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In The New Prophecy arc


Squirrelpaw's mentor Dustpelt asks Brambleclaw to take her out on a few hunting patrols because he is very busy since Ferncloud had her kits. Brambleclaw is dismayed at this, and thinks that Squirrelpaw is very stubborn and also annoying. However, Brambleclaw agrees and takes her on a hunting patrol. He decides to hunt at Sunningrocks, to which Squirrelpaw strongly disagrees, saying that there will be no prey there because of the heat. They start to argue and Squirrelpaw says that they should hunt at a stream near Fourtrees. Brambleclaw grudgingly sees she's right, but would rather die then tell her. They begin to argue again and Sandstorm comes and splits them up and punishes them. She sends Brambleclaw on a different patrol and tells them both to work on their attitude.
Later, she sneaks out of camp to follow Brambleclaw, Thornclaw, and Ashfur on a patrol. Brambleclaw notices her and yells at her, telling her that she shouldn't be there. Thornclaw tells them both to stop and asks Squirrelpaw if she has a message, to which she replies no. She says that she wants to go on a patrol because Dustpelt had promised her training, but is always with Ferncloud, and adds that she hasn't been on patrol in "ages." Ashfur tells her that Dustpelt won't be with Ferncloud as much since the kits opened their eyes, and that she might be in trouble if she doesn't go back right away. Thornclaw starts to tell her to go back, but she gets angry and starts to talk back to him. Squirrelpaw then apologizes. Eventually, Thornclaw lets her come with them, stating that it would be much more dangerous for her to go back alone, much to the annoyance of Brambleclaw. While out on patrol, they come across the scent of badger, and Squirrelpaw immediately dashes up to the cave where the dogs had once been. Thornclaw scolds her, asking if she's listened to Dustpelt even once. The badger then appears, and Brambleclaw tells Squirrelpaw to run. She hesitates, and Brambleclaw thrusts her toward the trees. After the badger goes into the cave, she immediately wants to fight it, but Thornclaw tells her never to attack a badger in its own den. Ashfur thinks the badger is the same one that had killed Willowpelt last leaf-bare. When she gets back, Dustpelt is furious that Squirrelpaw left camp without being told and makes her look after the elders for the rest of the day. When she goes to help them, Frostfur tells her stories of Firestar and when he got into trouble many times as an apprentice and warrior.
The next day, Squirrelpaw and Brambleclaw get into another argument about whether ShadowClan or WindClan will attack. Firestar angrily splits them up and tells them to stop acting like kits, and sends Brambleclaw on a patrol with Dustpelt and Squirrelpaw. Along the way, Squirrelpaw is seen trying to make friends with Brambleclaw, much to his relief. While they patrol, they encounter three WindClan cats: Mudclaw, Crowpaw, and Onewhisker on their border. Squirrelpaw sees them holding a vole and she rudely accuses them of stealing it. Onewhisker calmly replies that it was from RiverClan. He kindly apologizes to Dustpelt and they leave.
When Brambleclaw goes to meet the other cats that had the dream from StarClan, Squirrelpaw follows him secretly. He tells her to go home, but she threatens and pesters him, so he eventually gives in. When the other cats arrive, she learns about the dream from StarClan and great danger coming, and she can hardly believe it. She remains excited about it and Brambleclaw makes her promise not to tell Firestar, to which she agrees. When she returns to camp, she lies to Leafpaw about where she had been.
A few days later, when Leafpaw and Cinderpelt are out gathering herbs, Cinderpelt receives a vision of a tiger leaping out of flames. She tells this to Firestar and he interprets it as fire and tiger destroying the forest, meaning Squirrelpaw, the daughter of Firestar, and Brambleclaw, the son of Tigerstar. They decide to keep Squirrelpaw and Brambleclaw separate for a while. However, they both notice and talk to each other about it when Firestar and Graystripe find them. Firestar yells at them for being together, much to their dismay. Squirrelpaw then tells Brambleclaw that she wants to go on the journey, and he agrees. They leave and spend the night under an abandoned Twoleg monster. In the morning, they start to leave, but Leafpaw finds them. Brambleclaw accuses Squirrelpaw of telling Leafpaw, but both she-cats tell him that she didn't. Before they leave, Leafpaw explains to Squirrelpaw all the herbs they might need on their journey. She thanks her and they set off to leave.
When they arrive at Fourtrees, both Tawnypelt and Crowpaw say that Squirrelpaw can't come, but Brambleclaw insists that she does, and they leave. Their first stop is at Barley's barn, and they hunt for mice. Squirrelpaw meets Ravenpaw, and he tells all the cats about the destruction that he has seen from Twolegs. Brambleclaw tells Squirrelpaw that he will protect her, and she hastily responds that she doesn't need to be looked after.
The next day, they travel a while and find sheep, which Squirrelpaw has never seen before. She and Crowpaw get in a fight about who knows more, and Brambleclaw has to break it up. Later, after they cross a Thunderpath, Brambleclaw and Feathertail get separated from the group. It is shown that Brambleclaw is very worried about Squirrelpaw. The next day, they find the rest of the group being cornered by two huge kittypets. With the three of them, Stormfur, Tawnypelt, and Squirrelpaw, they scare them off. At first, Brambleclaw is angry with Squirrelpaw for jumping into battle, but Stormfur who liked her tells him it was the bravest thing he ever saw, and Brambleclaw stops. They find a place to rest, and Squirrelpaw shows Tawnypelt a place to drink water. Tawnypelt is mad because she thinks that Squirrelpaw played a trick on her, because the water was salty, but the water Squirrelpaw and Stormfur tasted wasn't. Brambleclaw then realizes that it was a sign from StarClan showing them that they are heading in the right direction. The next day, while traveling, Squirrelpaw gets caught in a fence. While Brambleclaw who suggests they dig up the pole, Stormfur, and Crowpaw are arguing, Feathertail and Tawnypelt get her out by spreading dock leaves on her fur.
Then they meet Purdy, Squirrelpaw seems annoyed at the cat when she asks him what his name is three times before he responds. Purdy offers to show them around Twolegplace, to which Squirrelpaw agrees. Eventually, Brambleclaw decides to let Purdy join them. Later, when they go into a Twoleg den, Squirrelpaw tastes milk and loves it. Then, a Twoleg kit picks Feathertail up, and Squirrelpaw has the idea of going up to the kit and purring at it. When they do this, the kit loosens its grip on Feathertail, and they all dash outside. Feathertail thanks Squirrelpaw afterwards, telling her that was very brave, and Squirrelpaw threatens them so they won't tell anyone. The next few days, they travel around Twolegplace and get lost because of Purdy, annoying everybody and making everybody grumpy. Squirrelpaw and Brambleclaw quarrel a few times. During the battle with the rats, Squirrelpaw is seen wrestling with a rat that is as big as her. Tawnypelt gets badly injured. Afterwards, she is seen wondering which herb Leafpaw would use for rat bites. Back at the forest, Leafpaw receives a vision of the rat bites, and she wonders if they have burdock root, which is used to treat rat bites. She guesses that Squirrelpaw is in trouble with some rats. At the Gathering, all four Clans report that they have missing cats, letting all the Clans know that cats are missing. Leafpaw then chews up burdock root and tries to sleep, trying to tell Squirrelpaw to use burdock root for rat bites.
The next few days, Squirrelpaw is seen licking her lips trying to figure out what she tastes. Then she figures out it is burdock root, and, with the help of Brambleclaw, digs some up to give some to Tawnypelt. After they help Tawnypelt, Squirrelpaw remarks that she can smell salt. All of the cats rush to where she smells salt, and Brambleclaw falls into a river. Squirrelpaw then jumps into the water, and is able to save him. Stormfur and Tawnypelt both remark that it was stupid, but a brave thing to do. When they are all settled down, they notice a badger behind them. When they find out that the badger is Midnight, Squirrelpaw listens to the badger with the other cats, and learn that the forest is being destroyed as they speak, and that they must leave their homes.


She continues her journey with the other questing cats to return home. Midnight goes with them up to Purdy. He is shocked that a badger is with them, but Squirrelpaw calms him, saying that Midnight is a special badger. Purdy wants to take them through Twolegplace again, but Midnight stops him, saying that they should go through the mountains, and that is their fate. Crossing through the mountains, Squirrelpaw jokes that she wishes she was a squirrel. When they get to a high ledge, Squirrelpaw changes her mind, now telling Brambleclaw with a grin that she wishes that she is a bird. Stormfur starts to admire her, but he tells himself that he has no right, especially since she and Brambleclaw are perfect for each other. Later, they stop to hunt at Squirrelpaw's suggestion, and she catches a rabbit.
Back at the Clans, Firestar remembers Squirrelpaw and the prophecy. Sootfur tells his Clanmates that Brambleclaw and Squirrelpaw had the right idea. They should be leaving to find a better home, too.
They see their first eagle, and Brambleclaw asks what would happen if the eagle saw them while they were hunting. Squirrelpaw shivers and says she doesn't want to imagine it. Soon Squirrelpaw and the others get tired and they stop to rest. They find a river and start drinking, but while they drink, the six Clan cats are caught in a flash flood and are thrown over a waterfall.
In ThunderClan, Leafpaw and Firestar start missing Squirrelpaw again. Firestar quickly turns to her, and asks her if she can tell if Squirrelpaw is okay. Leafpaw uses her special connection with Squirrelpaw to see what is happening to her sister. She closes her eyes, but all she can sense is water, blasting air, and endless rock.
After the cats recover from the waterfall, Stormfur wakes up first. The Tribe cats watch them with hostile eyes. He wakes up Brambleclaw, who carefully prods Squirrelpaw in turn. He tells her to wake her up slowly. She wakes up and sees the Tribe cats. When the cats ask where they have come from, Squirrelpaw answers that they have come a long way, then offers to help them. The Tribe cats are friendly and assure them there is no danger there. At the cave, the cats meet Stoneteller and the other Tribe cats and decide to stay a few days to allow Tawnypelt's shoulder to heal, as it is still infected.
When Stormfur is imprisoned by the Tribe of Rushing Water for a prophecy concerning a silver cat, she and the others try to save him, but they fail and are blocked out of the Tribe. Squirrelpaw comes up with the idea to disguise themselves in mud like Tribe cats so that they wouldn't get caught. They manage to rescue Stormfur as Sharptooth attacks, and they escape from the cave. It is raining when they meet three outcasts that are from the Tribe: Talon, Rock, and Bird. After they exchange stories, Stormfur convinces everyone to go back and help the Tribe. Squirrelpaw agrees willingly enough.
Once they reach the cave, Squirrelpaw comes up with the idea to stuff deathberries in a dead rabbit and leave it for Sharptooth to eat. The plan goes wrong and Sharptooth attacks the cats. Squirrelpaw and the others dive for safety, but Crowpaw is cornered by Sharptooth. Desperate to save Crowpaw, Feathertail dislodges a rock from the cave roof and it plunges down to kill Sharptooth, though Feathertail tragically falls to her death. Stoneteller and the Tribe cats bury her beside the waterfall, which is their highest honor. After grieving for her, the Clan cats go back home.


