"Millie, you don't know any tricks for dealing with Twolegs, do you?"
— Splash in Warrior's Refuge, page 59

Splash is a black-and-white tom with green eyes.[4]


In Graystripe's Adventure

Warrior's Refuge

"And they just went away? You said the words, and they just went away?"
―Splash questioning Millie of the experience with dogs Warrior's Refuge, page 53
Splash lives in the barn with his sister, Moss, who is from an older litter, her mate, Husker, and their kits. He is with Moss and her kits, and Husker, when Graystripe wanders into their barn. Husker and Splash attack Graystripe, who they believe is a threat. Graystripe explains that he needs his and Husker's help in finding Millie in the cornfields. The three toms go looking out for Millie, while keeping their senses focused on the corn monster in the fields. Splash finds Millie, who is injured. Graystripe and Millie beg that they shelter with Husker and the others at the barn, as Millie is injured. Husker and Splash agree to shelter them.
Husker explains the background of his, Splash's, and Moss' life: they used to live with two elderly Twolegs at the house beside their barn on the farm, who were very nice to the trio. One day, the two elderly Twolegs died, which follows in them becoming loners. A new family of Twolegs moved in one day; who were younger, and brought dogs. The family didn't like the cats, so everyday, when outside, Splash, Moss, and Husker had to keep an eye out for any of the Twolegs or dogs.
He is chased by one of the dogs, hoping to lead it away from Graystripe, but Graystripe intervenes, and the dog leaves Splash, and follows Graystripe, who is saved by Millie's ability to speak some dog. When it's found out that Millie can speak dog, and offers to teach the barn cats some of it, he seems to be very excited and eager to learn the language, along with the rest of his family. When Millie and Graystripe leave the barn, he is seen playing with the Twolegs whose dislike for the cats has evaporated, and have just bonded with the cats.

Super Editions

Graystripe's Vow

Splash is indirectly mentioned by Graystripe to Stormfur.

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Moss:[3] Living (As of Warrior's Refuge)


Little Mew:[3] Living (As of Warrior's Refuge)
Birdy:[3] Living (As of Warrior's Refuge)
Raindrop:[3] Living (As of Warrior's Refuge)
Pad:[3] Living (As of Warrior's Refuge)


Splash ♂Moss ♀Husker ♂
BirdyPadRaindropLittle Mew

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


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