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In the Dawn of the Clans arc

The Blazing Star

Although she is unnamed at this point, Star Flower appears at the four oaks that the cats have gathered at. When Wind Runner asks what the starry cats' warning could mean, she confidently suggests that maybe it isn't a real claw, but a riddle. Gray Wing turns around to see her staring boldly into his eyes, who he was sure hadn't been there before. He asks where she came from and if she came from Clear Sky's group, but she doesn't answer and Clear Sky takes no notice of her. Afterwards, Thunder stares at her bashfully and she walks over to stand in front of him, her tail flicking. She tells him that she'd been dying to meet him, as she had heard about his notable leadership and fighting skills. She waits for him to respond, but although his chest puffs out with pride, Thunder seems to have no idea of what to say, so she turns away to leave. She glances back at Thunder before disappearing back into the undergrowth.
At the next meeting at the four oaks, Thunder notices Star Flower slipping out of the undergrowth and settle down within a patch of ferns. He is amazed to see her again and gasps. She turns her head toward him for a moment, their gazes locked, then glances up at Clear Sky to hear what he has to say. After the meeting, she weaves among the other cats until she reaches Thunder's side and brushes her pelt against his. At this point, she introduces herself as Star Flower, and that she was named after the white flower that glows at night with their five petals. She then tells Thunder that if he looks closely at her eyes, he'll be able to see the five petal shapes. She stands nose to nose with Thunder, as if she is daring him to gaze at her. Star Flower then tells Thunder again that she's heard a lot about him, which makes him feel uneasy, and then her glance drops to his paws. She reaches out and gives one of them a quick pat, telling him that they're not as big as some cats say, and that she could train him to fight with them. With a teasing glance, she then pads away.
While out with Lightning Tail and Owl Eyes, Thunder hears Star Flower tease that he hadn't catch much prey despite being a cat with huge paws. Peering into the bush, Thunder finds Star Flower staring back at him, making him feel tense. She then strolls out of the bush, curling her tail up with amusement, and wryly remarks that it was good comeback. Star Flower pads forward to stand in front of him, and as she glances at Lightning Tail, inquires if he was typically talkative. Lightning Tail glares at her, informing her that like many cats, Thunder had a dislike for strangers. Before Thunder can respond to the leaving cat, Star Flower turns her back to him, and comments that it was early to head home, looking at the sky. She adds that he would be missing a notable sunset, and that with the time they had, she could show him some hunting skills, as long as if he wasn't too proud to learn him. Thunder denies the claim, wondering why he felt like he acted like a fool around Star Flower. Lightning Tail then reminds him that they should keep to themselves, and whispers to Thunder about his distrust of Star Flower, as something about her made him think that she's unreal, and couldn't explain his feelings. Thunder backs away, hoping that she didn't hear him, and is once again in amazement that Star Flower was real.
Acting as if she didn't hear what Lightning Tail said, she takes a pace toward Thunder with a swish of her tail, and questions if she looked sick. She then asks for the leader, which Thunder confirms to be himself, and Lightning Tail takes Owl Eyes back to their camp. Despite being dismayed at the argument with Lightning Tail, Thunder's feelings melt away when he looks back into Star Flower's eyes. She asks him if he saw the secret garden, and before he can respond, she turns and springs away, telling him to follow her. She leads him toward the river, through a copse of trees, and into a brook with flowers all about. She complains that the flowers would wilt soon, but points out that they were lucky to see such scenery during its finite lifespan. Thunder concurs, and inquires that, since she loved flowers, if Star Flower knew of the Blazing Star. She confirms that she did, and explains that it grows on the other side of the Thunderpath, wondering why he wished to know. Thunder is surprised that she didn't hear the other cats at the four trees, but replies that some cat mentioned it, and asks of its use.
She mentions that it was a healing herb, and Thunder is pleased. He looks forward to tell his denmates about the discovery, and feels like he proved Lightning Tail's suspicions wrong. He thinks the herb could help against the sickness, and Star Flower then sits on the hillock overlooking the water, and beckons Thunder to join her with a tail flick. Star Flower asks about Thunder's background, and if he was born on the moor. He then proceeds to tell her about how his parents met, and how his mother and siblings died when their home was destroyed, and how Gray Wing brought him up.
