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In the The New Prophecy arc


He and his brother, Shrewkit, are made apprentices. Spiderpaw and Shrewpaw's mentors are the warriors Mousefur and Thornclaw. Meanwhile, his parents have another litter of kits: Birchkit, Larchkit, and Hollykit.
Spiderpaw returns from a hunting patrol with his mentor, Mousefur, and Rainwhisker, all carrying prey in their jaws. One morning, Mousefur wakes up Spiderpaw to join a hunting patrol with her, Brightheart, and Cloudtail.
Later, he is sprawled in the shade of the ferns of the apprentices' den with Whitepaw.


When Dappletail becomes ill from one of WindClan's poisoned rabbits, he runs to get Leafpaw, telling her that Dappletail is complaining of her belly hurting.
Later, his younger sister, Larchkit, dies of starvation.


Spiderpaw and Whitepaw pester Brambleclaw to tell them about the journey. They say that Brambleclaw has to tell them what it was like, so they would be prepared.
Spiderpaw's brother, Shrewpaw, gets hit and killed by a monster while chasing a pheasant.
His younger sister, Hollykit, also dies from starvation, leaving his younger brother, Birchkit, the last surviving kit of that litter.


Spiderpaw says goodbye to a couple RiverClan apprentices, and Squirrelflight gives him a friendly cuff over his ear. Dustpelt checks to make sure that everyone in ThunderClan is together, and he is found to be with Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight.
When they reach the new camp, Spiderpaw nearly falls off the edge of the cliff, which could have resulted in a broken neck or death. Squirrelflight tells him to watch where he is going and that he almost did the same thing that she did.
Once ThunderClan settles in their new camp, Dustpelt is seen giving orders to Spiderpaw and Whitepaw about clearing unwanted thorns from the camp to build a barrier. When Dustpelt says that he does not want even a mouse to get through the barrier, Spiderpaw teases him, asking if a cat couldn't get through. Dustpelt tells him they will leave a tunnel.
Firestar tells Brambleclaw that he talked with Mousefur, and she said that Spiderpaw scared off a young fox that was sniffing around the entrance to the camp. He also says that Spiderpaw is ready to be a warrior, and this will be his last hunt before his ceremony.
When Dustpelt says that there should be a rule that no kits and apprentices should go near the edge of the cliff, he flicks his ears toward Spiderpaw and Whitepaw. Whitepaw nods, but Spiderpaw's tail curls, reminding himself that after sunhigh, the new rule will not apply to him.
Ferncloud and Dustpelt are delighted when he receives his warrior name, Spiderleg.
During their first Gathering in their new territory, Firestar says that ThunderClan has settled in, and he announces Spiderleg as a new warrior.
When Spiderleg tries to catch a fish and fails, Brambleclaw tells him that he is not fishing correctly. When they spot Mistyfoot, Spiderleg asks her what she is doing on their territory. He exchanges a glance with Rainwhisker when they were not sure whether to leave Mistyfoot and Brambleclaw alone, but they both leave anyway.
Later on, when Brambleclaw asks Squirrelflight if she wants to go hunting with him, she says that she told Ashfur and Spiderleg that she was going to hunt with them.


When Sandstorm says there could be another battle between the Clans, Spiderleg says that there's no possibility of another battle since Mudclaw is dead.
Brambleclaw states that he could spare two to three warriors every morning to help with battle training, and he says he will start with Ashfur and Spiderleg.
When Squirrelflight fights with Brambleclaw, Spiderleg whispers in her ear that he is a bossy furball.
When the ThunderClan cats are heading to a Gathering, Spiderleg is seen with Ashfur, padding behind Firestar, Sandstorm, Cloudtail, and Dustpelt.
Spiderleg goes on a hunting patrol with Cloudtail, Squirrelflight, and Brackenfur.
Spiderleg is mentioned by Brightheart, saying that Whitepaw is the only apprentice since Spiderleg became a warrior.
When Brackenfur asks Cloudtail and Squirrelflight where Spiderleg is, he pushes out of the warriors den and asks what they are waiting for. Cloudtail flicks his tail over Spiderleg's ear and tells him that they are looking for him to go on the patrol with them. While running through the forest, Spiderleg flashes past the other three cats. Cloudtail tells him to slow down since they did not want him to scare all of the prey in the woods, and Spiderleg apologizes. When the patrol smells intruders, Spiderleg asks if it is rogues, and begins to creep down the bank, until Cloudtail tells him to stay where he is.
Spiderleg is one of the cats, along with Cloudtail and Squirrelflight, that find Daisy, and he offers to chase her out.


