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In The Prophecies Begin arc

Into the Wild

In the prologue, Spottedleaf, the ThunderClan medicine cat, comes to talk with Bluestar. She reports to the leader that all the cats involved in the battle at Sunningrocks will recover. Bluestar still is worried, not just about the battle, but about the survival of ThunderClan. Spottedleaf tries to reassure Bluestar by telling her that there will be more kits come greenleaf, however Bluestar is still distraught. Bluestar asks Spottedleaf if StarClan has spoken to her, and after Spottedleaf tells her no, a shooting star blazes overhead. Spottedleaf tells Bluestar she just received a message from StarClan: "Fire alone can save our Clan." Bluestar becomes confused about what the prophecy might mean, and Spottedleaf is unsure also, but Bluestar trusts Spottedleaf since she has never been wrong before.
Spottedleaf is called by Goldenflower when Ravenpaw faints in the middle of a telling about the battle at Sunningrocks. Spottedleaf reassures the queen by telling her that none of his wounds are fatal. She goes back to her den to grab some cobwebs to stop the bleeding. She comes back into the clearing and starts pressing wads of cobwebs on the wounds of the injured apprentice. Tigerclaw then addresses Spottedleaf asking if he'll be all right and she confirms that he'll live. When Tigerclaw goes to wake his apprentice, Spottedleaf stops him, telling him to leave Ravenpaw alone. She then teases him that even he would never argue with a medicine cat.
When Firepaw is taking care of Yellowfang, he is constantly seen going to Spottedleaf and asking for different herbs to help heal Yellowfang such as poppy seeds and mouse bile. After ShadowClan attacks, Spottedleaf tries to save Lionheart. She solemnly confirms that there's nothing else she can do and that he is dead and starts tending to her other Clanmates.
Spottedleaf later tries to stop Clawface from taking Frostfur's kits. She is murdered trying to stop him from leaving the ThunderClan camp. Yellowfang was assumed by most of ThunderClan to have killed Spottedleaf because Yellowfang left the camp soon after Spottedleaf was killed. Firepaw is devastated, realizing that he loved Spottedleaf. Before he goes to find Yellowfang, he buries his nose in her fur for the last time, whispering good-bye. The Clan is devastated by the loss of their medicine cat and is determined to find Yellowfang and bring her to justice.
Firepaw attempts to attack Clawface in the battle in vengeance for murdering Spottedleaf, but Whitestorm tells him that ThunderClan cats do not kill unless it is needed and sends Clawface away yowling for help. Later, Yellowfang is appointed as the new medicine cat of ThunderClan after Mousefur finds Clawface's brown fur in Spottedleaf's claws, proving that Clawface did indeed kill her.

Fire and Ice

Spottedleaf gives Fireheart a warning to beware a warrior he cannot trust. He misinterprets it and thinks that she is talking about Graystripe, Fireheart's best friend, who was in love with the RiverClan she-cat Silverstream, but later, it turned out to really be about Tigerclaw, whom he could not trust. When Brokenstar and his rogues are attacking, Clawface attacks Fireheart, but Spottedleaf is there to guide Fireheart to victory and avenge her death. Clawface is eventually killed by Graystripe.

Forest of Secrets

Spottedleaf meets Fireheart in a dream. She tells him to follow her and when the two stop, it's on the top of a hill overlooking a vast expanse of water. Spottedleaf then reminds him that water can quench fire. After Tigerclaw is exiled, she comes to Fireheart in a dream again. She tells the warrior that StarClan is calling and that he should not be afraid. Fireheart first thinks that Spottedleaf had prophesied his death. When Bluestar announces Fireheart as deputy a matter of minutes later, he thinks about what Spottedleaf had said. He thinks that being the new deputy might actually mean that StarClan was perhaps calling him to the new responsibilities he now governs as deputy.

Rising Storm

Spottedleaf comes to Fireheart in a dream, giving him a prophecy, telling Fireheart to be cautious of an enemy who appears to not pose a threat. Fireheart misinterprets this prophecy, thinking she is speaking of the ShadowClan cats on ThunderClan territory when Spottedleaf really means to beware of Tigerclaw, as he is still lurking in the forest.
Spottedleaf appears in another dream, in which she does not talk, but stays where she is so that Fireheart can barely see her. Soon, two Twoleg kits come running up yowling in terror, and Spottedleaf flees. At this point, Fireheart smells the fire and wakes up.
Right after Yellowfang's death in the fire, Fireheart wonders if Spottedleaf took her to StarClan since he smelled her scent. He then hears Spottedleaf's voice in his ear saying that Yellowfang is safe and well in StarClan. This reassures Fireheart.

A Dangerous Path

When Fireheart seeks guidance she appears in one of his dreams, along with the medicine cat after her, Yellowfang, and tells him to look around. She then tells him that this is a place in which battle won't be fought, nor will blood be spilled, begging Fireheart to travel to WindClan and arrange a peace meeting between ThunderClan and WindClan. She later appears in another of Fireheart's dreams. Fireheart hears her voice in his ear with a variation of an earlier prophecy she gave him.

The Darkest Hour

She appears at Firestar's leadership ceremony to give him his eighth life, along with the gift of love. She instructs him to give it to all cats he cared for, especially Sandstorm.
Later, when Firestar ponders his decision for deputy, he seeks help from Spottedleaf, so he takes a quick nap. Spottedleaf affectionately tells him that it is his decision, not StarClan's. Firestar eventually chooses Whitestorm, because of his experience and wisdom, and because Whitestorm always takes the warrior code very seriously and always follows it.
When Firestar fights Scourge after the loss of his first life, he feels Spottedleaf, swift and determined, fighting alongside him. After the battle with BloodClan, Firestar feels Spottedleaf's presence and also feels a surge of sadness as if she had died that day instead of several seasons before.

