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Spotfur is a loyal and dedicated ThunderClan warrior,[1] who is not afraid to stand up to Bramblestar’s methods for dealing with codebreakers.[2]


Lionblaze and Cinderheart

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Hollytuft, Sorrelstripe, Flywhisker, Fernsong, Snaptooth

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Stemleaf holds affection toward Spotfur, and chooses her over Bristlefrost.[3] Spotfur appears to like him back, and they are often spending time together and showing their feelings for each other. When Spotfur accidentally crosses the WindClan border and is punished by having no one talk to her for a moon, both Stemleaf and Spotfur are indignant, and Stemleaf talks to Spotfur anyway. They both attend the meeting of cats who disagree with Bramblestar’s ideas to bring back StarClan by punishing codebreakers, and express strong opinions against Bramblestar’s methods. When they learn that this Bramblestar is an imposter, they agree to help oust the whoever is possessing him and reinstate the real Bramblestar as ThunderClan’s leader.[2]
When Stemleaf is killed by Bramblestar's impostor, Spotfur is visibly devastated, but Bristlefrost observes strong determination from her as well. Spotfur seeks vengeance on the the cat that slayed her mate, and doesn't want Stemleaf's sacrifice to be for nothing.[4]


At first, Bristlefrost was jealous of Spotfur for taking Stemleaf from her. But, after Spotfur saves Bristlefrost from falling through some ice, Bristlefrost realizes how devoted and loyal Spotfur is, and no longer holds a grudge against her.[1] When she sees her with Stemleaf, it still stings a little bit, but she understands. When Bristlefrost reports Spotfur and Lionblaze’s accidental crossing of the WindClan border to Bramblestar, he punishes them harshly, and Spotfur feels betrayed by Bristlefrost and wonders why she had to report it. Bristlefrost also catches her and Stemleaf talking despite Spotfur’s punishment, and tries to convince them to obey Bramblestar. Bristlefrost doesn’t understand why Spotfur and Stemleaf would disobey their leader. However, she eavesdrops on their secret meeting and learns that Bramblestar is an imposter. She agrees to help the rebelling cats reveal the imposter and put Bramblestar back into his leadership position.[2]
When Bramblestar's impostor is attacked by a group of cats wanting to kill him, Bristlefrost runs off to get help instead of joining the attack. After this incident, Bristlefrost is made deputy. At a meeting with the rebels, Spotfur displays her mistrust of the pale gray she-cat, and others agree, wondering if Bristlefrost had betrayed them all.[4]

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