Squirrelpaw returns to the forest after much traveling. She feels crushed when ThunderClan isn't very welcoming to Brambleclaw and her. She is also attacked by Cinderpelt when the medicine cat doesn't recognize her until a few moments later. She helps to persuade Firestar and the other leaders to leave the forest in search of a new home. The Twolegs have done much damage to her home by now, even uprooting Fourtrees.
Squirrelpaw has a dream where Spottedleaf, a former ThunderClan medicine cat, comes to her and tells her where her sister Leafpaw is. Squirrelpaw, Sorreltail, Thornclaw, Rainwhisker, Brambleclaw, and Graystripe rescue the cats who were captured by the Twolegs (including Leafpaw, Mistyfoot, Gorsetail of WindClan, and the rogue cat Sasha), and she is devastated when Graystripe is taken. She is the first cat to see and understand the 'dying warrior' sign at Highstones.
She journeys with the other Clans over the mountains once again. They are welcomed by the Tribe, who offer them shelter and food.
Near the end of the book, she hunts with Stormfur and he tells her that he is going to stay with the Tribe and Brook. She is upset at the news and later, when talking with Brambleclaw, she realizes he's jealous of the special bond that she and Stormfur share. She confesses her love to him, saying that her heart is only with him. She reaches the lake with her Clan.


Squirrelpaw receives her warrior name, Squirrelflight, on the last night the four Clans share together during the journey. All the Clans are excited by this, since it meant that they were officially claiming the territory as their own. She is the first new warrior at the Clans' new home. Her old mentor, Dustpelt, congratulates her.
Squirrelflight helps to explore the lake and discover the Clans' new territories with Crowfeather, Brambleclaw, Tawnypelt, and Mistyfoot, since the RiverClan representatives are no longer with them. During the journey around the lake, the group of cats find many mysterious things, mostly of Twolegs. Squirrelflight finds some catmint along the way.
Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight go near the Twoleg garden, and two vicious kittypets attack them. They are near losing, considering how strong both of the kittypets are, until Mistyfoot hears them and shows up to finish them off.
While chasing prey, she falls over a stone hollow into thistles, but in the process, discovering a possible new site for ThunderClan's camp. She calls Brambleclaw over, and asks him of his opinion of it. Brambleclaw is quite reluctant to accept it as the new camp, and when Squirrelflight questions him, he consults Squirrelflight about how he would like a camp that looked just like the old one. Squirrelflight comforts him, telling him that there's not one cat who wouldn't like the old camp back.
She and Brambleclaw debate over his trust of his half-brother, Hawkfrost. Squirrelflight believes he is untrustworthy, while Brambleclaw thinks that he should feel loyal to his brother since they are kin.
She leads, along with Brambleclaw, ThunderClan to the stone hollow. When they reach their destination, the Clan complains, and Brambleclaw is unsure if it is the right spot, but Squirrelflight is happy and insists that it is perfect.
She fights in the battle against Mudclaw of WindClan when he tries to take over. Squirrelflight then becomes suspicious of Hawkfrost when she remembers that Mistyfoot told her that Hawkfrost was plotting with Mudclaw. Squirrelflight starts to lose trust in Brambleclaw because of his growing bond with Hawkfrost, and their friendship is broken off at the end of the book.


Squirrelflight is aroused from her sleep to Firestar calling a Clan meeting. She states that she's still sore from her wounds from the night before.
When collecting moss with Ashfur during the apprentice shortage, she gets into a playfight and angers a watching Brambleclaw. Announcing she's going hunting, she speeds off into the woods, and distractedly tangles herself in a bramble bush.
Ashfur yowls a warning, and Squirrelflight sees a fox. Ashfur and Squirrelflight battle the fox in vain, before Brambleclaw intervenes and sends the fox running.
Ashfur is trying to win Squirrelflight's affection in the middle of Brambleclaw's and Squirrelflight's arguments. Squirrelflight feels bitter and disappointed that Brambleclaw has grown distant, spending more time with his half-brother, Hawkfrost, than he does with her. She is unsure of her feelings for Ashfur, but enjoys his company.
When Leafpool sneaks out of camp, Squirrelflight becomes suspicious of her sister and follows her. After finding out that she's been seeing Crowfeather, Squirrelflight argues with her about it, but then she notices how desperate her sister seems. Squirrelflight agrees to keep her sister's secret, but is still worried about her.
She is one of the cats who help ShadowClan fight off the two kittypets harassing them.
Later, Leafpool runs away, and her mentor, Cinderpelt, reveals that Leafpool had been meeting with Crowfeather and has most likely run away with him. Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight then travel to WindClan. Onestar accuses ThunderClan of stealing his warrior, but manages to calm down enough to send out a search patrol. Everyone is disappointed to find that both cats have left. Squirrelflight then wonders if she would do that for Ashfur, thinking that she wouldn't. When she wonders if she would do it for Brambleclaw, she realizes that she cannot answer that question.
At the end of the book, badgers attack the camp. Squirrelflight and a few others guard the nursery as Sorreltail gives birth. They escort Daisy and her kits out of the camp; Squirrelflight shows them a secret way out of camp that Leafpool had discovered. Just as the battle seems hopeless, Midnight, the star-gazing badger, brings WindClan to join the fighting. When the battle is almost over, Squirrelflight is astonished to see that Leafpool and Crowfeather have returned. They join at the nursery, and Crowfeather announces that Cinderpelt was killed by a badger that had gotten into the nursery. Just as the battle ends, Squirrelflight sees two new cats arriving: Stormfur and Brook.


Brambleclaw jumps as Squirrelflight hoarsely asks if Brook and Stormfur were there. Having appeared beside him, it is noted that Squirrelflight's fur is matted with blood and the tip of one ear of hers is torn. Snapping at her without realizing it, Brambleclaw begins to apologize, but Squirrelflight takes a pace forward to brush her fur with Brambleclaw's. She touches the tip of her tail to silence him, whispering that he is a stupid furball. Brambleclaw tenses, wondering if he is imagining the affection in her gaze. Not noticing Ashfur's glare at Brambleclaw, Squirrelflight limps past Brambleclaw to greet the visitors. She meows her thanks to StarClan that they have come, echoing Brambleclaw's thoughts, stating that they needed all their friends currently. Thornclaw collapses shortly after and Squirrelflight rests her tail-tip on his shoulder, urging him to lie still for his wounds to be treated.
When Mousefur demands why Stormfur is visiting, Squirrelflight snaps at her, telling the elder not to be so ungrateful as they need every cat who is prepared to help rebuild the camp. She adds that Stormfur is half-ThunderClan, asking Mousefur if she remembers. Mousefur bristles at Squirrelflight, but can't reply as Ferncloud cries for Dustpelt. After Leafpool quietly announces that Cinderpelt is dead, Squirrelflight pads up to her sister and brushes her muzzle against Leafpool's shoulder, murmuring that they won't forget Cinderpelt. Brambleclaw then approaches the entrance of the nursery and notes that Squirrelflight, along with Ashfur and Brackenfur, had fought there during the badger attack while Sorreltail's kits were born. Going to retrieve Cinderpelt's body, Squirrelflight follows Leafpool into the nursery. Sorreltail exclaims that it is her fault Cinderpelt died, but Squirrelflight tells the queen to think about how Cinderpelt wouldn't have wanted Sorreltail and her kits to die. Shortly after the kits are introduced, Brambleclaw urges Squirrelflight that they have a duty to do for Cinderpelt, causing the she-cat to pause and touch Leafpool lightly on her shoulder with her tail-tip. She mews to Leafpool that she should get some rest soon, as she looks awful.
Ashfur offers Squirrelflight to come and sit with him for Cinderpelt's vigil, but Squirrelflight lightly declines, saying that she will do so later. Squirrelflight is told of Leafpool's dream, where she sees two starry paw-prints intertwined with each other and walking closely. The two cats are shown to be Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight, indicating that nothing can break them apart.
Ashfur tells Squirrelflight that he loves her. She rejects him in a kind, but somewhat impatient and irritable manner.
On a patrol, when Spiderleg finds a fox-trap, she figures out how to spring it with a stick. Ashfur gets angry at her and Brambleclaw, and begins to avoid both of them and spread rumors, even publicly challenging Firestar's decision to make Brambleclaw deputy when Leafpool receives a sign from StarClan indicating that Brambleclaw is the right choice. Ashfur sneers coldly at this, and claims that Leafpool is lying, since Squirrelflight is her sister, and that Brambleclaw is Squirrelflight's mate. Leafpool coldly states that medicine cats do not lie. Squirrelflight is furious, and leaps on Ashfur. Brambleclaw quickly stops her before she can start a real battle. Firestar asks if any other cat agrees with Ashfur, but none do, and Brambleclaw is made deputy.
Towards the end of the book, she arrives just after Brambleclaw had killed Hawkfrost and released her father, Firestar, from the fox trap that had held him. She is delighted and relieved that Brambleclaw saved her father.

In the Power of Three arc

The Sight

Squirrelflight is listed as a queen and mother of Brambleclaw's three kits: Hollykit, Jaykit, and Lionkit.
After Firestar wakes up from a dream with Skywatcher and the prophecy he is given, he gazes at the waking Clan. Brambleclaw is seen flexing his shoulders as Squirrelflight bounds toward him, greeting him with a purr.
When Jaykit, Hollykit, and Lionkit are playing with a mouse, Squirrelflight scolds them that they should show more respect for their prey as she presses leaves into gaps in the nursery wall. She tells Daisy that they won't be kits much longer as she sweeps leaves to the side with her tail.
Because she is unable to produce milk, Ferncloud and Daisy feed Jaykit, Hollykit and Lionkit. It is also noted that the two queens sometimes wash them and keep them company. Squirrelflight still stays in the nursery to take care of her kits, but often sleeps in the warriors' den, and returns to her warrior duties earlier than most queens would.
When her kits' apprentice ceremony is held, both Squirrelflight and her sister, Leafpool, seems sad for an unknown reason not stated in the book. A strange tension is held between her and Ashfur when the warrior says that some cats try to take what another cat has, probably dating back to when she and Ashfur quarreled in previous books.
During the battle with ShadowClan over territory, Squirrelflight defeats a ShadowClan warrior who is chasing Lionpaw as he tries to run to camp to get backup warriors to help drive of the invading ShadowClan cats.

Dark River

Squirrelflight brings Hollypaw back from RiverClan territory after Hollypaw visits RiverClan on her own to check on her friend, Willowpaw, the RiverClan medicine cat apprentice. Leopardstar allows this, though she is a bit uneasy, as she thinks that Hollypaw might tell ThunderClan of RiverClan's weaknesses. Hollypaw wonders how Squirrelflight knew she was on the island, and Squirrelflight answers this by explaining that Jaypaw had a dream.
She also appears during the Gathering when Blackstar announces that Tawnypelt has given birth to a litter of kits. Squirrelflight congratulates Rowanclaw, the father, but Rowanclaw only proudly states that he is the father of three Clan-born kits, an obvious taunt towards ThunderClan. Then Squirrelflight, clearly irritated, replies that they are only of use to ShadowClan if they stay loyal to the Clan in which they were born.


