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"I am Lionheart. I was a ThunderClan warrior. In a fierce battle, I died defending my Clan. Now I belong to StarClan, a Clan of the spirits of our warrior ancestors. Yes, you are dreaming. We often walk in the dreams of those we watch. Don't be afraid. I know it looks like a land of mist and shadow, but I promise there is enough light to warm the darkest of hearts. From here, we watch over the Clans we have left behind."
Lionheart on StarClan in Secrets of the Clans, page 7

StarClan are the deceased warrior ancestors of the Clans who live on in spirit form after dying, and watch over the living Clan cats.[1] There is no specific leader for StarClan since there are many cats from all five Clans that work together.[2] They are responsible for sending signs and omens to the living cats.[3] StarClan was disconnected from the living Clans by Ashfur,[4] however, the connection has since been restored.[5]



StarClan are the deceased ancestors, descendants, and Clanmates of the Clan cats. Cats are only allowed to join StarClan when they die if they have lived an honorable life and followed the warrior code. If a cat doesn't live an honorable life, then that cat will end up in the Dark Forest, also known as the Place of No Stars.[6] StarClan cats don't have to be in a Clan at the time of their death to be welcomed to StarClan, shown in Bluestar's Prophecy when Pinestar was in StarClan, despite him being a kittypet at the time of his death, showing that kittypets and loners can be accepted into StarClan.[7]
When a Clan cat dies, they will be guided to StarClan by a deceased cat who played an important part in their life, such as a mentor or a cherished family member. When a cat dies and goes to join StarClan, they merely close their eyes and reopen them.[8] When a leader loses a life, that life appears in StarClan as a very faint copy of the leader,[9] but they are unable to communicate in any way to other StarClan cats until the leader loses their final life.[10]
StarClan cats leave starry paw prints, their eyes shine like stars, and their pelts glow with a strange light that makes them look like they have stars in their fur.[8] Frost sparkles at their paws and glitters in their eyes. Their pelts shine like ice and carry all the scents of the seasons: the tang of leaf-bare, the green scent of greenleaf, the musk of leaf-fall, and the sweet blossom of newleaf.[11] The cats' spirits remain in StarClan until they are forgotten by all living and dead cats over a long time and earned their own peace, causing them to fade away to little more than ghost-like images of themselves.[12] It is possible for a StarClan cat to be killed again, but they vanish forever; going to a different place.[13]

Relation to living cats

StarClan act somewhat like guardians to the living Clan cats, often warning them of dangers ahead or to guide them in times of need.[14] Ancestors usually watch over the living cats of their former Clan, and especially over cats who were close to them in their lifetime; for example, Spottedleaf generally gives advice to ThunderClan cats, but most often to Firestar.[15] Living cats visit StarClan in their dreams,[16] although StarClan cats are able to appear even in the waking world,[17] but such appearances are rare.
Medicine cats are specially bonded with StarClan, and they are the cats who are usually contacted by their ancestors.[18] At every half-moon, the medicine cats and medicine cat apprentices of each Clan go to their sacred place, the Moonstone or Moonpool, to speak with their ancestors, to seek advice or to learn of things awaiting in their futures.[19] To receive the signs of StarClan, medicine cats either touch their nose to the cold surface of the Moonstone, or drink the cool water of the Moonpool to initiate their dreams.[20]
Besides medicine cats, StarClan cats sometimes send messages to leaders. Firestar is known to have received several warnings and prophecies,[21] warriors, though it is uncommon, are known to have received prophetic dreams, such as when Brambleclaw is invited to undertake a quest,[16] or even non-Clan cats such as Smudge, when Cloudstar wanted Firestar to rebuild SkyClan.[22] Other creatures, such as Midnight the badger, may also be given a warning or prophecy for the Clans.[23] All Clan cats give thanks to StarClan after catching prey for the life the prey has given to feed the Clan.[24]


All Clan ceremonies are believed to be supervised by StarClan.[25] The Clan leader performing a ceremony calls upon the warrior ancestors, and promotes a cat to their new rank by the powers of StarClan.[26] The leader asks that StarClan welcome them by a new name, such as when a kit is named an apprentice.[27]
StarClan has the greatest role during leadership ceremonies, giving the new leader their nine lives and new name.[28] Each of the lives are granted by a single ancestor, usually a cat the new leader had cherished when the cat was alive such as a loved family member or mentor. When a life is granted to a leader, they are given a special gift or attribute to make them a good leader, such as endurance, courage or strength.[29]


There is contradiction in the books about how much influence does StarClan have over the living world:

  • Lionheart and Bluestar state that StarClan has no control over what happens to cats in the living world; the most they can do is to warn cats in dreams.[30][31]
  • In Firestar's Quest, Spottedleaf appears in the waking world and offers a bundle of burdock root to Sandstorm,[32] and also in Firestar's Quest, Silverstream gives Firestar a fish.[33]
  • If cats fight during a Gathering, StarClan covers the moon with clouds and lightning, even if the sky was clear before, implying that they have some power over nature.[34]
  • In Sunset, StarClan allows Cinderpelt to reincarnate as Cinderkit, Brackenfur and Sorreltail's daughter, instead of accepting her spirit among them, implying that they have power over life and death.[35] Jayfeather, Lionblaze and Dovewing had been reincarnated from Jay's Wing, Lion's Roar, and Dove's Wing although it is unknown whether StarClan did this.[36] However, once reaching StarClan, a cat cannot be reincarnated.[37]
  • StarClan was able to resurrect Tigerstar, showing they are able to bring cats back from the dead. However, it seems that they are only willing to do it in specific instances given that Tigerstar was needed to reunite ShadowClan. Also, the resurrection wasn't without a price, it cost Tigerstar one of his nine lives, since it was used up prior to the ceremony.[38]

Life in StarClan

Once a cat reaches StarClan, they learn all about the territories, including the story of SkyClan.[39] Cats in StarClan are restored to the age in which they were happiest; for example Yellowfang is old, because she was happiest at the end of her life, when she was in ThunderClan. Bluestar is young, because she was happiest at the peak of her youth.[29] They also do not age in StarClan.[37] Cats who die keep their name at the highest rank they had or would have achieved; Smallkit, for example, becomes Smallstar, because had he survived longer, he would have become leader.[40]
There is always plenty of prey, so hunting is easy, and cats have no defined tasks (such as hunting and training).[41] They are free to do as they please, so they are mostly content except when seeing living cats suffer.[42]
StarClan has no hierarchy, and there is no defined leader or deputy and cats respect each other in StarClan,[43] although cats respect those who were their leaders or mentors in the living world.[10]
Once a StarClan cat ceases to be remembered by any living or dead cats, they will slowly seem to appear as the faintest star and will live their life in StarClan peacefully and alone.[1] Usually, they do not send dreams to any living cats except on special occasions.[44]

Other ancestors

The opposite of StarClan is the Place of No Stars, or Dark Forest, which is where cats who had committed the worst possible crimes when they had lived go to when they die.[45] It has a sort of border with StarClan's hunting grounds, appearing as a wall of mist. StarClan cats can enter the Place of No Stars, but when they do, they risk being unable to escape, and might be trapped forever in the dark, eerily lit forest.[46] Cats who make up the Place of No Stars, such as Tigerstar and his son Hawkfrost, on the other hand, have no choice but to stay where they are.[47]
The Tribe have their own spirit ancestors, the Tribe of Endless Hunting.[48] The Tribe of Endless Hunting do not send dreams to the Tribe cats, but instead send prophecies through moonlight patterns and and the shape of rocks in the Cave of Pointed Stones. These signs are sent to the Tribe's Healer, Teller of the Pointed Stones, or Stoneteller.[49] Feathertail, the RiverClan cat who died protecting the Tribe, is able to walk with both StarClan and the Tribe of Endless Hunting.[50]
Formerly part of StarClan, SkyClan's ancestors left along with SkyClan, and separated.[51] However, some StarClan cats were present at Leafdapple's leader ceremony, showing that StarClan cats were still able to communicate with SkyClan's ancestors.[52] SkyClan's ancestors were later reunited with StarClan, and they now share the same hunting grounds.[53]


StarClan's hunting grounds are described as a moonlit night landscape in greenleaf, a land of mist and shadows.[54] It resembles the landscape of the forest, and several locations exist in both the waking world and in StarClan.[55]
For the living cats, StarClan's territory appears as a large, cloudy-looking swath of stars, which has been confirmed to be the Milky Way.[56] Clan cats believe that, upon dying and joining StarClan, a new star appears in Silverpelt.[57] On the other hand, the stars are sometimes regarded as representing the living cats instead of the dead ones.[58]
When the Clans travel to a new territory, StarClan follows them in the sky so they can continue watching over them.[59] When SkyClan moved to a new territory, their ancestors separated from StarClan and left with them.[60] When the remaining four Clans left the forest and went to live by the lake, StarClan traveled along with them through unknown sky paths.[61]


The sacred places of the Clans exist in both the waking world and StarClan's hunting grounds.[62] Fourtrees is one of these locations.[63] Fourtrees is the most commonly seen landmark in the cats dreams when visiting StarClan (such as a cat during their leadership ceremony).[64] Even though it was destroyed by Twolegs, Fourtrees still exists in StarClan, as it will always be remembered by the cats.[62]


Warm-Rocks is a place in StarClan territory that was mentioned in Fading Echoes, when Silverstream was looking for her daughter, Feathertail.[10] It is not described in detail, however the name suggests that it is a relaxing spot, similar to Sunningrocks in the old forest.[65]


In the The Prophecies Begin arc

Into the Wild

Bluestar asks Spottedleaf if StarClan has spoken to her, and after Spottedleaf tells her no, a shooting star blazes overhead. Spottedleaf tells Bluestar she just received a message from StarClan: "Fire alone can save our Clan." Bluestar becomes confused about what the prophecy might mean, and Spottedleaf is unsure also, but Bluestar does not feel any doubt in Spottedleaf's abilities. The fire turns out to be a kittypet named Rusty, who joins ThunderClan soon after, and fulfills this prophecy.
A young warrior named Longtail taunts Rusty, reminding his Clanmates that Twolegs would invade their territory because of Rusty's collar. Rusty attacks Longtail and defeats him, giving him a torn ear. Longtail tears off Rusty's collar with his teeth, and Bluestar accepts the broken collar as a sign from StarClan that the kittypet should be a Clan cat, and grants Rusty his apprentice name, Firepaw.
Bluestar, Tigerclaw, Firepaw, Graypaw, and Ravenpaw go to the Moonstone so she can share dreams with StarClan. After meeting them, she says that the spirits of StarClan are uneasy and she thinks they are trying to tell her something. As they rush towards camp, Bluestar hears yowls, and she quickly says that is what the StarClan cats were warning her about.
After Redtail dies, Graypaw, an apprentice of ThunderClan, tells the new apprentice, Firepaw, all about StarClan. He says they are the heavenly warriors that watch over them, and Silverpelt is the thick band of stars across the sky. Each star is a StarClan warrior, and Redtail will be a new star tonight. StarClan also watches over the Clans and guides them through harsh times and helps them through the dark times.

