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Interesting facts

Author statements

  • Kate stated that Spottedleaf was killed so "Firestar didn't have to choose between her and Sandstorm in StarClan."[3]
    • In addition, Kate confirms it was Spottedleaf's destiny to die saving Sandstorm.[blog 1]
  • Vicky stated that the reason why she killed Spottedleaf in The Prophecies Begin arc was because "she would be more interesting dead than alive, and that she wasn't confident about a medicine cat to fall in love."[4]
  • Kate personally believes that Spottedleaf would never have given up her duties for Firestar as she was too committed to healing and StarClan.[blog 2]
  • Kate felt guilty about killing off Spottedleaf.[blog 3]


  • She has been described with a white tail-tip.[5]
  • She has been mistakenly described with green eyes.[6][7]
  • She is mentioned as "young and pretty, while Darkstripe is neither young nor pretty";[8] however, she is older than Darkstripe.[9]
  • Her name was mistakenly spelled Spotted leaf. [10]
  • She is shown without white in Shattered Peace.[11]

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Author references

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