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"But I never stopped watching, never gave up on trying to help him. I walked with him in dreams, shared his fears, guided him with all the knowledge that being in StarClan gave me."
— Spottedleaf about guiding Firestar's path in Spottedleaf's Honest Answer

Spottedleaf is a dark tortoiseshell[11]-and-white[12] she-cat[11] with amber eyes.[13]

Spottedleaf was a medicine cat under Bluestar's leadership in the forest territories. She was born as Spottedkit to Adderfang and Swiftbreeze alongside her littermates, Redkit and Willowkit. Initially, Spottedpaw was apprenticed to Thrushpelt; however, she decided to become a medicine cat with Featherwhisker as her new mentor. After earning her medicine cat name, Spottedleaf received a prophecy from StarClan that referred to the newcomer, Firepaw. The two felt something for each other, but they never revealed their true feelings as Spottedleaf was killed by Clawface, a ShadowClan warrior. She ascended to StarClan and particularly appeared in Fireheart's dreams. She then gave Fireheart a life for love and helped him while he rebuilt SkyClan, while also giving Leafstar one of her nine lives. During the Great Battle, Spottedleaf was killed by Mapleshade while protecting Sandstorm, fading away forever, which devastated Firestar.


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The Prophecies Begin

"Wait, Firepaw. StarClan spoke to me moons ago, before you joined the Clan. I sense they want me to tell you this now. They said only fire can save our Clan."
―Spottedleaf to Firepaw about his destiny Into the Wild, page 211
Spottedleaf is the sole ThunderClan medicine cat, who, after a failed battle with RiverClan, receives a prophecy, "Fire alone can save our Clan." When the subject of this prophecy, Firepaw, first joins ThunderClan, Spottedleaf is friendly with him. The young tom develops feelings for her and visits her whenever he can. However, when Clawface raids ThunderClan's camp to steal Frostfur's kits, Spottedleaf attempts to stop him, but is tragically killed, breaking Firepaw's heart. Despite her death, Spottedleaf appears often in Firepaw, now Fireheart's dreams, delivering warnings and prophecies. When Fireheart journeys to the Moonstone to become Firestar, Spottedleaf appears among the cats who give him a life, granting Firestar a life for love. Firestar realizes that he can have no future with Spottedleaf and then decides to have Sandstorm as his mate.

The New Prophecy

"I know what it is to love, although my path was different from yours. Who knows—if I had lived, I might have suffered what you are suffering now"
―Spottedleaf to Leafpool about love as a medicine cat Twilight, pages 249-250
Spottedleaf continues to visit ThunderClan cats in their dreams, particularly Firestar's daughter, Leafpaw. When Leafpaw and other Clan cats are trapped by worker Twolegs, Spottedleaf appears in the dreams of Firestar's other daughter, Squirrelpaw to lead her to them. When the Clans complete the Great Journey, Spottedleaf leads Leafpaw to the Moonpool, earning the young medicine cat apprentice's full name, Leafpool. When Leafpool feels conflicted over her feelings for the WindClan warrior, Crowfeather, she seeks Spottedleaf's advice. Spottedleaf insists that she must follow her heart, and Leafpool decides to leave the Clans with Crowfeather.

Power of Three

"When will you realize that StarClan doesn’t know everything? Sometimes we have questions, too! Sometimes we’re just cats, like you!"
―Spottedleaf to Jayfeather about StarClan's power Sunrise, page chapter 9
Spottedleaf begins speaking with Firestar's grandson, Jaypaw. When Jaypaw wanders into the Dark Forest, Spottedleaf defends him from Tigerstar and Hawkfrost, but insists to Jaypaw's dismay that he must become a medicine cat. In StarClan, she deliberates, along with Bluestar and Yellowfang, about the nature of the Kin of Your Kin prophecy and what StarClan's role in it should be, if they should meddle at all. When the truth is revealed about Jayfeather and his littermates' parents, Jayfeather seeks out Spottedleaf accusingly, but the dead medicine cat affirms that StarClan cats do not know everything.

Omen of the Stars

"That was never going to happen, my love. I cannot journey with you anymore. I'm so sorry."
―Spottedleaf to Firestar as she dies The Last Hope, page 315
Spottedleaf grows increasingly concerned about the prophecy after Hollyleaf is revealed to have not been the Third cat. She accompanies Jayfeather and Yellowfang into the Dark Forest after it is suspected that the Dark Forest cats are training Clan cats. During the battle against the Dark Forest, Spottedleaf saves Sandstorm from being killed by Mapleshade, but her own spirit is killed, and Firestar is grief-stricken yet again before dying.

