Warning: Rippletail's appearances in Tigerheart's Shadow are a mistake as confirmed by Kate Cary and further installments in the canon. Slatefur was meant to be in the patrol traveling with Tigerheart.
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In The Broken Code arc

Lost Stars

Spiresight does not formally appear, but is mentioned by Shadowpaw when he tells Dovewing he remembers the journey through Twolegplace with the black tom and the other cats. Shadowpaw later remembers how cats at the big Twoleg den had treated Spiresight, seeing his visions as crazy and believing something was wrong with him. He wonders if he is imagining StarClan communicating with him, reflecting how Spiresight was right sometimes, but how he also talked a lot of nonsense.

The Silent Thaw

After Shadowsight is made a full medicine cat, he remembers Spiresight. He remembers how the old tom helped guide his family to the lake, and sacrificed himself to save Pouncekit. Shadowsight is proud to share his name, wondering if he ever knew his future and if he knew StarClan.

In the Super Editions

Tigerheart's Shadow

When Tigerheart is fussing over Dovewing, she mentions that, although she has a fox bite, Spire was healing it. He starts thinking about his worries about what could've happened to his mate. Later, a black tom pads towards them, with a ginger-and-white kit behind him. The kit excitedly asks if Tigerheart is the tom Spire was talking about. He says yes, Tigerheart is the second cat he was expecting. Dovewing formally introduces her mate to Spire, and says he's a healer. The kit interrupts and brags about Spire, and says he dreams about things. Blaze then introduces himself as Spire's helper. The black tom begins to pad away, and Tigerheart tries to talk to him, but is ignored. His helper runs after him and asks if he wants food.
Fierce pads up and points out that Tigerheart has met Spire. He says the black tom was expecting him, and she replies that the healer says a lot of things that don't make sense. She compliments his healing skills, however, and their community takes care of Spire. He mentions what Blaze said, and she purrs, saying Blaze is good for Spire, as he grounds the older tom when his thoughts are up in the clouds.
After the encounter with foxes, Spire makes a poultice for Tigerheart's tail. At first, he thinks the healer is inexperienced because he keeps asking if it's right, but then the warrior thinks maybe Spire is seeking guidance from an unseen mentor. Later, when he attempts to persuade the guardian cats to fight the foxes, Spire and Blaze are present. When they are deciding the best strategy, Dovewing suggests she be the bait to lure the foxes out, as she looks harmless. Everyone else objects, worrying about her unborn kits, but she insists. Before she can say anything else however, the black tom volunteers to be the bait instead, describing himself as skinny and half-crazy. Fierce protests that he doesn't, but he cuts her off and explains he knows the foxes need to go. He's fast and he trusts the guardian cats to protect them.
She asks him if he is sure on this decision, because he will need to concentrate. Spire restates that he's sure, and that he'll concentrate. Tigerheart is skeptical of this, but the tom reassures him that he will concentrate, even though the former thinks of him as distracted. He also thinks that they might become friends. After their little talk, Blaze bounds up to him and asks if they can be bait together. Spire, amused, tells him that he should stay with Dovewing so she doesn't worry about her mate. The ginger-and-white kit agrees, and runs over to where the queen is, saying he'll keep her so busy she won't even think about Tigerheart.
The next day, some of the guardian cats are in position to fight the foxes, while Spire is attracting the foxes. He pads around, pawing at invisible prey, but the gleam in his eyes tells Tigerheart he knows what he's doing. As soon as the fox approaches Spire, unaware of the hiding cats, Spire runs and the guardian cats attack and drive away the foxes. Tigerheart later mentions that Spire and Peanut had gathered a pile of herbs, and Spire comments to Blaze that they would have enough herbs for a moon once he sorts and dies them. Blaze asks if he would teach him about some of the herbs, and the black tom agrees.
