"Without ShadowClan, there can be no ThunderClan, no WindClan, no RiverClan, no SkyClan. Five Clans or none. ShadowClan needs you, Tigerheart. It's not your time to die. You have to go back."
— Spiresight to Tigerheart in Tigerheart's Shadow, page 400

Spiresight is a small[6] and skinny black tom[5] with yellow eyes.[7]


In the Super Editions

Tigerheart's Shadow

When Tigerheart is fussing over Dovewing, she mentions that, although she has a fox bite, Spire was healing it. He starts thinking about his worries about what could've happened to his mate. Later, a black tom pads towards them, with a ginger-and-white kit behind him. The kit excitedly asks if Tigerheart is the tom Spire was talking about. He says yes, Tigerheart is the second cat he was expecting. Dovewing formally introduces her mate to Spire, and says he's a healer. The kit interrupts and brags about Spire, and says he dreams about things. Blaze then introduces himself as Spire's helper. The black tom begins to pad away, and Tigerheart tries to talk to him, but is ignored. His helper runs after him and asks if he wants food.
Fierce pads up and points out that Tigerheart has met Spire. He says the black tom was expecting him, and she replies that the healer says a lot of things that don't make sense. She compliments his healing skills, however, and their community takes care of Spire. He mentions what Blaze said, and she purrs, saying Blaze is good for Spire, as he grounds the older tom when his thoughts are up in the clouds.
After the encounter with foxes, Spire makes a poultice for Tigerheart's tail. At first, he thinks the healer is inexperienced because he keeps asking if it's right, but then the warrior thinks maybe Spire is seeking guidance from an unseen mentor. Later, when he attempts to persuade the guardian cats to fight the foxes, Spire and Blaze are present. When they are deciding the best strategy, Dovewing suggests she be the bait to lure the foxes out, as she looks harmless. Everyone else objects, worrying about her unborn kits, but she insists. Before she can say anything else however, the black tom volunteers to be the bait instead, describing himself as skinny and half-crazy. Fierce protests that he doesn't, but he cuts her off and explains he knows the foxes need to go. He's fast and he trusts the guardian cats to protect them.
She asks him if he is sure on this decision, because he will need to concentrate. Spire restates that he's sure, and that he'll concentrate. Tigerheart is skeptical of this, but the tom reassures him that he will concentrate, even though the former thinks of him as distracted. He also thinks that they might become friends. After their little talk, Blaze bounds up to him and asks if they can be bait together. Spire, amused, tells him that he should stay with Dovewing so she doesn't worry about her mate. The ginger-and-white kit agrees, and runs over to where the queen is, saying he'll keep her so busy she won't even think about Tigerheart.
The next day, some of the guardian cats are in position to fight the foxes, while Spire is attracting the foxes. He pads around, pawing at invisible prey, but the gleam in his eyes tells Tigerheart he knows what he's doing. As soon as the fox approaches Spire, unaware of the hiding cats, Spire runs and the guardian cats attack and drive away the foxes. Tigerheart later mentions that Spire and Peanut had gathered a pile of herbs, and Spire comments to Blaze that they would have enough herbs for a moon once he sorts and dies them. Blaze asks if he would teach him about some of the herbs, and the black tom agrees.
Early the next morning, Spire tiptoes out of his nest, leaving Blaze behind. He leaves the church and sits by a chestnut tree. He sits there for a bit, as Tigerheart watches him, before asking if this is what warriors do. The tom adds that he came to think for a bit, and the warrior sheepishly pads out. He wonders why Spire had left Blaze, since he takes the kit everywhere with him, and Spire replies tartly that Blaze follows him everywhere. When Tigerheart sees that the church doors are open and asks the other tom if they will find the guardian cats' mini camp, he matter-of-factly replies that they won't look, since it's their yowling time.
He lets Tigerheart stay to listen if he wants when the latter turns to leave, saying that being pestered by a kit is not the same as being with a warrior. He then contradicts this statement by saying he likes having Blaze around, but he also needs time to think. The tabby tom thinks of how Grassheart's kits are always asking questions and bothering her, so the apprentices and elders need to distract him. Spire interrupts his thoughts by announcing he had a dream that a tree fall, cutting through a shadow. Beyond there is light. Tigerheart asks if it was rowan tree, and the other cat replies that it was tall and old, but he doesn't know what kind of tree. The tabby urgently asks what Spire felt when he saw this dream, but the tom simply says he felt curious. Tigerheart tries to assure himself that these aren't real visions, and they had nothing to do with ShadowClan. They return to the cavern where most of the other cats are now awake. The thought of what Spire says stays in Tigerheart's mind and makes him want to return to ShadowClan. He pushes the thought away, however.
When they return, Blaze rushes over and asks if they went to see the Twolegs yowling. The tabby warrior notes that Spire was right in saying they could hear the yowling louder from the cavern.
In the middle of their argument, Dovewing starts kitting, and Tigerheart looks around for a healer. Fierce meows to Spire that the queen needs help, and he hurries across the floor towards them. The tabby tom asks what's going on with his mate, and she replies that the kits are coming. HOrrified, he asks if it's time, and Spire calmly replies that the kits have decided it is. As she kits, Tigerheart is guided away so he can calm down. After a while, the first kit pops out, and the black tom nips the sac as she slides into the nest. After a while, a tom follows, and finally another she-kit.
When she's done, Peanut comments that it's good to help with kitting after taking care of the sick and injured. She glances at Marigold's empty nest, and Tigerheart asks where Marigold is. Spire replies that she passed away last night, and the tabby feels sad before Peanut distracts him.
As Dovewing sleeps after her kitting, the black tom pads over with a glazed look. Pointing to Shadowkit, he says that one will see into the shadows. When the warrior asks what that means, the healer only looks at him before padding away. He tries to convince himself that he's being silly and that Spire isn't a medicine cat, but he can't shake the uneasy feeling.
After Tigerheart and some of the guardian cats return from scavenging, he comments that those smell like good scraps, and then asks how his kits are. The tabby quickly responds that they're doing fine, and that he was thinking of getting some real food for them. Spire nonchalantly replies that food is food, no matter what type, but he retorts that warriors don't eat crow-food, they eat fresh-kill. The black tom then says his kits will be warriors, that they can't be anything else with Dovewing and Tigerheart as their parents. Their talk is interrupted by Blaze as he runs towards them with greasy scraps and proudly shows them to Spire. Encouraged by Blaze's action, Tigerheart leaves to catch fresh-kill for his kits.
He is mentioned by Pipsqueak when he says that Blaze, Boots, Bracken, and Spire were waiting beside the fox traps and the foxes where so confused by the number of cats that they practically fell inside the traps.
When Dovewing is carrying Pouncekit, Lightkit, and Shadowkit into the den, Tigerheart notices Spire sitting a few slabs away watching a Twoleg kit. He walks toward the tom and asks what he is doing there. Then, he realizes that Spire is having a vision. Tigerheart worries that Spire won’t notice the Twoleg kit until it’s to late, so he continues to watch Spire. Spire closes his eyes and sways, murmuring to himself. When Tigerheart says his name, he opens his eyes and looks at Tigerheart. Tigerheart asks what Spire was dreaming about and he tells him that he heard a voice from the Stars meant for him.
Spire, along with Tigerheart, Fierce, and a couple other cats, are scavenging for food. When Tigerheart suggests they catch some fresh-kill, Spire comments that a scrawny tom could do with some. After they run into Fog and her group, the warrior insists that the guardian cats establish borders. However, they're not into the idea, and Spire suggests that they should go back to the scrapcans.
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Interesting facts

