably depressed about it. Ultimately, Spiderleg succumbed to greencough and ascended to StarClan.


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The New Prophecy[]

"But the hunt didn't go well. Spiderpaw was too easily distracted, as playful as a kit on its first outing."
―Brambleclaw about Spiderpaw while they hunt Midnight, page 128
Spiderpaw is an apprentice of ThunderClan, his mentor being Mousefur. His mother, Ferncloud, has a new litter of kits, Birchkit, Hollykit, and Larchkit. Spiderpaw's littermate, Shrewpaw, is hit by a monster as the Twolegs destroy the forest, and his two younger sisters, Hollykit and Larchkit, die of starvation. He travels with the Clans on the Great journey. Once they reach the lake territories, he almost falls off of the cliff of ThunderClan's new camp. He is made a warrior, given the name Spiderleg, and cheers for his mentor when she retires to the elders' den shortly thereafter.

Power of Three[]

Daisy: "Spiderleg, what's the matter? Are you ill?"
Spiderleg: "I'm fine. I just wish every cat would stop fussing."
—Daisy concerned for Spiderleg when he has a cough Long Shadows, page 233
Spiderleg now has his own apprentice, Mousepaw, and two new siblings, Foxkit and Icekit. Mousepaw soon becomes a warrior named Mousewhisker, and Spiderleg temporary mentors the ShadowClan apprentice, Dawnpaw, when Tawnypelt and her kits seek refuge in ThunderClan. Spiderleg fathers two kits with Daisy, who are named Rosekit and Toadkit. He is shown to be awkward and distant toward his kits. Spiderleg gets sick with a cough, and before he joins the other sick cats in the abandoned Twoleg nest, Daisy tells him he should spend more time with their kits instead of solely focusing on his warrior duties. He admits to Leafpool that he never intended to have kits with Daisy, and that it just happened, and that he feels clumsy and useless around them. Later, he is seen playing with his kits.

Omen of the Stars[]

"And maybe hedgehogs fly. Lionblaze, you really ought to tell your apprentice not to make this stuff up. It's not funny, not when we're all suffering."
―Spiderleg annoyed with Dovepaw when she talks about the brown animals The Fourth Apprentice, page 70
His kits are now warriors, Toadstep and Rosepetal. During the drought, Spiderleg is on a patrol to fetch water for the Clan, and ends up getting stuck in the mud around the shrunken lake with Berrynose, and the two toms are pulled out by Thornclaw. Before the battle against the Dark Forest, Spiderleg teaches the elders battle moves. It is mentioned that his muzzle is beginning to turn gray and he would be joining them soon. During the Great Battle, Spiderleg is seen in ThunderClan's camp, fighting Thistleclaw before the spiky warrior calls for retreat after Brokenstar has been killed.

Super Editions[]

This section summarizes Spiderleg's significant Super Editions appearances. If you're looking for a full list, find one here!

In Firestar's Quest, Spiderkit and Shrewkit are kits in the nursery, born to Ferncloud and Dustpelt. The two kits are noted to be noisy and playful, and they play with a ball of moss and a puddle of water while Firestar is performing a ceremony.
In Bramblestar's Storm, Spiderleg has a new apprentice, Amberpaw. In addition, his son, Toadstep, and sister, Icecloud, have died from a greencough epidemic. While patrolling the border stream, Amberpaw falls in and Spiderleg helps her climb out. He joins a patrol to check for badgers, when a rook attacks Amberpaw and Spiderleg protects his apprentice. He fights in the battle with the badgers and comes out as one of the most injured. Dustpelt dies during the battle, and Spiderleg helps to bury his father.


This section summarizes Spiderleg's significant Novellas appearances. If you're looking for a full list, find one here!

In Dovewing's Silence, his mother Ferncloud is one of the cats to die in the Great Battle, and he is seen resting his tail comfortingly on Dustpelt's shoulder as the two toms sit vigil for her. Not long after, his brother Foxleap dies from his infected wounds.