After the badger attack, Spiderleg and Whitepaw find Sootfur dead. Brambleclaw tells the two cats to move his body into the clearing. The ThunderClan cats try to repair the camp, and Spiderleg is seen sleeping with Ashfur that night.
When he and Ashfur go over to Leafpool, Spiderleg tells her that it is good to have her back, and she responds by acknowledging that it is good to be back.
Brambleclaw calls Spiderleg to go on the dawn patrol with him and Dustpelt. He tells Spiderleg to go on ahead and check to make sure that the ShadowClan markers are no farther than the dead tree and to wait for them there.
Spiderleg is the first cat to find the fox traps. He nearly sticks his nose in the trap, but is stopped by Dustpelt. He asks if his mentor ever taught him not to stick his nose into something without knowing what he was dealing with. Spiderleg responds strongly by saying that Mousefur taught him everything, and Dustpelt told him to remember it then. Brambleclaw praises Spiderleg for spotting the traps. Spiderleg asks the rest of the patrol if they are going to gossip all day or go on a patrol like they were supposed to do in the first place. He is seen padding right on Brambleclaw's paws, along with Dustpelt and Squirrelflight.
Spiderleg calls Brambleclaw a bossy furball when Firestar announces Brambleclaw as deputy. He is then embarrassed when he realizes he said it out loud.
Spiderleg nearly agrees with Ashfur's accusation of Leafpool, making up her dream about Brambleclaw becoming deputy because he is Squirrelflight's mate. However, he thinks better of it when the rest of ThunderClan does not agree.

In the Power of Three arc

The Sight

He receives his first apprentice, Mousepaw. His younger brother, Birchpaw, is now a warrior and has the name Birchfall. His parents have a new litter of kits, Icekit and Foxkit.
He is the one to discover the dead fox on ThunderClan's territory. When Brambleclaw asks if the fox is a male or a female, Spiderleg says it was a female. Spiderleg tells Brambleclaw that Hollykit, Jaykit, and Lionkit had made a patrol of their own to and found the cubs. Spiderleg is one of the cats on a patrol that made sure no fox cubs are still around.
Late one night, Lionkit sees Spiderleg and Dustpelt padding side by side into the center of the camp. Spiderleg tells Dustpelt that the moonhigh patrol was nearly there. When the patrol gets back, Spiderleg asks them if they patrolled the new border at the edge of the clearing. When Brackenfur said that ShadowClan would not dare cross the ThunderClan border, Spiderleg says that they dared before Firestar even handed the territory to them. He agrees with Dustpelt when he says that Firestar should never had given up land so easily to ShadowClan. Spiderleg argues with Stormfur, asking that if it was wise of Firestar to stand in front of the Clans and tell them that ThunderClan can no longer protect their boundaries,and that ShadowClan has no right to set one paw on ThunderClan territory. When Stormfur says it is ShadowClan's territory, Spiderleg replies that Stormfur would not care because he is not a ThunderClan cat.
While returning from patrol at night with Dustpelt, Stormfur, and Brackenfur, he doubts Stormfur's loyalty towards ThunderClan, along with his father.