Early the next morning, Spire tiptoes out of his nest, leaving Blaze behind. He leaves the church and sits by a chestnut tree. He sits there for a bit, as Tigerheart watches him, before asking if this is what warriors do. The tom adds that he came to think for a bit, and the warrior sheepishly pads out. He wonders why Spire had left Blaze, since he takes the kit everywhere with him, and Spire replies tartly that Blaze follows him everywhere. When Tigerheart sees that the church doors are open and asks the other tom if they will find the guardian cats' mini camp, he matter-of-factly replies that they won't look, since it's their yowling time.
He lets Tigerheart stay to listen if he wants when the latter turns to leave, saying that being pestered by a kit is not the same as being with a warrior. He then contradicts this statement by saying he likes having Blaze around, but he also needs time to think. The tabby tom thinks of how Grassheart's kits are always asking questions and bothering her, so the apprentices and elders need to distract him. Spire interrupts his thoughts by announcing he had a dream that a tree fall, cutting through a shadow. Beyond there is light. Tigerheart asks if it was rowan tree, and the other cat replies that it was tall and old, but he doesn't know what kind of tree. The tabby urgently asks what Spire felt when he saw this dream, but the tom simply says he felt curious. Tigerheart tries to assure himself that these aren't real visions, and they had nothing to do with ShadowClan. They return to the cavern where most of the other cats are now awake. The thought of what Spire says stays in Tigerheart's mind and makes him want to return to ShadowClan. He pushes the thought away, however.
When they return, Blaze rushes over and asks if they went to see the Twolegs yowling. The tabby warrior notes that Spire was right in saying they could hear the yowling louder from the cavern.
In the middle of their argument, Dovewing starts kitting, and Tigerheart looks around for a healer. Fierce meows to Spire that the queen needs help, and he hurries across the floor towards them. The tabby tom asks what's going on with his mate, and she replies that the kits are coming. Horrified, he asks if it's time, and Spire calmly replies that the kits have decided it is. As she kits, Tigerheart is guided away so he can calm down. After a while, the first kit pops out, and the black tom nips the sac as she slides into the nest. After a while, a tom follows, and finally another she-kit.
When she's done, Peanut comments that it's good to help with kitting after taking care of the sick and injured. She glances at Marigold's empty nest, and Tigerheart asks where Marigold is. Spire replies that she passed away last night, and the tabby feels sad before Peanut distracts him.
As Dovewing sleeps after her kitting, the black tom pads over with a glazed look. Pointing to Shadowkit, he says that one will see into the shadows. When the warrior asks what that means, the healer only looks at him before padding away. He tries to convince himself that he's being silly and that Spire isn't a medicine cat, but he can't shake the uneasy feeling.
After Tigerheart and some of the guardian cats return from scavenging, he comments that those smell like good scraps, and then asks how his kits are. The tabby quickly responds that they're doing fine, and that he was thinking of getting some real food for them. Spire nonchalantly replies that food is food, no matter what type, but he retorts that warriors don't eat crow-food, they eat fresh-kill. The black tom then says his kits will be warriors, that they can't be anything else with Dovewing and Tigerheart as their parents. Their talk is interrupted by Blaze as he runs towards them with greasy scraps and proudly shows them to Spire. Encouraged by Blaze's action, Tigerheart leaves to catch fresh-kill for his kits.
He is mentioned by Pipsqueak when he says that Blaze, Boots, Bracken, and Spire were waiting beside the fox traps and the foxes where so confused by the number of cats that they practically fell inside the traps.
When Dovewing is carrying Pouncekit, Lightkit, and Shadowkit into the den, Tigerheart notices Spire sitting a few slabs away watching a Twoleg kit. He walks toward the tom and asks what he is doing there. Then, he realizes that Spire is having a vision. Tigerheart worries that Spire won’t notice the Twoleg kit until it’s to late, so he continues to watch Spire. Spire closes his eyes and sways, murmuring to himself. When Tigerheart says his name, he opens his eyes and looks at Tigerheart. Tigerheart asks what Spire was dreaming about and he tells him that he heard a voice from the Stars meant for him.