Super Editions

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"Sometimes I would give anything for things to be different."
―Spottedleaf to Firestar on their relationship Firestar's Quest, page 402
In Bluestar's Prophecy, Spottedkit is born to Adderfang and Swiftbreeze. She initially becomes Thrushpelt's apprentice despite wanting to be a medicine cat. However, once Goosefeather retires, she is apprenticed to Featherwhisker. When Bluefur gives birth, Spottedpaw assists Featherwhisker with the kitting. She becomes the sole medicine cat of ThunderClan after Featherwhisker dies of greencough.
In Firestar's Quest, Spottedleaf teaches Firestar all she knows about SkyClan. She later appears to give burdock root to Firestar and Sandstorm after a battle with rats. Spottedleaf appears when Firestar accidentally reveals to Sandstorm about his previous visit by Spottedleaf, which makes Sandstorm uncomfortable and hurt. She comforts Sandstorm, saying that she and Firestar could never have been mates, and before she leaves, she whispers to Firestar's ear, wishing things could have been different. At Leafstar's leadership ceremony, Spottedleaf gives her a life for healing wounds caused by words and rivalry.


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Content Warning: This book contains evidence of a relationship between Thistleclaw and Spottedpaw, which is extremely suggestive in nature. If this kind of relationship makes you uncomfortable, please navigate away from this page immediately.
In Spottedleaf's Heart, Spottedkit wants to become a warrior along with her littermates. As an apprentice, Thistleclaw takes advantage of her trust, and the two become close. Spottedpaw thinks that she would like to become a warrior so that they can become mates. However, she finds out that Thistleclaw was manipulating her to join him in training in the Dark Forest. Spottedpaw is horrified and severs her relationship with Thistleclaw, deciding to become a medicine cat so that he would no longer pursue her.

Detailed description

Spottedleaf is a small,[14] lithe,[15] soft-furred,[16] dark tortoiseshell[11]-and-white[12] she-cat[11] with large,[15] warm, amber eyes,[13] and white-tipped ears.[17] Her coat is distinctively dappled[11] and mottled[15] with orange and brown markings,[15] and she has a small, pink nose.[13] One of her eyes is rimmed with darker fur than the other,[15] and she has small white paws,[18] a white muzzle[15] and chest,[19] and a black-tipped,[18] gold-and-brown-striped tabby tail.[20]

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Spottedleaf's parents are Swiftbreeze and Adderfang. Her littermates are Redtail and Willowpelt, and her older siblings are Patchpelt and Leopardfoot. For more of Spottedleaf's family, click here!



Did you know that Spottedleaf has SkyClan ancestry? For more trivia about Spottedleaf, click here!


"You have never been wrong before, Spottedleaf. If StarClan has spoken, then it must be so. Fire will save our Clan."
―Bluestar to Spottedleaf Into the Wild, page 5

"With this life I give you love. Use it well, for all the cats in your care-and especially for Sandstorm."
―Spottedleaf to Fireheart The Darkest Hour, page 53

"Firestar and I never discovered what we might have meant to each other. I was alive in the forest for such a short time after he came to ThunderClan. But I know for sure that he and I could never have been mates. I was and always will be a medicine cat. That comes first, more than any cat that walks the forest, more even than Firestar."
―Spottedleaf to Sandstorm on Firestar Firestar's Quest, page 401

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Leafstar: "Spottedleaf was there, too."
Echosong: "I wish I'd seen her. There's so much I need to ask her about herbs."
—Leafstar and Echosong talking about Spottedleaf SkyClan's Destiny, page 58

"Seize the moment! Destiny will arrive, whether we seek it or not."
―Spottedleaf to Leafstar about her Clan's destiny SkyClan's Destiny, page 220

"Flametail! Stop making threats like a warrior! You're a medicine cat! You have more power than you ever dreamed of. You only need to tell the truth. Help the medicine cats work together again. If our code is broken, the Clans will fall. We are the heartbeat of the Clans, not the warrior code. Think of the promises you made."
―Spottedleaf to Flametail The Last Hope, page 183

Mapleshade: "Spottedleaf! Why didn't you let me kill her? She stole Firestar's love from you."
Spottedleaf: "There was nothing to steal. Sandstorm made Firestar happy!"
—Spottedleaf protecting Sandstorm The Last Hope, page 313

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