Squirrelflight becomes a mentor to Foxkit.
Talon and Night, two cats from the Tribe of Rushing Water, come to ThunderClan, asking their aid to drive off cats that had been attacking the Tribe recently and taking their food. Squirrelflight is shocked when Stormfur reveals that Jag had been killed in the raid on the stealing cats. Firestar decides to talk it over with Squirrelflight, Brambleclaw, Talon, Night, Brook, Stormfur, Sandstorm, Graystripe, and Leafpool. Squirrelflight decides to cast Sorreltail as Foxpaw's temporary mentor, which Leafpool thinks is a great choice.
She is the only one who notices Lionpaw, Hollypaw, and Jaypaw eavesdropping on her, Brambleclaw, and Leafpool's conversation with Firestar, saying that Lionpaw's tail was sticking out. Squirrelflight scolds them and says they shouldn't be spying, but Firestar tells her that they remind him of a certain ginger apprentice who insisted on going on a journey when she wasn't invited. The three apprentices beg to come. The cats then agree that the three apprentices should accompany them on the journey.
Soon after, Squirrelflight takes Hollypaw to WindClan to convince Crowfeather to join them on their quest. Onestar insists that Crowfeather should take Breezepaw, as it would be a good learning experience. Breezepaw is bad-tempered about this.
At the Tribe's camp, when it is time to attack the intruders, she is the only Clan cat other than Jaypaw to stay behind with the kit-mothers and older Tribe warriors.


Squirrelflight returns from the mountains with her kits, Jaypaw, Hollypaw, and Lionpaw, and her mate, Brambleclaw.
She continues Foxpaw's training, whilst working hard on her warrior duties, and when ThunderClan is ambushed by WindClan, she fights as hard as she can. After the battle, Hollypaw goes to see if she is okay and ask if she has seen Leafpool yet. She says she hasn't and then her daughter sees a pool of blood by where she is standing, and realizes her belly has been seriously injured and cut open. Once Leafpool has finished treating her wound, she is too weak to be moved, so Hollypaw and Lionpaw make a nest for her where she is. Luckily, Leafpool and Jaypaw save her life. Her kits stay by her side, fearful for her life.
At the end of the book, she watches Lionpaw, Cinderpaw and Hollypaw become warriors, earning the names Lionblaze, Cinderheart and Hollyleaf.

Long Shadows

While recovering from her injuries, she tries several times to resume her warrior duties, but is never allowed to.
When ThunderClan's camp catches fire, Squirrelflight, along with Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Hollyleaf, are trapped in the camp. Squirrelflight shows them a secret way out of camp, but it is a steep climb that is troublesome for Jayfeather. She comments that it was a good thing the three of them never found this, considering how much trouble they got into as kits.
When they make it out of camp, the three are trapped by a wall of fire. Squirrelflight tries to get a stick bridge to them, but her strength is almost gone. She sees Ashfur and calls out for help. He grabs the stick and shoves it through, but will not let the three pass. Ashfur tells her that he will make her suffer, because she left him heartbroken when he loved her, but she loved Brambleclaw and took him as a mate instead of himself. Ashfur claims he will get revenge by killing her kits. He also reveals that it was he who had helped Hawkfrost plot to kill Firestar, because he wants her to feel his suffering. He says that Brambleclaw was there to save him last time, but that Brambleclaw isn't there now to save her kits.
In desperation and anger, Squirrelflight reveals that Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf are not her kits. Dazed by the shocking truth, Ashfur leaves them, but says that he will tell everyone the truth at the Gathering. Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, and Jayfeather ask her if she was just lying to him to save them, but she says that it's the truth. She says that she loves them as much as she would if she had mothered them, but they are still angry at her. She is depressed when Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, and Jayfeather refuse to talk to her.
On the night of the Gathering, Squirrelflight and Ashfur are missing. Squirrelflight comes back breathless and tells the Clan she was helping Leafpool collect herbs. Her paws are muddy, but she tells Brambleclaw that she slipped and fell in mud. Ashfur is still missing, but is eventually found dead and taken back to camp. After Leafpool finds the cause of death, Firestar announces it, and Squirrelflight looks nervous and holds her breath. Squirrelflight is mentioned to be trying not to gulp for breath, and Jayfeather thinks that she looks like she is being smothered.


When Lionblaze greets Tigerstar in the Dark Forest and realizes that Tigerstar knew that he wasn't his kin, Lionblaze mentions Squirrelflight, concluding that Squirrelflight isn't the only cat keeping secrets. After he defeats Tigerstar in a battle, Lionblaze meows out loud that Squirrelflight won't reveal her secret to any other cats, as it would hurt her Clanmates heavily if they found out she had been lying to them for so long. Awakening, Lionblaze listens to the ThunderClan warriors debate over the cause of Ashfur's death, and he attempts to forget the night where Squirrelflight confessed that he, Jayfeather and Hollyleaf weren't her kits, trying to save their lives. However, Lionblaze notes that she had given Ashfur a more powerful weapon than any flaming branch - he would have revealed the secret at the Gathering and that only death had closed his jaws forever.
Squirrelflight is unsettled after Ashfur's death. When a patrol leaves to look for Sol, she is not chosen to go with them, while Brambleclaw is. Brambleclaw tells Squirrelflight he will protect her and she agrees instead of rejecting, though she usually would not appreciate such over-protectiveness. Throughout the book, Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather reject her because of her lie. She also keeps trying to talk to the three of them, but never really succeeds.
At a Gathering, Hollyleaf announces to all of the cats that Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw are not her, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather's parents, rather that Crowfeather and Leafpool are. Brambleclaw is shocked and hurt that Squirrelflight never told him. When she is asked why she never told him, she answers that Leafpool is her sister, and that she had to help her. Brambleclaw tells her that if she told him, he could have helped, but it is too late. He leaves, leaving Squirrelflight alone. Squirrelflight is too devastated to follow Brambleclaw after he leaves the Gathering. It is not stated in this book, but in books after this, they are no longer mates.

In the Omen of the Stars arc

The Fourth Apprentice

It is revealed that Brambleclaw still refuses to forgive Squirrelflight for lying to him about the true parentage of Hollyleaf, Jayfeather and Lionblaze. It is mentioned that Brambleclaw does not give Squirrelflight any particularly hard or distasteful tasks, but simply makes sure that they do not encounter each other while carrying out daily duties. It is also shown that Graystripe supports her, as he defends her when he overhears Lionblaze muttering to himself about why Firestar had chosen to have her mentor Rosepaw.
Brambleclaw rebukes her, even though he agrees with her after she yowls out in protest against Leopardstar and RiverClan claiming the lake and all of the fish in it. She is mentioned to look like an apprentice being scolded by its mentor after this.
Squirrelflight is confirmed to be Rosepetal's mentor since Firestar wants to remind the Clan that she is still a loyal and worthy member of ThunderClan. Her former apprentice, Foxpaw, is now Foxleap, and she is shown to be very proud of Rosepetal.
She encouragingly nods to Dovekit and Ivykit right before Firestar calls them up to be made apprentices.
She agrees with her father about not keeping Rainstorm as a prisoner after Thornclaw comes up with the idea to trade him for extra food (in exchange for his safe return to RiverClan) when they rescue him from the mud.

Fading Echoes

Before the Gathering, it is noted by Dovepaw that Squirrelflight gazes at Brambleclaw before meeting Leafpool at the fresh-kill pile. The apprentice envies how the two sisters are so close despite everything, and hopes that she and Ivypaw will be the same. On the way to the Gathering, she warns Lionblaze about stirring up trouble after he agrees on going through ShadowClan's territory to teach them a lesson. She is only revoked by Brambleclaw, and shock flashes in her eyes. Lionblaze is seen wincing at the comment made by the deputy.
At the Gathering, Blossompaw, for fun, climbs onto the tree where the leaders sit, and announces she is Blossomstar, but Squirrelflight tells her coldly to get off. Blossompaw then slips and falls out of the tree, startled. Squirrelflight and Millie have an argument about it when Millie defends her daughter. After their argument, Squirrelflight sits far away from where Millie is sitting.
When the beech tree falls into ThunderClan's camp, Squirrelflight gathers a patrol to collect props to hold it up. She later joins Jayfeather at Firestar's request to go see Littlecloud for Briarlight's injury. She tries to share a story with him about when they were kits, but Jayfeather becomes angry with her. She also gets angry, saying he hasn't had the worst pain.
When Millie finds out that Littlecloud's patient, Wildfur, died, she becomes frantic and claims Jayfeather said Briarlight would die. Squirrelflight jumps to her nephew's defense, saying even though Wildfur died, Briarlight might not.
Lionblaze tries to imagine her being a part of Tigerstar's plan, but pushes the thought aside, knowing she'd never turn against her Clan despite all the lies she had told. Later, she is seen with the senior warriors, meeting with Firestar about Ivypaw's dream.

Night Whispers

Squirrelflight is assigned to a patrol led by Brambleclaw, and briefly looks at her former mate, but drops her gaze when he returns through narrowed eyes.
Squirrelflight, out of camp alone, is hunting and seems to be sulking around and missing her prey. She then sees Brambleclaw coming out of the trees, but he stops when he sees her. His eyes show nothing in particular.
Later, she is seen talking to Spiderleg and Lionblaze about a fox that has been crossing into ThunderClan territory. She says that they have to track the fox down and chase her out. Her claws are seen unsheathed; a sign of eagerness to search for the fox. She comes pounding towards Dovepaw with Lionblaze and Spiderleg during one of her meetings with Tigerheart. Dovepaw is shocked, and lies that she is just hunting. Talking about the vixen again, she asks Dovepaw if she can smell it because it is in vicinity. Dovepaw leaves, and Squirrelflight tells her to be careful and to keep her eyes open.

Sign of the Moon

Squirrelflight is chosen, along with Dovewing and Foxleap, to go to the mountains with Jayfeather.
Before the patrol can go to the mountains, she turns to Brambleclaw and asks if he wants to say hi to the cats in the Tribe. It is noted by Jayfeather that there is something hidden in her voice to see if Brambleclaw still cares for her, but Brambleclaw replies with a "Sure," with nothing behind it, leaving Squirrelflight disappointed that he might not love her anymore.
Squirrelflight is seen protecting Jayfeather from dogs while going to the mountains, and Dovewing notes that even though Jayfeather and his brother can't forgive her and she isn't their mother, she still feels like she is.
When they arrive in the mountains, she is overjoyed to see Brook and Stormfur again, and happy that they have kits. When Brook said her own kits turned out well, Squirrelflight seemed dumbfounded and uncomfortable, not knowing what to say. She quickly changes the subject. At the end of the book, Squirrelflight is leaving the mountains with Jayfeather and the other ThunderClan cats.