Fire and Ice

At a Gathering, Nightpelt of ShadowClan claims to be ShadowClan's leader even though he had not received his blessings or lives from StarClan yet. However, he plans to go tomorrow. At the Gathering, he says that WindClan shouldn't come back from exile, but Bluestar says that it is the will of StarClan for them to come back.
When Fireheart and Graystripe are bringing WindClan back, Barkface sees red clouds, and he looks alarmed. When asked by the others if he is okay, Barkface declares, "This day will bring unnecessary death." Later, this message is proven to be true during an ambush between ThunderClan and RiverClan, taking place in the gorge. Whiteclaw, a RiverClan warrior, dies while falling of a steep cliff while battling with one of the saviors of WindClan, Graystripe, thus fulfilling the prophecy from StarClan.
Bluestar catches greencough and soon loses a life due to it. She goes to StarClan preparing for her remaining life. At the next Gathering, tensions rise as the Clans accuse each other of forming alliances. The cats start getting hostile, and StarClan covers the moon. The Gathering then ends by the will of StarClan.
Spottedleaf enters Fireheart's dream to give him a message from StarClan. She says: ""A battle is coming, Fireheart. Beware a warrior you cannot trust." This was a warning for Fireheart to beware of Tigerclaw, but Fireheart thought it was Graystripe since they were having an argument at the time. He later finds out it's Tigerclaw when the deputy allows Leopardfur to fight Fireheart in the battle against RiverClan in defense of WindClan and doesn't attempt to help him.

Forest of Secrets

When Fireheart and Graystripe offer to find food for RiverClan, Crookedstar is very suspicious. Fireheart says that it must be the will of StarClan, and Crookedstar grudgingly agrees. As the water level rises, ThunderClan finds it very hard to get to the Gathering. Some cats say that they shouldn't have to go, but Bluestar objects that StarClan would be very angry if they didn't try to find a dry route.
When Silverstream dies of kitting, Graystripe softly says that she hunts with StarClan now. When Tigerclaw finally rebels against Bluestar, Fireheart helps Bluestar win. Bluestar is shocked, and doesn't come out of her den for a long time. The Clan is very anxious, saying that StarClan will be very mad if they don't have a deputy by moonhigh. Fireheart then has a dream in which Spottedleaf from StarClan says "StarClan is calling you... do not be afraid." Fireheart takes this to mean he will die soon. After, moonhigh, Bluestar announces her choice for deputy: Fireheart. Many cats are shocked that Bluestar didn't follow the sacred naming conventions, but life in the Clan goes on, and StarClan shows no sign that they are unhappy with this. Fireheart now realizes that his dream meant he would become deputy.
Cinderpaw goes to fetch some fresh-kill for Bluestar. She picks out a magpie, but when she picks it up, she sees that it is rotting and is covered in maggots. She says that this must be a sign from StarClan that Bluestar's leadership is deteriorating from the inside out.

Rising Storm

There is an unknown sickness in the ShadowClan camp, and Nightstar, the ShadowClan leader, is very sick. Runningnose, the medicine cat, is very worried about the Clan's future. He looks up at the skies, wondering if StarClan had abandoned ShadowClan. Suddenly, a single star sends a frail beam of light, and Nightstar draws in a long, steady breath. Runningnose concludes this is an omen from StarClan that they are with them after all. Suddenly an owl swoops down into the camp, smelling the sickness and trying to find easy prey. Runningnose steps outside to the wails of the Clan. The members ask if Nightstar is okay, and that he had only gotten his lives six moons ago. Runningnose replies that there is only so much strength StarClan give. He tells them he had heard from StarClan, and some cats ask if he heard of rain. Runningnose shakes his head, saying that a great new dawn awaits ShadowClan. In that star, StarClan had shown him their glorious future. The Clan shall do more than survive, they'll control the forest. The Clan rejoices, and Runningnose quietly hopes that don't ask about the owl, for the owl was to be interpreted as a dreadful warning StarClan had added: that the Clan must pay the highest possible price for their new dawn.
The ThunderClan elders discuss Fireheart's deputy ceremony. Quite a few agree that StarClan will punish ThunderClan for not choosing the deputy at the proper time. Dappletail frets that StarClan won't think well of a Clan whose deputy turned against it, and whose deputy was chosen after moonhigh. It looks as if they can't keep their cats loyal or hold proper ceremonies. Patchpelt adds that Fireheart's deputy-ship will be a dark time for ThunderClan.
When Fireheart sees Bramblekit, he goes to ask Cinderpelt if StarClan had spoken to her about his future, knowing that medicine cats study Silverpelt at the time of a cat's birth. Cinderpelt awkwardly murmurs that StarClan doesn't share everything with her. Fireheart tries to get her to say more, but she only says that his destiny will be as important as of any kit born to the Clan.
Bluestar tells Fireheart that she must speak with StarClan. Fireheart disagrees, but Bluestar insists that either he come with him or she goes on her own. Finally, Fireheart and Bluestar attempt to travel to Highstones. On the way, they are stopped by a WindClan patrol led by Mudclaw. Bluestar stubbornly says that StarClan grants them safe passage. The WindClan warriors still do not let them pass, and eventually, Fireheart and Bluestar return to camp. On the way back, Bluestar murmurs that StarClan does not want to share dreams with her, and she wonders why that are so angry with her Clan.
At a Gathering, Leopardfur tells Fireheart that StarClan has blessed their nursery since they have so many new kits. Spottedleaf comes to Fireheart in a dream, giving him the prophecy, "Beware an enemy who never sleeps," Fireheart misinterprets this prophecy, thinking she is speaking of the ShadowClan cats and sickness on ThunderClan territory when Spottedleaf really means to beware of Tigerclaw as he is still lurking in the forest.
A fire destroys most of ThunderClan's territory, and Bluestar loses her faith in StarClan, saying there is no reason to honor her warrior ancestors anymore. Fireheart tries to persuade her, but she decides that StarClan has turned their backs on her and declares war against her warrior ancestors.

A Dangerous Path

Tigerstar appears as the leader of ShadowClan, saying that StarClan has named him Nightstar's successor. When Fireheart meets with Mistyfoot, she tells him she's afraid Graypool will go to StarClan soon.
Bluestar continues distrusting StarClan, saying that StarClan had told her fire would save the Clan. Instead fire had destroyed it. Cinderpelt says that she had an urgent dream from StarClan. In the dream, she was standing in the forest with something large crashing through the trees. Harsh voices were calling, but not of cats, and they were calling, "Pack, pack. Kill kill." Fireheart is disappointed that it isn't advice on how to deal with ShadowClan, and Cinderpelt says she might get more details on her journey to Highstones. On her journey to Highstones, she meets the other medicine cats and they all go together. Runningnose tells Fireheart that Nightstar never got his nine lives. Runningnose thinks that it was because StarClan thought that Brokentail was still the leader of ShadowClan. When Brokentail died, Nightstar was too weak to receive his nine lives.
Graypool dies of falling off a steep slope. Fireheart pays her respects to her, saying StarClan will welcome her. Bluestar now feels that Tallstar has allied with StarClan against her and her Clan. Crookedstar dies and Leopardstar receives her nine lives from StarClan. As more and more dead rabbits are found on ThunderClan territory, Bluestar announces to Tallstar that she will wage war on their camp for invading territory.
Spottedleaf and Yellowfang visit Fireheart in a dream. Together, they show him WindClan territory, telling him that this is where a "battle will not be fought and blood will not be spilled". Fireheart then comes up with a plan to stop the battle and to talk it out at Fourtrees. Bluestar and Tallstar then reach an agreement, and no battle is fought.
Bluestar then disappears from camp without warning any of her Clan, and travels to Mothermouth to share tongues with StarClan. They warn her of the "pack," saying that "it will bring more death and destruction than the forest has ever seen before."
Finally, Tigerstar sends the pack to attack ThunderClan, and ThunderClan stops them, Bluestar dying in the process and Firestar becoming leader. Bluestar goes to StarClan, and the book ends.

