These notes are brief, noting major events and minor events in Spottedleaf's Heart that will be of consequence later. They are intended to be used as a reference for those looking for specific events for re-reading and the book discussions.

  • Spottedkit plays with her denmates in the clearing.
    • Redkit moves to attack a rogue, but Spottedkit protests that she hasn't given the signal yet, but Frostkit mentions that no one knows what it's supposed to be.
    • Eventually, her denmates become tired of her bossing them around and leave to play a different game.
    • Spottedkit is disheartened, and trots over to Swiftbreeze who says that sometimes it's good to give power to others, as well.
  • The pair look at Thistleclaw and Tigerpaw, who have just returned from patrol.
    • Spottedkit pads over to the fresh-kill pile, and she approaches Thistleclaw.
    • He offers her the feathers for her nest, and she accepts the gift from him.
      • Whitepaw comes over and asks if he can have some too, and Thistleclaw obliges.
      • They begin to have some fun, but Bluefur comes over and tells them to stop.
      • Thistleclaw is offended, especially when the warrior goes on about his training methods with Tigerpaw.
    • Redkit and Brindlekit jump on Thistleclaw, winding him.
      • Spottedkit helps him recover, and he says she might make a good medicine cat on day.
      • She replies that her paws are set on the path of a warrior.

  • Spottedkit has her apprentice ceremony, and is now named Spottedpaw.
    • The Clan cheers for Spottedpaw and her newly named littermates, Willowpaw and Redpaw.
    • The new apprentices go out to see ThunderClan's territory, and Thistleclaw and his apprentice join them.
    • Spottedpaw is awestruck by the beauty of the forest, and her mentor points out important landmarks.
    • Spottedpaw promises to work hard and be the best warrior she can be.
  • Awhile later, she and her mentor go out on patrol with Thistleclaw and Tigerpaw.
    • Thistleclaw spots a squirrel in a tree, and shows it to Spottedpaw.
      • With some encouragement, she climbs the branches in pursuit of it. However, Spottedpaw slips from the tree, and the world goes black.
      • The apprentice's parents and Thrushpelt soon arrive, and they worriedly rush her back to camp.
      • They set her in the medicine cats' den, with Featherwhisker making Spottedpaw eat some herbs, and assures the cats surrounding that the apprentice will get better.

  • Spottedpaw races through the trees, running from a fox.
    • She then wakes, realizing it's a dream.
    • Featherwhisker tends to her, but Spottedpaw protests that she's bored.
    • The medicine cat gives her some herbs to sort, and she finishes quickly
  • Poppydawn comes to visit Spottedpaw, and Willowpaw follows.
    • The apprentice asks when Spottedpaw will be training again, and Featherwhisker says she needs a few more days to rest.
  • In two days, the apprentice is able to hobble around camp unassisted. She meets with Redpaw and Swiftbreeze, who are glad she seems better.
    • Thistleclaw returns from patrol, and bounds over to Spottedpaw.
    • He offers to take her out on a walk, and soon, the apprentice spots an injury on Thistleclaw’s ear.
      • She asks why he didn't have Featherwhisker tend to it, he says that he's fine. He goes onto say only the weak get injured in battle.
    • Spottedpaw is briefly unsettled by his answer, but moves closer to him. She purrs as she sits down, only thinking about how happy she is sitting here with Thistleclaw.

  • Spottedpaw organizes Featherwhisker's store, commenting that he’d better not mess it up again.
    • She leaves, meowing a greeting to her littermates who have just returned from a hunting patrol.
    • Spottedpaw practices her hunting skills with her mentor, and when he is appeased, they separate to go hunting.
  • She hears voices coming from a distance, and sees Bluefur, Thistleclaw, and Tigerpaw confronting an intruder.
    • Spottedpaw realizes that they have cornered a black kit, and watches as the dark tabby apprentice attacks it.
    • She holds her breath as Thistleclaw goads him on until Bluefur steps in to intervene.
    • Thrushpelt finds his apprentice and says that they need to return to camp.
      • Her shoulder aches, and Thrushpelt says that she can go get herself something to eat.
    • Thistleclaw invites her to eat with him, and she follows the warrior to a shady spot.
    • Spottedpaw bravely mentions that she saw his earlier confrontation of the kit intruder, but he defends his actions.
    • She becomes angry with him, and runs away to a spot near Sunningrocks. Thistleclaw follows her with prey and apologizes.
    • She feels at ease with his words, and he invites her come somewhere with him tonight. Spottedpaw agrees, and he disappears into the bushes.