She wonders why Clear Sky wouldn't want Thunder, and he answers that Clear Sky rejected him when he was a kit, and when he questioned his ways of running his group. Star Flower sympathizes with Thunder, commenting that Clear Sky had deep weaknesses, and points out that family was more important than anything. Thunder replies that he wasn't weak, but made mistakes while thinking that they were the best thing to do. Switching the subject, Thunder asks of Star Flower's past prior to the meeting at the four trees, and she explains that she was born on the moor, but kept to herself until she heard of cats forming groups, before she went to the four trees to seek out information, and found him.
Thunder states that she didn't seem like other rogues, and Star Flower asks for clarification. He describes her as softer than the others, but is too embarrassed to say that she is beautiful. Star Flower replies that she took good care of herself, and tells Thunder to look at the sunset. As they watch, she leans closer to him, laying her paw over his, and makes him feel as if he could burst with happiness, while her pelt's touch makes Thunder feel warm. Thunder wonders if he could ask Star Flower to join his group and live with him, and their problems would be fixed.
Before he asks, Star Flower points out that it was getting dark, and suggests for them to go home. Thunder asks about her home, but she claims that she wasn't ready to tell him about that, and is certain that she would see him again, before she whirls around, and vanishes among the trees. Thunder races after her, but sees no sign of her, and can only go back to camp As he goes back, he wonders if it was real, and when he would see her again. While he pads by, he wonders if something is following him, and after finding out that nothing is creeping up to him, he wishes it was Star Flower, but when he arrives in camp, all thoughts of her disappear.
Once there, Thunder explains of the Blazing Star's use, and that Star Flower told him. Lightning Tail is shocked that Thunder believes everything she said, calling him mouse-brained. Thunder retorts that he didn't know her, and based his dislike on a feeling he couldn't explain. Other cats mutter in low voices, reluctant to trust Star Flower, and Clear Sky thinks that she rouses strong feelings. Gray Wing calls the murmurs to a halt, acknowledging that Lightning Tail is right, but notes that they had no reason to distrust her either, as Holly would die if nothing was done. Gray Wing then chooses Lightning Tail to lead the expedition to find the Blazing Star, and Clear Sky understands his surprise due to his knowledge that he didn't trust Star Flower.
While on the trip, Lightning Tail discusses with Clear Sky about the argument he and Thunder had, and how Star Flower has Thunder in a trance, making him unable to see what she's doing. Clear Sky asks for details, and Lightning Tail replies that he wasn't certain, but something about her wasn't right, as she seemed up to something, and Thunder would see it too if he wasn't so deeply into her. Jagged Peak reminds him that Star Flower told them about the Blazing Star's healing properties, but Lightning Tail still denies its said use. Once they find it, Lightning Tail wishes that he could believe Star Flower, as it would be helpful in aiding Holly.
While discussing ways to deal with One Eye, Star Flower's voice rings out from the top of the hollow, asking if she could be any help. Lightning Tail is frustrated, and Clear Sky asks of her identity as she pads gracefully down the slope. He admires her beauty, and no cat replies, until Star Flower looks at Clear Sky, claiming that she is a rogue cat looking for a home. She adds that she would be a good cat to have at his side during a fight, and suggests for him to ask Thunder. The others then stare at Thunder, and is surprised to see that Star Flower is the she-cat present. Other cats do not share his opinion, and Lightning Tail says stiffly that her help isn't needed, drawing a paw through the markings Gray Wing made on the ground, and Star Flower glances at them.
She meets his glare, and agrees to stay away from where she's unwanted, and Thunder calls for her to come back. Thunder reminds the others of her name, and how she spoke of the Blazing Star's properties, and brings up the idea that she could know where more grows. Star Flower confirms that she did know a lot about the plants in the area, but since she wasn't welcome, she advises that it would best for her to leave. Thunder begs her not to, and they gaze into each other's eyes before Star Flower promises to return the next day, as things could possibly calm down by then, and she then pads away.
After he visits Gray Wing, Thunder wonders why Lightning Tail thought he wanted to be with Thunder, due to his treatment to Star Flower. Thunder believes that his suspicions would fade when he got to know Star Flower better. Lightning Tail is disappointed that Thunder did not apologize for leaving with Star Flower, referring to her as a rogue, making Thunder upset, only for Lightning Tail to remind him that she wasn't one of them. Thunder feels as though he and Star Flower had a deep connection because they both thought they were outsiders, and Lightning Tail points out that he just met her. Thunder then wishes to finish the conversation, as he believes he knows who can spend time with.