The Darkest Hour

ThunderClan agrees that it was the will of StarClan for Bluestar to die to save her Clan. Fireheart then travels to the Moonstone with Cinderpelt for his leadership ceremony. He receives his lives from Lionheart, Redtail, Silverstream, Runningwind, Brindleface, Swiftpaw, Yellowfang, Spottedleaf, and finally, Bluestar. Once Firestar receives his leader name, the ceremony is interrupted with chanting and by a pile of cat and prey bones rising out of the ground. Bluestar then gives him this prophecy: "Four will become two, Lion and Tiger will meet in battle, and Blood will rule the forest." Then blood flows out of the hill and he thinks he is going to be swept away by the rushing current. When he wakes up he imagines that he can still smell the stench of blood.
At the next Gathering, Tallstar and Firestar notice that RiverClan and ShadowClan are late. Tallstar looks up at the sky, and notes that StarClan is angry, as clouds are spreading across the sky. Finally ShadowClan and RiverClan arrive, and Tigerstar comes with the news that great change is to come to the Clans, and StarClan has told him ShadowClan must lead the Clans through it. He then tells ThunderClan and WindClan that all the Clans must unite as one under the name: TigerClan. RiverClan has already agreed to this, and Tigerstar says that ThunderClan and WindClan must join as well. Firestar is enraged and tries to tell the four Clans of Tigerstar's treachery, but the clouds StarClan had sent earlier cover the moon and Tigerstar takes this as a sign that the Gathering is over by the will of StarClan.
As the other Clans refuse to Tigerstar's plan, Tigerstar brings Scourge and BloodClan, a vicious Clan from the Twolegplace, into the forest, in order to convince Tallstar and Firestar to submit to his leadership. Tigerstar attempts to command BloodClan but Scourge then refuses to cooperate with Tigerstar. Now even more furious, Tigerstar attacks Scourge, but he is too powerful and then slashes a wound from Tigerstar's chin to his tail. The wound is so severe that even StarClan can not heal it, and he dies nine times, one life after the other. Scourge informs Firestar that the Clans have three days to decide whether they will come quietly and leave the forest or else they will meet BloodClan in battle on the fourth day.
Bluestar comes to Firestar in a dream and Firestar is mad at her and StarClan. He says that they sent the storm on the night of the Gathering and allowed Tigerstar to bring Scourge into the forest. He angrily asks if StarClan wants the Clans to be killed. Bluestar calmly replies that Firestar does not understand; StarClan does not rule the forest. Firestar is shocked, so Bluestar continues. StarClan cares for every cat in the forest, watching over them. They send omens and dreams to the medicine cats, but the storm was no doing of theirs. Tigerstar and Scourge rose through power because that is their nature. StarClan watches, but does not interfere. The forest cats are not the playthings of StarClan. She then tells him that his faith in StarClan will give Firestar the strength he'll need for the battle.
During the battle, Firestar fights Scourge who snarls that StarClan is a tale for fools. He lunges forward and takes one of Firestar's lives. He is then met by Bluestar and Whitestorm in StarClan, who inform him of his lost life. He then sees a faint outline of himself among the starry masses. Bluestar tells him that he can go back now, and the spirits of StarClan will go with him. Sure enough, starry cats join the fight, and Firestar kills Scourge, bringing peace to the forest.

In The New Prophecy arc


The prologue starts in StarClan, where there is to be a meeting. Bluestar starts by saying that a new prophecy has come, one that will change everything. The other cats of StarClan agree about this, too, and say they have seen it as well. Bluestar delivers the prophecy to StarClan: "Darkness, air, water, and sky will come together, and shake the forest to its roots." A few cats wonder if this great challenge can be overtaken by the Clans, and Bluestar replies that if the Clans treat this like warriors, they will surely survive. Bluestar then says that four cats must be chosen to hold the fate of the Clans in their hands. Oakheart begins for RiverClan and casts Feathertail onto the water. Bluestar asks if that cat is his final choice, and Oakheart says that she was finely mentored, and therefore his choice for RiverClan. StarClan mutters its assent, and Nightstar steps forward. He casts Tawnypelt's image on the surface, and Bluestar agrees that she is a good choice. Some cats say she might not be loyal, and Bluestar says that makes her a good choice because it could take a cat with two paws in two Clans to understand how to cooperate with the other cats. StarClan approves. Deadfoot steps forward for WindClan and Crowpaw's image appears on the water. Many cats are angry that he has chosen an apprentice, but Deadfoot calmly says that he has courage. The cats reluctantly assent, and Deadfoot goes back, angry. Bluestar says then that it is her time to nominate a warrior, and she casts Brambleclaw's image into the surface. The agreement comes, and Bluestar concludes the meeting. She says that the journey must soon begin, and the cats must go to their Clans to make sure they are ready to brave the hardships. StarClan can choose a warrior for each Clan, but beyond that, no other help can be provided. The spirits of StarClan go with them.
Brambleclaw has a dream that he is hunting, but he is interrupted by Bluestar, who tells him about the prophecy. He does not understand what she means, and tries to catch up to her, but she fades away. He thinks it unlikely that there is to be a new prophecy. Mothwing and her brother, Hawkfrost, are announced at a Gathering by Leopardstar as newly appointed warrior and medicine cat. Some cats are uneasy that rogues know nothing about StarClan, and wonder if StarClan will accept her. At that Gathering, Brambleclaw finds out that Tawnypelt had had the same dream as him, and that they should all go to Fourtrees.
At Fourtrees, the four cats meet, along with Stormfur and Squirrelpaw, to discuss what kind of trouble StarClan has for them. They can't reach a conclusion yet, but promise to keep each other posted. Brambleclaw has another dream. This time, he is drowning in water. He tries to tilt his head back, but only more water flows in to his mouth. This water is seemed to be very salty. When he wakes up, all he can taste is the foul taste of salt. He goes to Ravenpaw, who helps him interpret the dream, telling him that the sun-drown-place is real, and that it holds salty water.
They meet at Fourtrees to talk about this dream, and the cats get into an argument on whether to travel miles and miles to a place that they don't even know exists. When Cinderpelt is out collecting herbs with Leafpaw, she sees an omen from StarClan: a piece of Twoleg rubbish catches on fire when the sunlight gleams on it, and in the fire she sees a vision of a leaping tiger right before the fire dies out. She tells Firestar about this omen, and also her interpretation of it: that it includes fire, tiger, and danger to the forest, which can mean the daughter of Firestar and the son of Tigerstar might bring danger to the forest together. Firestar tries his hardest to separate the two, in fear of the destruction of ThunderClan. However, his effort fails, as Brambleclaw and Squirrelpaw then embark on the on the Journey to Midnight with the other chosen cats.
Mothwing explains that for a while, there was no sign making her the right choice for medicine cat. Mothwing thought that meant that StarClan had rejected her. Mudfur had told her to be patient, and Hawkfrost told her that she did not have to prove her loyalty to anyone but StarClan. He was right, for two dawns later, Mudfur found a moth's wing outside his den, and he interprets it as an omen that Mothwing was to be the next medicine cat apprentice.
StarClan preserves the link between Leafpaw and Squirrelpaw to keep communication. Tawnypelt soon gets her salt-water sign from StarClan, showing they are on the right track. Feathertail gets it, too, and this makes Crowpaw mad. At the end, Crowpaw gets his salt-water sign, and they find Midnight. She tells them that they must go back to their Clans and convince them to leave the forest to find a new home, as Twolegs are planning to destroy it to make a large Thunderpath. This message from StarClan is to guide them back.


It is discovered that the members of StarClan are not the only warrior ancestors in the sky; the mountain Tribe, the Tribe of Rushing Water, has their own set of ancestors, the Tribe of Endless Hunting.
Blackstar says that the previous sickness was a punishment from StarClan for not having a properly chosen leader. Therefore, there is no harm in eating food from Carrionplace. Littlecloud disagrees, but Blackstar quiets him. The Clans continue in turmoil, thinking their representatives are gone and StarClan is not sending them any answers. The six cats know they have to get StarClan's message back to the forest before it is destroyed.
Feathertail dies trying to save the Tribe, and she now walks with the Tribe and StarClan.


After the six questing cats come back, they see that the Great Rock has been turned over. Squirrelpaw is grief-stricken, and Brambleclaw comforts her by saying it was StarClan's will. After being reunited with the Clan, they are pleased and shocked to hear StarClan has spoken, even if only to six cats. Brambleclaw and Squirrelpaw tell the story of the Journey to Midnight, and tell them the prophecy, "A dying warrior will lead the way."
Squirrelpaw then gets a message from StarClan showing where Leafpaw is. The Clans set up a trap for the Twolegs, and soon rescue the missing cats. Clan life continues harshly, and Hollykit dies, leaving to StarClan.
No new sign is shown, and the Clans are doubtful that StarClan is even with them anymore. Later, StarClan reveals the path to the new territory, by showing a "dying warrior." The dying warrior turned out to be a shooting star, as Squirrelpaw discovered, which showed the Clans where to go. All four Clans consent to leaving, and the Great Journey begins. In the mountains, Spottedleaf visits Leafpaw and tells her that StarClan is always watching the Clans.