In The New Prophecy arc


Spottedleaf visits Leafpaw, Firestar's daughter and the ThunderClan medicine cat apprentice, in a dream at the Moonstone. Leafpaw asks her if she knows where Squirrelpaw is. Spottedleaf replies that Squirrelpaw was in the paws of different warrior ancestors, and reassures her that she is safe. She also says, that from that moment forward, she would follow whatever path Leafpaw chose, and then fades away as Leafpaw awakes.
Spottedleaf proves her words when she saves Leafpaw while she crosses the stepping stones into RiverClan territory to help with an apprentice that had fallen in the river. Luckily, Mistyfoot had dragged Reedpaw out of the water already. Spottedleaf reminds Leafpaw to use cobwebs for the gash on his shoulder, to get the water out of him, and to help his wet fur warm and dry quicker.


Spottedleaf comes to Squirrelpaw in a mysterious dream and when they greet each other Spottedleaf disappears. Squirrelpaw is surprised and starts to hunt. Suddenly, the forest becomes unfamiliar. She cries out to Spottedleaf and she soon appears. Spottedleaf asks Squirrelpaw to follow her and soon leads her to where Leafpaw and the other missing cats were, captured by Twolegs and put in cages. Squirrelpaw asks if she will be able to rescue them and Spottedleaf replies saying she hopes so.


When Yellowfang tells StarClan about the "Before there is peace, blood will spill blood and the lake will run red" prophecy, Spottedleaf tries to see if Firestar is involved. Bluestar gently tells her that she can't protect him and Spottedleaf responds that she will do everything in her power to protect him anyway.
She tells Leafpaw that they have found the right place for the Clans to settle. Spottedleaf also leads Leafpaw, along with Sorreltail, to the Moonpool, a place where medicine cats and leaders can come to share tongues with StarClan, much like the Moonstone in the forest.


Spottedleaf is one of the cats that give Cinderpelt strength for her foretold death.
When Leafpool tries to figure out whether to run away with Crowfeather or not, Spottedleaf appears to her, trying to show her the right path. Leafpool says she loves him so much she can't be a medicine cat anymore; she also says that Cinderpelt has Brightheart and she is not needed. Spottedleaf comforts her telling her Brightheart needs a purpose right now and she found it in helping Cinderpelt. Leafpool continues to say she quarreled with Squirrelflight and they never quarrel, Spottedleaf replies that her sister loves her and one quarrel will not change that. When Leafpool asks about Crowfeather, Spottedleaf tells her that no cat can make that decision for her and inside she knows what is right and wrong. She tells her to follow her heart. Leafpool, thinking her heart was with Crowfeather, runs away, only to come back following the news of the badger attack.
Near the end of the book, Spottedleaf also briefly visits Leafpool, along with Cinderpelt's spirit to tell her that StarClan is with her and that they will always be watching over her.


Leafpool becomes mad at Spottedleaf for telling her to follow her heart, believing that if she had not run away, Cinderpelt would not be dead. Spottedleaf comforts her, saying that her heart lies in being a medicine cat. When Leafpool asked her why she didn't tell her this, Spottedleaf says that she had to know what she would miss.
Leafpool spots Daisy's kits chasing a butterfly. They tell Leafpool that the tortoiseshell cat showed it to them, saying they could chase it. Leafpool thought they meant Sorreltail, but she was with her kits in the nursery. It is revealed that the tortoiseshell cat was Spottedleaf and she was trying to tell Leafpool the truth about how Mothwing became RiverClan's medicine cat. Spottedleaf also shows Leafpool that Cinderkit is a reincarnation of Cinderpelt.

In the Power of Three arc

The Sight

When Jaykit is injured and asleep in Leafpool's den, he struggles to wake but he hears Spottedleaf telling him to lie still, and he is safe. When he asks about Hollykit and Lionkit, she says that they are fine. She then gives him a leaf with water for him to drink and he falls asleep.
When Jaypaw visits the Moonpool, he finds himself in the Dark Forest where Tigerstar and Hawkfrost try to get him to join them. Spottedleaf comes to fetch Jaypaw back; he asks if Tigerstar and Hawkfrost can come too. Spottedleaf tells him they have chosen their own path. When they get back to StarClan, Spottedleaf tells him he can never go there again. Jaypaw looks into her mind and finds out she is in love with Firestar. Spottedleaf says he has a remarkable gift sensing what he does. She then states that he must use it for the good of his Clan by becoming a medicine cat. Jaypaw gets angry, saying it's not fair, and Spottedleaf sympathetically replies by saying that he should accept his destiny.


She appears in the prologue, chasing a mouse. When she catches it, she walks back to Yellowfang, who she had passed earlier. Yellowfang then gets annoyed at some ticks in her pelt. Spottedleaf says she should learn to groom herself, and starts grooming Yellowfang. Yellowfang states that Spottedleaf should stop trying to take care of every cat. Whitestorm and Bluestar join them, and they then start discussing whether they should tell the Three about the prophecy. During the discussion Spottedleaf tries to catch a butterfly. Soon after Yellowfang asks what she thinks, Spottedleaf replies that truth is a powerful weapon, and they must use it carefully.

