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Spottedleaf is kind and is willing to sacrifice herself for benefit of others. Both of her deaths involve her selflessness. Her first death was due to attempting to save the kits from Clawface even though she had limited fighting skills,[1] while her other was sacrificing herself to save Sandstorm in the battle against the Dark Forest.[2]
She is known to guide the living every step even after she dies. This likely stems from her caring nature. She continuously gives Firestar and Leafpool omens throughout the arcs.[3] Another side of this is the fact that she has difficulty letting go of the past. In Spottedleaf's Honest Answer, she states that after her death, she lay in her den for one moon, hoping that Firepaw would join her, and continued visiting him carrying false hope.[4] She is a skilled interpreter of StarClan's messages.[5]

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"The truth is, I love Firestar now as much as I ever did, and I'll watch over him forever, knowing that he can never be mine. He belongs to Sandstorm and to ThunderClan. But my heart is his, and always will be."
—Spottedleaf Spottedleaf's Honest Answer, page 1
Although Firestar never knew Spottedleaf that well when she was alive, they began to grow affection for each other after Spottedleaf visits him from StarClan.[6] Their relationship would never have worked out, however, as Sandstorm became Firestar’s mate and Spottedleaf was a medicine cat, and so was forbidden to take a mate. However, Spottedleaf watches over Firestar from StarClan until the day she dies in the battle with the Dark Forest.[2]


As a young warrior apprentice, Spottedpaw is charmed by Thistleclaw’s praises and encouragements. She wants to be with him, and even though she proves to have promising medicine cat abilities, she is determined to become a warrior with him. One day, Thistleclaw invites Spottedpaw to meet him in secret in a special place. This place turns out to be the Dark Forest, where Thistleclaw is training. Spottedpaw is surprised and confused at this development, but Thistleclaw convinces her that he’s just being a better warrior. However, Spottedpaw's strong sense of morality pulls through, and she knows that what he’s doing is wrong. She decides to confront him and make him choose between the Dark Forest and her. However, she sees Thistleclaw kill a cat in the Dark Forest, and it is obvious which side he has chosen. Spottedpaw becomes a medicine cat apprentice to get away from Thistleclaw and ends their relationship.[7]


Spottedleaf often visited Leafpool from StarClan to teach her and give her prophecies.[8]


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When Spottedpaw is adamant about becoming a warrior but shows talent for being a medicine cat, Featherwhisker recognizes her abilities and tries to convince her to be her apprentice. Spottedpaw refuses until she sees Thistleclaw kill a cat in the Dark Forest. She then accepts Featherwhisker’s offer, and becomes his apprentice and trains hard under his teaching.[7]

Redtail and Willowpelt

Spottedleaf has a good relationship with her siblings, and they support each other.[9]

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