The StarClan cats have finally found their new home, and reside by the waterside of a large, sparkling pool. Spottedleaf reaches the pond first, and purrs with satisfaction that this is the best place. Bluestar comes next, and says that when they chose for the Clans, they chose well. However, the Clans still have a hard task ahead of them. Spottedleaf nods, adding that their courage and faith will be tried to their limits, but since they have come so far, they will not give up. The rest of the StarClan cats appear. One of them says that their journey was hard too, and another responds that they have felt the pain of leaving the paths they have walked on for so long. Spottedleaf bravely says they must learn to walk in new skies, and must show their medicine cats this new meeting place. Only then will this become a place for all five Clans. The cats rejoice in all the prey there is to find around the lake, but Bluestar uneasily says there's more to life than fresh-kill. Oakheart says they're not kits, but Bluestar snaps that the Clans bring troubles within themselves.
At this moment, Midnight arrives and says that the greatest trouble comes from within. Bluestar and Spottedleaf thank Midnight for all she has done with the journey. Midnight modestly says that it is the Clans they have to thank. Spottedleaf agrees, and adds that the Clans kept going, even when StarClan had no watch on them. They have been through thick and thin, and it will be hard for them to split into four Clans again. The cats agree, and say that the loyal cats will have to fight for the well-being of their Clans. One mysteriously adds that it is fine, as long as it is their Clan they're fighting for, and not themselves. Nightstar then looks into the pond, and says that's where the trouble lies. He sees one cat hungry for power that is not yet deserved. Crookedstar disagrees, but Nightstar wisely replies that power is something that needs to be earned.
Yellowfang then arrives, and says she has seen what will happen, and that trouble lies ahead. Bluestar asks her what that's supposed to mean. Yellowfang hesitantly replies that she is not certain, but "Before there is peace, blood will spill blood, and the lake will run red." After she says this, a red stain blossoms on the lake, and the cats are shocked. Spottedleaf stares into the water, and Bluestar gently tells her that she shouldn't search too hard for what will happen to Firestar, as sometimes, there is nothing even StarClan can do to help. Spottedleaf hisses that she would protect Firestar with the power of StarClan, but Bluestar reminds her that sometimes, even that much is not enough. After this ominous reply, Midnight leaves, and the StarClan cats vanish.
Leafpaw thinks that there is an important part for Crowfeather laid out by StarClan, but she's not sure what. The medicine cats gather to discuss if this is really the right place they are meant to be. Cinderpelt says that she's sure since she saw StarClan's reflections in the lake. Barkface and Littlecloud start wondering where they are supposed to contact StarClan, and Leafpaw suggests that there might be another place like the Moonstone. Mothwing agrees, and adds that while they're waiting for StarClan to show it to them, they might as well continue caring for their Clans.
Soon, the Clans try to decide where to meet for Gathering every full moon. Mothwing suggests the Island, but this idea is immediately scrapped. Littlecloud says that StarClan will show them a place by the next full moon. Soon, Tallstar is about to die, and he appoints Onewhisker deputy before StarClan. Right after, he dies, and leaves to go to StarClan. Onewhisker is left to be made leader, and Mudclaw angrily argues. The matter comes up that he has no place to get his nine lives, and the Clans hope StarClan will show up soon.
Tigerstar visits Brambleclaw, and he asks him if he has a message from StarClan. Tigerstar angrily replies that he does not walk with StarClan. There are more skies than Silverpelt, and more hunting grounds that even StarClan does not know of. Leopardstar claims the Island as her territory, and Firestar tells her that is by next moon, StarClan has no sign of making that their Gathering place, she can have the Island.
Leafpaw gets a dream from Spottedleaf, who shows her where to find the new Moonstone. Leafpaw asks Sorreltail to go with her, and Sorreltail follows Leafpaw, who is following Spottedleaf, to the new Moonstone, which is a beautiful pool. The cats of StarClan are all waiting around the pool, and Leafpaw urgently searches for Graystripe, but does not find him. Leafpaw sees Larchkit, Hollykit and Shrewpaw in StarClan and decides to tell Ferncloud that her kits were safe in StarClan. Leafpaw speaks to Bluestar, who tells her that Clan leaders must come to this new place to receive their nine lives and medicine cats must meet there.
Yellowfang gives Leafpaw the prophecy "Blood will spill blood, and the lake will run red." Soon, there is a rebellion led by Mudclaw against Onewhisker. During the rebellion, StarClan sends lightning down to crash a tree to kill Mudclaw, but to also create an entrance to the Island, signaling the Clan's new Gathering place.


Once again, the prologue starts in StarClan. Cinderpelt is there, sharing tongues with them, and StarClan tells her that she will be joining them soon. She yells that there must be some mistake, and Bluestar softly says that even though there is much she has to do, she knows it must be hard for her. Cinderpelt grieves, and Bluestar says that she has served her Clan more faithfully than others do in a very long lifetime. Cinderpelt regains herself, and says no one has to apologize. Bluestar adds that her Clan owes much to her. Tallstar speaks up, correcting her by saying all the Clans, including StarClan owe her greatly. Without her, none of StarClan would have found their new home. Cinderpelt thanks him, and other cats add that if they could change her fate, they would. However, not even StarClan can turn along the paws of destiny, no matter how much they want to. Cinderpelt understands, and asks if they know when she will die. Bluestar shakes her head and says StarClan can't see the future so clearly, but when her time comes, they will be waiting. The cats encourage her, and say that she will be honored for moons. Cinderpelt bravely says StarClan has always been with her. Tallstar is surprised, especially since her life has been so hard. To back up her words, Cinderpelt adds that if she were to re-live her life, she wouldn't change a single day. She tells the cats not to grieve, as she knows her Clan will be in good hands after she is gone. The cats nod, and they leave her at the edge of the Moonpool.
Onestar visits StarClan, and they give him his leader name and nine lives. It is now known that Mothwing doesn't believe in StarClan, and cannot communicate with them as all the other medicine cats can.
Leafpaw soon gets her medicine cat name: Leafpool. She meets Feathertail in a dream, and she asks Leafpool to send a message on to Mothwing. Leafpool recalls how Mothwing had revealed her lack of faith in StarClan. Leafpool is scared when the spirit came to her, because she thinks that Feathertail will be angry about the young medicine cat's affections for Crowfeather. Feathertail reassures Leafpool, saying she wants Crowfeather to be happy, and that it is possible for him to love more than one cat in his lifetime. Leafpool tells Feathertail that Mothwing is really good with the healing herbs and that she wanted to believe in StarClan when she was an apprentice. Leafpool then asks if Mudfur's moth's-wing sign wasn't true and Feathertail replies that she can't expect to understand signs that were given to another cat. Feathertail then tells Leafpool that the message is urgent; RiverClan will face danger from Twolegs. Leafpool promises to tell Mothwing and Feathertail then fades away.
At the Moonpool, the medicine cats dream of danger. After waking, Littlecloud suggests they should discuss them, because they are much more confusing than usual. He shudders as he explains about a voice fore telling death and danger in the dream. Barkface grunts that StarClan didn't give away much tonight, and reminds them that they must keep a look out for signs from StarClan. Leafpool worries that she has lost her connection with StarClan after she doesn't receive dreams like all the other medicine cats (excluding Mothwing), because she is in love with Crowfeather.
Minnowkit persuades her siblings, Tumblekit and Pebblekit, to explore the RiverClan territory, and they come across a foul-smelling puddle near a giant Twoleg thing (most likely oil). Minnowkit dares her siblings to drink the liquid before also lapping some up herself. Eventually, Tumblekit dies from the poisoning because they were too late, though Pebblekit, Minnowkit and Dawnflower survive.
At the next half-moon, Littlecloud tells the other medicine cats he's been having the same dream over and over, and that it always foretells danger. He asks the others if they have a clearer sign, and also says it couldn't have been ShadowClan's trouble with the kittypets, since it was quickly dealt with.
Leafpool gets recurring dreams about the Blood prophecy. Leafpool and Crowfeather elope, and Sorreltail begins to have her kits. While she is kitting, badgers begin to attack the camp. She defends them as well as she can, but it is useless. Midnight then tells Crowfeather and Leafpool about the happenings back at the camp. Cinderpelt is severely wounded when she is trying to help Sorreltail with her kitting, and Leafpool runs in just as she is about to die. Cinderpelt tells Leafpool that she knew she was going to die, and that she's okay with it, because she knows that the Clan will be well cared for. She then leaves to join the ranks of StarClan, and the Clan grieves.
The repetitive dreams about sharp claws and teeth glimpsed along with a voice whispering that death and danger are coming by Littlecloud, Cinderpelt, and Barkface come true after the badger attack. Badgers were going to attack the Clans, starting with ThunderClan, and many cats were going to die.


Leafpool dreams of three stars shining brighter than the others in the sky. Bluestar, Spottedleaf, and Lionheart have sent this vision because the three stars represent three cats Leafpool had yet to meet (most likely her coming kits) who would shape her destiny when she did meet them. Right after this, she sees a vision of two sets of paw prints merging into a single path. She interprets this to mean Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight's destiny can not be ceased by any cat.
Leafpool is very upset that she has not seen Cinderpelt in StarClan, worried that she is angry that Leafpool left, which resulted in her death. Because she is so distraught about this, Spottedleaf shows Leafpool in a dream that Cinderpelt was reborn to life as Cinderkit, one of Sorreltail's kits. She is still alive with a second chance to become a warrior like she wanted when she was Firestar's apprentice.
Yellowfang, along with Bluestar and Lionheart, visit Leafpool in a dream, telling her that she will travel down a path that few medicine cats has ever traveled, but the cats of StarClan could not reveal her future. The three of them give Leafpool the strength to make it. At a Gathering, Mothwing says that she had a dream. It was that she was fishing in the stream and two pebbles didn't belong in the stream. The pebbles then washed away and the stream flowed normally again. The cats from all Clans are confused. Leopardstar demands to know what the dream means and Hawkfrost jumps up before Mothwing can speak. He says that there are obviously two things in RiverClan that don't belong and that they should leave. Voletooth speaks up and says that the two pebbles might be Stormfur and Brook. Hawkfrost growls that StarClan would be angry if they let Stormfur and Brook stay in RiverClan. Mothwing begs him to stop and says that she doesn't know exactly what her dream means and that she should wait for another. Hawkfrost glares at her and Leopardstar says that they won't do anything until Mothwing knows more.
RiverClan wants to change the boundaries in order to get more land. Leopardstar says so at a Gathering, and this causes discrepancies between the Clans. They become very hostile and almost start fighting until StarClan covers the moon. Barkface translates this as a sign that the boundaries must stay where they are, and the cats dispatch. Leafpool sees a butterfly's wing getting torn off. This leads her to correctly interpreting that Hawkfrost had torn off a moth's wing and put it outside the medicine cat's den so that his sister, Mothwing, could be the new medicine cat.
Mothwing chooses Willowpaw as an apprentice, and Leafpool wonders if StarClan approves of her choice. Firestar finally acknowledges Graystripe as dead, and says he will appoint the new deputy soon. Leafpool sees a vision of the ThunderClan camp surrounded by high walls of bramble, with claws instead of thorns, and tells Firestar. The brambles surrounding the ThunderClan camp represent Brambleclaw, and that he would keep his Clan safe, meaning he was the rightful deputy for ThunderClan. Firestar then chooses him as deputy.
Mothwing brings Willowpaw to the Moonpool to officially become a medicine cat apprentice. Leafpool is worried if StarClan will accept the apprentice of a cat that didn't believe in them, but Willowpaw gets accepted all the same.