The Forgotten Warrior

Squirrelflight is taking a plump vole from the fresh-kill pile when Sol walks into camp with Lionblaze, and she is shocked to see him.
After Lionblaze brings Hollyleaf back, she welcomes her back to the Clan by saying that she was glad Hollyleaf was alive and looking so well, but Hollyleaf stammers awkwardly. She is mentioned by Dovewing when she asks Ivypool if she has seen Ashfur in the Dark Forest, because he treated Squirrelflight so horribly before he died.
When Jayfeather and Cinderheart are walking through Cinderpelt's life, she is seen injured at the entrance to the nursery during the badger attack.
She comforts Lionblaze after he tries to remind Cinderheart that she is Cinderheart and always has been, but fails. He tells Squirrelflight that's it's unfair not only to him but to Cinderheart as well, because she wanted to be a warrior, but now she's convinced that she has to be a medicine cat because of Cinderpelt, and Squirrelflight replies that all cats deserve to find happiness as a mate and as a mother. She says she wouldn't have changed anything about her own life, and Lionblaze admits that she was a good mother and that she should have kits with Brambleclaw. Squirrelflight sighs and says that it's not going to happen, and that it was probably for the best that it never did, but that she loved Lionblaze, Jayfeather and Hollyleaf as if she had given birth to them herself. She then mentions that it breaks her heart to see Lionblaze so unhappy.
After Dawnpelt reveals her belief that Jayfeather murdered Flametail, and when the Clans start rushing home after it starts to pour, Jayfeather gets lost and feels blinder than usual, so Squirrelflight lets him lean on her and she says that nobody believed that Jayfeather killed Flametail, and that Dawnpelt was just mad with grief.

The Last Hope

Squirrelflight is mentioned several times to be on patrol with several of her Clanmates, but only makes brief appearances.
Hollyleaf, Jayfeather, and Lionblaze are told to tell the truth about their destinies to Squirrelflight, Leafpool, and Brambleclaw. They reveal the prophecy about the Three, and Brambleclaw is angry at Squirrelflight, wanting to know if she knew anything about this. Squirrelflight denies knowing, and scolds Lionblaze when he reprimands Leafpool for breaking the warrior code, pointing out he and his siblings wouldn't have been born if she hadn't. Tired of being blamed for something she believed was right, Squirrelflight apologizes to Brambleclaw for lying to him, but also urges him to understand that she never meant to hurt him and not to throw away everything just because of his anger. After they come to accept their destinies, Squirrelflight says that everything was meant to be.
During the Dark Forest battle, Squirrelflight is seen fighting side by side with Sandstorm, defeating and driving off Dark Forest Warriors.
After the battle is over, Brambleclaw is appointed as leader, following Firestar's death. Bramblestar appoints Squirrelflight as his deputy, telling her that everything she did was for the best of reasons, and he understands now. Squirrelflight accepts her place as deputy, and Leafpool mentions that she is proud of her sister and that Squirrelflight deserves this.

In the A Vision of Shadows arc

The Apprentice's Quest

When Sparkkit tells Alderkit that she wouldn't want Whitewing or Berrynose as mentors, Squirrelflight emerges from the nursery in time to hear her daughter's last words, and she says that that is enough, as they aren't supposed to have fun with their mentors, but learn from them. She licks her paw and smoothes it over Sparkkit's pelt, adding that Berrynose and Whitewing are both fine warriors, and that she would be very lucky to have either of them as her mentor. However, despite her sharp voice, Squirrelflight's gaze shines with love for her kits, and Alderkit knows how much his mother adores him and his sister. Although he is only a kit, he knows that Squirelflight is old to have her first litter, and he remembers their lost kits, Juniperkit and Dandelionkit. Alderkit thinks that he and Sparkkit must be the best cats they can be for Squirrelflight and Bramblestar. However, Sparkkit isn't at all cowed by her mother's scolding, and she shakes her pelt until her fur fluffs up again. Bramblestar starts the ceremony and Squirrelflight gently nudges her kits forward until they also stand in the circle. Bramblestar makes Cherryfall Sparkpaw's mentor, and gives Alderpaw to Molewhisker, and as the chanting dies away and the crowd disperses, Squirrelfight and Bramblestar pad over to join their kits. Squirrelflight purrs that they are so proud of both of them, and gives Sparkpaw and Alderpaw a lick around the ears, saying that she is sure they will be wonderful warriors one day. Bramblestar agrees then heads toward his den, and Squirrelflight nuzzles her kits before following him.
When Alderpaw and Sparkpaw clean the elder's fur for ticks, Sandstorm tells them of how when Squirrelflight was an apprentice, Dustpelt was her mentor. She says that they never knew him, as he died in the Great Storm, but says that he was one of their best warriors, and didn't put up with any nonsense. She adds that Squirrelflight was still a match for him, and Alderpaw asks what she did, intrigued to think of his serious, businesslike mother as a difficult apprentice, and he insists that the elder tells them. Sandstorm sighs, asking what she didn't do, and lists that she would slip out of camp to hunt on her own, get stuck in bushes, and fall into streams. The elderly she-cat recalls how Dustpelt had once told her that if her kit didn't shape up, he would claw her pelt off and hang it on a bush to frighten the foxes. Sparkpaw exclaims that he wouldn't have and Sandstorm agrees, but she notes that Dustpelt had to be tough with her, as he saw her potential for her Clan, but knew that she wouldn't live up to it unless she learned discipline. Alderpaw meows that she sure did that.
Later, when the apprentices get a tour of the territory and come to the Greenleaf Twolegplace, Alderpaw guesses that it is some sort of Twoleg stuff, since Squirrelflight had said that Twolegs came into the forest sometimes.
On his way to his first Gathering, Alderpaw sees an owl and turns to Squirrelflight who pads alongside him. He begins that he heard stories about huge owls that can snatch up a cat and asks if it is true, and Squirrelflight's green eyes glint in the dusk with a mixture of kindness and amusement. She tells him that the owls in the woods aren't big enough to attack a cat, and Alderpaw mulls over her answer, wondering if his mother meant that there are owls big enough to eat cats someplace else. Sparkpaw and Alderpaw then see fireflies and begin to chase after them, but Squirrelflight sternly calls out to her children, ordering them to come back immediately. When they rejoin her, she asks what they think they are doing, as they are representing ThunderClan on their way to a Gathering, and when they meet the other Clans, they should behave perfectly. Alderpaw promises that they will and both kits say that they are sorry, and Squirrelflight exclaims that she should think so, before she stalks off ahead. The apprentices follow, but as soon as their mother is out of earshot, Sparkpaw says that that was amazing.
When they reach the horseplace, Sparkpaw mews that she spots no horses and begins making predictions on why, but she breaks off as Squirrelflight gives her a prod. The deputy tells her to keep going, and says that they are almost there. After the ThunderClan cats cross the tree-bridge and enter the clearing, Alderpaw is astonished at the many cats who are yowling and tussling, and he remembers how Squirrelflight had told him that they were supposed to behave perfectly at Gatherings.
Molewhisker and Cherryfall begin pointing out important cats from the Clans to Alderpaw and Sparkpaw, and when they show them the deputies sitting on the roots, Squirrelflight meows that she had better go there too, and she pads past. The ginger she-cat briefly pauses, and adds to the apprentices that this is their chance to get to know cats in the Clans. She tells them to go and introduce themselves, then joins the other deputies.
Later, when Alderpaw learns that he must become a medicine cat, he resolves that he will try very hard and make Bramblestar and Squirrelflight proud. The next morning, though most of the ThunderClan cats are still asleep, Squirrelflight stands outside the warriors' den and organizes the dawn patrol with Brackenfur, Berrynose, and Brightheart. She remarks to Alderpaw that he is up early as he pads past, and the tabby apprentice replies that Jayfeather wants him in the medicine cats' den. His mother mews that he had better not be late and she gives him a swift lick around the ears. She adds that he should first get some fresh-kill, as he can't eat on an empty belly, and Alderpaw thanks her.
A few sunrises later, while Alderpaw works in the medicine cat den, Squirrelflight pushes past the bramble screen and enters the den, asking Jayfeather if Leafpool is back yet. The gray tabby grumbles that she isn't, and adds that he doesn't understand why she had to trek across to ShadowClan because Littlecloud isn't feeling well. Squirrelflight meows that she only wants to help him, but Jayfeather snorts that he really needs an apprentice, since despite ShadowClan's excess amount of apprentices, they can't find one for the elderly medicine cat. Squirrelflight mildly responds to him that he knows just as well as she does that a medicine cat apprentice needs to be just the right cat. The deputy shoots an affectionate glance at Alderpaw, who warms at her words, and Squirrelflight informs Jayfeather that Bramblestar and her wanted to talk to him in his den. She asks him if it is busy now, and Jayfeather agrees to come.
The next morning, Alderpaw enters the medicine cats' den and sees Leafpool tells Cherryfall that her wound looks fine, but that she can tell Squirrelflight that she is off warrior duties for the day. That night at the Moonpool, a ginger tom enters Alderpaw's dream, and says that he is so happy to finally meet on of Squirrelflight's kits. Alderpaw realizes that he must be Firestar, his mother's famous father.
Later, when Sandstorm and Bramblestar argue on if she can go on Alderpaw's quest, they are interrupted when a patter of paw steps approaches up the tumbled rocks, and Squirrelflight appears at the den entrance. Bramblestar and Sandstorm exchange a glance, and Alderpaw realizes that Squirrelflight doesn't know about SkyClan either. The dark ginger she-cat reports that all the hunting patrols have gone out, and she wanted to ask which warriors have been chosen to go with Alderpaw. She says that he will need a strong group of cats, because although she doesn't know where he will go, she knows there will be danger. Sandstorm announces that she will go with him, but Squirrelflight's expression is horrified, and she exclaims to her mother that she can't. She explains that it is bad enough with Alderpaw going, and that she couldn't bear if both her kit and her mother went off on a dangerous quest together. Sandstorm meows to her daughter that it will be fine, because she is old but strong, and Alderpaw will be in much less danger if she goes with him. Bramblestar agrees with the elder, and Squirrelflight glances sharply from Sandstorm to Bramblestar and back again, green eyes glittering. She demands if they aren't telling her something, but Bramblestar responds that she has to trust me. After a few tense heartbeats when Squirrelflight holds Bramblestar's amber gaze, she sighs, tail dropping, and supposes that she does.
Bramblestar leads the way out of the den and onto the Highledge, and Squirrelflight stays by his side while Sandstorm and Alderpaw make their way down to the floor of the camp. Bramblestar announces that Alderpaw and Sandstorm will go on the quest, and Sparkpaw offers to come too, but Bramblestar and Squirrelflight, up on the Highledge, exchange dubious glances. Cherryfall tells Sparkpaw that Bramblestar decides who will go, but Alderpaw begs Bramblestar to have his sister come, and Bramblestar pauses, clearly torn, while Squirrelflight leans closer to him and murmurs something in his ear. She looks horrified at the thought of both of their kits risking themselves on the quest, and she and the Clan leader speak together for a few heartbeats before Bramblestar tells his son that Sparkpaw may go with him, as well as Cherryfall and Molewhisker.
Just before Alderpaw and the other cats step into the tunnel as they set out on their quest, Squirrelflight bounds up to her kits. Alderpaw sees fear in her eyes, but the deputy's voice is brisk as she tells them to not get killed. She meows that she wants to hear all about it when they get back, and Alderpaw promises to be careful. Sparkpaw adds that she will look after him, and Squirrelflight touches noses with both of the apprentices, then takes a step back. Alderpaw is aware of her gazing at him until he heads into the tunnel.
After the questing cats come back with Twigkit and Violetkit, Alderpaw is asked to talk with Bramblestar, and he and Jayfeather go up to his father's den, where Squirrelflight and Leafpool are already waiting with him. Alderpaw explains to his Clanmates how he and Needlepaw had found the kits and Squirrelflight sounds surprised as she asks if the ShadowClan apprentice really helped. Alderpaw answers that it was her idea to go through the tunnel, and that she helped him bring the kits back and cared for them. When Bramblestar asks Leafpool and Jayfeather if they think it the kits are what lay in the shadows for the prophecy, Squirrelflight asks Alderpaw what he thinks, and the apprentice replies that they could be.
A couple moons before Squirrelflight gives birth, she is sleeping when suddenly she remembers that she's the deputy, and she should have been awake to organize the patrols. She feels as if everywhere on her is hurting, and she feels that she could sleep forever, if only she wasn't so hungry. Squirrelflight staggers to her feet, and walks over to where Cherryfall, Berrynose, and Snowbush are sitting. They insist that she eats the mouse they have placed in front of her. However, she feels guilty eating said mouse when she hasn't even hunted for the Clan. Her anxiety about being a bad mother also swirls through her mind, as she remembers how she lied to Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf.
Snowbush jostles her out of her thoughts, and she politely declines the mouse. Cherryfall keeps asking her to eat, as she also needs to eat for her kits. Squirrelflight keeps declining, but Berrynose interjects and calls her mouse-brained. She snaps at him, feeling quite annoyed, a feeling only heightened by Cherryfall's attempt to comfort her. Snowbush manages to de-escalate the situation, and she feels bad for snapping at her Clanmates.
While eating the mouse, Jayfeather comes to check on her, and she offers the mouse to him. He explains that he's already eaten, and that he's going to gather medicine for Sorrelpaw. Squirrelflight, trying to help, tells him that he needs to be careful, and that he needs to watch where he's going. He's clearly annoyed by this, and snaps back that he knows what he's doing, before walking off to peel some alder bark for Sorrelpaw. Some ice is about to fall on him and Squirrelflight instinctively pushes him out of the way. He is quite angry, snarling that he would've walked out of the way himself, before stalking off.
She eats the remaining portions of the mouse, feeling quite down, and Bramblestar walks over to check up on her. Yet she remains silent, not wanting to lie to her mate. He asks what's wrong, and she replies that she might be a terrible mother. Bramblestar insists that's nonsense, and suggests they go for a walk to relax. She snaps back that she doesn't need to relax, before apologizing and explaining that she's been really testy lately. Her mate insists that they don't have to do anything she doesn't want, but she suggests they go on a hunting patrol. He is uncertain, and Squirrelflight pleads that she needs to do this. They head off on the patrol after the ThunderClan leader agrees.
As they walk through the woods, Squirrelflight reflects on the fact that she's been stuck in camp for too long. She lets herself relax and muses that this is perfect for her. They continue walking, and Bramblestar hesitantly meows that he needs to tell her something. He mentions that she doesn't seem like herself, and while she feels like yelling at him, she forces herself to remain calm and say that she's just been cranky and a pain overall. Although Bramblestar says that she's not a nuisance to him, she blurts out her fears of being a bad mother to her kits. Even though they've made up, Squirrelflight still remembers how furious he'd been when she lied to him about the parentage of Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf, and yet he tells her that she will be an excellent mother. He says she loved Leafpool's kits like they were her own, and that they grew up to be amazing cats, and assures his mate that he will be there for her and their kits. Feeling better, they start to hunt.
Unfortunately, by the time Bramblestar wants to head back, they have caught nothing. Squirrelflight protests, but he says the fresh-kill pile is big enough, and that he scented a fox. As they head back to camp, the ginger she-cat spots a vole, and tries to sneak up on it. However, her big belly brushes the grass, causing the vole to scamper off. She darts after it, ignoring Bramblestar's cry to slow down, and pounces. Despite her paw catching on something beneath the snow, the vole is still in sight and she brings her paw down, killing it. Afterwards, she picks it up to show her mate, but he is nowhere to be seen. She tries to find him, but instead of the ThunderClan leader, she comes face to face with a fox. It is cornerning Bramblestar, who is visibily injured, and tells Squirrelflight to run.
The fox attacks him, and he twists away, before yelling at her to run once more. She doesn't listen, as she wants to protect the father of her kits, and leaps at the fox. It lashes at her, and once she is out of range, she starts taunting it, before telling Bramblestar to distract it. While it's busy fighting the brown tabby, she leaps onto the tree, and walks onto a branch. She maneuvers around a bit, until she's directly above Bramblestar and the fox. When the time is right, she pounces onto the fox, and after she claws it thoroughly, it limps away. Bramblestar congratulates her, before saying he was scared that he would lose her and the kits. She insists that she had to jump in, because she didn't want the fox to get him. As they walk back, Squirrelflight reflects on what it means to be a mother, and thinks that it's about protecting those you care about.

