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During their first encounter, Spiderleg was indifferent towards Daisy. His first instinct was to drive her out, stereotyping her as a typical loner, though he didn't object when he was ordered to escort her and her kits to the ThunderClan camp.[1] When Daisy became his Clanmate, Spiderleg initially didn't think highly of her, snorting at her efforts to stop her kits annoying him.[2] Once he became Mousewhisker's mentor, he was pushed to become more informal with Daisy as the mother of his apprentice.[3] After several moons, they two became mates, but Spiderleg was unprepared for her pregnancy. Insecure about fatherhood, he became withdrawn, much to Daisy's frustration, who wanted a fulfilling relationship between him and his kits.[4] After some pressure, Spiderleg managed to overcome his fear and spend more time with his kits.[5] However, the damage was already done, as they soon broke up. While some feelings of love remained, the two would become awkward and regretful whenever they thought of one another.[6]

Rosepetal and Toadstep

"Every kit is different. And every kit deserves to know its father. You're missing out, Spiderleg, and if you're not careful, it will be too late, and your own kits won't know who you are!"
—Daisy to Spiderleg Long Shadows, page 235
Growing up, Rosepetal and Toadstep weren't close to their father, Spiderleg. Spiderleg admitted to Leafpool that he felt clumsy and useless around them, and that he'd never planned to have kits with Daisy.[5] Later on, though he is mentioned to be playing with his kits.[7]

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