"I know you don't trust me. I don't deserve your trust. But I will try to show you that you can count on me. Once I choose my allies, I am willing to die for them. For all my mistakes, I never betrayed [One Eye]. And, if you trust me, I will never betray you."
— Star Flower to Clear Sky in A Forest Divided, page 148

Star Flower is a golden tabby she-cat with a pure white chest and paws,[12] and emerald[13]-green eyes.[14]

Star Flower was a SkyClan warrior under Skystar's leadership in the forest territories. She was born to One Eye and an unnamed queen. When she first met the forest cats, she and Thunder became very close. She showed them a new herb, the Blazing Star, which was used to cure the illness infecting the groups. However, Star Flower betrayed Thunder and his friends' plans to One Eye, breaking Thunder's heart. Star Flower was devastated by One Eye's death, but didn't hold a grudge against his killers. Clear Sky let her join his camp and fell in love with her. She soon became pregnant with his kits, but was kidnapped by Slash. After she was rescued, Star Flower gave birth to Dew Petal, Flower Foot, and Tiny Branch. Her son, Tiny Branch, was killed by a fox, and she was later expecting a second litter.


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Dawn of the Clans

"I know you don't trust me, but you should. I was loyal to my father to the end. Isn't that true loyalty?"
—Star Flower when she asks Thunder and Clear Sky to take her in A Forest Divided, page 86
Star Flower interrupts the leaders meeting at Fourtrees, speaking cryptically about the message from the spirit cats, and flirts with Thunder. Lightning Tail distrusts her, but she tells Thunder about the blazing star she was named after. She betrays the groups' plans to defeat One Eye and reveals herself to be his daughter. Thunder is heartbroken, and refuses to let her mourn after One Eye is killed. She later pleads to be accepted in Clear Sky's group, noting her loyalty to a cause.
Star Flower works her way to Clear Sky's heart, and the leader is soon smitten by her. Thunder confronts his father for allowing himself to get close to Star Flower after her betrayal. She soon is expecting his kits and comforts Clear Sky after his mother, Quiet Rain, disowns him. Slash kidnaps Star Flower and threatens to kill her if the groups do not relinquish their territories to him. The others agree to rescue her, and she gives birth to her kits early, Tiny Branch, Flower Foot, and Dew Petal. Star Flower teaches the others a few battle moves One Eye had taught her in preparation to attack Slash's group.

Super Editions

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In Moth Flight's Vision, Star Flower agrees to let Micah join SkyClan after she hears he's had dreams of giving catmint to a kit, and she believes he could heal Tiny Branch. She is pleased when her son recovers and encourages him to learn as much as possible to succeed as a medicine cat. She gravely mourns for Tiny Branch after his death and is shocked that Wind Runner initially refused to let the medicine cats come to his aid. Acorn Fur notes Star Flower is thrilled when Honey Pelt arrives to the Clan.


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In Shadowstar's Life, she is now expecting her second litter with Skystar, and he is anxious about Twolegs roaming his territory and threatening his family. Star Flower challenges Shadowstar's accusations that Quick Water would attempt to murder her and Sun Shadow.

Detailed description

Star Flower is a soft,[15] thick,[12] and glossy-furred,[6] golden tabby she-cat with a pure white chest and paws,[12] a plumy tail,[16] and luminous,[14] emerald[13]-green eyes[14] with star-like pupils.[17]


Interesting facts

  • Star Flower was named after the Blazing Star, and her eyes have the five petals reflected in them.[7]

Author statements

  • When asked if Star Flower was just another victim in her father's schemes, Kate Cary said that Star Flower was too tough to be anyone's victim, but One Eye did use her the same way he used every other cat he knew.[18]
  • Kate says that Skystar will choose Star Flower over all of his mates in StarClan.[blog 2]
  • Kate hopes that Star Flower became the second leader of SkyClan.[blog 3]


  • She is mistakenly described with amber eyes[19] and purple eyes.[20]

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"It’s early to be heading home. You’re going to miss a spectacular sunset. Besides, there’s still enough light for me to show you a few killer hunting moves...if you’re not too proud to learn."
—Star Flower as Thunder is about to leave with Lightning Tail The Blazing Star, page 161

"I just don’t trust her. There’s something about her that makes my fur stand on end. She’s just...not real. I can’t explain it but..."
—Lightning Tail's opinion on Star Flower The Blazing Star, page 161

Lightning Tail: "That she-cat Star Flower’s got Thunder in a trance, and he’s too stupid to see what she’s doing."
Clear Sky: "What is she doing?"
Lightning Tail: "I don’t know exactly. But something about her is not quite right. It’s clear to me she’s up to something. And if Thunder weren’t so taken with her, he would see it too!"
Jagged Peak: "Let’s not leap to judge other cats. It was Star Flower who told us that the Blazing Star can heal, remember."
—The cats on the trip discussing Star Flower The Blazing Star, page 180

Star Flower: "Thunder, he’s my father. Please let me say good-bye."
Thunder: "How interesting that you never mentioned that when we were together. But then, we were never ‘together,’ were we? It was all a lie."
Star Flower: "Please listen to me, Thunder. I did like you, truly. Meeting you by the four trees, and calling out to you on the moor. Taking you to the secret garden...that was all my idea."
Thunder: "Like I’d believe that!"
Star Flower: "It was. It was only after my father found out that I’d been spending time with you that he suggested I should use our closeness to find out what the other cats were doing. When I left you at the secret garden, One Eye was waiting for me. He’d been listening to us, and he sent me to follow you. I hid outside your camp and listened to what you were planning."
Thunder: "So that’s how One Eye came to be waiting for us beside the Thunderpath. And then you showed me a plant that was nothing like the Blazing Star. It was a trick to pump me for information."
Star Flower: "That’s true. But I told you the truth when I said that the Blazing Star is a healing herb. You have to believe that."
—Star Flower to Thunder after he kills One Eye The Blazing Star, pages 241-242

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Star Flower: "We're more alike than you think."
Clear Sky: "We're nothing alike. I've never betrayed any cat."
Star Flower: "I'm not sure Gray Wing would agree with that. Or Thunder. Or Jagged Peak. Or Rainswept Flower. I understand you, Clear Sky. You've had to make hard decisions to protect the cats in your care. And sometimes it's meant doing things you've regretted. If I could take back some of the things I've done, I would."
—Star Flower and Clear Sky A Forest Divided, page chapter 8

"Carrying kits does not weaken a cat; it makes her stronger."
—Star Flower when Thunder suggests she stays at camp because it is too far A Forest Divided, page chapter 23

"Star Flower spent time in our camp while Quiet Rain was dying. I believe she has the heart of a forest cat, not a rogue. She has turned her back on the life she knew as One Eye's daughter."
—Tall Shadow about Star Flower Path of Stars, page chapter 3

Star Flower: "I am One Eye’s daughter, remember? I know how they fight—using trickery and deceit. I can show you the kind of moves they use. I can teach you what to expect."
Clear Sky: "You're in no condition to teach battle moves."
Star Flower: "I'm as fit as the rest of you. If I can give birth to three kits, I can certainly teach battle moves."
—Star Flower offering to teach the camp cats rogue moves to beat Slash's cats Path of Stars, page chapter 10

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