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Star Flower is as wily as her father, and uses kind words and her beauty to charm her way into the hearts of many a tom. She is an independent and loyal she-cat, who is willing to die for those she pledges her allegiance to. Though she usually puts up an innocent and sweet front, on the inside, she is tough and clever.[1]


One Eye

As One Eye’s daughter, Star Flower is extremely loyal to him, willingly betraying the mountain cats to help him. She is the only cat to mourn for him when he is killed, calling him a ‘true ray of light’. Many cats think she is deluded after this.[1]


Thunder was one of the first mountain cats to be tricked and charmed by Star Flower. He falls in love with her, and trusts her. Star Flower pretends to be helping him and his cats, but betrays him when One Eye attacks. Thunder is shocked and dismayed, but puts aside his feelings for the she-cat and admits that she is a traitor. Star Flower dismisses the ginger tom and immediately moves on to Clear Sky.[1]


Star Flower is Skystar’s third and final mate. She charms him much in the same way that she charmed Thunder, although they both end up falling in love. Star Flower soon ends up pregnant with Clear Sky’s kits.[1] However, Star Flower is kidnapped by a rogue named Slash. Clear Sky begs the other Clans to help him save her, and the groups join together to rescue her.[2] Star Flower gives birth, and she and Skystar live together with their kits in SkyClan.[3]

Dew Petal, Tiny Branch, and Flower Foot

Star Flower loves her kits, and is very protective of them. She is devastated when Tiny Branch dies, and she and Skystar grieve for their kit.[3]

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