In the Power of Three arc

The Sight

When Jaykit is injured and is asleep in Leafpool's den, he struggles to wake but he hears Spottedleaf telling him to lie still, she says he is safe when he asks about Hollykit and Lionkit she says they are fine. She then gives him a leaf with water for him to drink and he falls asleep.
Willowpaw and Mothwing visit the camp, and when they get ready to leave, Hollykit asks Willowpaw how to become a medicine cat apprentice. When Willowpaw leaves, Hollykit tells Leafpool she wants to be her apprentice, and she says she'll ask Firestar. Lionkit and Jaykit don't understand why Hollykit would want to be a medicine cat when she could be a warrior, but Hollykit sticks with her decision. However, Hollypaw does not do well, and soon gives up the life of a medicine cat to become a warrior.
That night, Jaypaw dreams that he is in the Dark Forest. Tigerstar and Hawkfrost appear, and tell him that they can teach him to be a great warrior despite his blindness. Jaypaw is briefly tempted, but Spottedleaf appears from StarClan, and takes Jaypaw away from the Dark Forest. She then tells him that he wasn't destined to be a warrior, but a medicine cat. Jaypaw argues with her, but then realizes that she is right. Luckily, his sister had already decided that she would make a better warrior, rather than a medicine cat, for she was far better at the fighting moves than the memory of herbs. After telling Leafpool, he becomes the she-cat's new apprentice.
When they visit the Moonpool, StarClan greets them, but does not have anything too important to say. Spottedleaf interrupts Jaypaw's conversation with Tigerstar and Hawkfrost. She tells him that he has great power, and Jaypaw wonders what she means. She doesn't give him a direct answer, making him mad. She then softens and tells him that he can go where even StarClan cannot, and he must use this for the good of the Clan.
Later, Tallstar comes to Barkface in a dream, saying dogs will soon invade WindClan territory. Barkface dips his head respectfully and says that he will tell Onestar. Later, it was found that Jaypaw, ThunderClan's medicine cat apprentice, was secretly listening to the conversation between the two cats.
Jaypaw uses his powers to see into the dream of Firestar, and learns of a prophecy an old cat had made to Firestar, stating, "There will be three, kin of your kin, who hold the power of the stars in their paws." Jaypaw realizes that the three kin of Firestar must be him, Lionpaw and Hollypaw.

Dark River

Jaypaw now has proof that Mothwing has no connection with StarClan.
When Hollypaw goes missing, Jaypaw dreams that she went to RiverClan to find out what was wrong. Leafpool's concerned about this power of his. He also shares dreams with Cinderpaw, and finds out that she is the reincarnation of Cinderpelt, and that she has no clue that she is. He tries many times to see if she remembers, but is stopped by his mentor, Leafpool.
When Jaypaw enters Willowpaw's dream, Yellowfang catches him and tells him off, and the two cats argue. He tells her she has no right to accuse him of spying when she keeps turning up in all his dreams. Jaypaw asks her if she can stop him. Yellowfang does not respond, leading Jaypaw to believe that even StarClan can't stop him.
Lionpaw makes friends with a WindClan apprentice Heatherpaw and they secretly play in some tunnels. When the tunnels flooded and Jaypaw, Lionpaw, Hollypaw, Breezepaw, Heatherpaw, Sedgekit, Swallowkit, and Thistlekit are trapped inside, StarClan was powerless to help them. It was only with the help of Fallen Leaves and Rock that they survived.


Jaypaw wants to talk to Rock, but knows he isn't in StarClan. Jaypaw twitches his tail, thinking that StarClan isn't important after all. They're just a bunch of cats who had moved on to another place. Since he and two others are more powerful than the stars, he shouldn't waste time walking with them in his dreams. Instead, he should focus on finding the ancient cats who first walked at the Moonpool.
Later, Jaypaw tells Hollypaw about Rock and Fallen Leaves. When he goes to the Moonpool, he believes Rock would speak to him, which ends up being true. Jaypaw ends up seeing StarClan and when he and Leafpool are following Feathertail, he spots the old Healer under a bush.
When the journeying cats reach the mountains, Jaypaw wonders if StarClan can see them there. He knows that one day he will have more power than StarClan, but he still feels exposed and vulnerable under and indifferent sky.[66]
When a Tribe of Endless Hunting ancestor leads Jaypaw to other Tribe of Endless Hunting members, they recall the prophecy, and Jaypaw realizes that they and StarClan know.[67]
Rock appears to Jaypaw at the Tribe of Rushing Water's cavern. He explains to Jaypaw that the prophecy foretelling the destiny of Jaypaw and his littermate, Lionpaw, but not Hollypaw, came from when all three Tribes lived beside the Lake.
When Brambleclaw tells the Tribe cats that they will speak to their leader under a truce, Hollypaw tells the protesting Tribe cats that the Clans have a truce every full moon, and Lionpaw adds that StarClan would be angry if any cat fought at that time. Pebble asks if they think the trespassers know about StarClan or the Tribe of Endless Hunting.[68]
When Stripes refuses to listen to the Tribe cats about setting up borders, Hollypaw prays for StarClan to help them and show them what to do, even though she is unsure if StarClan can even hear her under the different skies.[69]
Right before Hollypaw and Lionpaw leave to go fight against the intruding cats, Jaypaw warns them to be careful, as StarClan don't watch over them there.[21] As the cats who will fight approach the intruding cats' camp, a cloud covers the moon, and Lionpaw frets that StarClan is angry because they are breaking the full moon truce. However, he remembers that StarClan don't walk those skies.[70]
After the battle, as Jaypaw is about to explain the prophecy to his littermates, he says that StarClan, the Tribe of Endless Hunting, and Rock have all been waiting for them.[71]


In the prologue, Spottedleaf is seen chasing a mouse, and accidentally disturbing a flea-infested Yellowfang. Whitestorm comes to join them, and Spottedleaf asks Whitestorm if Bluestar was with him, and he said she was a minute ago. Then, Bluestar enters telling them all that she would've came sooner if Tallstar wasn't fretting and had stopped her. She tells them all that Tallstar was worrying over Hollypaw, Lionpaw, and Jaypaw, and that the prophecy has gotten under his pelt like a tick. Bluestar starts arguing with Yellowfang over whether to tell Hollypaw, Lionpaw, and Jaypaw the truth. Bluestar thinks it should be kept a secret, but Yellowfang thinks they should tell them. She complains about the prophecy that was given to Jaypaw and later shared with Hollypaw and Lionpaw. She also says that StarClan should tell Jaypaw, Hollypaw, and Lionpaw the "truth." Yellowfang argues with Bluestar for a bit, voicing her opinion, but Bluestar knows if they continue arguing, they will fight. She asks Spottedleaf if she agrees with the secrecy and hen Spottedleaf says yes, she asks why Yellowfang was so worried about it. Bluestar says that she understands Yellowfang's fears, but for now, they were to keep it a secret. Yellowfang is the only one in StarClan that knows that the eclipse is coming. She is also the one to say that StarClan is defeated. Yellowfang states that she feels that something's wrong and that there is a darkness coming that StarClan couldn't prevent, and that they would be helpless to protect the Clans, even themselves.
Before the medicine cats share tongues with StarClan, Mothwing grants Willowpaw her formal medicine cat name, Willowshine. When Jayfeather enters Littlecloud's dream, Runningnose, his mentor and the previous ShadowClan medicine cat, is seen approaching him and asking him questions. Littlecloud blurts out that Blackstar, his leader, asks Russetfur, the ShadowClan deputy, to do everything for him, and is saying that he wonders if StarClan meant to bring them to the lake at all. Runningnose warns Littlecloud that Blackstar is losing his faith in StarClan and Littlecloud must help him regain his faith.
Sol is found on the ThunderClan border, waiting for a patrol. When he asks if he can be taken back to ThunderClan camp, the bewildered patrol agree to. When they arrive, Firestar rejects Sol, but then Sol says he has some news he must share with the Clan medicine cat. He goes out into the forest with Leafpool and her apprentice, Jaypaw. Sol warns them that a darkness was coming, meaning the eclipse. He offends Leafpool when he questions StarClan's authority, and is escorted to the WindClan border. All four Clans start fighting, and immediately after, the sun falls into an eclipse, causing WindClan, RiverClan, and ShadowClan to panic and retreat to their own territories. The Clans think this is StarClan's way of showing unhappiness, but StarClan had no power over it.
Sol uses the eclipse as evidence to convince Blackstar that StarClan was powerless. Sol accompanies Blackstar to a Gathering, where they tell the rest of the Clans that ShadowClan has given up on StarClan as well as the warrior code and won't be attending the Gatherings anymore. Littlecloud finds it hard to believe the loner's words when Sol challenges StarClan's existence.

