"We can't let them get away with this!"
— Splashheart in Code of the Clans, page 32

Splashheart is a thick-furred, dark gray tom with amber eyes.[4]


In the Field Guides

Code of the Clans

Splashheart is a young tom who has only been a warrior for two days. He hunts in the river, and catches his second fish as a warrior. His former mentor, Reedshine, appears, congratulating him on his catch. The dark gray tom offers to share the fish with her, and she accepts. After they start to eat, Splashheart looks up and sees ThunderClan warriors hiding in the bushes near Sunningrocks. He yowls the alarm, and Reedshine runs to get help, she also warns him to wait there and not to cross the river until she gets help. He manages to hold off their attack until reinforcements come.
Darkstar, the RiverClan leader, bursts through the reeds with more warriors. The RiverClan cats attack the ThunderClan patrol viciously. Splashheart attacks a ThunderClan apprentice, but is ambushed by another warrior. He shakes him off to find that Reedshine has been badly wounded, after she pushed an attacking cat off of him. Darkstar is dragging her to safety on their side of the banks. He is worried for his former mentor, and tells Darkstar they must get her back to camp. However, the leader tells him they will keep fighting, even though it seems ThunderClan has won. The RiverClan cats fight again, and manage to drive ThunderClan off.
Finally, the battle noises fade and Splashheart watches ThunderClan as they retreat. A voice whispers in his head, that the battle has been won, and when he turns around to see the source of the voice, a warrior of StarClan appears before him. She introduces herself as Aspentail. She tells him she was kin of his elders and of his elders' elders. She promises that she will keep fighting for Sunningrocks, no matter how long it takes. Splashheart tells her he will fight with her. She nods, and then fades away. Blackbee, another warrior of RiverClan, asks whom he was talking to, and if he realized that they had won the battle. Darkstar dedicates the victory to the elders.
At the end, it is said he became a great leader, and that he added the third law to the warrior code, stating that the young and old must be fed before the able-bodied.

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Blackbee: "We won! Those fox-hearted ThunderClan cats won't set paw on Sunningrocks now."
Splashheart: "Not for this moon, at least. But if they do, we'll fight them again. Aspentail, too."
—Blackbee and Splashheart after they win the battle at Sunningrocks Code of the Clans, page 36

ThunderClan cat: "This is our territory now, Fish-fur!"
Splashheart: "Never!"
Darkstar: "Splashheart, wait!"
Splasheart: "We can't just let them get away with this!"
Darkstar: "We won't. RiverClan, attack!"
—ThunderClan and RiverClan fighting over the rights of Sunningrocks Code of the Clans, page 32

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