"It was different for Squirrelflight. Even as deputy, she was just one warrior among many."
— Narrator about Squirrelflight in Squirrelflight's Hope, page 38

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Chapter Number: 2 (of 30)
Page Numbers: 27-39

Chapter description

Brackenfur notices that the roof of the elders' den needs repairing before leaf-bare. Squirrelflight promises to organize a patrol to repair it. Graystripe asks if the roof will be fixed, and Squirrelflight says yes. Graystripe brings the news to Millie, who is growing increasingly deaf. Squirrelflight promises that she’ll ask Dewnose and Thriftpaw to work on it when they get back from training. Squirrelflight walks through the camp and spots Bramblestar on the Highledge with Thornclaw. She’d been avoiding him since dawn, and is glad he was honest with her about not having kits, but knows she overreacted. Now that it’s sunhigh, there’s no more chores to do outside of camp, so Squirrelflight looks around for something to keep her busy. Hollytuft and Flippaw nose through the fresh-kill pile, Jayfeather and Alderheart head out of camp, Daisy chats with Lilyheart and Rosepetal, and Rosepetal’s apprentice, Bristlepaw, hunts for mice nearby.
Squirrelflight wonders if Daisy should move to the elders' den, but realizes that new queens would need her help. She wishes she was in the nursery with her, and remembers that Bramblestar doesn't want kits as much as she does. She also remembers her argument the night before and how Bramblestar expected her to agree with him, even though her plan could help SkyClan. Thriftpaw suddenly calls for her littermates, snapping Squirrelflight out of her thoughts. The apprentice shows off with a rabbit that she caught with the help of Dewnose. She asks her mentor if they can eat it, but he tells her to take it to the fresh-kill pile and eat something smaller instead. Thriftpaw then notices a weasel on the pile and asks what it is. Flippaw tells her that Mousewhisker caught it and the he is in the medicine den, treating his wounds. Bristlepaw and Triftpaw exchange opinions about cats being hurt by prey, before Dewnose tells his apprentice to hurry so that they can practice battle moves afterwards. Squirrelflight then asks Dewnose to fix the elders' then before going inside the medicine den.
Leafpool greets her sister, then instructs Mousewhisker what to do if his wounds get worse. Squirrelflight asks the tom where he caught the weasel and is disappointed to find out it wasn't on the moor. She reminds him that the patch of territory belongs to ThunderClan and he should adapt. Mousewhisker comments that hunting on the moor might make cats smaller, like WindClan, but Leafpool reminds him that the clan is like that because their ancestors were smaller. Leafpool tells Mousewhisker to lay in the sun, but before he leaves the then, Squirrelflight asks him about the piece of land near the Twolegplace. He tells her that there are unfamiliar scents outside the border, but no foxes or strays. Squirrelflight thanks him and the tom leaves.
Leafpool asks her sister what happened and Squirrelflight tells her about the meeting with Harestar and how he wants the border to change because ShadowClan and ThunderClan has unused land. She explains her idea of SkyClan moving to the land near the Twolegplace and that she suggested it at the meeting. Leafpool is surprised that she wants SkyClan to move again, claiming that they have been through enough. She then asks what Bramblestar thinks and is glad to find out that he is on SkyClan's side. Squirrelflight asks her sister to talk with StarClan, but Leafpool tells her that they have been silent since the last storm. She then asks her sister if she has argued with her mate, to which Squirrelflight replies that he expected her to back him up. Leafpool agrees with Bramblestar, but Squirrelflight insists that the other clans would grow more hostile if the problem won't be solved. She then adds that she and Bramblestar also argued about having a second litter, which Leafpool understands. The she-cat reminds her that she still has Alderheart, Sparkpelt, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather, but Squirrelflight insists that they don't need her anymore. Leafpool advises her to not rush into solving problems and that everything will turn out better over time.
Squirrelflight thought about how Leafpool will never understand the territory problems of a warrior or wanting to feel needed. She thanks her sister for listening and heads out of the den, determined to do something about the border problem. She rushed out of camp, wanting to convince Bramblestar that her idea is beneficial for all clans. She decides to talk to Leafstar, hoping she can persuade her to move her territory onto the patch of land near the Twolegplage. However, she doesn't want anyone else to know, so she decides to go alone. She heads towards the SkyClan border, knowing what she has to do.






  • Leafpool is mistakenly called Leafstar.[7]

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