"You may have won Sunningrocks, but the river still belongs to us. Appledusk has been merciful this time, but from now on, stay away from our territory."
— Spiketail threatening Mapleshade in Mapleshade's Vengeance, chapter 3

Spiketail is a dark gray tom[1] and a RiverClan deputy under Darkstar.

In Mapleshade's Vengeance, Spiketail, alongside Appledusk and Milkfur, are part of a patrol on RiverClan's territory. The RiverClan deputy is the first to appear from a group of rushes near the river. Mapleshade notices his dark gray head and panics, frozen in her tracks. Spiketail asks what's going on, and why there is a kit in the middle of the river. He is soon joined by his Clanmates, who all continue to spite Mapleshade. She is about to answer, before Appledusk says that one kit is hardly a threat, and goes to rescue Patchkit. Before leaving, Spiketail threatens the ginger-and-white she-cat, saying that although ThunderClan has Sunningrocks, the river still belongs to RiverClan, yowling as Mapleshade takes her kits and leaves.


"What is that kit doing?"
—Spiketail, furious about there being a kit in the river Mapleshade's Vengeance, page chapter 3

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