"Honeyleaf, you're wrong. We are defeated. I cannot bear to lead my Clanmates into one more battle, to watch them starve through another leaf-bare, afraid of every noise, every stirring leaf. We have become prey. The rats have won. SkyClan is no more."
— Spiderstar to Honeyleaf, admitting SkyClan's defeat in SkyClan's Destiny, page 4

Spiderstar is a big,[7] dark[3] brown[8] tabby tom.[3]

Spiderstar was an ancient SkyClan leader, succeeding Buzzardstar. He regretfully told his Clanmates, following the battle against the rats, that SkyClan had come to an end. Despite the protests of his deputy Honeyleaf, he didn't have a change of heart. Spiderstar ended up staying in the gorge with the elders and Brackenheart. After his death, he briefly appeared in a vision of Leafstar.


In the Super Editions

SkyClan's Destiny

"May StarClan light your path for all of us. We still live on, but our Clan has died."
―Spiderstar SkyClan's Destiny, page 9
Spiderstar is the last ancient leader of SkyClan in the gorge. He returns from the final battle against the rats with seven other warriors. His fur is torn off on one shoulder, and many warriors are killed or injured. He leads his cats into the camp and informs the waiting cats of SkyClan's defeat. Spiderstar tells Rowanfur that he will hold ceremonies for Sunpelt and Fallensnow, who died in the battle, and sadly agrees that they had to leave the bodies behind. Oakstep disagrees and tries to retrieve the warriors. Spiderstar stops Oakstep from doing so, and he tells the Clan that SkyClan is no more.
Honeyleaf, the deputy, protests, and so do many warriors. Some admit that they have been taking food from the Twolegs, confessing that life would be easier if they lived with them. Some warriors leave, with Frostclaw leading them to the Twoleg nest, while Honeyleaf and Swallowflight leave to live further up the gorge. Brackenheart gives everyone some traveling herbs and they say their farewells. Once the shock ebbs away somewhat, Spiderstar comforts his Clanmates, but remains certain of SkyClan's defeat. He decides to stay with Brackenheart and the elders in the gorge. After holding the ceremony for Sunpelt and Fallensnow, he watches SkyClan separate for the last time, and wonders whether a Clan will ever live in the gorge again.
When Spottedleaf shows Leafstar the end of ancient SkyClan in a dream, Spiderstar is seen asking Brackenheart if a Clan will ever live in the gorge again. He appears later with Brackenheart, watching cats in StarClan assemble. Leafstar remembers seeing him in her dream.

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Honeyleaf Before Firestar's Quest Before Firestar's Quest
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Brackenheart Before Firestar's Quest Before Firestar's Quest




  • He is mistakenly described as a warrior, despite being a leader at the time.[9]


Spiderstar: "We have lost enough Clanmates tonight. Let us pray for their spirits as they join StarClan."
Swallowflight: "StarClan? Do you think they are really watching over us? If they cared about us at all, they would never have let the rats come."
—Spiderstar after SkyClan's fight with the rats SkyClan's Destiny, page 4

"I wonder...will a Clan ever live here again?"
―Spiderstar SkyClan's Destiny, page 10

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