Dark River

Spiderleg continues to train Mousepaw. When Mousepaw tries to hunt a squirrel, Spiderleg tells him it was a nice try, and Mousepaw says that he will catch one next time. Spiderleg is seen when Daisy slips in between him and Birchfall to talk to Firestar. He tells Firestar that naming ceremonies are part of the warrior code and that if they ignored them, they would not get the same respect from the other Clans.
Spiderleg is seen sitting next to Brackenfur and Cloudtail when they tell Hollypaw, Cinderpaw and Mousepaw that they are going to assess their training. Mousepaw tells Hollypaw and Cinderpaw that he is going to show Spiderleg he can really catch a squirrel. When Brackenfur and Spiderleg see Mousepaw climbing up the Sky Oak, Brackenfur tells him to come down, but Spiderleg tells him to leave him alone, and that if he wants to go up it, he should be able to. Brackenfur tells Spiderleg that he would not let Hollypaw climb up it, and Spiderleg tells him that Mousepaw has been training longer than Hollypaw. After a few minutes, Spiderleg even starts to get a little wary of Mousepaw going up higher and higher, and he tells him not to go too high. Since Mousepaw did not catch the squirrel, Spiderleg tells him he might as well come down, but Mousepaw says he cannot because he is too scared. Cloudtail offers to go up to get him, and Spiderleg agrees, reasoning that he cannot come down by himself, but Cinderpaw goes up instead. When Hollypaw goes to get Leafpool, by mistake Ashfur is there instead of him.
During the battle with WindClan, Spiderleg is knocked to the ground by Tornear. Ashfoot rears up from behind and sinks her claws into his shoulder. Thornclaw shoves Ashfoot off him, and he attacks back at Tornear. When WindClan is defeated, Dustpelt chooses him, along with Thornclaw, to remark the border.
When three WindClan kits go missing, and WindClan suspects RiverClan took them, they decide to attack them. As ThunderClan prepares, in case WindClan wants to attack ThunderClan as well, Spiderleg tells Lionpaw to get something to eat and that he must be ready for battle at any moment. When Lionpaw says that WindClan was fighting RiverClan, Spiderleg tells him that anything could happen in the battle and WindClan could accuse ThunderClan.


Spiderleg has kits with Daisy: Rosekit and Toadkit; how he and Daisy became mates is unknown. His apprentice, Mousepaw, becomes a warrior known as Mousewhisker along with his siblings Hazeltail and Berrynose. Spiderleg seems awkward around his kits as if he cannot get used to the idea of being a father. His younger siblings become apprentices, Icepaw and Foxpaw. Icepaw is given Whitewing as her mentor, and Foxpaw is given Squirrelflight.


Spiderleg is sprawled out in the clearing with Thornclaw. He tells Rosekit and Toadkit to stop fighting, to which they reply that they were only playing. He tells them to play something quieter and says to Graystripe that he does not envy him, as two kits are hard enough. When Toadkit starts playing with Spiderleg's tail, he tells him not to play with it.
When Brambleclaw wonders where the dawn patrol was, Spiderleg asked who is on it. Graystripe says perhaps they went hunting, and Brambleclaw said that they were supposed to report straight back. Spiderleg guesses that maybe it is quiet in the forest.
A stranger enters the camp, and he tells Firestar that he was looking forward to seeing ThunderClan, and Spiderleg asks how he knew them. When the stranger tells Firestar that it is time, Spiderleg wonders what he means.
He defends Daisy from Sol, saying that she is a part of ThunderClan now, only to act embarrassed about it later.
Spiderleg continues dragging more branches from behind the medicine cat's den. He joins Brightheart in the clearing, along with Berrynose and Honeyfern.
Firestar calls Spiderleg's name to go on a patrol with him to fight with WindClan. Daisy calls after him to be careful, but he does not seem to hear her.
When the patrol finds a cave where Lionpaw met with Heatherpaw, Spiderleg sticks his head into it and says that there is a tunnel in it that reeks of WindClan, but leads to their territory.
After fighting, Spiderleg gets a bad belly wound, and he is lying with his flank heaving and blood streaming out of the wound and onto the forest floor. Ashfur pushes him to his paws, while Berrynose steadies his other side. Ashfur tells Spiderleg that he is going to take him back to Leafpool. Spiderleg pants and groans with each step, and Lionpaw halts to allow the three warriors through the entrance.