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Thunder and Shadow

She returns from her quest for SkyClan. Squirrelflight tells Alderpaw there's no point in going back when he suggests it. She tells Alderpaw to keep his voice down and looks at the cats below her. She offers to go help WindClan when they are being attacked by rogues.
She touches noses with her daughter when Sparkpelt receives her warrior name.
At a Gathering, she is seen talking with Mistystar. She is furious when Rowanstar reports that Violetkit is with the rogues and says they must get her back.
Ivypool mentions it was a shame her patrol never found Twigpaw's mother. Later, Alderpaw states that Squirrelflight's patrol had never been trying to find Twigpaw's mother.
Bramblestar and Squirrelflight lead the way at the next Gathering.
Squirrelflight is sorting out patrols. Twigpaw tells her she wants to search for her mother. She asks Fernsong to go with them Squirrelflight then warns Twigpaw it will be a long journey. Poppyfrost is doubtful, saying Squirrelflight's patrol didn't find her. Ivypool says that maybe they will spot something Squirrelflight's patrol didn't.
Alderpaw tells her that Twigpaw is missing. She asks if they've checked all the dens and asks if they picked up any scents. Bramblestar asks what's going on and Squirrelflight tells him. She irritably says that she's probably wandering around the woods and feeling sorry for herself. When Ivypool bristles and asks if she never did that when she was young, Squirrelflight apologizes. She sends out search parties. Later, she defends ShadowClan when they come into the camp. She says they must try to get the herb from Onestar. Squirrelflight is angry when Bramblestar says that ShadowClan is not their problem and says it's every Clan's problem. Squirrelflight and Bramblestar come up with a plan to get the herb.
Twigpaw hears Squirrelflight coming to get her back. Twigpaw runs outside and nestles beside her.
Squirrelflight is organizing patrols. She is angry when Tawnypelt asks Rowanstar's permission to hunt and snaps that she organizes the hunting parties. She is still in a bad mood, so when Berrynose and Blossomfall join her, she glowers and growls if they need to ask Rowanstar's permission, too.

Shattered Sky

Squirrelflight is first seen beside her mate Bramblestar as they prepare to fight against the rogues. Soon after, she is seen in the group of cats who are going to go to the Gathering.
The next day, she joins the patrol that goes to WindClan to explain about SkyClan. They encounter a WindClan patrol, and when Crowfeather accuses them of trespassing, Squirrelflight responds that they are there on medicine cat business. She asks the tom if he forgot they made the journey to the sun-drown-place, and if he knows they wouldn't lie to him. Crowfeather looks uncomfortable for a moment, then snaps that it was a long time ago and they had to get off his territory, on Onestar's orders. Bramblestar and Squirrelflight exchange a frustrated glance, but Gorsetail then agrees to let the ThunderClan cats see Onestar. Bramblestar explains the story of SkyClan to Onestar, but after hearing the explanation, the WindClan leader snarls that the ThunderClan cats have been lying. Squirrelflight protests that no one has been lying, just that the leaders saw no reason to spread the story around.
Later, Bramblestar calls a Clan meeting for Alderheart to explain his latest vision of SkyClan. Squirrelflight is seen standing on the highledge next to her mate. After the Clan meeting is over, she and Bramblestar head back to their den.
During Purdy's vigil, she is seen sitting close to Purdy's body beside Bramblestar. Alderheart asks her if Purdy will walk with StarClan, and Bramblestar tells him about when they were on the journey to find the sun-drown-place, and how the tom had saved them from a dog and helped them find food. Squirrelflight nods, saying she would never forget that. She adds that without Purdy, they might never have made it to the meeting with Midnight, and without said badger, the Clans might never have known to leave the old forest and find the lake territories. Several other cats add in their thoughts about Purdy, and Squirrlflight points out that the elder fought bravely against the Dark Forest, despite having once been a kittypet.
When Stormcloud comes to the Alderheart for help, the latter thinks of how, after RiverClan arrived in ThunderClan's camp, Squirrelflight had suggested using the abandoned Twoleg nest for the most injured cats. The deputy had offered that Leafpool and Willowshine could live with them, but Rowanstar disagreed, and Bramblestar agreed with the ShadowClan tom. Once Alderheart has helped Stormcloud, he tells him to go tell Squirrelflight that he is excused from patrols for the day. The next day, she is by the fresh-kill pile with Cloudtail and Brightheart when Lionblaze and his patrol come into the camp furiously after being attacked by rogues; the Clan deputy meows in shock.
She is later seen sitting with Jayfeather and a couple of RiverClan warriors when Bramblestar calls a Clan meeting. At the meeting, it is decided that Violetpaw would sneak poppy seeds into Darktail and his cats' prey so she could free the prisoners. However, the next day, the apprentice doesn't appear, and there is a battle in the RiverClan camp between the prisoners and the Kin. After the battle, Bramblestar asks what happens, Squirrelflight beside him. Scorchfur explains that Violetpaw's plan failed and the she-cat is missing, and Squirrelflight comforts her, saying he couldn't have known what would happen, and that he shouldn't give up. Alderheart whispers that they have to look for her, but she says no, because there is no time, and they have to get the injured cats back to ThunderClan.
When Twigpaw brings SkyClan to the lake territories ThunderClan camp, Squirrelflight had told her that she may not be what the prophecy told the Clans to embrace, but that she and Violetpaw are still connected to the lost Clan. Later, when Bramblestar leads a patrol to the RiverClan camp, Squirrelflight is left in charge of the camp; the deputy has sent out patrols to make the camp less crowded. The deputy is watching cats from the three Clans on the Highledge when the cats on the patrol come back. She bounds down the rocks to meet them and asks if everything was all right. Bramblestar replies that it was okay, more or less, but the camp was in a inhabitable state.
Later, the Clans decide they must speak with Onestar, and Squirrelflight suggests that the deputies talk with the WindClan tom, as he wouldn't see them as a treat. The leaders agree, and the next morning, she goes with Tigerheart, Reedwhisker, Hawkwing, Twigpaw, and Violetpaw. However, as the cats head towards WindClan territory, Hawkwing notices something strange, and Squirrelflight realizes that they haven't come across any WindClan patrols yet. Suddenly, yowling and screeching is heard from the WindClan camp, and Squirrelflight instantly leads the patrol to the WindClan camp. Once they arrive, they see that the Kin are fighting WindClan, and the four deputies fling themselves into battle. Darktail tells the cats to stop and talks with Onestar, before continuing the battle, but this time the rogues are outmatched. Squirrelflight grabs the rogue leader and flings him away from Onestar, aiming a paw at his throat.
Once the rogues have retreated, Onestar says that he will explain the truth the the Clan leaders, and Squirrelflight mentions that SkyClan have returned; she introduces Hawkwing to the WindClan cats. The ThunderClan deputy then runs off to bring the leaders from ThunderClan's camp. She soon returns with Bramblestar, Rowanstar, and Leafstar, while Tigerheart comes with Mistystar. Onestar begins his story of how, in the old forest, he met a kittypet named Smoke, and he describes his love for her; Squirrelflight rolls her eyes. The WindClan leader continues that Smoke was going to give birth to his kits and asked to join WindClan. Squirrelflight asks if he sent Smoke home, and he confirms this, saying he sent her back to her Twolegs, where she would be safe. He continues that she later met him one more time with her one surviving kit and begged him to let their son into the Clans, but the WindClan cat had refused again. He explains how Smoke raised her son, Darktail, to hate the Clans, and that when Alderheart met him on his quest, Darktail learned about the Clans and went to get revenge on his father. The leader mentions how when they were fighting, his son whispered something in his ear, and Squirrelflight asks what it was. Onestar replies that Darktail said he would likely go to the Dark Forest.
The day that the Clans are going to fight Darktail, Squirrelflight is seen curled up near the rocks with Bramblestar, when Whitewing races up to her with an idea. After the Clans win the battle, the ShadowClan cats gather near the entrance to the thorn tunnel to leave for their territory, with Squirrelflight, Bramblestar, and some other warriors beside them. Once they have left, Bramblestar wonders if the medicine cats should ask StarClan if they should do something to celebrate SkyClan's return, but Squirrelflight nudges him and teases that he mustn't interrupt Harepsring's nine lives ceremony.