Long Shadows

In the prologue, Thunder, Wind, Shadow, and River gather together in StarClan with Midnight the badger, and discuss Sol. They express constant worry because Sol is a danger to the Clans, because he had convinced Blackstar and the rest of his Clan that StarClan isn't real.
As explained above, Sol has convinced Blackstar and the rest of his Clan that StarClan didn't exist, causing Tawnypelt, Flamepaw, Tigerpaw, and Dawnpaw, to leave ShadowClan and come to ThunderClan, seeking shelter. Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, and Jaypaw use their knowledge of ShadowClan territory to create a fake sign from StarClan - but as Jaypaw pretends to be a real StarClan cat, two actual StarClan cats, Runningnose and Raggedstar, appear, telling Blackstar, whom calls himself Blackfoot now, that he must restore faith in StarClan. Blackfoot agrees, and changes his name to Blackstar.
When an outbreak of greencough threatens ThunderClan and no catmint is available, Brightspirit, Braveheart, and Shiningheart from StarClan appear to Jaypaw in a dream. Brightspirit tells him to find catmint in the moor, on WindClan territory, and as Jaypaw succeeds but using Kestrelpaw and Lionblaze in the process, he earns his medicine cat name, Jayfeather.


In the prologue, Bluestar and Yellowfang are seen arguing about the truth revolving Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather, and Yellowfang blames Bluestar for the aftermath of the Clan for the secret. Yellowfang tells her that if the secret comes out, the Clan she loves will be destroyed.
After Jayfeather finds out that instead of Squirrelflight, Leafpool is their mother, Yellowfang comes to Jayfeather in a dream, giving him a feather, and telling him that StarClan was wrong not to tell him who he was a long time ago. Since the feather was a crow's feather, it tells Jayfeather who his real father is: Crowfeather.

In the Omen of the Stars arc

The Fourth Apprentice

In the time gap between Sunrise and this book, Barkface has peacefully died and joined the ranks of StarClan, while Leopardstar has lost her seventh and eight lives, her copy growing fuller in StarClan.
During the prologue, Bluestar, Yellowfang, Lionheart, and Spottedleaf discuss the prophecy of the Three, worried that they'll be wrong about the third this time, and Feathertail appears as well. Yellowfang later appears in a dream to Dovepaw telling her that she is a part of the prophecy, therefore the third Lionblaze and Jayfeather had searched for after their sister and the presumed third cat in the prophecy, Hollyleaf, died in the tunnels.
When Jayfeather follows Poppyfrost to the Moonpool and they are attacked by Breezepelt and a cat from the Place of No Stars, Honeyfern appears from StarClan and drives off Breezepelt and the mysterious attacker. She also tells Jayfeather to tell Poppyfrost that Berrynose truly loves her, but he is afraid of losing Poppyfrost like he lost Honeyfern.
After Lionblaze reveals the truth about him training in the Place of No Stars, the brothers begin to suspect that a war is coming between StarClan and the Dark Forest.

Fading Echoes

When Jayfeather visits the Moonpool, he tries to step into Flametail's dream, but Yellowfang meets him and takes him to another part of StarClan's hunting grounds. They discuss Jayfeather's suspicions that the Dark Forest is planning something, so they and Spottedleaf decide to visit the Dark Forest. Along the way they see Firestar, whom is a pale copy of five lives, and Yellowfang explains how leaders' lives go to StarClan as they lose them, but until their final life is lost, the lives will not be able to hear, touch, see, or speak to other StarClan cats.
They journey to the Dark Forest; upon entering, they encounter Brokenstar. Jayfeather sees Yellowfang’s memories and realizes that Brokenstar is her son. Spottedleaf gently suggests that Yellowfang leave, as the place was painful for her, and she travels back to StarClan. After Brokenstar disappears, Jayfeather and Spottedleaf travel on, finding Dark Forest cats who are battle training, including Darkstripe, Hawkfrost, and Shredtail. Tigerstar then appears to them, telling them that they are trespassing and that he is doing nothing wrong. The two eventually leave.

Night Whispers

Fernshade, Sagewhisker, Bluestar and Yellowfang are talking about the past, which includes Brokentail, Russetfur and the past battle with ShadowClan and ThunderClan. Sagewhisker blames Yellowfang for it all, saying that she should have stopped it, by sending a message to ThunderClan. Fernshade also blames Yellowfang for Russetfur's death. Moments later, Lionheart appears with Oakheart and Mudfur.
They discuss the Dark Forest and how they can't trust anyone. It is also mentioned that they don't know which cats the Dark Forest is training. Later on, Mudclaw joins them. Then the meeting ends and Fernshade goes to fetch Russetfur. Right before she leaves to fetch her, Yellowfang tells Fernshade to apologize to Russetfur for her.
Spottedleaf sends Jayfeather a dream, revolving around Ivypaw and the Dark Forest battle. The Dark Forest cats are attacking, killing Birchfall, Graystripe, and Millie, and once all the ThunderClan cats are dead, the Dark Forest cats gather around Ivypaw, the only cat who hasn't died or had been hurt, with victory in their eyes. Spottedleaf informs Jayfeather that she couldn't change anything.
When Flametail goes to the Moonpool without guidance by Littlecloud, as he is too sick, he gets a vision, from where flames appear around the pool with only ShadowClan ancestors, telling Flametail that war is coming, and that he and his Clan must trust no one expect for their ancestors and their Clanmates. Sagewhisker also explains that borders now separate StarClan, and the vision ends.

Sign of the Moon

Yellowfang doesn't want Jayfeather to go to the mountains, and she tries to talk him out of it. She gives up on trying to convince him, and the two go for a walk in StarClan's territory. Jayfeather says that there are a lot of fresh herbs there. He also says that some of the cats looked strong, with colors as vivid as if they were still alive. Others, he notes, look so faded, that the next breeze would blow them away.
While in StarClan, Jayfeather sees many cats, including Lionheart and Whitestorm, who are with a white queen and a small kit (which could possibly be Snowfur and Mosskit). Jayfeather also sees Crookedstar, Barkface and much to his sorrow, Flametail. As they walk on, Jayfeather also sees Ashfur, to his amazement and shock.
They continue to walk on, and Jayfeather is astonished at what he sees next, the whole of StarClan's forest, warm and inviting. Yellowfang says that all of this depends upon him, and that he's not just protecting the four Clans, but StarClan as well.

The Forgotten Warrior

Yellowfang meets Jayfeather on a windy peak in StarClan. She tells him that he must tell Cinderheart of her past because ThunderClan needs another medicine cat. Yellowfang denies the option of Leafpool because she is forbidden to use her medicine cat skills to help her Clan due to her past. Spottedleaf then goes to Leafpool in a dream and informs her of Yellowfang's wish in telling Cinderheart her past.
After Jayfeather reveals the truth about her past life as Cinderpelt to Cinderheart, Yellowfang comes to Jayfeather in a dream, angry at him for telling the truth and its consequences for having Cinderheart stop being a warrior, but Jayfeather objects by saying that he was only doing what she told him to do, and Yellowfang is flustered, saying that she might have been wrong about it.

The Last Hope

StarClan first appears in the prologue of the book, when Bluestar and Spottedleaf are shown meeting the ancient cats Slant, Half Moon, Broken Shadow, and Owl Feather. Bluestar announces upon arriving to the meeting that the cats are present to prepare for the end. Slant reveals that the prophecies concerning Firestar and, later, the three came originally from the Ancients, and wonders over whether the three will find the fourth. The cats are then joined by Rock and Midnight, and they all wonder if the Clans will walk alone in the final battle.
Jayfeather meets Yellowfang in the woods. The old cat mocks him for complaining about his destiny. When Jayfeather asks her to contact Flametail for him to get the ginger cat to tell Littlecloud about how he really died, Yellowfang refuses, saying she cannot cross into the ShadowClan section of StarClan. Jayfeather is skeptical, reminding her that she was born a ShadowClan cat, but the gray cat snaps, saying that she is ThunderClan only.
Soon after, Jayfeather goes to the Moonpool and is greeted by Brambleberry. Brambleberry tells Jayfeather that StarClan can no longer see the Clans through the darkness, and that StarClan fears for their safety.
Jayfeather goes to StarClan himself to find Flametail after being shown a sign by Mothwing in the form of a constantly burning reed. He is joined by Spottedleaf and, despite opposition from ThunderClan and ShadowClan cats, is eventually able to find Flametail. He convinces the cat to tell the truth about his death, and the cats unite each medicine cat to fill them in.
A while after, Jayfeather returns to StarClan with the other medicine cats. Each medicine cat goes to their respective Clan in StarClan and gathers up every cat to a single point in the middle. Jayfeather tells StarClan to unite against the enemy and shows them the Dark Forest.
StarClan later appears during the battle, able to become as solid as the Dark Forest cats and are able to inflict wounds. StarClan joins the fray and battles against the dark warriors. During the battle, Spottedleaf is lost when Mapleshade kills her. Eventually, the battle is won, and StarClan appears to collect Firestar's soul, along with Mousefur's, Hollyleaf's, and Ferncloud's, as well as the other dead cats from other Clans.

In the A Vision of Shadows arc

The Apprentice's Quest

At the half-moon medicine cat meeting, all the medicine cats except Mothwing found themselves in the same dream, even though they should be in different ones. A group of StarClan cats, leaded by Firestar, greets them.
When Sandstorm dies on the journey, she visits Alderpaw in StarClan.
More Coming Soon

Thunder and Shadow

Coming Soon

Shattered Sky

The prophecy "Clear the Sky" is mentioned many times. Alderheart gets a vision that Twigpaw and Violetpaw could be kin of SkyClan, which tempts Twigpaw to find them. After Onestar closes the WindClan border, Kestrelflight is not able to receive signs.