When he returns to camp, Thunder finds Star Flower talking to Tall Shadow at the bottom of the hollow, and Lightning Tail runs off. Star Flower runs up to his side, expressing how glad she was to see him, and her disappointment when she was told he wasn't there. She announces that she found some Blazing Star near the river to treat the ill, and wonders why he wasn't excited. Although Thunder has his doubts, he asks to be taken there, and Star Flower leads him out of camp, although Lightning Tail looks back disapprovingly. Star Flower mentions that she spent time with Gray Wing's kits, and found them cute. Thunder questions why One Eye would hurt Sparrow Fur, asking if she knew who he was, and Star Flower notes that they met before. Thunder goes on to explain her the plans to corner One Eye on the moor.
She and Thunder have their heads close together, and Clear Sky feels distrustful of her, since the herbs she found were only a plant that vaguely looked like the Blazing Star. Although she was upset, Clear Sky is uncertain if her feelings are genuine, and is amused that Thunder is smitten with her. The two stay up during the night, talking, until Tall Shadow tells them to quiet down. The next morning, Thunder wonders where Star Flower was, as she promised to help him out in the fight, but left the hollow earlier to find some rogues. Lightning Tail asks if he was missing Star Flower, and that he didn't want to see Thunder get hurt. Thunder assures him that Star Flower would never do anything to hurt him.
During the fight with One Eye, the rogue requests for his daughter to reveal herself, and Star Flower breaks away from the group of rogues, joining her father. Thunder is horrified by this revelation, and Gray Wing tells him that he has been betrayed. As the other rogues retreat, Star Flower is one of the to stay behind, and she confronts Thunder, flashing out a paw that only riffles through Thunder's fur. He then lands a blow on her side, and they snarl at each other before leaping at one another and tussling on the ground. Gray Wing feels as if they're fighting three different cats at once. As Thunder is fighting One Eye, Gray Wing blocks Star Flower from throwing herself toward the fight by kicking her in the chest, making her cringe back, whimpering. Satisfied that she is no longer a threat, he turns to see One Eye dead. Star Flower lets out a moan of grief and drags herself over to touch her nose to her father's, making Gray Wing feel nearly touched. Thunder then gives orders to drive her out, coldly saying that she doesn't deserve to grieve.
Star Flower pleads with Thunder to let her say goodbye to One Eye, as he was her father. Thunder comments that she never mentioned it while they were 'together', only to add, with a disgusted laugh, that they were never truly together. Star Flower looks hurt, but Thunder feels like it was for One Eye, not for him, and still feels something when he looks at her, making it harder for him to move on, even though he knows that she used him. Star Flower tries to convince him that she did truly like him, and that everything before and including taking him to the secret garden was her idea, and her idea alone, but Thunder doesn't believe it. She goes on to affirm her claim, and that only when One Eye found out about her activities did he suggest to use their relationship to eavesdrop on the other cats. She reports that when she left the secret garden, One Eye was present, waiting for her, and she had hid outside of the camp to listen to their plan. Thunder then realizes that she was the cat following him before.
Thunder also notes that it explained how One Eye was waiting for them by the Thunderpath, and showing him the false Blazing Star was a way to gain information. Star Flower admits that, but did tell him the truth about the Blazing Star's healing properties. Thunder replies that he believed her word, and before saying it, Star Flower looks up at him again, before he finally admits bitterly that he was tricked, and won't let it happen again. He turns his back on her, and does believe Star Flower's word about the Blazing Star, since she has nothing to gain through lying at that point. Thunder then turns back to where Star Flower grieves over One Eye, making a soft sound, and Thunder wonders how Star Flower, a beautiful cat, could come from her ugly father.
Thunder then comes up to her and informs her that she is not welcome among the other groups, and if she doesn't leave soon, they will force her to. Star Flower looks at Thunder with despair, and requests to bury One Eye before leaving them alone for good. Thunder hesitantly agrees to bury One Eye, despite others' opinions. Star Flower also wishes to help dig the grave, and she is the one to nudge One Eye's body into the hole where he is buried. Star Flower describes her father as a 'true ray of light' and despite other cats scornfully snorting, none of them say anything.
She then stretches out a paw, lying it gently on One Eye's grave, eyes closed, and remains there for several seconds before opening her eyes and thanking Thunder. She promises to leave them alone, and then heads to the forest. Thunder stands with her back to her, feeling the urge to call her back, and he turns around only to see her gone. Then, River Ripple comments that there would be others like Star Flower, but Thunder isn't certain that there would be others like her. Afterwards, when assisting Holly, Thunder knows that Star Flower would not trouble them any longer, and that he should not be thinking of her.