Long Shadows

She appears in a vision of Jaypaw's with Bluestar, Silverstream, Yellowfang, and Whitestorm, who are worried about the outbreak of greencough in ThunderClan. Spottedleaf asks if there is no way StarClan can guide them. Then Brightspirit, Shiningheart, and Braveheart appear and Spottedleaf is not mentioned again.


She warily appears to Jayfeather after he has had battle training with Leafpool. When he begins uncertainly, Spottedleaf immediately interrupts, stating that they cannot give the answers he is asking for. She continues by saying that the answers he is looking for lie within his own Clan. Jayfeather is still curious and begs her to tell him more. He asks if StarClan knew that Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw weren't his parents, which sparks Spottedleaf's anger. She snarls that StarClan doesn't know everything and that sometimes they have questions too. She continues to say that the cats in StarClan are sometimes just cats and with that, she quickly leaves.

In the Omen of the Stars arc

The Fourth Apprentice

In the prologue, she discusses with the other StarClan cats whether they have the right three cats from the prophecy. Spottedleaf tells them they are because they all had the same dream when she was born. They are then worried that Jayfeather and Lionblaze will not know which of the two cats (Dovepaw or Ivypaw) is the one mentioned in the prophecy. Then Feathertail joins them and Yellowfang does not want her to stay but Spottedleaf says she should. The cats continue to argue whether they should send a sign to Jayfeather or Lionblaze. Some of the cats are wary about sending a sign and don't agree with it. Spottedleaf is one of the few cats who think a sign should be sent.

Fading Echoes

Jayfeather and Yellowfang encounter Spottedleaf. When she asks where Yellowfang and Jayfeather are going, Yellowfang fills her in on the news Jayfeather told her. Spottedleaf tags along and together, the three of them venture into the Dark Forest to discover why Tigerstar is training Clan cats. Yellowfang resists her accompanying them, but she replies, saying that Firestar would never forgive her if Jayfeather was hurt. When Brokenstar appears and demands that they leave, Spottedleaf tells Yellowfang to go back to StarClan. Yellowfang eventually agrees and tells her that she will wait by the waterfall.
Spottedleaf continues into the Dark Forest with Jayfeather, and asks Tigerstar why he is training living cats from the Clans. Tigerstar tells them that they practice fighting because they are warriors wishing to retain their fighting skills. He insists that they leave, and finally Spottedleaf and Jayfeather retreat from the Dark Forest.

Night Whispers

When Jayfeather is looking at Ivypaw, he is slipped into a vision where all of ThunderClan, except Ivypaw, is slaughtered by Dark Forest cats in the final battle. Spottedleaf then hisses with horror behind Jayfeather, and she then apologizes for not being able to change anything.

The Forgotten Warrior

She is briefly mentioned by Leafpool, who says that Spottedleaf had visited her in a dream to tell her about Yellowfang's request to Jayfeather to reveal Cinderheart's past life to her.

The Last Hope

Spottedleaf is first seen in the prologue, settling herself beside Bluestar, plus the Ancients, and is greeted by Half Moon. When Owl Feather questions Bluestar's beliefs of what they would say, Spottedleaf lets out a low growl, and says that Bluestar had always believed but other cats needed to be convinced. Bluestar says that the prophecies helped and that Spottedleaf recognized the shooting star that had led her to Firestar.
Spottedleaf is found by Jayfeather as he tries to find Flametail in StarClan. Despite StarClan being divided, the ShadowClan StarClan cats let Jayfeather and Spottedleaf pass to look for Flametail. However, Jayfeather gets stuck in a quicksand-like substance and is nearly killed because Spottedleaf can't reach him. Eventually, after Spottedleaf begs Flametail, he saves Jayfeather. Spottedleaf joins Flametail and Jayfeather to find the other living medicine cats so that Flametail can tell them it's not Jayfeather's fault for his death. Jayfeather thinks that Flametail is the fourth cat, and she gently informs him that Flametail is not the fourth cat.
Spottedleaf attends the Gathering of StarClan, where the living medicine cats and Firestar preach to them about how they need to band together to face the Dark Forest warriors and recruits and telling Jayfeather that Firestar is the fourth cat.
During the battle, Spottedleaf and a group of other StarClan cats come to fight on the Clans' side. She sees Mapleshade pinning Sandstorm down, because she got all of StarClan's blessings, preparing to kill her, but Spottedleaf tears the Dark Forest cat off of her. Mapleshade tauntingly asks Spottedleaf why she wouldn't let her kill the cat who had stolen Firestar's love from her. Spottedleaf replies that there was nothing to steal, and that Sandstorm made Firestar happy. Mapleshade attacks Spottedleaf and tears her throat open.
Firestar is horrified, crying that Spottedleaf had promised to be there when he went to StarClan. Spottedleaf, dying, tells him that that was never meant to happen and that she couldn't journey with him anymore. Then Sandstorm chases Mapleshade to the border and comes back. Yellowfang appears and urges Firestar to let Spottedleaf follow her destiny. Spottedleaf opens her mouth as if she wanted to say something more, but her pelt blurs, and she dies for a second time, leaving only a pool of blood.
Spottedleaf is mentioned by Bluestar later when she tells ThunderClan about Firestar's nine lives. Bluestar's voice is thick with sadness as she mentions that even though Spottedleaf is no longer with them, she gave Firestar the life and gift of love.

In the Super Editions

Moth Flight's Vision

Although not named, Moth Flight sees her giving Firestar one of his nine lives. She notices the love in both of the cats' eyes and assumes that they were indeed in love with each other.

