"You can't stop the fighting. But maybe you can stop the dying. That WindClan warrior didn't need to kill me. I knew I was beaten. If he'd let go of me, I'd have run away. He didn't have to keep biting me, harder and harder..."
— Spottedpaw to Mossheart about his death in Code of the Clans, page 140

Spottedpaw is a small brown tom[2] with ginger flecks,[3] and bright blue eyes.[2]


In the Field Guides

Code of the Clans

Spottedpaw is an ancient ShadowClan apprentice. He dies in the latest of the series of battles with WindClan, along with two WindClan warriors. When Mossheart, ShadowClan's medicine cat, looks at Spottedpaw's dead body, the breeze ruffles his fur, making it look as if he's breathing, but the scent of death still hangs heavily around him.
He later appears to Mossheart as a member of StarClan, saying to her that the way of battle is the way warriors live, and that it cannot be avoided. Before Mossheart loses hope, he says that although no cat can stop the fighting, they can stop the dying. He tells Mossheart, with a bit of sadness, that the WindClan warrior who killed him did not need to do so, and that if he had let him go, he'd have run away, as he fades away and the dream ends. It is noted by Mossheart that she thinks, sadly, that it was such a bitter waste.
After the medicine cats have decided to suggest that warriors need not kill to win battles as part of the warrior code, he thanks Mossheart as he runs beside her, telling her that this law will save many cats' lives.



  • He is shown without flecks in Code of the Clans.[1]

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"No, it's not. It's every day. This battle, and battles like it, will happen over and over, for all the moons to come, and there's nothing you can do to change that."
—Spottedpaw Code of the Clans, page 139

Mossheart: "But you died because of it!"
Spottedpaw: "Yes. I wish I hadn't. I wanted to be the best warrior ShadowClan had ever seen."
Mossheart: "I'm sorry, little one."
—Mossheart and Spottedpaw Code of the Clans, page 140

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