A Forest Divided

Star Flower is first mentioned by Clear Sky as One Eye's daughter. He wonders how she could be so deluded, when she called her father "a true ray of light". Thunder and Clear Sky go out on patrol, and hear something in the trees. Thunder approaches and finds Star Flower with a dead squirrel she had killed. Thunder coldly addresses her with a glare; Star Flower, however, casually greets Thunder as a friend and asks why he was in the forest, and that she thought he was a moor cat.
Clear Sky comes in and interrupts their conversation and tells Star Flower to blame him, not Thunder for One Eye's death. Star Flower asks if Clear Sky was the cat who took One Eye in, to which he politely agrees. Star Flower compliments that his actions were kind, and then asks if he would take her in, too.
Thunder stares at her, but Star Flower reasons that she was loyal to her father in the end and asks if that was really true loyalty. Clear Sky rejects her however, reasoning that her father hurt a lot of his cats and that he couldn't possibly hurt his cats again. Star Flower angrily pleads to Thunder to take her in, saying that she will not make through the harsh leaf- bare. Clear Sky walks away but Thunder convinces him to take the pretty she-cat in and Clear Sky reluctantly gives in. Star Flower walks with them back to camp.
Milkweed and her kits join Clear Sky's group and Star Flower offers them fresh kill. Clear Sky angrily thinks that she had lost none of her ignorance. Clover and Thistle race each other to the fresh kill pile. Clover takes a mouse, but Thistle angrily protests that he wants something else, but Star Flower tells him off to be grateful and to take the mouse to his mother and sister, who were waiting. Clear Sky thinks back to the night Star Flower was brought back to camp and how many cats still mistrusted her. Thunder watches the golden she-cat was afar, as she watches Clover and Thistle leave. Star Flower is mentioned to be aware that she is being watched.
Milkweed and her kits later share mice with Star Flower. Clear Sky goes out hunting, but misses a vole. Star Flower suddenly emerges after Clear Sky and he embarrassingly tells her that she scared it off. Star Flower meows that at least something noticed her presence. She offers Clear Sky some tips on hunting, but he rejects the offer. Star Flower knows he is a great hunter but tells him that he wasn't born in the forest, like Leaf and Nettle. She claims that the two toms and her share an instinct in hunting. Clear Sky leans towards Star Flower and murmurs that he should give her tips in leadership. She accepts the offer and tells him that maybe he should.
She tells Clear Sky that she followed him because he looked lonely. Clear Sky protests that he's not lonely. Star Flower questions him. She tells him that it's too cozy in camp and that it was mostly One Eye and her all her life. Clear Sky bristles when he draws into conversation. Star Flower reveals that her littermates passed away along with her mother when she was very young. Clear Sky wonders why she has no sympathy, but Star Flower tells Clear Sky that even he has tragedy in his heart like every cat. He says that he didn't betray any cat like she did, but she tells him that his son and brothers wouldn't agree... Or Rainswept Flower. Clear Sky digs his claws into the ground, angry that she is reminding him of the dead she-cat. Star Flower tells Clear Sky that she understands him and that he should trust her. She also says that she will never betray him. Clear Sky tells her to go back to camp and he tests her loyalty. She accepts the challenge and heads off to complete it.
Thunder tries to go on patrol because he had overslept but Clear Sky stops him and leaves camp to secretly meet Star Flower. Thunder and Lightning Tail secretly follow Clear Sky to some flat rocks. Clear Sky is there waiting and Star Flower emerges from the trees and Clear Sky reveals that he is not here for a hunting lesson. Star Flower's eyes glitter playfully and neither cat's eyes leaves the other one's. Star Flower's tail sweeps under Clear Sky's chest and Thunder feels anger rising through him and soon leaves. Star Flower also says that she and Clear Sky have a lot in common. Thunder leaves knowing Star Flower wants Clear Sky to play her game and he feels hurt, wondering if he was just a game to her.
After Thunder leaves Clear Sky, after confronting him about Star Flower, Star Flower greets Thunder and he reveals that he saw her with Clear Sky, earlier. He snarls at her to stay away from his father. Star Flower sympathetically murmurs that she thought Thunder didn't have feelings for her anymore, after the whole One Eye ordeal. She says that she and Thunder were never meant to be together, but she and Clear Sky have so much in common. Thunder, however, says that Star Flower is pathetic and that Clear Sky is not anything like One Eye. He leaves, after that. Star Flower later goes back out with Clear Sky.
Star Flower and Clear Sky run around the forest and Star Flower reveals that she had once killed a snake when she was with One Eye. Thunder reproaches Clear Sky when he comes back with Star Flower in camp. Thunder and Clear Sky argue and Thunder chooses to leave. Thunder also coldly states to his father that Star Flower would never choose Thunder, himself, as he is not enough like One Eye. Star Flower watches Thunder and his new cats leave, but tells Clear Sky that it was a tough day but some "trouble makers" have left and now Clear Sky would get the chance to build the group he wanted to build. Clear Sky thinks now he finally has a mate worthy of him.