  • Spirekit is named after him.[8]
  • During Spiresight's burial ceremony, Tigerheart gives him a Clan name.[9]

Author statements

  • Kate says that if given the chance, Spiresight would've become a medicine cat instead of a warrior.[10]

Character pixels

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Tigerheart: "Spire?"
Spire: "You came."
Tigerheart: "What did you dream?"
Spire: "Dream? I heard a voice...from the stars...meant for you."
Tigerheart: "Stars for me? What did it say?"
Spire: "I had to tell you he needs you."
Tigerheart: "Who needs me?"
Spire: "The shadows are fading. He can't keep them together."
—Spire and Tigerheart about Rowanstar needing Tigerheart in his vision Tigerheart's Shadow, page 288

"You listen to your belly when it's hungry and your throat when it's thirsty. Why not be guided by your heart when it speaks to you?"
—Spire Tigerheart's Shadow, page 299

"It's not important that I belong. It is important that I make the journey."
—Spire Tigerheart's Shadow, page 300

"It has shapes on it, like the shapes Spire used to draw in the dirt sometimes to show me what his visions looked like."
—Blaze Tigerheart's Shadow, page 332

Slatefur: "How are we going to find way home now that Spire is gone?"
Blaze: "Oh, now you believe him? Spire died trying to help you. Are you only bothered that we don't have a guide anymore?"
Slatefur: "Of course not, but how will we find where we..."
Sparrowtail: "Slatefur meant no disrespect. But we need to get home before Berryheart starts kitting."
—Slatefur, Blaze, and Sparrowtail about Spire Tigerheart's Shadow, page 364

Tigerheart: "Do you really think your dreams can lead us home?"
Spire: "I know they can."
Slatefur: "I hope you're right."
Tigerheart: "He is. He dreams with StarClan."
Blaze: "Are we going to let Spire lead us?"
Tigerheart: "Yes. We'll follow Spire."
—Tigerheart, Spire, and Slatefur about Spire's dreams Tigerheart's Shadow, page 364

Tigerheart: "We should honor him."
Slatefur: "What?"
Blaze: "Are you talking about Spire?"
Tigerheart: "Yes. Spire saved Lightkit from the Thundersnake and Pouncekit from the river. He was as brave as any warrior, and we should honor him as a warrior."
Clovertail: "How?"
Sparrowtail: "Should we sit vigil for him tonight?"
Tigerheart: "A vigil is not enough to thank him for what he has done. He was loyal and brave. He should become one of us."
Slatefur: "How?"
Tigerheart: "Let's have a warrior naming ceremony for him now and give him a warrior name."
—Tigerheart suggesting that they give Spire a warrior name Tigerheart's Shadow, page 367

"StarClan knew him. They will be watching. They will know, and once he has his warrior name, he'll be able to walk among them as the warrior he has always been, even though he never had the chance to live as one."
—Tigerheart Tigerheart's Shadow, page 368

"It's true. He has known our Clan through us. And by finding us and protecting Tigerheart's kits, he's done more for ShadowClan these past moons than we have."
—Cloverfoot Tigerheart's Shadow, page 368


Spiresight's warrior ceremony
Tigerheart: I, Tigerheart, deputy of ShadowClan and leader of this patrol, call upon my warrior ancestors to honor Spire. He never knew the warrior code, and yet he lived by it. He healed the sick and protected the weak. He gave his life to save another. I commend him to you as a warrior of ShadowClan, and from this moment on he will be known as Spiresight, for his visions and his wisdom.
Reference: Tigerheart's Shadow, page 369

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