Yellowfang's Secret

Spottedkit is mentioned by Featherwhisker when the medicine cats are discussing apprentices, as both Runningpaw and Barkpaw are currently medicine cat apprentices. Featherwhisker notes that there is a kit called Spottedkit who is always around the medicine cat den and that she might become his apprentice. She is next mentioned again by Featherwhisker saying that Spottedkit is nearly old enough to be his apprentice.

Bluestar's Prophecy

Spottedkit is born to Swiftbreeze and Adderfang in their second litter, along with her brother, Redkit, and her sister, Willowkit. She is also the younger sister of Patchpelt and Leopardfoot, who are from an earlier litter of Swiftbreeze and Adderfang.
Once, when the cats are leaving on a hunting patrol, Spottedpaw comes late, telling them that she was helping Featherwhisker make a poultice. Thrushpelt scolds her and tells her to stop fussing with herbs and to hunt more. When Goosefeather finally steps down to become an elder, Spottedpaw begs Sunstar to make her Featherwhisker's apprentice instead. Featherwhisker says that he could think of no better cat and so Spottedpaw became Featherwhisker's apprentice.
Spottedpaw is also present at Bluefur's kitting, helping Featherwhisker and doing what she is told. Featherwhisker tells her to put her paw on Bluefur's belly so she can feel the muscles working to push the kits out; at the same time a spasm goes through Bluefur's body, and she hisses at Spottedpaw. Spottedpaw looks dismayed and backs off. Bluefur apologizes, saying that she didn't expect kitting to hurt this much and that she'd been kitting since dawn.
At some point in the book, Spottedpaw receives her full medicine cat name, Spottedleaf. When Featherwhisker dies of greencough, Spottedleaf takes over as the full medicine cat. When the present ThunderClan is seen, Spottedleaf is shown to be worn out because of all the sick cats she has been treating. Later, she receives the shooting star prophecy and tells Bluestar to watch the flame-pelted kittypet, Rusty.

Firestar's Quest

Spottedleaf appears in a dream to tell Firestar more about SkyClan. She confirms that they did exist and she learned of their story after she had joined StarClan. When Firestar is confused about how StarClan could allow a whole Clan to leave the forest, Spottedleaf comforts him by saying that StarClan does not control everything within the forest. She also tells him that the SkyClan ancestors do not walk the same skies as those who walk in StarClan. She leaves him to rest then saying that he can help and that somehow he'll find a way.
Near the middle of the book, she appears to both Sandstorm and Firestar to give them burdock root for rat bites after the battle. She tells them how to use the burdock root, and Firestar accidentally mentions her previous visit to tell him about SkyClan. When Sandstorm starts to bristle, Spottedleaf comforts her by telling her that Firestar does love her, and even if she stayed alive in the forest, he and she could never be mates. She leaves, but right before leaving, she whispers to Firestar that sometimes, she would've given anything for things to be different, as though wishing that she had not been a medicine cat, but instead, Firestar's mate. Sandstorm finally realizes that even though Firestar and Spottedleaf have a special bond, he loves Sandstorm the most.
At Leafstar's leader ceremony, she appears to give Leafstar one of her nine lives. She first meets up with Firestar, telling him how proud she is of him restoring the fifth Clan. She provides Leafdapple her fourth life, saying that it is for healing wounds caused by words and rivalry. She tells her to use it well for all those cats who are troubled in spirit. Soon after, it is revealed that she is related to Cloudstar, Birdflight, Gorseclaw, Spottedpelt, and Tigerstar. In the epilogue, it is said that Firestar and Sandstorm's kit, Leafkit, is named after Leafstar and possibly Spottedleaf as well.

SkyClan's Destiny

Leafstar wakes up and enters one of the new SkyClan dens. Spottedleaf appears, saying that her Clan will be safe in their dens. Leafstar is confused and asks if she is dreaming; Spottedleaf replies that she is asleep to her Clanmates. Spottedleaf then states that SkyClan must be doing well to need new dens. She then continues to say that Firestar and Sandstorm have had kits. It is then noted by Leafstar that Spottedleaf looks unhappy about the new kits, suggesting she wanted to have had kits with Firestar and is possibly jealous of Sandstorm.
Looking at Leafstar, Spottedleaf says that she has the hardest job as a Clan leader having to build a Clan from cats who know nothing of the warrior code, and Leafstar wonders why Spottedleaf cares so much about SkyClan since she is a ThunderClan medicine cat. Spottedleaf then leads Leafstar to the entrance of the cave, and Leafstar sees transparent cats. Leafstar asks Spottedleaf about them but turns to see that Spottedleaf has disappeared.
After Leafstar loses a life, killed by Misha, she is greeted by Spottedleaf. When Leafstar starts to panic, Spottedleaf allays her worries saying she'll only be here momentarily.

Bramblestar's Storm

Firestar mentions Spottedleaf when he is talking to Bluestar in StarClan, saying he never realized how far he would be from his former Clan and he always thought she would be there to guide him. He pictures the faded medicine cat, her eyes seeming to glow with sadness in his memory of her. Bluestar agrees that she will be missed greatly, though with an edge to her tone and tells him that Sandstorm will one day be with him in StarClan.