Thunder comes to fetch Clear Sky to Tall Shadow's camp, since Quiet Rain had recently come, sick and tired, along with Sun Shadow. Thunder bitterly wakes Clear Sky and Star Flower, who both now sleep in the same nest. Star Flower tells Thunder to show Clear Sky some kindness, as this is a shock that his mother had come to see him. Thunder, however, thinks Star Flower smells different and that there is the gentle glow of a mother in her eyes. Star Flower tells Clear Sky that she will come with him to Tall Shadow's camp to see Quiet Rain. Clear Sky protests that she can't because she is a new queen expecting kits. Thunder snarls at her stay, but Acorn Fur tells him to not be cruel. Clear Sky and Thunder then depart leaving Star Flower in camp.
Star Flower however follows them and surprisingly appear in Tall Shadow's camp, much to every cat's dismay and hostility. Thunder growls that she should've stayed in camp, but she replies that she was worried about Clear Sky. Jagged Peak asks why she would care about Clear Sky, but Star Flower replies that they are now now mates and she is expecting his kits. The golden and white she-cat sees Tall Shadow, who is staring in shock at her, and Pebble Heart coming. Pebble Heart murmurs that she is expecting Clear Sky's kits. Star Flower is surprised at how he knows and the young tom replies he knows the scent of a queen.
Clear Sky is talking to Quiet Rain in the den, but he hears Star Flower arguing with Jagged Peak and Gray Wing outside about her rights to be in camp. Jagged Peak demands what this had to do with Star Flower. The queen snaps that he is the father of her kits and Clear Sky longs to go back to his mate. When Clear Sky leaves Quiet Rain after she furiously berates and disowns him for his past crimes, he stays with Star Flower overnight in camp. She tells him that he is a leader and a hero, not a monster of which he thinks Quiet Rain accused of.
The next day, Star Flower and Clear Sky are outside Quiet Rain's den, discussing if Clear Sky should go in or not. Star Flower persuades him to make peace with his mother before she dies, because she didn't make peace with One Eye before his death. Quiet Rain demands who's planning her death, outside and Star Flower steps inside and confronts Quiet Rain that she didn't mean to say that she was going to die. Quiet Rain is amused and asks who Star Flower was. The golden she-cat replies that she is Clear Sky's mate and that she is expecting his kits. Quiet Rain asks Thunder and Star Flower what they see in him, but neither of them reply. Jagged Peak and Gray Wing enter the den and argue to Clear Sky whether or not Quiet Rain is healthy and strong. Star Flower shoulders her way between them and tell someone then off to be quiet and that Quiet Rain didn't need to see her sons fighting, right now. Thunder thinks that Clear Sky and Star Flower are a good match for each other, since Star Flower isn't afraid to express her opinion.
After Holly's kits disappear, Thunder and Star Flower, cooperatively, go across the Thunderpath to look for them. Clear Sky is relieved that they are finally working together. Clear Sky finds the kits on a branch and saves but wonders if this had been the kits Star Flower had been carrying. He quickly pushed the thought away. Later that night, Clear Sky goes to see his mother who's about to die, but leaves Star Flower asleep. He uses her advice and finally makes peace with her. At Quiet Rain's vigil, Star Flower helps Pebble Heart wrap his herbs into neat bundles. Later when they leave to bury Quiet Rain at the fourtrees, Star Flower comes and goes to fetch River Ripple. Clear Sky tells her to stay, but Star Flower retorts that expecting kits does not weaken a she-cat, it makes her stronger. She leaves and later comes back with River Ripple.
After they bury Quiet Rain under a rock, Star Flower is oblivious to the Spirit Cat's presence, like Sun Shadow. She is mentioned to be starring at him with pity, when Clear Sky's former mate, Bright Stream and Hawk Swoop and Shaded Moss come to take Quiet Rain. When every cat prepares to leave, after the Spirit Cat's departure, Clear Sky forgives Thunder and Star Flower tells them that he does understand. Before they leave, Star Flower tells Gray Wing to come and visit their kits after they are born. She and Clear Sky then leave. Star Flower is mentioned to show much loyalty.
Clear Sky dreams of Storm and the silver she-cat tells him to take care of Star Flower in the future and their unborn kits. Clear Sky also thinks of how Star Flower was now more accepted than she ever was. Storm tells Clear Sky that Star Flower hasn't been driven away yet and that his future lies with her. Clear Sky wakes to nuzzle his mate, but Star Flower's nest is empty. A wail sounds through the trees and Clear Sky races over and finds Star Flower on the ground with three mangy toms around her. The she-cat isn't escaping and is mentioned to looks scared. Clear Sky demands they let her go. A brown tabby tom reveals himself as Slash and that he and Star Flower go a long way back. He states that he was One Eye's closest friend.
Slash and his fellow allies state that it would be cruel to harm such a beautiful cat with kits in her belly. Star Flower growls that she never knew what One Eye saw in him and that he wasn't fit enough to say his name. Slash flicks his ears and slices the she-cat's cheek, causing it to bleed. Slash tells Clear Sky to bring the other leaders to the fourtrees tomorrow and to convince them to give him land, for hunting rights. Slash tells Clear Sky if he didn't they will kill Star Flower. With that said, Slash grabs Star Flower and they drag the queen away into the night. Clear Sky vows that he will save her and their unborn kits.