Spire, along with Tigerheart, Fierce, and a couple other cats, are scavenging for food. When Tigerheart suggests they catch some fresh-kill, Spire comments that a scrawny tom could do with some. After they run into Fog and her group, the warrior insists that the guardian cats establish borders. However, they're not into the idea, and Spire suggests that they should go back to the scrapcans.
As the guardian cats are debating what to do about Fog, Dotty questions Tigerheart and Dovewing about why they came here. Tigerheart states that his mate needed him here, while Dovewing dreamed that her kits will be safer in the city. The ginger-and-white she-cat snorts and says that she sounds like Spire, who replies that dreams can reveal truth. He reminds her that he dreamed that the two warriors would come. Dotty still thinks dreams are nonsense, and that it doesn't change anything.
Before heading outside to supervise the battle training session, Tigerheart hangs back to observe Spire. He is standing in a sunlit spot with his eyes glazed, and the tabby wonders if he is having a vision. As he pads closer, the healer tells him to take care of Blaze, because he will not live beside the widewater. The warrior is confused and asks if Blaze will travel home with his family. Spire looks at him and confirms this, and then Tigerheart asks if widewater means lake. The black tom asks if that's where they live, and explains that he sees things when the tabby becomes confused. After Tigerheart pelts him with more questions, he tells him to go teach battle moves, and that he doesn't see everything.
Once Tigerheart's kits are rescued and the kits leave, he notices Spire standing a few slabs away from him, staring at the Twolegs. He asks what the tom is doing there before realizing that the tom's eyes are blank and unfocused. He debates leaving before deciding to stay in case the Twoleg kit comes back. Spire closes his eyes before murmuring something about kits. The tabby asks tentatively, and when the other cat says he came. He seems confused when asked what he dreamt, and tells Tigerheart he heard a voice from the stars. Now the ShadowClan tom is confused, and wonders if StarClan is trying to tell him to go back, and if he should've done so earlier. Spire continues describing what he heard, and says that someone needs Tigerheart. The tabby asks who, but Spire doesn't answer, and instead continues. At this point Tigerheart knows that he's talking about Rowanstar, and that he needs to go back.
When Tigerheart announces to the guardian cats that he needs to go back to his Clan, he mentions that StarClan spoke to him through Spire. Blaze asks how they communicated through the black tom, and he replies that he heard a voice in a vision. Both Mittens and Rascal are in disbelief and wonder why they are acting on Spire's vision, when the guardian cats never do so. Cinnamon reminds the both of them that Clan cats take dreams seriously, and asks the two Clan cats if that's what brought them here. Dovewing confirms, and states that a dream is now calling them home. Mittens still thinks it's crazy, but Spire tells him that cats listen to their bellies when they're hungry and their throats when they're thirsty. Listening to their hearts is no different.
Blaze, excited, states that he wants to be a warrior too, but Tigerheart says he's too young. He insists, and afterwards Spire tells the tabby tom to let him come with, because it would make his decision easier. Both Dovewing and her mate are confused, and he tells them that he's going to travel with them. The tabby is confused because Spire said he wouldn't live besides the lake, but the tom insists, saying it's important that he makes the journey.
They leave after their announcement, because Tigerheart worries about the coming cold and rain. The cats follow Tigerheart until they get to the Thundersnake, where Dash helps them cross. Spire follows them as they follow Dash through the tunnel. In the middle however, he begins having a dream, and says they begin in darkness and end in darkness. Blaze whispers to Tigerheart not to disturb him during this, and he obeys, although the warrior feels uneasy about Spire's words.
After the Thundersnake passes him, he lifts his head and asks if it was real. His assistant replies that of course it was real, and they keep going. Spire trails behind until Blaze urges him to keep going. The ginger tom stays close to his mentor, almost protecting him. The black tom himself hardly speaks, and keeps watching the surroundings as if he is looking for something. As they are walking, he suddenly stops, and announces that they must depart from the track so they can find the orange sun. Everyone else except for Blaze is wary, and Tigerheart tries to assure him that they will be safer if they keep on the track. But Spire doesn't listen, and instead insists that they need to follow the orange sun, because they need the group. The others try to convince him to stay on the track, yet Blaze tells them they need to believe the healer when he's like this.