Long Shadows

Spiderleg is at the fresh-kill pile curiously looking at Lionblaze along with Squirrelflight.
When Thornclaw has a coughing bout, Spiderleg tells Brightheart to get a move on to fetch herbs from Leafpool, and says that maybe then they could all get some sleep; Brightheart scolds them and says that they better have good luck the next time they ask to be cured. When Hollyleaf tells Thornclaw not to apologize to Spiderleg and Berrynose, they ignore her and curl up to sleep.
When Firestar calls a Clan meeting, Dustpelt tells him that he hopes Firestar does not allow more outsiders into their Clan, and Spiderleg agrees, saying that bringing them in is what caused the battle with RiverClan and WindClan in the first place. This makes Cloudtail say that if ShadowClan starts invading their territory, then it is not ShadowClan's problem anymore.
Spiderleg gets sick with what is possibly greencough. He wakes Lionblaze with his coughing. Lionblaze tells him to go to Leafpool, and he is reluctant at first, saying he is fine, but Brambleclaw finally tells him to go anyway.
While Lionblaze is taking Spiderleg to the medicine den, Daisy comes over from the nursery, concerned about her mate, fretting that he is ill. Spiderleg complains about how he wishes every cat would stop fussing, but breaks off into a coughing fit. Daisy becomes even more concerned. Lionblaze comforts her and heads off again with Spiderleg.
Daisy comes in with a vole in the medicine den, saying that Spiderleg should get a good meal in before he goes to the abandoned Twoleg nest, but Spiderleg says he is not hungry. Daisy replies by saying she picked it out for him and she wants to talk with Spiderleg. Daisy says he should start spending more time with his kits instead of only focusing on warrior duties, and that their kits worry about him, although it is amazing that they remember that Spiderleg is their father, as he never visits them.
After their talk, Daisy is frustrated and leaves to be with her kits. Leafpool is angry at Spiderleg saying that his kits are a blessing, possibly because she is a medicine cat and unable to have them herself. She agrees with Daisy saying he should see them more often. Then Spiderleg reveals that he feels uncomfortable and clumsy around his kits and that he never wanted to have kits with Daisy; it just happened. He then admits that he and Daisy are no longer mates, and he had never meant to have kits with her in the first place.


When Sorreltail says that they cannot be sure a WindClan cat did kill Ashfur, Spiderleg cuts in saying that they found his body on WindClan border, and that is proof enough. He says that WindClan will get trouble when Thornclaw says the best time of attacking is at night. Spiderleg tells Brambleclaw that they are going to raid WindClan, but Brambleclaw cuts him off saying that there will be no raid against WindClan. When Firestar says he will lead a patrol to see if Onestar knows who killed Ashfur, Spiderleg comments that of course, WindClan would know who killed Ashfur. Firestar tells them that there is not enough proof that a WindClan cat killed him, but Spiderleg comments that there is enough proof for him.
At one point, Spiderleg is seen playing with his kits, Rosekit and Toadkit for the first time. They are urged on to play by their mother, Daisy. While they are playing, Daisy remarks that she thought Spiderleg could be a better badger than that. Spiderleg breaks off into a cough and replies that badgers do not get greencough.