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Spiderleg is easily annoyed[14][15][16] and doesn’t like being told what to do.[17][18] He is shown to dislike outsiders.[19] He is a good mentor[20] but a bad father.[21] He felt useless around his kits which paralyzed him into being distant.[21]



During their first encounter, Spiderleg was indifferent towards Daisy. His first instinct was to drive her out, stereotyping her as a typical loner, though he didn't object when he was ordered to escort her and her kits to the ThunderClan camp.[22] When Daisy became his Clanmate, Spiderleg initially didn't think highly of her, snorting at her efforts to stop her kits annoying him.[source?] Once he became Mousewhisker's mentor, he was pushed to become more informal with Daisy as the mother of his apprentice.[23] After several moons, the two became mates, but Spiderleg was unprepared for her pregnancy. Insecure about fatherhood, he became withdrawn, much to Daisy's frustration, who wanted a fulfilling relationship between him and his kits.[24] After some pressure, Spiderleg managed to overcome his fear and spend more time with his kits.[21] However, the damage was already done, as they soon broke up. While some feelings of love remained, the two would become awkward and regretful whenever they thought of one another.[source?]

Rosepetal and Toadstep[]

"Every kit is different. And every kit deserves to know its father. You're missing out, Spiderleg, and if you're not careful, it will be too late, and your own kits won't know who you are!"
―Daisy to Spiderleg Long Shadows, page 235
Growing up, Rosepetal and Toadstep weren't close to their father, Spiderleg. Spiderleg admitted to Leafpool that he felt clumsy and useless around them, and that he'd never planned to have kits with Daisy.[21]

Dustpelt and Ferncloud[]

Spiderleg was part of Ferncloud and Dustpelt's first litter, along with his brother Shrewpaw, who unfortunately died after a Twoleg monster hit him.[25]


Spiderleg's parents are Ferncloud and Dustpelt, and his littermate is Shrewpaw. His former mate is Daisy, and Toadstep and Rosepetal are their children. For more of Spiderleg's family, click here!



Interesting facts[]

  • As of Bramblestar's Storm, Spiderleg still loved Daisy.[blog 3]

Author statements[]


  • In The Last Hope, it is noted that Spiderleg has known Mousefur and Purdy longer than any cat in ThunderClan.[13] However, at the time, there are many cats still living in ThunderClan that have known Mousefur much longer, such as Firestar,[27] and Bramblestar and Squirrelflight have known Purdy longer than any cat in the Clan.[28]
  • In the allegiances of Starlight, Spiderpaw is incorrectly listed as Cloudtail's apprentice. This has not been fixed with the reprinted covers.[29]
  • In Long Shadows, Spiderleg is assigned to go on a hunting patrol for the sick cats,[30] although he is one of the ill cats.[31]
  • In Leafpool's Wish, he is mistakenly said to be Berrykit, Mousekit, and Hazelkit's father.[32]
  • He is mistakenly said to have gray-black legs.[33]
  • He is mistakenly said to have a bright pelt.[34]
  • In A Thief in ThunderClan, Spiderkit is shown as fully black, without his brown belly.[35]


Dustpelt: "I don't want so much as a mouse to get in and out."
Spiderpaw: "What, not even cats?"
—Spiderpaw teasing his father about making a barrier for the camp Starlight, page 178

"I don't envy you, Graystripe. Two kits are hard enough."
―Spiderleg Eclipse, page 161

"Every kit is different...And every kit deserves to know its father. You're missing out, Spiderleg, and if you're not careful it will be too late, and your own kits won't know who you are!"
―Daisy to Spiderleg Long Shadows, page 235

Daisy: "That's right, you can practice fighting moves with your father. Spiderleg, can't you be a scarier badger than that?"
Spiderleg: "Badgers...don't...get...greencough."
—Spiderleg trying to play with his kits Sunrise, page 76

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