Darkest Night

Squirrelflight is first seen in the ThunderClan camp, sitting on the Highledge beside Sparkpelt, while Leafpool talks with Alderheart about how some cats in the Clan don't want SkyClan to stay. Alderheart looks up to where his mother and sister are talking, noting that Squirrelflight supported his search to find SkyClan.
On the way to the Gathering, Squirrelflight leads the way to the island with Bramblestar, with ThunderClan behind them. Once they reach the island, she takes her place among the roots of the Great Oak with the other deputies – Tigerheart, Reedwhisker, and Crowfeather. The next morning, she is seen organizing the day's hunting patrols.
About a half moon later, Squirrelflight stands on the Highledge and orders Cloudtail, Thornclaw, and Poppyfrost to come on border patrol with her. The three warriors meet her on her way down the rocks, and they follow the deputy to the entrance. Poppyfrost complains that with SkyClan, there are now three borders to patrol, but Squirrelflight reminds her that it is still the exact same border. Thornclaw points out that there are different cats on the other side, so they have to check for different scents, but the ginger she-cat briskly replies that he will get used to it. Cloudtail notes that they don't have to pay attention to the RiverClan border anymore since they cut themselves off, but Squirrelflight disagrees that said reason means they should pay even more attention to it, as they should worry if the scent marks grow stale. Thornclaw agrees that RiverClan marking their borders means that they are still behaving like a real Clan. Poppyfrost worries that they might stop being a Clan, and the deputy replies that she has given up on trying to predict what any Clan will do. She ducks through the entrance tunnel, followed by her patrol.
When Twigpaw and Finpaw see Dovewing and Tigerheart meet secretly, Dovewing mentions to the ShadowClan tom that she had promised Squirrelflight to bring back prey, so she has to hunt before going home.
Later, Squirrelflight is out hunting with Bramblestar, Brightheart, Sparkpelt, and Berrynose. Alderheart, thinking of how much it has been raining lately, wonders how much prey they will be able to bring back.
During the next Gathering, Rowanstar mentions that Tigerheart is not present as he has gone missing, and Squirrelflight fidgets uneasily as the Clans look at the empty spot beside her.

River of Fire

Squirrelflight is present seen adding on to Graystripe's point on letting Finpaw into ThunderClan, saying how they can't afford to turn any promising cat away. Later, Squirrelflight is briefly mentioned by Jayfeather when he asks Alderheart where he had been. He adds that Squirrelflight has came down with the illness. She begins to recover, however is still too weak to continue her duties as deputy. Squirrelflight confronts Ajax when he is escorted into camp, demanding to know what is going on. Poppyfrost and Bumblestripe explain that he was looking for Velvet and Fuzzball, and Sparkpelt comments that she hopes they aren't planning on taking in more kittypets, with several of her Clanmates murmuring agreement. Squirrelflight snaps at them that they will respect Bramblestar's decision, whatever it ends up being.
Jayfeather talks with Alderheart about Velvet, telling him about what happened with Leafpool when she fell in love with Crowfeather, and how Squirrelflight pretended to be the kits mother. When Dovewing returns to camp with her kits, and tells them that her mate is Tigerstar and these are their kits, an awkward silence follows until Squirrelflight meows that a lot of things have changed between the Clans and they're just happy that Dovewing's back. Later, Squirrelflight and Bramblestar speak with their heads close together in a worried conversation.

The Raging Storm

A group a ShadowClan cats are escorted to ThunderClan's camp to fetch Puddleshine, Dovewing being among them. Squirrelflight moves forward to greet her former Clanmate, but hesitates when given a warning look from Scorchfur. Dovewing wants to talk to Ivypool, but her sister doesn't move and the cats begin arguing if kin is kin or if by leaving the Clan, Dovewing also left her kin. Jayfeather comments that if warriors stopped falling in love with the wrong cats, a lot of trouble could be avoided, and his eyes flick to Squirrelflight. The deputy sharply meows to not blame her for what his mother did, she only tried to help.
Squirrelflight and Bramblestar lead a small group of their Clanmates to a special Gathering that was arranged after the medicine cats returned from the Moonpool. Bramblestar offers to give up some of ThunderClan's territory for SkyClan so they will stay by the lake, and Squirrelflight jerks her muzzle toward him, while their Clanmates blink in surprise. After Alderheart returns from ShadowClan, Squirrelflight happily greets him. Alderheart tells his parents that SkyClan is gone, and they don't appear surprised. The medicine cat says that Leafstar said she would think about staying, and Squirrelflight's eyes round sympathetically, meowing that the leader was just being polite. Bramblestar says he wishes it hadn't come to this, and Squirrelflight moves closer to him, mewing that he did everything he could. Alderheart wonders why StarClan will bother guiding them when no one listens, and Squirrelflight runs her tail along her son's back, saying they do listen, but they can't change what has happened.
Alderheart tells them he found proof of Juniperclaw poisoning Sparrowpelt, and urges Bramblestar to do something. The ThunderClan leader is unsure what Alderheart wants him to do, meowing that accusing ShadowClan won't bring SkyClan back, and Squirrelflight supports her mate, saying it would only stir up trouble and it's more important than ever that the remaining Clans are united.

In The Broken Code arc

Lost Stars

Before the book, Squirrelflight and Leafpool are killed in a rockslide but Squirrelflight returns from StarClan and refuses to share anything StarClan shared with her.
Bristlepaw overhears Squirrelflight, Bramblestar, Jayfeather and Alderheart discussing the connection with StarClan and stands beside Jayfeather as he yells her out.
On the day of Bristlepaw’s assessment, Squirrelflight is out organizing patrols and wishes Bristlepaw good luck. She is seen by Shadowpaw when he sees the ‘codebreakers’
As Bramblestar is giving instructions for the patrols, Squirrelflight points out how harsh he is being which Bramblestar replies to aggressively and Squirrelflight stares at him in disbelief. Bramblestar eventually apologizes, to which Squirrelflight accepts and then organizes the remaining cats.
Upon hunting, Squirrelflight asks if he is going to go, which once again Bramblestar responds hostilely before collapsing. Squirrelflight is immediately at his side and confirms that he is breathing but he won’t wake up and tries to control the worrying patrol.
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The Silent Thaw

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In the Super Editions

Firestar's Quest

Firestar visits his new kits, Squirrelkit and Leafkit, a few days after they are born. Firestar remarks that he cannot believe how beautiful they are. Together, Firestar and Sandstorm name their daughters. Squirrelkit is named for her bushy, squirrel-like tail, and Leafkit is named after Leafstar and possibly Spottedleaf. Brightheart and Cloudtail's daughter, Whitekit, is shown to be very protective of both Squirrelkit and Leafkit, though Brightheart tells her that they are too young to play with her at that time, as they still have not opened their eyes. Whitekit is still very fond of them. Firestar remembers the prophecy given to him by Skywatcher and wonders whether the cats with so much power will be the kits of his precious daughters.

Crowfeather's Trial

When Crowfeather and Harespring go to ThunderClan to speak to Bramblestar, Squirrelflight is seen gossiping with some warriors by the fresh-kill pile. The WindClan cats ask for help from ThunderClan's medicine cats after the stoats attacked their camp, and Bramblestar turns to Squirrelflight, telling her to fetch Jayfeather and Leafpool. Later, when Crowfeather asks Leafpool if Lionblaze and Jayfeather have accepted her, she answers that they have, but she thinks they will always feel that Squirrelflight is their true mother.
ThunderClan and WindClan join forces to defeat the stoats, and meet at the border to discuss how they can work together to deal with the problem. Squirrelflight is among the ThunderClan cats, standing in the center of them with Bramblestar, Jayfeather, and Lionblaze. When Rosepetal murmurs she can't imagine how WindClan got beaten by animals so much smaller than them, and Mousewhisker agrees, Squirrelflight glares at them and snaps at them to hold their tongues. After the stoats are defeated, Squirrelflight gathers the ThunderClan cats together, and tells the WindClan cats to let them know if they have any more trouble. Onestar gives her a respectful dip of his head and says to take the thanks of WindClan to Bramblestar. Squirrelflight returns the respectful nod, promising she will, and may StarClan light their path, then leads ThunderClan's cats back to their own territory.

Bramblestar's Storm

Squirrelflight is busy organizing hunting patrols with Graystripe. Squirrelflight already sent out a patrol and decides to send out another, with Brightheart in the lead. Squirrelflight sees Amberpaw carrying a huge bundle of wet moss to the elders' den, and tells her not to bring it there. She joins the other cats after Brightheart's patrol returns to tell them about ShadowClan's scent inside their territory. Squirrelflight is chosen by Bramblestar to visit ShadowClan, along with Brackenfur and Cinderheart. When they are on their way, Squirrelflight suggests to Bramblestar about doubling the patrols and hunting more by the border, and he agrees. Squirrelflight is also happy to see Leafpool checking on the catmint at the abandoned Twoleg nest. When Blackstar denies that his cats were in ThunderClan's territory, Squirrelflight asks if they don't know ShadowClan scent when they smell it. Squirrelflight also reveals to Bramblestar she doesn't trust Ratscar, for he was in the Dark Forest. She and her patrol head back to their border without being escorted, when Littlecloud emerges behind them. He asks the patrol how their medicine cats are doing, and Squirrelflight replies, but Bramblestar interrupts her. She is told by Bramblestar that they have to stick to their own Clans.
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In the manga at the end of the book, Squirrelflight isn't feeling too good. Bramblestar is worried, but Squirrelflight insists that she is fine, so she carries on with her duties. When she and Bramblestar go for a walk one night, Yellowfang speaks to her, and Squirrelflight asks if she is sick. Yellowfang declines, and disappears. Bramblestar nudges her and asks if she's okay, and she happily squeals yes. Squirrelflight has just found out she is having kits.