In the Novellas

Spottedleaf's Heart

Spottedkit and her littermates are pretending to be warriors defending ThunderClan from their peers, who are playing as rogues. However, Spottedkit's brother Redkit attacks the nearest rogue before she gives out the signal to attack. Spottedkit gets frustrated and tells Redkit that he ruined the game for attacking before she gave out the signal. Redkit responds in defense that it looked like a signal, and a white she-cat named Frostkit tells Spottedkit, whom is playing the role of Clan leader, that she didn't say what the signal would be. Spottedkit then tells Redkit that he can't be deputy anymore. Willowkit than asks Spottedkit if she could be deputy. However, Spottedkit says no because Willowkit's the medicine cat. Whitepaw, who was sitting on the other side of Brindlekit, asks if perhaps he could take Willowkit's place as medicine cat but Spottedkit states that it's not up to him as she's the Clan leader and not Whitepaw. Whitepaw argues that he doesn't want to be a rogue and tells Spottedkit that she being far too bossy and that he going to play as a warrior. Brindlekit says that she doesn't want to be a rogue either so she goes with Whitepaw along with the rest of Spottedkit's denmates to warm up in a patch of sand.
Spottedkit's mother asks her if everything is all right. Spottedkit responds to Swiftbreeze that Redkit told her that she was being too bossy. Swiftbreeze suggests that maybe she should let the others be in charge. Spottedkit explains that the others said she could be Clan leader and it meant that she had to look after every cat. The gray tabby queen explains to her daughter that the medicine cat has some responsibility too and so does the deputy. Swiftbreeze tells the tortoiseshell that Sunstar relies on Tawnyspots to organize the Clan's patrols. Spottedkit announces that when she becomes Clan leader, she'll be in charge of all the patrols.
The young she-kit than tells her mother that Whitepaw will be her deputy because he's kind and smart and also tells Tigerpaw to stop showing off whenever his mentor teaches him a new move. Swiftbreeze then becomes concerned about Tigerpaw and states that Thistleclaw shouldn't be teaching him all those battle moves since he's only been an apprentice for two moons. Spottedkit explains that Leopardfoot doesn't mind as she wants her son to be the best warrior he could be because his father was the Clan leader. The hunting patrol returns to camp.
Spottedkit pads over to the fresh-kill pile, and she approaches Thistleclaw. He sees her looking at a thrush, and offers her the feathers for her nest. She is unsure, but accepts the gift from him. Whitepaw comes over and asks if he can have some too, and Thistleclaw obliges. Spottedkit teases the apprentice that if he has more feathers, he might fly. The kit dabs a feather on Whitepaw's nose, and more on his flank. Bluefur comes over and tells them to stop, as it's a waste of bedding. She scolds them both, and then reprimands Thistleclaw as well. The tom is offended, especially when the warrior goes on about his training methods with Tigerpaw. Suddenly, Brindlekit and Redkit pounce on Thistleclaw. They wind him, and Spottedkit helps him regain his breath. The warrior thanks her, commenting that she might be a good medicine cat one day. She replies her paws are set on the path of a warrior, and Thistleclaw amends he would be proud to fight beside her.
Spottedpaw has her apprentice ceremony, and Sunstar appoints Thrushpelt as her mentor. She excitedly asks him if they can go outside camp, and he replies that they can in a moment. The Clan cheers for Spottedpaw and her newly named littermates, Willowpaw and Redpaw. The new apprentices go out to see ThunderClan's territory, and Thistleclaw and his apprentice join them. Spottedpaw is awestruck by the beauty of the forest, and her mentor points out important landmarks. They take a break, as the new apprentice becomes winded quickly. She asks if they can go see the Thunderpath now, and Thrushpelt obliges. Spottedpaw promises to work hard and be the best warrior she can be.
Awhile later, she and her mentor go out on patrol with Thistleclaw and Tigerpaw. The spiky warrior seems impressed with her hunting skills, as she hasn't been training long. Thistleclaw spots a squirrel in a tree, and shows it to Spottedpaw. With some encouragement, she climbs the branches in pursuit of it. However, Spottedpaw slips from the tree, and the world goes black. The apprentice's parents and Thrushpelt soon arrive, and they worriedly rush her back to camp. They blame Thistleclaw, but the spiky warrior insists that she should have been trained to better climb trees. They set her in the medicine cat's den, and Thrushpelt says that she's off-duties for awhile. Featherwhisker makes Spottedpaw eat some herbs, and assures the cats surrounding that the apprentice will get better.
Spottedpaw races through the trees, running from a fox. She gasps, then awakens, realizing it was a dream. Featherwhisker tends to her, telling the tortoiseshell that she still needs to rest awhile. Spottedpaw protests that she's bored, but the medicine cat simply gives her several stacks of herbs to sort out. Featherwhisker shows her which one is which, and she finishes quickly. The medicine cat talks about what it's like to hold a healer's rank in the Clan, and she seems interested. Poppydawn comes to visit Spottedpaw, and Willowpaw follows. The gray apprentice exclaims that she caught a thrush for her, and the tortoiseshell thanks her. Willowpaw asks when Spottedpaw will be training again, and Featherwhisker says she needs a few more days to rest. However, in two days, the apprentice is able to hobble around camp unassisted.
She meets with Redpaw and Swiftbreeze, who are glad she seems better. Sunstar looks at Spottedpaw, reminding that she can only go back to her duties once she's fully healed. A patrol returns, with everyone boasting about how Tigerpaw chased off some kittypets. Thistleclaw is with them, and bounds over to Spottedpaw. He offers to take her out on a walk, and they make amiable conversation. The apprentice spots an injury on Thistleclaw's ear, and asks why he didn't have Featherwhisker tend to it. He says that only the weak are injured, and he wants to keep it as a battle scar. Spottedpaw is briefly unsettled by his answer, but moves closer to him. She purrs as she sits down, only thinking about how happy she is sitting here with Thistleclaw.