In the Omen of the Stars arc

The Fourth Apprentice

Spiderleg, along with Berrynose, is stuck in the mud in the lake. They both are up to their haunches in mud, and they thrash around, trying to get themselves out. When they get out, Spiderleg thanks, Thornclaw and tells him he will be careful of where he puts his paws. Then he and Berrynose pad off back to camp, mud dripping from their fur.
When ThunderClan captures Rainstorm, Firestar wonders what to do with him, and Spiderleg says that he agrees with Thornclaw with the idea to hold him for ransom so that Leopardstar would have to give ThunderClan some fish for him.
While talking about the drought, Spiderleg says that StarClan should do something about it and that they probably expect them to go without water.
When Dovepaw asks if the reason that the lake has no water because of brown animals blocking it, Spiderleg asks her what she means about brown animals. Then when Dovepaw says that there are brown animals blocking the river, Spiderleg teases her by saying hedgehogs fly. He tells Lionblaze that he shouldn't let Dovepaw make this stuff up, especially since they are all suffering. Also, he says that what Dovepaw says sounds like tales for kits. Graystripe tells Spiderleg not to be too hard on her after all apprentices play games.
Spiderleg goes off with Hazeltail and Mousewhisker to find a shady place to sleep.
His kits, Rosekit and Toadkit, are now warriors known as Rosepetal and Toadstep, as well as his younger siblings who are now Icecloud and Foxleap.

Fading Echoes

Firestar says that Rosepetal is as skinny as her father, and Jayfeather remembers that Rosepetal has Spiderleg's lithe body.
Spiderleg and Rosepetal are seen fighting with Oakfur and Whitewater.

Night Whispers

He is called to go on a patrol with Dustpelt, Sorreltail, and Cloudtail.
Spiderleg is seen talking to Squirrelflight and Lionblaze, their heads bent towards each other. When Lionblaze asks him how big the paw prints are, Spiderleg says that they were big enough, and a vixen by the smell of them.
When Dovepaw tells Lionblaze that she is hunting, Spiderleg asks her what she caught, and she tells him nothing yet.
Spiderleg accompanies Mothwing to the ThunderClan camp, along with Thornclaw. Mothwing thanks them both for their company, but she says that she can manage finding the camp on her own. Spiderleg tells her that they were just trying to help.
Brambleclaw asks Spiderleg and Berrynose if they know where Jayfeather's herb patch is, and he says he does.

Sign of the Moon

He is chosen to assist Lionblaze in assessing Dovepaw. He notices her lack of focus and does not understand why she is not doing well in her assessment. He observes her when she rescues Icecloud, and later, when they report to Firestar, he says that even though she did poorly on her hunting assessment, because of the way she handled the situation earlier, she deserves her warrior name because of her courage and determination to save Icecloud.

The Forgotten Warrior

When Hollyleaf plans the underground attack on WindClan, he asks if Hollyleaf is being welcomed back as a warrior so soon.
Later, Spiderleg is discussing about Sol's disappearance commenting that Sol ought to know what would happen if he came back.

The Last Hope

When ThunderClan is aware of the upcoming battle, Firestar appoints Spiderleg to teach the elders, Mousefur and Purdy, fighting moves, because they knew him the longest and would listen to him. It is noted that he is starting to get gray flecks on his muzzle and would be joining the elders soon.

In the A Vision of Shadows arc

Thunder and Shadow

While sorting through herbs with Alderpaw and Leafpool, Jayfeather says that they would need to gather catmint before leaf-bare, noting that if they had gathered more the last year, they might not have lost Spiderleg.

In the Super Editions

Firestar's Quest

Spiderkit and his brother, Shrewkit, are playing with a scrap of moss, acting as if they are chasing off Scourge from their territory.
Spiderkit and Shrewkit are the first litter of Dustpelt and Ferncloud. Dustpelt tells Spiderkit and Shrewkit to settle down during a ceremony, however, a heartbeat later, the kits are playing with a sodden ball of moss. When it hits Speckletail, she sends the kits creeping back to Ferncloud. It is noted that the two siblings like to play and make a lot of noise, disturbing Firestar's thoughts and dreams. This is shown during the ceremony when they keep playing with a puddle of water, the one that Firestar saw Cloudstar in, much to their parents' annoyance.
Later, Ferncloud and Brightheart sun themselves at the entrance to the nursery while watching Spiderkit and Shrewkit play-fight.

