"Your luck is going to run out if you go on tempting fate like this."
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"Without ShadowClan, there can be no ThunderClan, no WindClan, no RiverClan, no SkyClan. Five Clans or none. ShadowClan needs you, Tigerheart. It's not your time to die. You have to go back."
— Spiresight to Tigerheart in Tigerheart's Shadow, page 400

Spiresight is a small[8] and skinny black tom[7] with yellow eyes.[9]

Spire was a healer of the guardian cats. As a healer, the other cats often noted that he sometimes had weird dreams. He became friends with the former ShadowClan deputy Tigerheart, and accompanied him on his patrol back to ShadowClan. On the journey, he sacrificed his life to save Pouncekit, and was renamed by Tigerheart to Spiresight in honor of his memory. Spiresight later went to StarClan and convinced Tigerheart to receive his nine lives. Later, Spiresight appeared as a ghost to guide Shadowsight from the brink of death.


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The Broken Code

"Listen to him. He has us all-he'll force us to-"
―Spiresight to Shadowsight Darkness Within, page 315
Spiresight, as a ghost, helps Shadowsight when the latter is nearly killed by Bramblestar's impostor. He manages to alert Rootspring to Shadowsight's location, saving the young medicine cat's life. Later, Spiresight appears during the Sisters summoning ceremony, and when Rootspring asks him what's happening to all the ghosts, Spiresight just stares at him as if pleading for him understand before opening his mouth in a piercing wail of pain. When Shadowsight confronts Ashfur as the leaders are coming to kill the impostor, the dark warrior reveals that he has Spiresight under his power, and allows the black tom to talk to Shadowsight through Bramblestar's body for a moment.

Super Editions

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Warning: Rippletail's appearances in Tigerheart's Shadow are a mistake as confirmed by Kate Cary and further installments in the canon. Slatefur was meant to be in the patrol traveling with Tigerheart.
"It's not important that I belong. It is important that I make the journey."
―Spire Tigerheart's Shadow, page 300
In Tigerheart's Shadow, Spire is one of the healers for the guardian cats and is often accompanied by Blaze, a young kit whom he looks after. Spire is noted to be rather weird and often draws images in the dirt. As Tigerheart begins to get to know him, Spire informs him that Tigerheart's rightful place is back in ShadowClan, and accompanies the dark tabby on his trek back to ShadowClan, where he leads the patrol with his visions. However, he dies saving Pouncekit, Tigerheart's daughter, and Tigerheart gives him a warrior name in his memory, renaming him Spiresight. Spiresight is later seen in StarClan. There he convinces Tigerheart to return to his clanmates, by accepting a leadership ceremony.

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Spiresight's warrior ceremony
Tigerheart: I, Tigerheart, deputy of ShadowClan and leader of this patrol, call upon my warrior ancestors to honor Spire. He never knew the warrior code, and yet he lived by it. He healed the sick and protected the weak. He gave his life to save another. I commend him to you as a warrior of ShadowClan, and from this moment on he will be known as Spiresight, for his visions and his wisdom.
Reference: Tigerheart's Shadow, page 369

Personality and traits

Spiresight is a strange tom. He has visions and omens from StarClan very often, even though he is not a Clan cat. His visions sound crazy, and many cats think he is odd. But his premonitions end up aiding Tigerheart greatly on his journey, and the cats with him begin to appreciate Spiresight. Many cats are lost and dismayed when he suddenly dies.[source?]



Blazefire was Spiresight's helper, and hung around him all the time. Spiresight lets Blazefire help and support him, and Blazefire is proud of Spiresight's abilities.[10]


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Ashfur became Spiresight's primary enemy when the the former attacked Shadowsight.[5] [11] Spiresight tried to save Shadowsight but was unable to since the former was a ghost.[5]



Interesting facts

Author statements

  • Kate says that if given the chance, Spiresight would've become a medicine cat instead of a warrior.[blog 1]


Tigerheart: "Spire?"
Spire: "You came."
Tigerheart: "What did you dream?"
Spire: "Dream? I heard a voice...from the stars...meant for you."
Tigerheart: "Stars for me? What did it say?"
Spire: "I had to tell you he needs you."
Tigerheart: "Who needs me?"
Spire: "The shadows are fading. He can't keep them together."
—Spire and Tigerheart about Rowanstar needing Tigerheart in his vision Tigerheart's Shadow, page 288

"You listen to your belly when it's hungry and your throat when it's thirsty. Why not be guided by your heart when it speaks to you?"
―Spire Tigerheart's Shadow, page 299

"It has shapes on it, like the shapes Spire used to draw in the dirt sometimes to show me what his visions looked like."
―Blaze Tigerheart's Shadow, page 332

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Rippletail: "How are we going to find way home now that Spire is gone?"
Blaze: "Oh, now you believe him? Spire died trying to help you. Are you only bothered that we don't have a guide anymore?"
Rippletail: "Of course not, but how will we find where we..."
Sparrowtail: "Rippletail meant no disrespect. But we need to get home before Berryheart starts kitting."
—Rippletail, Blaze, and Sparrowtail about Spire Tigerheart's Shadow, page 364

Tigerheart: "Do you really think your dreams can lead us home?"
Spire: "I know they can."
Rippletail: "I hope you're right."
Tigerheart: "He is. He dreams with StarClan."
Blaze: "Are we going to let Spire lead us?"
Tigerheart: "Yes. We'll follow Spire."
—Tigerheart, Spire, and Rippletail about Spire's dreams Tigerheart's Shadow, page 364

Tigerheart: "We should honor him."
Rippletail: "What?"
Blaze: "Are you talking about Spire?"
Tigerheart: "Yes. Spire saved Lightkit from the Thundersnake and Pouncekit from the river. He was as brave as any warrior, and we should honor him as a warrior."
Clovertail: "How?"
Sparrowtail: "Should we sit vigil for him tonight?"
Tigerheart: "A vigil is not enough to thank him for what he has done. He was loyal and brave. He should become one of us."
Rippletail: "How?"
Tigerheart: "Let's have a warrior naming ceremony for him now and give him a warrior name."
—Tigerheart suggesting that they give Spire a warrior name Tigerheart's Shadow, page 367

"StarClan knew him. They will be watching. They will know, and once he has his warrior name, he'll be able to walk among them as the warrior he has always been, even though he never had the chance to live as one."
―Tigerheart Tigerheart's Shadow, page 368

"It's true. He has known our Clan through us. And by finding us and protecting Tigerheart's kits, he's done more for ShadowClan these past moons than we have."
―Cloverfoot Tigerheart's Shadow, page 368

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