Spottedpaw organizes Featherwhisker's store, commenting that he'd better not mess it up again. The medicine cat thanks her as she makes her way across to Thrushpelt. She meows a greeting to her littermates, who have just returned from a hunting patrol. Spottedpaw practices her hunting skills with her mentor, and when he is appeased, they separate to go hunting. She hears voices coming from a distance, and sees Bluefur, Thistleclaw, and Tigerpaw confronting an intruder. Spottedpaw realizes that they have cornered a black kit, and watches as the dark tabby apprentice attacks it. She holds her breath as Thistleclaw goads him on until Bluefur steps in to intervene. Spottedpaw takes a deep breath, backing away. Thrushpelt finds his apprentice and says that they need to return to camp. She agrees, helping her mentor carry their prey back to camp.
Her shoulder aches, and Thrushpelt says that she can go get herself something to eat. Thistleclaw invites her to eat with him, and she follows the warrior to a shady spot. Spottedpaw bravely mentions that she saw his earlier confrontation of the kit intruder, but he defends his actions. She becomes angry with him, and runs away to a spot near Sunningrocks. Thistleclaw follows her with prey and apologizes, complimenting Spottedpaw, and saying they could have a future together. She feels at ease with his words, and he invites her come somewhere with him tonight. Spottedpaw agrees, and he disappears into the bushes.
Spottedpaw waits up in her nest for Thistleclaw, wondering where he'll take her. Goosefeather enters, telling her that she is the one who loves foolishly. She is confused by his words, not understanding what they mean. Later at night, she hears a crack, seeing Thistleclaw in front of of her. He beckons her to follow him, and the two cats race through a dark, dank forest. Thistleclaw insists that she's safe with him, and takes her to meet a cat named Mapleshade. After they get acquainted, they follow the she-cat to a place somewhat like a training hollow. Mapleshade orders Thistleclaw and Houndleap to fight, and Spottedpaw is bewildered that the spiky warrior obliges without complaint. The two cats viciously fight with each other, claws unsheathed. She calls a warning to Thistleclaw when she sees Houndleap getting the upper hand. However, the warrior doesn't seem to hear her, and slams his opponent against a tree.
Spottedpaw is horrified, realizing that she's in the Place of No Stars. She sees Thistleclaw pummel Houndleap, and decides to gather bracken to stop his bleeding. She returns with some, and presses it against the scrawny tom's wounds. Spottedpaw asks the bleeding cat why Thistleclaw, but the spiky warrior approaches from behind. He answers that he's becoming a better warrior, and she protests that this is evil. Thistleclaw seems to disagree, and she starts to run away from him into the looming forest. Spottedpaw awakens, her pelt filthy and matted. Her littermates are shocked at her condition, and tell her to clean up before training. However, Thrushpelt quickly spots her, and tells her that they are going on a border patrol. The warrior then seems to take a second look at Spottedpaw, instead saying that she should go clean up, then meet her later for training. She agrees, leaving out the gorse tunnel.
Spottedpaw then ducks into some ferns to clean up, hoping no one will notice her. However, Thistleclaw sees the apprentice and offers to take her out training with Whitepaw and Tigerpaw. Spottedpaw hesitantly says yes, and he leaves to bound back to camp. Thistleclaw soon returns with the two following him, but Tigerpaw protests that Spottedpaw only just begun her training. His mentor silences the dark tabby's protests, saying it's good to have a new training partner. The spiky warrior pairs Whitepaw and Tigerpaw against each other, saying Spottedpaw will fight the winner. The three apprentices race to the sandy hollow, with Tigerpaw easily winning. They then begin their training match, and Whitepaw manages to beat his competitor by flicking sand in his eyes. Thistleclaw summons Spottedpaw to fight Whitepaw, and she fares well. She almost beats the white apprentice when the tortoiseshell pauses, remembering that the move she'd been about to use came from the Place of No Stars. Spottedpaw flees in terror at the memory, but Thistleclaw comes after her. He confronts her, and she bleats that being in that dark forest is wrong, and that he should stop. Thistleclaw refuses to listen to Spottedpaw, saying that he must do it to keep his Clan safe. He then insists that he would do anything for her, the she-cat he loves. Spottedpaw hesitates, not knowing what to say due to her conflicting emotions.
Spottedpaw wakes early the next morning, and Featherwhisker asks her why she's up. She says that she had bad dreams, unwilling to tell the medicine cat about Thistleclaw's troubling Place of No Stars visits. The apprentice quickly turns away, spotting Stormtail across the clearing. She notices that he's very frail, and seemed to be drinking a lot. Spottedpaw asks if the warrior is okay, and he and Bluefur insist that he's fine, and will go on patrol. Speckletail then leads the cats out of camp, but the apprentice continues to worry. She tells her thoughts to Featherwhisker, who agrees that he'll go and bring the gray tom back to camp. However, White-eye bursts into the den with a thorn in her eye. The warrior panics, but Featherwhisker is able to treat the injury so that she'll still be able to see. The medicine cat tells Spottedpaw to go after Stormtail, ignoring Thrushpelt telling her that she needs to clean out the elders' den.