Crowfeather's Trial

Spiderleg finds Crowfeather and Breezepelt on ThunderClan territory, having been driven there by the stoats in the tunnels. When confronted, Crowfeather says they are not there to cause any harm, and Spiderleg says that Crowfeather and Breezepelt should have known better. The black cat goes on to say that had they run into more hotheaded cats, there could have been a lot more trouble facing the WindClan cats. Lashing his tail, Spiderleg and the others accuse Breezepelt and his father of spying, to which the pair vehemently deny any such actions. They explain that they were driven there while checking the tunnels.
Soon, Spiderleg decides that they should report the incident to Bramblestar. He first tries to make Crowfeather and Breezepelt go with him to Bramblestar, although he is stopped by Cinderheart and Rosepetal. The pair of she-cats assure Spiderleg that they can report this issue without bringing Crowfeather and Breezepelt to camp, and Spiderleg lets the pair go, admitting that Cinderheart and Rosepetal are correct.
At a Gathering, Spiderleg leans over to talk to Graystripe about Nightcloud's disappearance. He mutters that Nightcloud was left behind while Breezepelt ran to safety, and criticizes Breezepelt's loyalty to his family. Graystripe gives Spiderleg an irritated shove, saying that Spiderleg has said more than enough and they don't need to cause any more problems. Crowfeather notes that Spiderleg has gray hairs around his muzzle, despite his young age when compared to older cats.
Spiderleg rises to his paws and begins to speak to the cats present at the Gathering. He says that while the wounds from the Great Battle have started to heal, there are still other wounds that have not. He says that these are not just flesh wounds, excusing the actions of the cats who trained with the Dark Forest. Spiderleg claims that it is not unreasonable for these seeds of doubt to exist and grow, and Berrynose agrees, saying that nothing would surprise them should other cats turn traitor.
Angry at this, Breezepelt rises to his paws and charges towards Spiderleg. Confronting Spiderleg, Breezepelt meows that if so many cats have an issue, they need to say it to his face and not prowl around and talk behind his back. Breezepelt calls these cats mouse-hearts, although his words are cut off by Onestar, telling Breezepelt to stand down. Breezepelt soon leaves the Gathering, but not before Spiderleg taunts him again, saying that he thinks Breezepelt is going to continue to spy on ThunderClan.