Coming Soon

Darkest Night

At the Moonpool meeting, the medicine dream a shared vision. They all dream that they are on a hilltop, and Leafpool suggests going to StarClan. Firestar interrupts her. Crookedstar asks the medicine cats where Mothwing and Willowshine are, and Leafpool explains that RiverClan has closed their borders. After a glance at Crookedstar, Firestar explains that the medicine cats have to bring RiverClan back immediately. Hollyleaf, Kinkfur, and Onestar appear, and Leafpool, Kestrelflight, and Puddleshine go talk with them. Firestar explains that Echosong has a prophecy for the medicine cats. Echosong delivers the prophecy: "The dark sky must not herald a storm." The medicine cats stop dreaming, and decide to not try to interpret it, but to report to their leaders.
At a makeshift meeting, the medicine cats explain what their leaders think. Puddleshine reports that Rowanstar thinks that the storm is SkyClan, and that he is focusing on SkyClan's border. Alderheart asks them if Rowanstar is the storm, but Jayfeather states that ShadowClan does not have enough cats to cause a storm. Kestrelflight reports that Harestar has stepped up patrols. Jayfeather states that he can't scent Leafpool, so the medicine cats decide to head towards SkyClan camp. On their journey, the medicine cats discuss StarClan's knowledge and if Willowshine or Mothwing could've gotten the prophecy.
They arrive, and Jayfeather asks Leafstar what her thoughts are on StarClan's prophecy. Leafstar states that she has had little time to think about the prophecy, as SkyClan is busy. Leafpool slides out of her den, and echoes what Leafstar says. Jayfeather explains what the other leaders are doing, and after a brief meeting with Twigpaw, the medicine cats leave.

River of Fire

When Alderheart visits the Moonpool, Cinderpelt emerges and talks to him. She tells him about her life - how she had been in love with Firestar, how she got hurt on the Thunderpath, and how she became a medicine cat. She adds that now that all five Clans are together once more, they must come together in order to grow.

The Raging Storm

Coming Soon

In The Broken Code arc

Lost Stars

Every time the medicine cats try and talk to their warrior ancestors, they don't receive a reply and only Shadowpaw hears one mysterious cat in the shadows, who tells him about eight codebreakers from all five Clans, including his mother Dovewing.

The Silent Thaw

When Shadowsight visits the Moonpool for clemency, he realizes in shock that the mysterious voice wasn't a StarClan cat, but the ghost of an evil individual masquerading as a StarClan warrior and that the medicine cat apprentice was merely a pawn.

Veil of Shadows

When Shadowsight visits the Dark Forest to rescue Bramblestar, he discovers that the reason why StarClan's connection to the living Clans has been severed is because some cat had built a den over a pool filled with stars.

Darkness Within

"There are things about StarClan we don't fully understand. If it's possible for Squirrelflight to return, why not Ashfur?"
―Tree at the Gathering Darkness Within, page chapter 1
In StarClan, Leafpool notes that all is peaceful there, although it is strange to live with cats who she had only heard of from nursery tales. Firestar notes that they still cannot see the living Clans, though Bluestar convinces him that warriors are resourceful, and will solve the problem. Tallstar objects to his, stating that the warrior code has been broken too many times, but Firestar retorts that it was a mistake to send the cat they did send down to the living Clans. At the Gathering, when answering how Ashfur could come back to the living world from StarClan, Tree acknowledges the fact that there are many things about StarClan that the Clans do not understand. In the Sisters' camp, the patrol explains to the Sisters about the Clans' situation. Bristlefrost informs the she-cats that the Clans had lost connection to StarClan. This causes Spotfur to ask about the Sisters' afterlife.

In the Super Editions

Moth Flight's Vision

When Moth Flight is sent out of her Clan, she travels with Micah and discovers the Moonstone. Not know as StarClan yet, she is given a prophecy to prove she will be a medicine cat.

Coming Soon

Crookedstar's Promise

Crookedkit meets Mapleshade, a cat he believes to be from StarClan but is actually from the Dark Forest. That night, he decides to travel to the Moonstone to find out why they could allow such cruelty to befall him. He never makes it to the Moonstone, and returns without seeing StarClan. Hailstar asks what StarClan said, and Crookedkit replies that without meeting StarClan, he found his answer anyway: his destiny is to be a RiverClan warrior no matter how long he has to wait. Brambleberry asks how he knew and if StarClan visited him. Crookedkit replies no, even though he thinks Mapleshade is a StarClan cat. Mapleshade lets him continue thinking she is from StarClan and trains him. One night when in the Dark Forest, Crookedpaw asks to see StarClan's territory. Mapleshade skillfully dodges this question, but lets him think that it is still StarClan.
When it is time to meet StarClan for real, Crookedpaw travels with Willowpaw and others. He touches his nose to the Moonstone, but gets to the Dark Forest instead of StarClan. Mapleshade sees him and tells him that this is what StarClan looks like. Crookedpaw is shocked as he doesn't see anything to hunt, and she tells him this is where the greatest of cats come after they die. Goosefeather arrives, and asks if this is the newcomer, and Mapleshade steers him away, sending him back to the Moonstone. When Pinestar stirs up trouble at a Gathering, StarClan sends a few wisps of clouds to block the moon until the fighting stops. When Brightsky and three of her kits die, the Clan thinks it is an omen for further loss. Brambleberry reassures Crookedjaw, telling him an omen feels different. He asks if StarClan's omens tell what is going to happen, and she replies that sometimes they tell you what's already happening in order to prepare for it. When Rainflower dies, Crookedjaw looks up at Silverpelt, apologizing to his mother. Shellheart says that he's sure she's looking down on him, regretting how much she missed.
Soon it is time to choose the new deputy of RiverClan, and the Clan is buzzing with excitement. Crookedjaw goes hunting, and brings back a squirrel with a crooked jaw. When the senior warriors see this, they conclude that StarClan must have sent this sign to make Crookedjaw the new deputy. When Crookedjaw meets Mapleshade again, she reveals that she sent the squirrel. Crookedjaw then finds out from Silverhawk and Thistleclaw that Mapleshade is really a cat from the Dark Forest.
Soon, Hailstar dies, and Crookedjaw is to be made the new leader of RiverClan. He then confesses to Brambleberry that StarClan did not send the sign, and that he shouldn't be the leader of RiverClan. He had made a promise to Mapleshade to be loyal to his Clan above all other things, without knowing this meant Mapleshade could take all of the cats that he loved. Brambleberry assures him that Mapleshade did not have that kind of control, and that all these hardships truly mean that he is to be leader.
StarClan makes its true first appearance during Crookedstar's leader ceremony in which he is given his nine lives by cats of their ranks. Crookedstar swears from that point on to only walk with RiverClan and StarClan, and not with the Dark Forest.
StarClan's hunting grounds is later seen in the short manga at the end of the book, when Crookedstar is standing at the edge of it and the Dark Forest's hunting grounds. He sees Silverstream walk to StarClan, and Mapleshade taunts him for it. However, he retorts that everyone he loved is now safe from her in StarClan.

Bluestar's Prophecy

In the prologue, as Bluestar fights the Dog Pack to save her Clan, she hears Oakheart calling to her from StarClan, guiding her through the water. At the end, she leaves to join him in StarClan.
WindClan scent has been found all over some squirrel blood inside ThunderClan territory, and Pinestar wonders whether to fight or not. He consults Goosefeather to see if there was any sign from StarClan, but Goosefeather says there was none. Pinestar then concludes that there will be no battle with WindClan since there is not enough proof. Later, when Goosefeather goes to the fresh-kill pile, he sees a vole with flattened fur. He cries out that this is an omen from StarClan, meaning WindClan is going to attack them, because it looked like the forest was flattened by wind. Pinestar agrees that StarClan has spoken, and they make plans to attack WindClan. Many warriors are skeptical on how to beat a big Clan, and Goosefeather then bursts out that there is catmint on the fur of the prey. He convinces Pinestar in thinking that to defeat WindClan, they must attack their medicine supply. They attack the following morning, and lose badly. Heatherstar says that StarClan would have never let them win, and ThunderClan returns home. Moonflower had died in the battle, and now walks in StarClan.
While Bluepaw is running from a fox, a burning branch falls right in front of her and it is extinguished by the rain. While Goosefeather is patching her up he says "You are like fire, Bluepaw, and you will blaze through the forest. But, beware, even the most powerful flames can be quenched by water." This is a prophecy from StarClan.
One day, Pinestar says that he needs to go to the Moonstone to talk to StarClan for very important reasons. He brings along Bluepaw with him. While Pinestar shares tongues with StarClan, Bluepaw sleeps and gets blessings from them. When it is morning, Pinestar comments that StarClan has been good to him. Soon afterward, Pinestar leaves the life of a warrior to become a kittypet, and Sunstar becomes the new leader with blessings from StarClan. However, he was only given eight lives because Pinestar left with his ninth and became a kittypet, never surrendering his ninth life and leader position. Snowfur dies afterward, and Featherwhisker wisely states that when StarClan calls, no medicine cat can stop them.
Tigerkit's siblings all die, with him being the the only survivor. Goosefeather is seen apologizing to StarClan, saying that Tigerkit should not have lived.
Bluestar is sure that she can see Snowfur and Moonflower in the stars watching over her with their expressions and opinions of whatever she's doing, speaking silently to her. Examples of this include after she had gone to meet Oakheart at Fourtrees and when she gave her kits to Oakheart and RiverClan.
When Bluefur is kitting, Snowfur's voice from StarClan encourages and helps her give birth to her kits. Later, Bluefur and Goosefeather see an omen: Thistleclaw drenched in blood. Thistleclaw's spiky pelt is gleaming. It oozes from his fur, drips from his whiskers, and stains the snow. No one else can see it except for Bluefur and Goosefeather. This is the path of ThunderClan if Thistleclaw is to lead. Seeing this convinces Bluefur to sacrifice her kits for the Clan.
When Bluefur sacrifices her kits, Mosskit dies and Snowfur takes her to StarClan.
When Bluefur has her leader ceremony she sees many StarClan cats. The only ones mentioned by name are the ones giving Bluestar her lives: Pinestar, Mumblefoot, Larksong, Sweetpaw, Sunstar, Goosefeather, Mosskit, Moonflower, and Snowfur. Many moons later, they give Spottedleaf a message: a shooting star. "Fire alone can save our Clan." Bluestar finds Rusty, and knows that Goosefeather was right; a fire would blaze through the Clan.