Spottedpaw informs the cats of the situation, and they spread out to find Stormtail. However, the tortoiseshell apprentice spots him slumped beneath a boulder. She wails for help, soon bringing the patrol running. They collaborate to carry Stormtail back to camp, as he is unconscious but still breathing. Spottedpaw runs ahead to warn Featherwhisker, and the tom lays out a nest for him. The patrol comes in and sets Stormtail down, and Featherwhisker diagnoses him with the thirsting sickness. He says it cannot be cured, but that the gray tom can be made comfortable. Spottedpaw then leaves the den, reprimanding Bluefur for letting Stormtail on patrol earlier. Thrushpelt soon interrupts her, leading his apprentice out into the forest. The tom tells her that it's okay if she wants to be a medicine cat apprentice, as he can tell she likes helping Featherwhisker. She is appalled, but after some thought, Spottedpaw insists that she wants to be a warrior.
Spottedpaw dreams herself into the Place of No Stars, and goes to find Thistleclaw. She sees him in Mapleshade's training sessions, pummelling a light brown tabby she-cat. Spottedpaw tries to step in and stop him when he deals a killing bite, but he snarls at her. She is too late, and the she-cat fades from beneath her. Spottedpaw is bewildered, and Mapleshade orders Thistleclaw to get rid of her. He leads her away from the scene, asking what she wants. Spottedpaw pleads with him to stop coming here, so they can have a future together. She insists that she does have the option to become a medicine cat, as Thrushpelt said, but would rather be a warrior with him. Spottedpaw says that if he truly loves her, he'll promise to never come here again. Thistleclaw shakes his head, saying that being in the Place of No Stars is a part of his destiny that he can't ignore.
Spottedpaw pleads with him one last time, but the warrior insists that he needs to feel the rip of flesh between his claws. Thistleclaw meows that every battle will be won, and their enemies blood shed. Spottedpaw backs away, saying that he's now made his choice. She wishes him the best, then turns to leave him. The apprentice awakens in her own nest, smelling of blood. Spottedpaw pushes her way out of the den, seeking Featherwhisker. On the way, Stormtail thanks her for saving him, and Bluefur apologizes for what she said the previous day. Spottedpaw accepts the apology, and finds the medicine cat in his den. The tom asks if she needs help, but she replies that she'd like to become his apprentice.
Tigerclaw receives his warrior name from Sunstar along with Whitestorm. The Clan cheers for them, and Spottedpaw notices that Bluefur is pregnant. ThunderClan assumes that the father is Thrushpelt, but the queen seems unsure. Spottedpaw senses Thistleclaw watching her, but doesn't return the glance. She knows that he plans to become the next deputy, after Tawnyspots. Featherwhisker leads her back to the medicine den, commenting that he wishes White-eye and Bluefur had waited until newleaf to bear kits. Spottedpaw seems to agree, and both conclude that the Clan will care for the queens no matter how hard the leaf-bare. Shortly after, Bluefur's kitting begins in the nursery. Spottedpaw assists her mentor as the blue-gray she-cat works in bringing her kits into the world. Soon enough, two healthy she-cats and a tom are born to a tired mother. Thrushpelt enters the den, asking what Bluefur would like to name them. She names her kits Stonekit, Mistykit, and Mosskit. Featherwhisker comments that the father didn't choose any of the names, but Spottedpaw dismisses the comment. She lets out a long purr, thinking about how perfect the kits are.
Spottedpaw stops to catch her breath, wondering why she offered to become a medicine cat. She has been fetching wet moss for several cats for a good portion of the day, and is exhausted. Spottedpaw sees Tawnyspots emerge from the dirtplace, looking very frail. The apprentice worries about him, knowing he might have to step down soon. Bluefur's kit approach Spottedpaw, asking if she's brought a treat for them. She says that it's only fresh moss, and the younger cats are disappointed. Spottedpaw quickly delivers the moss to Goosefeather, and sets out to get more. On her way out of camp, she sees Thrushpelt bring a squirrel over to the kits as a treat. They get excited, but Bluefur insists that they've had enough to eat already. Thrushpelt apologizes to the kits, and walks away with his prey. Thistleclaw returns from a patrol, announcing that they beat some kittypets today. Spottedpaw notices that Fuzzypelt has a splinter, but when she takes it out, the apprentice realizes it came from the Twolegplace.
She realizes that the patrol purposefully sought out the kittypets, even though they hadn't crossed the border. Bluefur comes to the same conclusion, and is angry, but Spottedpaw says that they may as well get used to a bossy Thistleclaw as he's bound to be deputy. The queen's eyes darken, and replies that that won't happen if she can help it. Spottedpaw urges her to focus on her kits, but Bluefur insists that she loves them, but her Clan might need her. The apprentice is confused by the conviction in her voice, and watches her walk away. On the night of the Gathering, Bluefur requests to go with the patrol. Spottedpaw is surprised, but agrees she'll watch her kits. Bluefur thanks her, and the cats begin to file out of camp. Spottedpaw gives a mint leaf to Tawnyspots, then checks on the nursery to see every cat asleep.
Later that night, when the patrol returns, Bluefur tells Spottedpaw in a low voice that she's made her choice. She goes to sleep, but is awakened by a soft rustle and some murmuring. Spottedpaw sees that Stormtail is on guard, and tells him of what she heard. They both look for the source of the sound, but he fails to see it. Spottedpaw then turns slightly and realizes that Bluefur and her kits are sneaking out. She feels conflicted, knowing that whatever the queen is doing is for a purpose. Spottedpaw tells Stormtail to go take a look, but he still comes up empty handed. The medicine cat apprentice insists that he go look on the other side of the ravine, while she goes the other way. Spottedpaw follows Bluefur to Sunningrocks, where she sees two shapes talking. She realizes that the queen is giving away her kits, and prays to StarClan that they stay safe. A voice sounds in her mind, telling her that the kits will be okay. Spottedpaw knows that the voice is Snowfur's, who is Bluefur's sister. The medicine cat apprentice vows that she and Bluefur will both guard their hearts, and never be foolish or blind again.