  • Spottedpaw waits for Thistleclaw, wondering where he'll take her.
  • Goosefeather enters, telling her that she is the one who loves foolishly.
    • She is confused by his words, not understanding what they mean.
  • She hears a crack, seeing Thistleclaw in front of of her.
    • He beckons her to follow him, and the two cats race through a dark, dank forest.
  • Thistleclaw takes her to meet a cat named Mapleshade.
  • Mapleshade orders Thistleclaw and Houndleap to fight, and the two cats viciously attack with claws unsheathed.
  • Spottedpaw is horrified, realizing that she's in the Place of No Stars.
    • She returns with some bracken to stop bleeding, and presses it against Houndleap's wounds.
  • Spottedpaw asks the bleeding cat why Thistleclaw, but the spiky warrior approaches from behind.
    • He answers that he's becoming a better warrior, and she protests that this is evil.
    • Thistleclaw seems to disagree, and she starts to run away from him into the looming forest.

  • Spottedpaw awakens, her pelt filthy and matted.
    • Her littermates are shocked at her condition, and tell her to clean up before training.
    • Thrushpelt quickly spots her, and tells her that they are going on a border patrol.
      • The warrior then seems to take a second look at Spottedpaw, instead saying that she should go clean up, then meet her later for training.
    • Spottedpaw then ducks into some ferns to clean up, hoping no one will notice her.
    • Thistleclaw sees the apprentice and offers to take her out training with Whitepaw and Tigerpaw.
    • Spottedpaw says yes, and he returns with the two following him.
  • The spiky warrior pairs Whitepaw and Tigerpaw against each other, saying Spottedpaw will fight the winner.
  • The three apprentices race to the sandy hollow, with Tigerpaw easily winning.
    • They then begin their training match, and Whitepaw manages to beat his competitor by flicking sand in his eyes.
  • Thistleclaw summons Spottedpaw to fight Whitepaw, and she fares well.
    • She almost beats the white apprentice when the tortoiseshell pauses, remembering that the move she'd been about to use came from the Place of No Stars.
    • Spottedpaw flees in terror at the memory, but Thistleclaw comes after her. He confronts her, and she bleats that being in that Place of No Stars is wrong.
    • Thistleclaw refuses to listen to Spottedpaw, saying that he must do it to keep his Clan safe.
    • He then insists that he would do anything for her, the she-cat he loves.

  • Spottedpaw wakes early the next morning, and Featherwhisker asks her why she's up.
    • She says that she had bad dreams, unwilling to say the real reason.
    • The apprentice turns away, noticing that Stormtail is very frail, and seemed to be drinking a lot.
      • Spottedpaw asks if the warrior is okay, but is ignored as Speckletail then leads the cats out of camp.
    • She tells her thoughts to Featherwhisker, who agrees that he'll go and bring the gray tom back to camp.
    • However, White-eye bursts into the den with a thorn in her eye. The warrior panics, but Featherwhisker is able to treat the injury.
  • The medicine cat tells Spottedpaw to go after Stormtail, and she races to Snakerocks.
    • Spottedpaw informs the cats of the situation, and they spread out to find Stormtail.
    • The tortoiseshell apprentice spots him slumped beneath a boulder.
      • She wails for help, as he is unconscious but still breathing.
  • They bring him to camp, and Spottedpaw runs ahead to warn Featherwhisker, and the tom lays out a nest for him.
    • The patrol comes in and sets Stormtail down, and Featherwhisker diagnoses him with the thirsting sickness.
    • Spottedpaw then leaves the den, reprimanding Bluefur for letting Stormtail on patrol earlier.
    • Thrushpelt soon interrupts her, leading his apprentice out into the forest. The tom tells her that it's okay if she wants to be a medicine cat apprentice, as he can tell she likes helping Featherwhisker.
      • She is appalled, but after some thought, Spottedpaw insists that she wants to be a warrior.