Dovewing argues that he seems confused, and that they don't know anyone in the city. Besides, the Clans need them back home. Blaze still insists that they must listen to Spire, but Ant suggests they find a place to spend the night, so by next morning Spire will have forgotten about the vision and they can proceed as normal. The ShadowClan tom doesn't believe the healer is crazy, and wonders if he'll ever understand his visions without proper training. They find a place to camp, and Spire, puffing up with alarm, asks about the orange sun. Tigerheart assures him they'll follow the sun in the morning, when it rises. But the black tom snaps that he's not looking for the dawn sun, he's looking for the orange sun. The warrior tries to soothe him. Blaze tells Tigerheart that Spire won't rest until he finds what he wants to find.
As the cats are drifting off into sleep, Dovewing and her mate discuss Spire's vision. They are interrupted by Blaze, crying that Spire is gone, probably to go look for the orange sun. Tigerheart tells his mate to stay with the kits, so that he and Blaze can go search for the black tom. She insists on coming, saying Cinnamon and Ant can stay behind. They inform the other two cats about what has happened and then hurry off to find the healer. Blaze points out where his scent was, and his footprints indicate that he was running, fast. Tigerheart inspects them, and thinks about how Spire made he and his mate argue, then forced him out of a warm nest.
Eventually the group comes across a wall, with a big round sun above a city skyline. Tigerheart realizes this must've been the sun Spire was talking about. Blaze confirms it by stating that his mentor's scent is here. He listens for a while, then adds that the black tom is talking to someone. They walk around the wall, where they find Spire with two other cats. He is trying to convince them to follow him, when Tigerheart identifies the two cats as Rippletail and Berryheart. Later, Cloverfoot and Sparrowtail arrive as well, and they suggest going back to the four cats' den so they can talk. Tigerheart and Dovewing mention their kits, as well as Ant and Cinnamon, and they realize all of them have a story to tell. Spire, however, interrupts them, saying the four cats must come with the rest of the group, back to the Clans.
Cloverfoot explains that they've been wary of going home, because they're not sure if ShadowClan will accept them or not. The ShadowClan cats discuss the matter for a bit, before Blaze asks if the four cats are going with them. Rippletail states that they're all ready to go home, but Dovewing points out that Berryheart is in a fragile condition and asks if she'll be all right. Spire answers that it'll be easier for her to carry the kits than to birth them. The black-and-white she-cat agrees, and they head back to the camp. Before they do, Tigerheart dips his head to the healer, and tells him he was right.
As they travel, Tigerheart keeps his kits entertained while they walk to distract them. Suddenly, Spire yowls that something's coming, too fast. The tabby tom hears the rumble of a Thundersnake, and orders everyone to get off the track. However, Pouncekit and Lightkit don't hear his orders, and instead are chasing an acorn towards the Thundersnake. He yells for them to run, then runs to grab Pouncekit when she trips on a track. When he drops her off at safety, he runs to get his other kit, but Spire is faster, and darts towards the tracks, grabbing Lightkit. The Thundersnake rushes over them, yet the tom keeps his belly flat against the tracks, with his ears flat, waiting for it to be over.
As Tigerheart and Dovewing scold their kits for not paying attention, Blaze hurriedly rushes to Spire and asks if he's all right. The black tom replies that he is fine before staring at the Silverpath. Tigerheart thanks him for saving his kit, but the healer says ominously that next time, he might not be able to. If they stay on the Silverpath, death will follow, and he insists that they must not follow the Silverpath. Ant and Cinnamon ask what was said, and as the other cats gather in closer, Blaze announces that they must leave the Silverpath. Cloverfoot, surprised, isn't sure, since the Silverpath does lead to the lake. The ginger tom replies that they need to find another way then.