Squirrelflight's Hope

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In the Novellas

Mothwing's Secret

Mothwing reflects how cats from all the Clans have disappeared and returned with a message foretelling the Clans to leave the forest. They explained StarClan would send them a sign but it has not come yet. Moons later, Squirrelflight, Brambleclaw, Firestar and Leafpool bring Hawkfrost's dead body into camp.

Leafpool's Wish

Squirrelflight shares a mouse with Brambleclaw, and they curl up together. Leafpool notes that she has chosen Brambleclaw over Ashfur. Leafpool can’t stop wishing she chose differently and can’t tell her sister why. Her vision of the two cats together led Squirrelflight to make a decision. Leafpool is about to go to the Moonpool, but Squirrelflight states there is a storm coming and questions if she should go alone. She offers the blackbird she caught to her sister but Leafpool says she wants to reach the Moonpool before night. She touches muzzles with her sister then rushes off before her sister can ask any more questions. When Leafpool returns, she goes in search of Squirrelflight. The warrior reports Brambleclaw made her get moss and says he's been bossing everyone around since he became deputy. Leafpool goes with her and on the way, Mousefur comments on Leafpool's plumpness. Squirrelflight points this out and teasingly asks if she's taking more than her share of the fresh-kill pile. Squirrelflight complains about Brambleclaw, saying he is treating as if she is wet behind the ears, toms are trouble, and Leafpool doesn't know how lucky she is.
Leafpool asks Squirrelflight for help with something. She guesses medicine duties before guessing she wants her to take a message to Crowfeather and Squirrelflight says she can’t do that. Squirrelflight says she knows it's important as Leafpool's been acting like she was hiding since running away with Crowfeather. Squirrelflight asks what is so terrible that Leafpool cannot tell her. Leafpool reveals she is expecting Crowfeather's kits. Squirrelflight immediately stresses that she'll leave again, and asks who the medicine cat will be. Leafpool asks Squirrelflight for help as she cannot stop being a medicine cat. Squirrelflight tries to insist otherwise but Leafpool is still determined, saying she cannot have these kits. Squirrelflight says she doesn't have a choice, but promises to help where ever she can. Days later, Leafpool asks Squirrelflight to come with her to the Moonpool due to being pregnant. She mentions she feels so honored to be there. Leafpool suggests that Squirrelflight sleeps as she does, grumbling about the hard ground before her breathing slows.
Squirrelflight wakes up to find she is dreaming and talking to Yellowfang. She knows the old medicine cat because she heard stories of her. Squirrelflight asks why she is there and if there's something they can do to help Leafpool's kits. Yellowfang says Squirrelflight can take them and raise them as her own. Squirrelflight rejects this as she would be lying to all her Clanmates. Yellowfang says she has watched her, and she would make an excellent mother but Squirrelflight still disagrees. Yellowfang then reveals that StarClan sent her to tell her something, that she cannot have kits of her own. Squirrelflight asks how she can know, and Yellowfang snaps if she's questioning StarClan. She invites Squirrelflight to rest and to think more when she wakes up. Yellowfang says that the truth is that she will be a far better mother than Leafpool, and only that matters. Awake, Squirrelflight is surprised at the dream, but still thinks she cannot lie to her Clan for the rest of her life so cannot take in these kits. Leafpool tells Firestar that she has to go on a journey to retrieve a special plant alone, but Squirrelflight exclaims she will come too. Firestar allows her to go as long as Squirrelflight goes with her.
Squirrelflight knows Leafpool is going to give birth to her kits, and Squirrelflight still promises to help her sister. Leafpool asks about Brambleclaw, and Squirrelfight says he tried to convince her otherwise, but she said Leafpool asked her to come. Leafpool says she is glad she's coming, and Squirrelflight says she cannot let her do this alone. They leave for the journey and Squirrelflight spots an old Twoleg nest, and suggests that. Leafpool thinks they are too close to the Clans, and is thankful for Squirrelflight patience and silence. They reach a stream and Squirrelflight guesses Leafpool cannot jump. They keep going before running into a badger, and Squirrelflight tells her sister to get ready to flee. However, a fox appears and the two creatures fight so Squirrelflight lunges Leafpool into the nearest burrow. Squirrelflight decides to stay as it's safe for now, and they are exhausted. The next morning, she wakes Leafpool and says they need to move. Leafpool realizes that she will give birth soon, and Squirrelflight is calm and determined as they hurry to find shelter far from the fox hole. Squirrelflight was very hungry but did not suggest hunting. Squirrelflight makes many rejected suggestions until she was about to explode until Leafpool feels more pains. Squirrelflight urges her to hold on as they are not ready yet.
Leafpool chooses a gnarled tree and collapses inside it's hollow trunk. Squirrelflight works hard to shove leaves under her, and asks Leafpool what to do. Leafpool gives her instructions before she gives birth to a black kit, and Squirrelflight tended to it before nudging the kit to Leafpool's belly. Leafpool starts struggling again and Squirrelflight says the kit is not moving. She tries to nudge her sister's belly with her paws but has no training, so Yellowfang appears and takes over, ordering Squirrelflight to get water and rub warmth into the black kit. Wide-eyed, Squirrelflight quickly obeyed. Leafpool feels she cannot give birth to the last kit, but Squirrelflight insists she has to. Leafpool finally gives birth to three kits, and Yellowfang gives Squirrelflight orders on taking care of them. Two sunrises later, she shares a shrew with her sister, and notes that it's snowing so their scent will be hidden but prey will be harder to find. Squirrelflight points out that Leafpool already know what she is doing and will be a great mother, but is obviously sad she will never have some of her own. After a nap, Feathertail visits and Squirrelflight shows off the kits, saying she has never seen anything so perfect. Feathertail tells Squirrelflight these kits will be remembered for many seasons, and need a great mother and father to care for them. Squirrelflight tells she cannot, as she will be lying to every cat.
Feathertail says these kits need to be raised within their Clan, not in shame or exile. Squirrelflight admits she does love these kits, and finally agrees to raise them as her own and Brambleclaw's, as true ThunderClan cats. Leafpool decides to name the kits now, and names the golden tom Lionkit. Squirrelflight comments the she-kit is as black as holly bark, and suggests Hollykit. Leafpool is unsure, but Squirrelflight says she will be raising her kits so she deserves a say in their names. She promises the secret of their parents will die with her. After five days, Squirrelflight ushers the kits outside so they can explore. They see the unnamed kits' eyes are the color of a jay's wing, and Squirrelflight names him Jaykit. Jaykit falls into a snowdrift and Squirrelflight hooks him out, saying he can watch where his going now his eyes are open. Half a moon later, the kits' have a jumping competition and Squirrelflight jokes they just saw some flying hedgehogs. She tells Leafpool they need to take them back soon, and says if they stay too long they'll remember too much. Leafpool figures out that Jaykit is blind, and Squirrelflight asks what sort of life he will have. Leafpool snaps the same as his littermates. Squirrelflight points out Longtail retired as soon as he turned blind, and asks what place is there for a cat that cannot see.
The next day they moved out of the hollow tree and Squirrelflight darts around, nudging the kits along. At sunrise they rested so Squirrelflight went to hunt for prey. She finds a scrawny vole and shares it with Leafpool before continuing. Jaykit complains, so Squirrelflight offers to let him ride on her shoulders. At the border, Leafpool tells Squirrelflight to let them know she is their mother. The warrior asks if she is sure, and Leafpool says she is, and tells Squirrelflight to care for them and love them more than life. Squirrelflight promises she will, and her sister rubs some milk-scent on her, and quickly rescues Lionkit from a tree. She helps them to learn to climb the tree one at a time, acting like their true mother. They reach the entrance to the tunnel and Hollykit tries to go for milk, but cannot find anything. Squirrelflight calls her poppet and says she has no more milk, but a queen can give her milk. Hollykit complains she wants her milk, and Squirrelflight starts telling more about Clan life. Lionkit pretends to fight but pokes a twig in his eye. Squirrelflight urges her kits, saying to try to get them home in one piece. Squirrelflight takes a deep breath before asking her kits if they are ready to meet their Clanmates and their father. Lionkit asks when he can be a warrior and Squirrelflight promises soon. Squirrelflight tells her sister this is it before entering the camp to the surprise of her Clanmates.

Hollyleaf's Story

In the first chapter, she is first seen defending her kits, Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather from Ashfur's threats, who is taking out his anger on the three kits due to Squirrelflight taking Brambleclaw as a mate, instead of himself, thinking that killing them will be the best way to hurt Squirrelflight. Then Squirrelflight reveals a secret that shocks Hollyleaf; Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather are not her kits, and that she doesn't have any. She reveals the truth, thinking it would protect the three littermates.