  • Spottedpaw dreams herself into the Place of No Stars, and goes to find Thistleclaw.
    • She sees him in Mapleshade's training sessions, pummelling a fox-colored she-cat.
      • Spottedpaw tries to step in and stop it, but is too late, and the she-cat fades from beneath her.
    • She is bewildered, and Mapleshade orders Thistleclaw to get rid of her.
    • He leads her away from the scene, asking what she wants.
      • Spottedpaw pleads with him to stop coming here, so they can have a future together.
      • She says that if he truly loves her, he’ll promise to never come here again.
    • Thistleclaw shakes his head, saying that being in the Place of No Stars is a part of his destiny that he can't ignore.
    • Spottedpaw pleads with him one last time, but it is to no avail.
  • She wishes him the best, and then awakens in her own nest, smelling of blood.
    • Spottedpaw pushes her way out of the den, seeking Featherwhisker.
      • On the way, Stormtail thanks her for saving him, and Bluefur apologizes for what she said the previous day.
    • Spottedpaw accepts the apology, and finds the medicine cat in his den. The tom asks if she needs help, but she replies that she'd like to become his apprentice.

  • Tigerclaw receives his warrior name from Sunstar along with Whitestorm.
    • The Clan cheers for them, and Spottedpaw notices that Bluefur is pregnant.
    • Spottedpaw senses Thistleclaw watching her, but doesn't return the glance.
      • She knows that he plans to become the next deputy, after Tawnyspots.
  • Featherwhisker leads her back to the medicine den, commenting that he wishes White-eye and Bluefur had waited until newleaf to bear kits.
    • Spottedpaw seems to agree, and both conclude that the Clan will care for the queens no matter how hard the leaf-bare.
  • Shortly after, Bluefur's kitting begins in the nursery. Spottedpaw assists her and soon, two healthy she-cats and a tom are born.
    • Thrushpelt enters the den, asking what Bluefur would like to name them.
      • She names her kits Stonekit, Mistykit, and Mosskit.
      • Featherwhisker comments that the father didn't choose any of the names, but Spottedpaw dismisses the comment. She lets out a long purr, thinking about how perfect the kits are.

  • Spottedpaw is exhausted from fetching so much wet moss for her Clanmates.
  • She sees Tawnyspots emerge from the dirtplace, looking very frail.
    • The apprentice worries about him, knowing he might have to step down soon.
  • Bluefur's kits approach Spottedpaw, asking if she’s brought a treat for them.
    • She says that it's only fresh moss, and quickly delivers the moss to Goosefeather, and sets out to get more.
  • On her way out of camp, she sees Thrushpelt bring a squirrel over to the kits as a treat.
    • They get excited, but Bluefur insists that they’ve had enough to eat already. Thrushpelt apologizes to the kits, and walks away with his prey.
    • Thistleclaw returns from a patrol, announcing that they beat some kittypets today.
      • Spottedpaw notices that Fuzzypelt has a splinter, and the apprentice realizes it came from the Twolegplace when the patrol purposefully sought out the innocent.
    • Bluefur comes to the same conclusion, and is angry.
    • Spottedpaw says that they may as well get used to a bossy Thistleclaw as he’s bound to be deputy soon.
      • The queen's eyes darken, and replies that that won’t happen if she can help it.
    • Spottedpaw urges her to focus on her kits, but Bluefur insists that she loves them, but her Clan might need her.
      • The apprentice is confused by the conviction in her voice, and watches her walk away.
  • On the night of the Gathering, Bluefur requests to go with the patrol.
    • Spottedpaw agrees to watch the queen's kits, and Bluefur thanks her.
  • The cats begin to file out of camp. Spottedpaw gives a mint leaf to Tawnyspots, then checks on the nursery to see every cat asleep.
    • Later that night, Bluefur tells Spottedpaw in a low voice that she's made her choice.
  • Spottedpaw goes to sleep, but is awakened by a soft rustle and some murmuring.
  • She sees that Stormtail is on guard, and they both look for the source of the sound.
    • Spottedpaw then turns slightly and realizes that Bluefur and her kits are sneaking out.
      • She feels conflicted, knowing that whatever the queen is doing is for a purpose.
    • Spottedpaw tells Stormtail to go take a look, and the medicine cat apprentice insists that he go look on the other side of the ravine.
  • Spottedpaw follows Bluefur to Sunningrocks, where she sees two shapes talking.
    • She realizes that the queen is giving away her kits, and prays to StarClan that they stay safe.
  • A voice sounds in her mind, telling her that the kits will be okay.
    • Spottedpaw knows that the voice is Snowfur's, who is Bluefur's sister.
    • The medicine cat apprentice vows that she and Bluefur will both guard their hearts, and never be foolish or blind again.
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