Bramblestar's Storm

Spiderleg is now a mentor to Amberpaw. Amberpaw asks Berrynose many questions about the patrol they are in, overwhelming the tom. Spiderleg tells Amberpaw that if she stops twittering like a blackbird and listens, she’ll learn something. His meow is stern but not harsh, and Amberpaw is not that bothered by him. She acknowledges his words but starts to protest. On the patrol, Amberpaw rushes around and Spiderleg stops her. She tells her that she’ll be tired when they finish the patrol and if there are enemy cats around, they’ll hear her rushing about.
Amberpaw apologizes, and Spiderleg asks her to creep as if she was stalking prey. She does, hardly rustling the leaves underneath her. Spiderleg comments that is not bad and to keep it up. This is an impressive comment for Spiderleg, and Amberpaw is proud. Bramblestar thinks about how nicely Amberpaw and Spiderleg match each other. Amberpaw wants to put a scent marker, and Spiderleg asks for her behalf, mentioning she needs to learn eventually. Amberpaw falls into the stream, and Spiderleg jumps after her. He boosts her up to a ledge, where Spiderleg retorts being cold serves her right for being stupid. He comfortingly touches his nose to the she-cat, telling her to climb on his shoulders and Bramblestar will help her up.
A WindClan patrol objects the ThunderClan cats being in the stream, and Spiderleg snaps the stream isn’t theirs and they haven’t crossed the border. He is crouching so Amberpaw can climb onto his shoulders and up to the bank. He then climbs out himself, spattering his Clanmates with drops of water. Bramblestar explains to the WindClan patrol that he was just helping Amberpaw get out of the stream. Amberpaw gives a cheeky comment, and Spiderleg gently cuffs her ear, calling her a mouse-brain. He tells her she has a lucky escape from the stream. They head back to camp where later that day Amberpaw asks to join a battle training session.
Spiderleg stands from the fresh-kill pile, calling she cannot go as she needs to rest from dawn patrol. Amberpaw complains she'll be left behind and never become a warrior. Spiderleg walks to her and gives a lick, insisting she'll become a warrior. He reassures after she rests he'll teach her the move the other apprentices are learning. Amberpaw is still complaining later, and Spiderleg reminds her she is resting. He tells her to go and get clean moss for Purdy. After a patrol returns from talking to Blackstar, they report ShadowClan seems hungry. Spiderleg thinks that is good, lashing his tail in satisfaction.
When Briarlight says she wants to be like everyone else, Bramblestar asks if she wants to be like Spiderleg, too shy to talk to Daisy although she is the mother of his kits. Spiderleg is later seen on the lakeshore with the other mentors and their apprentices. Dewpaw and Amberpaw sneak attack Daisy, frightening her. He agrees with Whitewing to not attack an unprepared cat that is no threat to them. He cuffs Amberpaw's ear and tells her to learn to recognize their real enemies. The warriors' den is flooded out by rain, and Spiderleg retorts they'll die of greencough at the rate they are going.
He beds down in the apprentices' den, mentioning they need more space. He tells Lilypaw to get her tail out of his eye. The apprentices think they are warriors since warriors are with them and that makes the den the warriors' den. Spiderleg retorts in their dreams. The camp floods so the Clan has to flee up a cliff face. Bramblestar sends Brackenfur and Spiderleg to go first to make sure it’s a good escape route. He urges them to be careful, and Spiderleg follows Brackenfur up. They make it up, confirming its safe enough. Bramblestar sends Cloudtail with Amberpaw since her mentor was already up.
The Clan escapes and they decide to make temporary camp in the tunnels. Amberpaw asks Spiderleg if Hollyleaf really did live in the tunnels, and he confirms she did for some moons. He mentions they had no idea she was there the whole time. They settle down but it's too cold and wet. Spiderleg asks Bramblestar why they cannot go deeper into the tunnels but Bramblestar insists they need to avoid the underground river. Spiderleg doesn't argue, twitching his tail and curling up, grumbling to himself. After a patrol goes to see how RiverClan is, they return to see Spiderleg and Ivypool teaching the apprentices a fighting move. Spiderleg notices a kittypet with them, and asks why she is here. Bramblestar explains her name is Minty and they rescued her from Twoleg dens, raking his gaze over the black tom. Later, Spiderleg offers for him and his apprentice to join a patrol to fetch dry bedding, padding over from where he was helping Amberpaw with her hunter crouch. Sandstorm points out how quick Spiderleg was to offer to join Daisy, and wonders if he wants to become mates with Daisy again. Bramblestar doubts that.
Sickness is starting to spread because the Clan's bedding is wet and the camp is cold. Bramblestar is determined to get better bedding, and Spiderleg asks how. He says even if moss or feathers are underwater, it will be wet. He points out that they cannot use the sun to dry the bedding and it's going to rain soon. Daisy agrees with him. Spiderleg is later selected as part of a patrol that will check the ShadowClan border. Frankie offers to come, but Spiderleg doesn't like that idea. He agrees with Blossomfall he'd rather eat fox-dung and sarcastically says he will scare ShadowClan. Bramblestar wants to check on ShadowClan again, and takes Spiderleg this time. Spiderleg bounds over and joins the patrol. On the way, he looks in shock at how high the lake has flooded. Cinderheart thinks that life for ShadowClan would be hard, but Spiderleg unsympathetically comments that life is hard for all of them.
They meet a ShadowClan patrol who refuses to take them to their camp. Spiderleg snaps they are all suffering because of the floods and the last thing they'll do is attack their camp. He demands for them to take them to their camp. They finally are taken to ShadowClan's temporary camp. Some warriors are struggling to carry bracken, and Spiderleg and Cinderheart offer to help. They seem willing to let them, but Rowanstar refuses. Bramblestar beckons to Spiderleg that they are leaving with his tail.
Amberpaw tries to join in with the apprentices sessions again but Spiderleg tells her she cannot as her cough will get worse in the rain. Spiderleg is soon seen teaching the youngest apprentices fighting moves alongside the other mentors. Minty wants to join, but Spiderleg harshly snaps this session isn't for cats that wander off whenever they like. When Bramblestar wants to patrol the top border, Spiderleg and Amberpaw join him. Spiderleg asks if they are going to check for ShadowClan trespassers, and Bramblestar says they are checking for badgers.
Amberpaw is excited for a chance to face badgers, but Spiderleg tells her she is better to run away as she'd hardly make a mouthful of a meal for them. Jessy tells Spiderleg to not tease her and offers Amberpaw to teach some fighting moves useful against badgers. Spiderleg responds that its okay as Amberpaw is his apprentice. His tone is cold and Bramblestar sees why as a kittypet just tried to take over his apprentice’s training. They keep up the patrol and Spiderleg finds badger droppings. He comments it is stale, swiping his tongue over his lips in disgust. They trail seems to lead where Victor and the other kittypets live, and Spiderleg comments they are welcome to have the badgers.
Suddenly, a rook attacks Amberpaw. Spiderleg flashes past his leader and flings himself on top of the small cat, protecting her from the bird. The rook tries battering at Spiderleg's back but Jessy successfully catches the rook. Scrambling off Amberpaw and licking his ruffled fur, Spiderleg points out they are on a border patrol, not a hunting patrol. Bramblestar and Jessy climb up a tree to check the rook's nest before climbing back down. Spiderleg waits for them, seemingly unimpressed. He asks if they are going home now. Bramblestar decides to attack the badgers, and organizes who to take with Daisy. She mentions that Spiderleg can stay behind to protect the camp. He doesn't however as he is seen during the battle. He darts out from a bush, grabs Crowfrost’s scruff with his teeth and drags him away to safety.
The battle is a success and Bramblestar checks for injuries, noting Spiderleg seems the most injured cat. He has almost all of his fur missing on one side. Dustpelt dies in the battle. Spiderleg later returns from burying his father, head drooped and tail dragging on the ground. The Clan finally returns to camp and Amberpaw notes the washed-up Twoleg stuff. Spiderleg snaps they can all see it but orders her to leave it alone.