Dovewing's Silence

The battle against the Dark Forest is over, and the Clans are victorious. The camps are badly damaged though and some cats are close to death. Brambleclaw leaves for the Moonpool right away, and leaves Squirrelflight in charge of ThunderClan while he is away. Squirrelflight painfully climbs up to the Highledge to announce to the Clan. She tells everyone to check their injuries and get them treated if needed to. Her eyes seem dull as if she has lost the ability to feel as she tells her Clanmates that they need them to be strong. If they have any injuries, it's to be treated. She narrows her eyes at Dustpelt, who is grieving over Ferncloud's body. She says that counts for him too.
Squirrelflight notices a commotion near the nursery, and asks what's going on. Dovewing tells her that Sorreltail is dead. The new deputy is baffled, stating she was fine before and didn't say anything about any injuries. She asks her Clanmates if anyone noticed her injuries. Sandstorm tries to reassure Squirrelflight, saying if her injuries were that bad, there was nothing they could have done. Squirrelflight bursts out they could have tried. She reminds her Clanmates that she told them to check their injuries. Squirrelflight asks if they have done it yet, and panics that another cat will die, clearly stressing over her Clanmates safety. She soon tells Berrynose and Cloudtail, who are try to rebuild the warriors' den, that they'll get nothing done, and should focus on resting before Brambleclaw returns. Squirrelflight seems calmer now, more like a Clan deputy.
When ThunderClan is ready to bury the fallen, Squirrelflight carries Firestar's body alongside Sandstorm, Graystripe and Millie. She also stands with Leafpool beside Hollyleaf's body in grief, giving a moment silence for her adopted daughter. Her eyes are closed and shoulders hunched over in pain for the fallen warrior. She then raises her head, telling her Clanmates that they owe a debt to the fallen and it's up to each of them to make sure they did not die in vain. She looks to Firestar and touches his cheek with her paw, whispering for him to sleep well. Purdy gives advice for burying the deceased, and Squirrelflight thanks him for sharing his knowledge. She asks if there is anything else. Purdy decides a good spot to bury Mousefur, his fellow denmate.
After the burials, Bramblestar returns. Squirrelflight limps over to the new leader, welcoming him back. She dips her head, seemingly in awe of him. Bramblestar notices the former Dark Forest trainees have not taken part of the burial, so Squirrelflight explains to him why. Her flicking tail betrays her discomfort on the subject. Two sunrises later, Dovewing keeps expecting Bramblestar to sort out the rift between the Clan and the former Dark Forest trainees, but he is usually busy with Squirrelflight, sorting patrols and dens. Blackstar and Rowanclaw soon arrive at ThunderClan camp as Squirrelflight was amusing Brightheart's kits. She wanders over, asking if anything is wrong in ShadowClan. Blackstar says everything is fine.
Two days later, Cinderheart asks Squirrelflight if she and Lionblaze, Dovewing, and Ivypool can go on hunting patrol, to which the deputy agrees to. Three days pass, and Squirrelflight wakes Dovewing for dawn patrol, calling her a sleepy hedgehog. Dovewing is sleepy as Sandstorm has been keeping the Clan awake with her coughing, so the warrior moves to the apprentices' den while the apprentices move in with Purdy. Squirrelflight decides to join Sandstorm, since it will be too cold for her mother to sleep alone. Sandstorm tries to protest, but Squirrelflight insists, blinking affectionately at her. On the way to the first Gathering after the battle, Dovewing argues with Berrynose and Toadstep. Squirrelflight tells Dovewing to stop and asks what's going on. She points out the full moon, saying that it's the night of the truce, and that includes within the Clans. She tells them to hurry as they'll be late, and trots to Bramblestar. Back from the Gathering, Dovewing mentions that Squirrelflight is going to build a second warriors' den as there is too many warriors for one den. Since Briarlight is going to take a nest in the warriors' den , Lionblaze asks Squirrelflight if he can take a patrol to fetch bedding for her. Squirrelflight agrees, ordering him to take Dovewing, Ivypool and Rosepetal with him. She instructs him to make sure the moss isn't damp, and to hunt so they can collect feathers.
Two days after, Toadstep falls sick so he moves to the apprentices' den with Sandstorm. Squirrelflight decides to move out, stating that the sick cats can keep themselves awake. Although she gives a light-hearted comment, there a strain in her eyes, making Dovewing wonder how many other cats will fall sick. About a quarter moon later, Squirrelflight's meow is quiet and husky as she tells the Clan to organise their own hunting patrols while she checks the borders. She runs into a clearing to find a dead fox on a trap, with some injured warriors. Realizing they fought and killed the crazed fox, she asks Dovewing if she is okay. Dovewing says she is. They realize that the apprentices didn't tell anyone about the trap, which made the fox crazy with pain. Squirrelflight asks why they didn't tell. The apprentices wanted the former Dark Forest trainees to be scared by the fox, but almost killed them.

In the Ravenpaw's Path arc

A Clan in Need

She is with Leafkit and Sandstorm as her great-uncle, Ravenpaw, and his friend, Barley, approach the nursery. She asks who they are, and Sandstorm tells her that they helped ThunderClan in the battle with BloodClan. Ravenpaw compliments the kits and plays with them.

The Heart of a Warrior

Firestar's battle patrol plans to leave for the Farm quietly and secretly. But as they are about to leave, Squirrelkit appears and shouts that she wants to come too. This wakes the rest of ThunderClan, and Firestar's vision of leaving quietly is destroyed.

In the Graystripe's Adventure arc

The Lost Warrior

Squirrelpaw is seen rescuing ThunderClan and rogue cats before Graystripe's capture.

In the Short stories and plays

After Sunset: The Right Choice?

Squirrelflight is briefly mentioned by Brambleclaw. While trying to avoid talking to Leafpool, he tells her that Squirrelflight is probably wondering where he is.

Ultimate Leader Election: Firestar

She is a minor character in this short story, and is only seen once when she votes for her father, Firestar, to become leader of all four Clans temporarily during a harsh leaf-bare.

In the Field Guides

Code of the Clans

Squirrelflight is seen talking about her warrior vigil. This is a mistake, since there was no camp when she was made a warrior. One of her first pieces of advice is to not to sleep near the warrior's den because all the snoring will make you sleepy and you'll eventually fall asleep during your vigil. Then, she climbs onto the Highrock, which Squirrelflight advises you do because it will wake you up. She says that if you get tired, you should play a game of mouse-chase, but don't send it flying to the nursery or you'll wake up all the kits, commenting that they can hear a game while they're fast asleep, and the queens won't thank you for that. Squirrelflight concludes her advice by telling you to keep alert and awake on your vigil.

Cats of the Clans

She is first mentioned in Leafpool's story, when Rock explains the link that StarClan fostered between her and Leafpool. He explains that StarClan made the link because they knew that Squirrelflight would be traveling along away, and would need her sister's guidance.
Later, Rock says that Squirrelflight is the exact opposite of Leafpool, and she is scorching fire. He then tells Blossomkit that even Squirrelflight has her secrets. He says that it was bold of Brambleclaw to let her go on the quest, though he doesn't think Squirrelflight gave him much choice. Rock thinks it was good that she went on the quest, because it made her a better cat overall, and that she would always be known as Leafpool's younger sister if she had not gone on the quest. She proved she had the courage and determination of her parents. He then explains that both Stormfur and Ashfur loved Squirrelflight, but she needed someone to match her fire and not contain it. He says that cat was Brambleclaw. He concludes that Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw have been good parents to Lionpaw, Jaypaw, and Hollypaw, and that they should be rewarded for their devotion.
When Rock speaks of Ashfur, he hopes that he is not remembered for quarreling with Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight. He asks the kits if the elders in StarClan have fretted over where his path will lead now that he has lost Squirrelflight's affection. Rock concludes by saying that Ashfur is not a troublemaker and would want Ashfur on his side of battle any day.

Battles of the Clans

When badgers attack the ThunderClan camp, she is seen warning ThuderClan about the danger and then plunges into the battle. Later, when a badger attacks Whitepaw, Squirrelflight is seen rushing to her side. However, Squirrelflight soon realizes the badger is Midnight and tells Whitepaw not to attack it.

The Ultimate Guide

It is mentioned on Firestar's page that soon after he took the name Firestar, Sandstorm gave birth to his kits, Squirrelkit and Leafkit. It is mentioned on Sandstorm's page that Sandstorm was an excellent mother to Squirrelflight and Leafpool and stood by her daughters when the truth of her grandchildren came out. It is mentioned on Cinderpelt's page that Cinderpelt didn't have the sensitivity to StarClan like other medicine cats. An example is she interpreted burning grass as warning that Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw would unite to destroy ThunderClan when in fact, they saved all the clans.
Squirrelflight appears on Leafpool's page. As young apprentices, Leafpaw and Squirrelpaw shared a special connection and StarClan fostered this link as Squirrelpaw was going to go away on a journey and someone needed to know what was happening at home. Leafpool bore Crowfeather's kits and to keep her secret, Squirrelflight raised them as her own, even convincing Brambleclaw they were his.
Squirrelflight has her own page.
She is fire. She had enough energy to scorch any tree in the forest, and her tongue is sharp. She was loyal to her Clan, and could only do what was right-- which is why she took on her sister's kits and made the Clan think they were her own. Squirrelpaw was an apprentice when she insisted on joining Brambleclaw on the quest to the sun-drown place. following the message from StarClan that told her to find the midnight. Squrrielpaw proved herself to be, brave, feisty companion to the cats on the quest. Having the courage of Firestar, and the quiet determination of her mother, Sandstorm. For a while on the journey it seemed she was growing close to Stormfur, but it was Brambleclaw who won her heart.
When the Clans settled beside the lake, Ashfur fell in love with her, noticing something behind the fire, when Brambleclaw saw only a disagreeable nuisance. But even though Ashfur would have been loyal to the end, he didn't appreciate the strength under her impulsive ways. Squirrelflight needed someone to match her fire, not contain it, and that cat was always going to be Brambleclaw, no matter how much Ashfur loved her.
Squirrelflight watched Brambleclaw father her sister's kits, as his own and he was a good father. When the truth came out about the kits being Leafpool's, Brambleclaw couldn't forgive Squirrelflight for lying to him and the entire Clan. She accepted his anger as her punishment; with Ashfur's death and the shame she'd brought on ThunderClan, meant she didn't feel worthy to be loved. But she never stopped being loyal to her Clan, she fought like a lion in the battle with the Dark Forest. Then when Brambleclaw became leader after Firestar's death, he could chose only one cat to become his deputy, Squirrelflight, his former mate, a cat he could trust until the end.
She appears briefly on Brambleclaw's page. His heart broke when he learned he wasn't the real father of Hollyleaf, Jayfeather and Lionblaze and Squirrelflight had lied to him all along. Deep down, he knew Squirrelflight had followed the only path she could to keep her sister's kits safe from hostility and rejection. He missed her generous spirit, wisdom and impulsive desires to help others. He wanted no other cat beside him as deputy when he became leader.
She appears on Ashfur's page. Ashfur truly loved Squirrelflight and was heart-broken when she chose Brambleclaw over him. The bitterness turned to him threatening to kill Squirrelflight's kits, forcing her to reveal they are not her kits after all. Ashfur now had an even more powerful weapon against Squirrelflight, the chance to reveal the lies she told. Would Ashfur have done this, knowing it would hurt Squirrelflight than dying with this secret untold?
It is mentioned on Lionblaze's page that when Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw announced the arrival of their kits, Firestar knew that the kits were the prophesied cats. It is mentioned on Hollyleaf's page that Hollyleaf was utterly broken when she discovered that Squirrelflight is not the mother of her and her brothers. It is mentioned on Ivypool's page that like Squirrelflight and Leafpool, Ivypool and Dovewing were closer than hairs on a vole's pelt.
It is mentioned on Crowfeather's page that Lionblaze, Hollyleaf and Jayfeather were raised by Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw. Although not mentioned by name, it is mentioned on Stoneteller's page that when six Clan cats first arrived on the way to the mysterious sun-drown-place, it seemed Stoneteller's prophecy would be fulfilled. Although not mentioned by name again, it is mentioned on Crag's page that when the journeying cats came to the mountains, Crag was one for the first to meet them. When Stormfur was made prisoner, Crag escorted the rest of them out of the territory and seemed to regret they could not have shared a friendship.
She appears on Midnight's page. Midnight was first mentioned in the dreams of four cats who were told to meet at the new moon and listen to what midnight tells you. Brambleclaw, Crowpaw, Tawnypelt, Feathertail set out on a journey accompanied by Stormfur and Squirrelpaw to the sun-drown-place. They found Midnight and she told them that all Clans had to leave the forest before the Twolegs destroyed it. To find their new home, they have to stand on Highrocks and follow a dying warrior.

In the Warriors App

Squirrelkit, feeling bitter about her sister, Leafkit's, accomplishments, puts a fire ant in her sister's nest to make her squirm through the night from being bitten. Sandstorm discovers the plan and informs the two kits that they'll be switching nests that night. Squirrelkit refuses to reveal her plot and is ready to spend the night in a nest with the ant. However, Sandstorm reveals to Squirrelkit that she'd found and killed the ant, secretly impressed with her daughter's determination to not get caught.
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