Redtail's Debt

Redpaw grumbles with Willowpaw about cleaning nests without Spottedpaw to help them since she's busy with her medicine cat duties. Willowpaw spots their sister sorting herbs to dry in the sun and replies her chores seem difficult, too. Featherwhisker and Spottedpaw give herbs to all the warriors and apprentices before the battle, and Spottedpaw gives her brother herbs for strength. She wishes her littermates good-luck and waves her tail in farewell.
She eagerly shifts in her paws as her littermates earn their warrior names. Redtail notes she had to wait a long time before earning her full name, but she appears proud and happy for them as she calls both of their names. At the Gathering, Sunstar announces how Featherwhisker and Spottedpaw successfully treated a bout of whitecough.
Redtail spots Spottedleaf pulling a thorn out of Darkstripe's pad efficiently. When he arrives in StarClan, Redtail notes his sister had told him cats appeared in StarClan when they were at their happiest and spots Spottedleaf treating Ravenpaw. He also sees a fiery cat appear in the camp, and wonders if he was the solution to the prophecy his sister had received prior.

Ravenpaw's Farewell

Ravenpaw recalls how he once got a tick on his muzzle and Spottedleaf had to put mouse bile on it. He later tries to remember the traveling herbs Spottedleaf gave him long ago, but he can only remember the taste.

In the Field Guides

Secrets of the Clans

Spottedleaf is listed as a significant medicine cat of ThunderClan, and also as Featherwhisker's apprentice. It is also noted that she is mentioned as a skilled interpreter of StarClan's messages, she interpreted the prophecy that allowed Bluestar to take in Rusty, and that she walks in the dreams of many ThunderClan cats, especially Firestar's. Later, she is mentioned in Bluestar Speaks: Fire will save the Clan when she interprets the prophecy. It is said that she has a particularly special connection with StarClan, which enabled her to interpret the prophecy.

Code of the Clans

She appears tending to one of the Clan elders, Poppydawn, who is nearly dead from greencough. She mentions that Poppydawn is so weak that she will not survive the sickness unless she can eat some fresh-kill soon. Poppydawn dies because she isn't able to get prey to eat. Many cats grieve for Poppydawn, to the sadness of Spottedleaf. She does not get enough fresh-kill because Longtail and Darkstripe ate the first bit of fresh-kill they caught, and returned too late to save her.

The Ultimate Guide

Spottedleaf is mentioned on Firestar's page. She is one of Firepaw's closest friends after joining the Clan. After her death, Fireheart grew close to Sandstorm.
She next appears on her own page.
She was the medicine cat of ThunderClan when Firepaw joined the Clan. She saw in him the same qualities as Bluestar does, courage, spirit, and loyalty, but she also saw a warm, sensitive cat. If Spottedleaf was a few moons younger, an apprentice warrior than a medicine cat, the cats would have been even closer. Instead, Spottedleaf died before they could find a way to express how they feel of each other, which left her frustrated and lonely in StarClan, missing the friends she left behind. She refused to let go of the connection, walking in Firestar's dreams and guiding him in his early days as ThunderClan's leader. Spottedleaf knew she has lost him to Sandstorm, but understood that she was a far better choice. Spottedleaf grieved for her missed chances, a life she could have had but still watched over Firestar and her former clanmates as they moved to the lake territory. In the final confrontation with the Dark Forest, she gave her life in StarClan to save Sandstorm, her final gift to Firestar.
It is mentioned on Jayfeather's page that after a disastrous first battle and a visit from Spottedleaf in his dreams, Jaypaw realized his destiny was to become a medicine cat.

In the Ravenpaw's Path arc

Shattered Peace

Spottedleaf appears briefly with Whitestorm and Bluestar when Ravenpaw falls asleep at the Moonstone. The three greet him and then tell him that they see that he and Barley are in need of some help. Spottedleaf tells him to go to Firestar and tell him what has happened to him and Barley. As the three StarClan cats leave, Spottedleaf wishes him good luck.

In the SkyClan and the Stranger arc

After the Flood

Spottedleaf appears to Leafstar in a dream, remarking that she'd wondered if the leader would ever dream again since she's been getting so little sleep. Leafstar asks the StarClan cat if the flood SkyClan endured recently had been sent by StarClan and if SkyClan is no longer safe in their home. Spottedleaf tells her that this is not true, but also warns Leafstar that Sol will bring trouble to the Clan. When Leafstar shows doubt, noting that Sol only wants to be a good warrior, Spottedleaf leaves, replying that the life of a warrior may not be Sol's destiny.

In the Short stories and plays

Spottedleaf's Honest Answer

Spottedleaf is the main character in the story.
She speaks about what she thinks about the pairing of Firestar and Sandstorm. She tells that she will love Firestar forever, even though her role as a medicine cat will keep her from being with him. And though she could never have Firestar as a mate, she would have walked beside him as he became a warrior, then deputy, and then leader.
She also tells of just how much she wants to be with him. She admits that she wishes that somehow Sandstorm would vanish and she could just stop being a medicine cat. Then she states that she knows that they can never be together but she will never stop watching over him. Along with Firestar, Spottedleaf knew that Leafpool has a special destiny and that she will guard Squirrelflight and her sister as best as she can. It was also confirmed that Spottedleaf and Tigerstar, her nephew, were descended from SkyClan.
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