In the Novellas

Leafpool's Wish

Hazelkit chirps that Spiderleg is the real enemy and grabs his tail. Spiderleg drops the fresh-kill he was carrying and spins around, asking what she is doing as he flicks his tail away. Hazelkit defends she was only playing. Daisy calls to her kits to not disturb the tom, and Spiderleg just grunts and picks up his prey again before walking away.

Dovewing's Silence

The Battle Against the Dark Forest is over, but there are many deceased, including the mother of Spiderleg, Ferncloud. Dustpelt refuses to leave her cooling body alone, so Spiderleg limps up to him and rests his tail on his shoulder. He says that he is sure Leafpool will come to him for his injures, they should all be with her now. He mentions that Birchfall is taking Foxleap to her, and then the medicine cat will join them. Very soon, he is seen helping Leafpool pad crushed leaves into Foxleap's gaping wound. He goes back to the vigil, standing beside Ferncloud's body with his head bowed, and flanks hollow with exhaustion. When it’s time to bury the fallen, he and Dustpelt carry her body like she weighed nothing more than a piece of thistledown.

In the Field Guides

Battles of the Clans

As an apprentice in the story, "Graystripe Speaks: The Battle Against the Foxes", Spiderpaw is part of the patrol that hunts the foxes. He follows Graystripe along with Mousefur and Brightheart. When they run into the foxes, Spiderpaw lets out a tiny whimper and Graystripe rests his tail on his flank to give him courage.
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