Firestar's Quest

At a Gathering, when SkyClan begs imploringly for the rest for the other Clans to help them, the ancient WindClan leader looks down at them scornfully. Larkwing, his medicine cat, says that StarClan won't be pleased if the four Clans drive SkyClan out. Swiftstar looks at his medicine cat and says that if that is the case, StarClan would be sending clouds to cover the moon. Other cats asks if StarClan really wants there to be five Clans in the forest, as there are only four oaks at Fourtrees. Cloudstar angrily admits defeat, and the ThunderClan leader wishes that StarClan go with them. Cloudstar snarls that from this day on, StarClan may go where they please, as they have betrayed SkyClan. He says that StarClan had allowed the Twolegs to destroy their home, and they look down while they are being driven out without saying a word. They had said that there would always be five Clans in the forest, but they lied. Therefore, Cloudstar swears never to look up at the stars - or StarClan, again, considering that they did not help them in their time of need.
A face starts haunting Firestar, and he thinks it's from StarClan. He tells Cinderpelt about these so-called "dreams" from StarClan, but Cinderpelt says she can't help, and he should consult StarClan himself. Firestar heeds her advice and goes to the Moonstone. There he meets Bluestar at StarClan who tells him about about SkyClan. Firestar is shocked by this revelation, and now knows that StarClan lied about there only ever being four Clans in the forest. Bluestar coldly says that SkyClan has gone and tells him to worry about ThunderClan. When Firestar asks if it's the will of StarClan to ignore suffering cats, Bluestar says that there are cats who would argue that there should not have been a fifth Clan in the forest at all, because there are four oaks at Fourtrees. This only disgusts Firestar, and he verbally lashes out at Bluestar before leaving.
Spottedleaf appears in a dream to tell Firestar more about SkyClan. She confirms that they did exist and she learned of their story after she had joined StarClan. When Firestar is confused about how StarClan could allow a whole Clan to leave the forest, Spottedleaf comforts him by saying that StarClan does not control everything within the forest. She also tells him that the SkyClan ancestors do not walk the same skies as those who walk in StarClan. Silverstream appears to Firestar in a dream, offering him a fish. After this dream Firestar is convinced to help SkyClan.
When Willowpelt dies, Firestar says that she'll be welcomed in StarClan. As Firestar meets the scattered cats of SkyClan, he starts to tell them about StarClan. Firestar and Sandstorm are worried about who the leader and medicine cat of the Clan will be, and Firestar reassures her that StarClan will send them a sign.
Spottedleaf appears in a glowing cat form in the SkyClan medicine cat den and gives them a burdock root to help cure a rat bite. She then tells Sandstorm that Firestar really does love her. As she passes Firestar she says that she would give anything for things to be different (that she wouldn't be a medicine cat).
Firestar has a dream from Cloudstar, SkyClan's past leader, saying that a kittypet who dreams of their warrior ancestors, but had not yet heard of the Clan, would become their new medicine cat. When she meets Firestar and Sparrowpaw he is asking Oscar about the dreams. Echo then appears and tells Firestar that she thinks he is looking for her. She then tells him that she has dreams of cats with stars in their fur. Oscar calls Echo mad for joining SkyClan, who were also angry with him. Oscar's words do not shake her decision, and decides to join SkyClan to be the medicine cat.
The medicine cat, Echosong, soon gets a message from their ancestors that Leafdapple is to be the leader of SkyClan. She is shown a vision of leaves dappling the ground. In Leafstar's leader ceremony, Redstar, Birchstar, Dawnstar, and Swiftstar appear from StarClan and apologize to Cloudstar for not allowing SkyClan to stay. They each give her a life, as well as Cloudstar, Birdflight, Skywatcher, Leafstar's mother, and Spottedleaf.
As Skywatcher dies he passes on the ancient prophecy to Firestar. "There will be three, kin of your kin, who hold the power of the stars in their paws."

SkyClan's Destiny

In the prologue, as the rats have defeated ancient SkyClan, many warriors doubt whether StarClan is watching over them, as they would have never let the rats come if they knew. Brackenheart, the medicine cat, is asked if he has received any signs from StarClan. He answers that he feels nothing but guilt and sadness from the ancestors; guilt because they let SkyClan be driven away, and sadness because SkyClan would now come to an end. Spiderstar now acknowledges that they should have never looked at StarClan again after being driven from the forest, and the last of ancient SkyClan disband.
In one of Leafstar's dreams, StarClan appears, whispering a prophecy: "Greenleaf will come, but it will bring even greater storms than these. SkyClan will need deeper roots if it is to survive." Leafstar wakes up and enters one of the new SkyClan dens. Spottedleaf from StarClan appears saying that "Your cats will be safe in here." Leafstar is confused and asks if she is dreaming; Spottedleaf replies that she is asleep to her Clanmates. Spottedleaf then states that SkyClan must be doing well to need new dens.
Leafstar dozes into another of her disturbing dreams. This time, water rushes over all the cats in the gorge, and SkyClan is gone again, indicating again that greater storms will arrive.
Echosong wishes for Frecklepaw, a daylight warrior, to be her apprentice, and Leafstar asks if StarClan has sent a sign. Echosong says no, but adds that Frecklepaw is perfect for the job anyway. Leafstar silently doesn't agree, since medicine cats must have a special bond with StarClan, and daylight warriors return to the housefolk at night instead of staying with SkyClan. After being questioned again, Echosong still she hasn't, after which Sharpclaw retorts that there won't be. She then leaves the Gathering place, giving Sharpclaw an icy glare on the way.
When Leafstar has a dream, she meets Spiderstar, Brackenheart, Bluestar, Spottedleaf, Snowfur, Whitestorm, and Skywatcher. Skywatcher is noted as being tall, strong, and thick-pelted. He tells Leafstar that all five Clans have gathered to celebrate SkyClan. Leafstar is separated from him during the StarClan hunt.

Tigerheart's Shadow

A guardian cat, Spire, is able to communicate with StarClan, although he does not know of the fact.
After he dies due to his injuries, Tigerheart is allowed access into StarClan. He is greeted by his father and sister, Rowanclaw and Dawnpelt. He is overjoyed to see them, but is saddened at the revelation that they have died. Rowanclaw informs his son that his time is not over yet, and shows him a passage in the clouds. Tigerheart looks, and sees his patrol carrying his corpse back the lake. Tigerheart, confused, wonders why, since he was dead. Eventually, they arrive at the Moonpool, and Puddleshine decides to place Tigerheart in the paws of StarClan. Rowanclaw explains to Tigerheart that he is going to be brought back to reunite ShadowClan, much to Tigerheart's shock. Rowanclaw gives him his first life, also replacing the one he lost. Tigerheart receives his other eight lives, and becomes Tigerstar. Tigerstar is revived, and although shaken from the fact of being dead, he reforms ShadowClan.

Known members


Ashfur[74] (formerly)
Blue Whisker[78]
Lightning Tail[109]
Snowbush[blog 1]
Spiderleg[blog 2]
Spottedleaf[123] (faded)
Squirrelflight[124] (temporarily)


Bluebellkit[blog 3]
Bubbling Stream[78]
Spikefur[blog 4]
Sun Shadow[163]
Tigerstar[164] (resurrected)


Dust Muzzle[78]
Gray Wing[176]
Moth Flight[179]
Willow Tail[189]


Pricklekit[blog 5]
Spider Paw[78]


The Early Settlers

Ancient Tribe



Cats of unknown origins or Clans



Author statements

  • Kate Cary suspects that StarClan cats who were important, like for prophecies, get reincarnated once they fade from StarClan. She says, however, that there isn't any proof for that yet.[244]
  • Kate will let fans chose what happens to StarClan cats after they fade away: disappear in oblivion or become part of a second StarClan and so on.[245] She also approves with the idea that they "retreat to a remote place and no longer visit dreams once they're forgotten."[246]
    • However, Vicky states that StarClan cats are gone forever after they fade.[247]
  • Kate thinks that StarClan only exists because warriors invented them.[248]
  • Kate believes that everything is forgiven in StarClan.[249]
  • Authors originally said that StarClan and the Tribe of Endless Hunting would not meet again.[37] However, this is proven false, as StarClan, the Tribe, and the Ancients all meet in the prologue of The Last Hope.[250]

Interesting facts

  • StarClan is first featured towards the end of The First Battle, and includes cats such as Turtle Tail, Shaded Moss, Rainswept Flower, and many other victims who have died prior to the battle with Clear Sky. The cats shown here are from the very beginnings of what the modern Clans call StarClan,[251] although they are not addressed as such yet.
  • StarClan was named by Moth Flight.[252]


  • During Into the Wild, Graypaw accidentally says StarClan is a tribe.[1]
  • In Long Shadows, StarClan was called ShadowClan.[253]

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