Both Sparrowtail and Berryheart insist that they should stay on the Thundersnake, lest they lose their way back home. However, Spire keeps pressing that there will be death if they don't leave, and Tigerheart tells him that they won't know how to get back. The black tom responds that he knows the way, but the others express doubt, even if he is a kind of medicine cat. Spire's companion retorts that his dreams found the three ShadowClan cats, and Tigerheart thinks on this. Eventually he agrees to follow the healer, and they set off.
He has to ask Spire to slow down, as none of the others can keep up with him, and he overhears Sparrowtail and Rippletail sharing their doubts about Spire. Sparrowtail says that he doesn't know where they're going, and he fears for his mate, as she almost fell off a log while crossing a stream. Tigerheart asks the black tom if he knows where he's going, and Spire retorts that he does, explaining that he can feel when they're on the right path. As he does, he begins walking, saying there's a river up ahead. The tabby tom asks Blaze if he trusts his mentor, and he replies with yes. The group begins walking in Spire's direction until they reach the river the healer was talking about.
Tigerheart suggests waiting until there are fewer monsters to cross, but Spire declares that it is imperative that they cross now. As the group scamper across, two fences start to descend and they freeze, unsure of what is happening. They ask each other if it's safe, before the healer exclaims that they need to get across now. He follows Rippletail while Blaze follows at his tail. The others follow, and they're halfway across before the Thunderpath they are crossing begins to lift. Spire is already at the base of the Thunderpath but the others are still on it, especially Pouncekit, who is teetering at the top, where she could fall any second.
Dovewing cries that she's going to fall into the gap, and as she does Pouncekit does fall off, only hanging on by her tiny claws. Both parents cannot reach their kit, their claws unable to dig into the stone. It is Spire who claws his way towards the tabby she-kit, the flat stretch of stone which he jumped off giving him momentum. As he pulls himself to the top, he grabs Pouncekit by her scruff, then lets her go, dropping her in her mom's direction. Ant catches her, but Spire cannot balance. While Tigerheart slides down, unable to fight gravity, the healer cries out silently, then topples backwards, falling into the gap.
The ShadowClan warrior stares helplessly at the gap where Spire once was, unable to move. Blaze locates the skinny black tom in the river, and Tigerheart states that Spire can't swim. Ant is the one to get him to move off the bridge, and they search the riverbank for signs of the healer, but the search is in vain. His young companion asks why they couldn't have found a better way, but the dark brown tabby responds that there was no other way. All the other cats seem disheartened that they have lost their guide, and point out that they don't know where they're going. It could be moons before they ever reach the lake. Eventually, Tigerheart decides that they will stick on the path Spire set for them, announcing that he wouldn't have chosen the path if he didn't think they could follow through on it.
They honor him by giving a warrior name, Spiresight. Although some of them doubt it will work, Tigerheart performs the ceremony anyways, and he silently asks StarClan to accept the healer into their ranks. After the ceremony, some of the cats want to go off to hunt, but Blaze wants to sit vigil for his friend. The ShadowClan tabby agrees and even volunteers to sit vigil with him too, when they are interrupted by Berryheart's kitting. She names one kit Spirekit, stating that no other name could do.
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In the Novellas

Tawnypelt's Clan

Spiresight is mentioned by Dovewing when Shadowkit receives a terrible vision and how the old black tom had said Shadowkit would see into the shadows. Tawnypelt reflects how she never met the tom, but heard how he had visions as well and sacrificed himself to save the kits. She later reflects how Spiresight was right and Shadowkit is special. Later, Dovewing mentions how Shadowkit saw Spiresight die and the two were close before his death.
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