Path of Stars

Clear Sky visits the other leaders to desperately plea for them to come meet Slash at the four-trees at half moon to save Star Flower. Some of the other cats in his group are hesitant to fight for Star Flower, since she is One Eye's daughter and had previously betrayed them. Wind Runner is also distrusting, but Tall Shadow and Gray Wing stick up for Star Flower, claiming she has the heart of a forest cat and not a rogue. All of the leaders are convinced to go to the four-trees to meet Slash, but the villainous rogue does not bring Star Flower with him. He uses the heart-wrenching situation to manipulate Clear Sky and when the other leaders agree to not meet his demands, he says he will deal with Star Flower. Clear Sky is angered and grief-stricken, but the other leaders had already sent a party of cats to save her while they were at the meeting.
Star Flower is first seen in Slash's camp when Gray Wing, Reed, Leaf, and Lightning Tail come to rescue her and her unborn kits. She is malnourished and heavily guarded. She warns Gray Wing that more guards are coming and tries to escape while the forest cats fight and taunt the guards. Star Flower actually enters the fight herself, though heavily pregnant, but Gray Wing rips the rogue off of her. They escape, but are not able to run for long until Star Flower starts to give birth too early beside the Thunderpath. Gray Wing goes to Tall Shadow's camp to fetch help for Star Flower. Helped by Wind Runner, Holly, Reed, and Pebble Heart, Star Flower then gives birth to Tiny Branch, Dew Petal, and Flower Foot. Clear Sky appears to see his newborn kits for the first time and is filled with love for them and Star Flower.
Thunder asks to see Star Flower and her kits, but Clear Sky says that they are too little and that Star Flower is tired. Later on, after Clear Sky and Sparrow Fur return from hunting after Slash takes part of their prey, Star Flower refuses to eat the rabbit they caught, saying that she can't eat while the others are hungry. When more hunting parties return, he persuades her to eat a mouse.
At Thunder's meeting, Star Flower teaches the cats a move to use against Slash's rogues that she learned while she was part of One Eye's group. The move involves numbing a cat's foreleg with a blow to the shoulder. Thunder is hesitant when he tries it for the first time on Star Flower, but the move works well. Later on, when a rogue named Red shows up in Clear Sky's camp, Star Flower vouches for him to stay.
When Slash interrupts the meeting of the five groups at fourtrees, Clear Sky fears that he has kidnapped Star Flower again, or perhaps even the kits. This turns out to be untrue as Slash's cats had gone to kidnap Gray Wing and Slate's kits.

