"This warrior will not stop until every Clan cat has paid for what he believes was stolen from him when he was alive."
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"And what if I don't want the kits? [...] [Stemleaf's] not here, is he? We were supposed to raise kits together, safe in ThunderClan. But we can't do that now! Stemleaf is dead and ThunderClan doesn't feel safe anymore. What if the kits only remind me of the life I should have had with Stemleaf?"
— Spotfur to Bristlefrost about her kits in Darkness Within, page 172

Spotfur is a gray-and-white[7] spotted tabby she-cat[1] with blue eyes.[8]

Spotfur is a ThunderClan warrior who has served under Bramblestar's, the impostor's, and Squirrelflight's leaderships in the lake territories. She was born to Cinderheart and Lionblaze as Spotkit, along with her siblings, Snapkit and Flykit, and had three older siblings; Fernsong, Hollytuft and Sorrelstripe. She became an apprentice as Spotpaw and was mentored by Leafshade. Afterward, she earned her warrior name of Spotfur. She organized a secret meeting of rebel cats against the impostor's leadership. However, her mate, Stemleaf, was killed in a skirmish, and Spotfur used his death to advocate for action against the impostor. She joined ShadowClan as a refugee, but returned to ThunderClan under Squirrelflight's leadership, and found out that she was expecting Stemleaf's kits.


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A Vision of Shadows

Spotkit and her littermates, Snapkit and Flykit, are part of Lionblaze and Cinderheart's second litter. She often plays with the kits of her older brother, Fernsong, and becomes good playmates with Bristlekit, Flipkit, and Thriftkit, as well as Blossomfall's litter. She later becomes an apprentice with her littermates, her own mentor being Leafshade.

The Broken Code

"I'm sick of all the arguing! I don't want Stemleaf to have died for nothing! [...] Some cat is going to pay for what has happened. And I want that cat to be whoever is inside Bramblestar."
―Spotfur at the rebels' meeting, grieving for Stemleaf Veil of Shadows, page 211
She is now a warrior named Spotfur. Stemleaf desires to be her mate, to which Bristlefrost, who has a crush on him, feels jealous over, but she comes to respect Spotfur as a loyal and dedicated warrior. She becomes concerned with the way Bramblestar's personality changed after his revival and is adamant on outing codebreakers. While on a patrol with her father and Bristlefrost, she and Lionblaze cross the WindClan border on accident. Bristlefrost informs Bramblestar who forces no cat to speak to Spotfur for a whole quarter moon and banishes Lionblaze for the same duration. Spotfur attends a secret meeting between the Clans and learns that her leader is an impostor, and the real Bramblestar is a ghost.
She joins the rebel group and goes on an assassination attempt on the impostor's life with several other cats, but only she and Kitescratch survive after the attempt fails. She then permanently joins the rebel group, knowing she cannot return to ThunderClan; however, she rejoins ThunderClan after Squirrelflight takes over as acting leader. She grieves heavily for Stemleaf, who died in a skirmish shortly before the battle of the rebels. She goes on the journey to find the Sisters with Rootspring, Bristlefrost, and Needleclaw, and learns from Leaf that she is pregnant with Stemleaf's kits. Although at first horrified she'll be raising her kits alone and questions whether or not to keep them, Bristlefrost promises to help raise them, and Spotfur finds her peace.

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"If Stemleaf had lived in a different Clan, I'd have loved him anyway."
―Spotfur expressing her love for Stemleaf Darkness Within, page 205
Stemleaf holds affection toward Spotfur, and chooses her over Bristlefrost.[9] Spotfur shows feelings back, loving Stemleaf very much, and this is shown when she states that she would've loved Stemleaf even if he wasn't in ThunderClan.[10]
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Spotfur's parents are Cinderheart and Lionblaze. Her littermates are Snaptooth and Flywhisker, and her older siblings are Hollytuft, Fernsong, and Sorrelstripe. She is mates with Stemleaf. For more of Spotfur's family, click here!



Interesting facts


  • Spotfur is mistakenly referred to as a senior warrior, though not being old enough to be called one.[13]


"Maybe we shouldn't be touching the Moonpool. I wouldn't want to upset any cat...dead or alive."
―Spotfur about breaking the ice on the Moonpool Lost Stars, page 190

"I mean that Squirrelflight once lied to every cat, pretending her sister's kits—her sister the medicine cat's kits—were hers. She lied on purpose and she lied for moons. If you can overlook that, then you can overlook us crossing a border without realizing."
―Spotfur to Bramblestar's impostor The Silent Thaw, page 114

"Why should we believe you really want to help? You could be spying for Bramblestar."
―Spotfur to Bristlefrost The Silent Thaw, page 238

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"Trouble has already been stirred up! Do you want to stand by while this impostor banishes some poor cat forever, or tries to send more of his Clanmates to their deaths?"
―Spotfur rallying the others to stand up against the impostor The Silent Thaw, page 239

"You can't know why she did it. Would Bristlefrost value Bramblestar's life over Stemleaf's, and the other rebels'? I doubt it, not if she's loyal to us. And don't forget, if Bristlefrost is loyal to Bramblestar, she knows all our secrets. We have to assume from now on that Bramblestar knows we're working against him. That's our own safe option, to make sure we're not... surprised, by anything he does."
―Spotfur about Bristlefrost and the impostor Veil of Shadows, page 209

"Thank StarClan you've made a decision. Like Berrynose is the most important cat in the forest! In case you've forgotten, we lost strong allies in that fight; Stemleaf, Conefoot, and Dappletuft are all dead."
―Spotfur snapping at Tigerstar Veil of Shadows, page 210

Bristlefrost: "It's not like you to take unnecessary risks. [...] I know you're brave, but you're not foolish. And now you're carrying kits, shouldn't you be more careful, not less?"
Spotfur: "And what if I don't want the kits?"
Bristlefrost: "Don't want them? But they're Stemleaf's."
Spotfur: "He's not here, is he? We were supposed to raise kits together, safe in ThunderClan. But we can't do that now! Stemleaf is dead and ThunderClan doesn't feel safe anymore. What if the kits only remind me of the life I should have had with Stemleaf?"
Bristlefrost: "Try to focus on the life you will have, not the on you should have had. The kits are lucky to have had a father as brave as Stemleaf, who was willing to die to save his Clan. Everything will be okay. The kits will mean that you'll always have a connection to Stemleaf. He can watch over them from StarClan."
Spotfur: "StarClan is gone!"
Bristlefrost: "We're going to get them back. In the meantime, your Clan will help you raise your kits, and I promise I will do anything to protect them. They won't go hungry or face any danger until they're old enough to take care of themselves. We'll keep them safe."
—Bristlefrost and Spotfur about her kits Darkness Within, pages 171-173

"We call on our ancestors to bring your kits a good and long life. Your kits are very special."
―Snow to Spotfur during the Sisters' ceremony to welcome new life Darkness Within, page 198

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