In the Super Editions

Moth Flight's Vision

Star Flower is first seen supporting her mate, Clear Sky, and stating that he's a great leader and knows his cats very well.
When Micah arrives and claims StarClan choose him as the SkyClan medicine cat, Clear Sky resentfully says it'll be another mouth to feed, while Star Flower stands beside her mate and suggests they wait for the spirit-cats to speak, before making any changes.
After the sky is split by the spirit-cats, and the Clan leaders discuss the truth, Micah reveals that he has dreamed of SkyClan and bringing catmint to a kit. Star Flower pricks her ears and asks what catmint is and Micah responds that it is an herb that grows on the farm and it is used to cure coughs. Star Flower turns to Clear Sky and says it could help Tiny Branch. Micah asks who Tiny Branch is, and Clear Sky replies he's his kit. After that, Clear Sky still hesitates, but Star Flower urges him that they have to try. Reluctantly, Clear Sky accepts in Micah, if he can cure Tiny Branch.
Later on, Moth Flight asks how Tiny Branch was faring, to Micah, and Micah proudly states that he's back in camp playing with his littermates and that although Star Flower is happy, Clear Sky is regretting his previous offer to the tom.
Micah tells Moth Flight, after a time, that Clear Sky was not glad when Micah was going to RiverClan, but it helped when Star Flower was there to be kinder and Micah also says that the golden she-cat wants him to learn as much as he can, in case Dew Petal or Flower Foot fall ill.
After Micah dies, Star Flower sympathizes with Moth Flight and tells the WindClan medicine cat that she is angry, because she has lost a cat she loves. However, she asks her what the point was of blaming Clear Sky, Willow Tail, or Red Claw. Star Flower points out the tree was rotten, and questions Moth Flight if she blamed the tree. Moth Flights bristles she did, and blames the others as well, including Micah. Star Flower blinks and reasons if Micah would've blamed anyone, and Moth Flight silences. During Micah's burial, Star Flower moves closer to Clear Sky, as he was continuing complimenting Micah.
During the gathering, Tiny Branch is attacked by a fox and urgently need some help, if not he would die. Moth Flight arrives at SkyClan camp and Clear Sky and Star Flower stand at the center, Star Flower trembling next to him, not wrenching her gaze from her son. She asks Moth Flight if he'll be okay, but Moth Flight doesn't respond back. Tiny Branch jerks once, then falls still. Star Flower rocks beside her mate, nose buried deep into his pelt. Thorn and Quick Water press against Star Flower to support her, as Clear Sky steps away to bury Tiny Branch. When Sparrow Fur mumbles that Wind Runner was not going to let Moth Flight come, Star Flower pads forward shakily and inquires if she was going to let a kit die. Her eyes brim with pain, and she turns away, as Moth Flight tries to convince her it was not simple.
When Moth Flight is taken captive by Clear Sky, she notes it smells of Star Flower, inside a cave, and thinks she must have slept there at one time. During the battle between SkyClan and WindClan, Star Flower drags her daughters beneath the yew for protection.
When Moth Flight gives her kits away, Clear Sky and Star Flower are said by Acorn Fur, to be thrilled to be taking in Honey Pelt, as it will be a comfort for them, after Tiny Branch's death.

In the Novellas

Thunderstar's Echo

When Skystar leaves the camp with Thunderstar to find the origin of the dogs that attacked ThunderClan's camp, he asks Quick Water to tell Star Flower where he went and that he'll be back soon.

Shadowstar's Life

When Shadowstar comes to visit SkyClan's camp, she notices that Skystar and Star Flower are sharing tongues near the entrance to their den. She also notices that Star Flower looks to be expecting another litter, her belly swollen from carrying kits. She realizes from this that Skystar would be anxious to make his territory safe from danger.
Star Flower defends Quick Water when she is accused of attempting to kill Shadowstar, saying that ShadowClan would want to cause trouble. Hissing, Star Flower says that they should chase the ShadowClan cats off of SkyClan territory. Star Flower also does not believe Shadowstar when she accuses Quick Water of leading the dogs that killed Sun Shadow and took one of Shadowstar's lives, saying that Shadowstar is accusing Quick Water of murder, and that she does not think there were amber eyes watching her from the forest.
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